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Dating scammer Brenda Garcia


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Name: Brenda Garcia


Her 'Handle' on Yahoo Messenger is sweetdovebrenda, or sweetdove89101

Other Comments:
Now listed on the dating site as a VIP Member (avg cost: $22. per month for VIP status, vs 'Free' for regular members, got to give her credit, as it adds to the vision that she's 'Real'. Says she's 5'8' tall, 27 yrs old, single. Wants to start a relationship.. don't they all.
Anyway, per my 'gut' feeling, I started the Net search, and found your Romancescams Site; I commend you for it. I was going through same and spotted her photo, per comment logged on 11/17/06, 20:08:57, a different pose, but same dress, and left my comment on that site at 00:21:45 re: her, which you then printed, Thanks. She originally had sent me add'l photos last weekend when I asked, so I thought that I'd share them for posting. Never have sent out $$ to her or anyone else for that matter, but by her comments in 2nd E-mail, saying in part, I quote (per her grammer), '
'But right now things arent fine wit me and dis could be stopping this relationship,i feel you can help me get things right but i think u might be mad at me to hearing this,so i would be needing your help.'...I always get a kick out of the way they write, sorta like the same as the way they talk. Good 'clue' is the word 'because', always typed as 'cos', normally found in their mail, as when you read the initial Profile or Bio on these Dating sites, the grammer is almost perfect. So I guess they get others to write the Site lingo. I'll have to admit, like most men, no matter how educated we are, a pretty nice body/face will almost get us every time, and with their forlorn stories awaking our compassionate nature, like helping a poor puppy, but our 'gut' feelings should never be ignored. In anything I do, I try to listen to these other 'feelings', and the saying 'been there, done that', then takes on a whole new meaning...Just thought I'd share, for the rest of you Guys out there.

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2009-01-12, 05:24:46
2009-02-28, 21:56:25
rating using Photo of JC from Focus Hawaii
2009-05-02, 19:07:34
anonymous from Australia  
Check this out...Thru Yahoo IM early this morning 030509 []

'Morr Trina: My only brother i depend on he's is into drugs life been adicted to it, he doesnt care about me, Sometime in life i feel like committing siucide coz my life is on fire
Morr Trina: I really need a trustworthy guy. Who can be considerate with me..please i really need your help out of here
Morr Trina: I joined dating site in search for someone to be a friend with and definitely with more knowledge of each other and finding some interest in each other too grow into a serious relationship and from there marriage
Doug: You not hitting me up for money already!?
Morr Trina: Well it all happened like this..i met a guy called Seun back home and he's from Nigeria in Africa, he came for a degree in the united state when i fell inlove with him and when he returned to his country he asked me to come and see him.
Morr Trina: So i gathered some money and got myself a round trip ticket,when i got down here he turned out to be a robber he stole my money and jewelries before i wake up in the next day
Morr Trina: Now the hotel am staying siezed my return ticket and my and all my document cuz i dont have money to pay up the hotel bill that's why i'm stranded here
Doug: Hmm, ok.
Morr Trina: I will be very very gratefull if you can help me with the hotel bill so that i can get back all my belonging and return and come back to home, please kindly help me out of here
Doug: I don't know how i can do that....
Morr Trina: The hotel bill is all i need to leave this country bcos i seem to have all my travelling papers and return ticket to fly back to you in the states .My family had an Inheritance account document in the states which worths 6 milllion dollars,i cant be able to access the money from here .. i've to be there in person to get it.As soon as you can get me out of here and im back with you in the states,i would go claim and use it to begin a new and happy life together
Morr Trina: I'm not just looking for financial support only, I'm looking for something meaningful and lasting. If this is what your looking for, don't hesitate to help me with the hotel bill...!!! amm owing the hotel for the bill of $270
Doug: I'm listening...
Morr Trina: I know its really hard to help someone whom you have never met but i need you to try to understand all i have said and the situation i'm going through.I really need you,i really need your help.I'm not that kinda person who always looks to someone's help to live but
Morr Trina: The condition i'm going through made me ask of your help,But u have to understand that its a very shamefull thing for me to be here seeking for help while all my mates are out there With their soulmate
Morr Trina: All i need you to do right now is just to open a space in your heart for me and give me a chance and i'm ready to promise you that you would never regret helping me out of here.As soon as i'm back with you in the states we would go get the consignment and use it in beginning a new life together
Morr Trina: i promise and you will never regret helping me with this
Doug: Why don't u have any money??
Morr Trina: just the hotel bills .please help me
Morr Trina: all stolen out of me when i got down here
Doug: Do u have a laptop or u in a cafe or something?
Morr Trina: hun i sleep at the hotel that why i am owing them,the hotel feed me aswell that how i survive the hotel got internet service as well we meet each other on myspace moreover i told you that I'm not just looking for financial support only, I'm looking for something meaningful and lasting..... i can't wait to get out of here and come down to you and start a new life with you
Doug: U in ur room now?
Morr Trina: YEHA
Morr Trina: since a day and half now i have stopped eating at the hotel cause the management are tired and wont wanna feed me anymore
Doug: Not good! Your in quite a predicament aren't you!
Morr Trina: yeha honey
Morr Trina: please help me back home and i promise i willdo anything just to pay you back
Morr Trina: all i need to do is to chage my ticket destination down to you
Doug: U'd need visas wouldn't you?
Morr Trina: let me know the name of the airport closer to you so i can change my ticket Destination ,and a phone number so when i get to the airport i can give you a call so that you can come and pick me up
Morr Trina: nope i dont need all that i have my passport and returning ticket to fly back to you in au
Doug: U'd still need visa for here especially now with this Swine flu worry
Morr Trina: sweety if you send the money today then by tomorrow i should be with you in the state .i dont know how long that will take but just 6 to 7 hours jouney from africa to the united state .so i dont know how long that will take to get down to au
Doug: Did u dropout?
Morr Trina: sorry connection error
Morr Trina: sweety will you help me ?
Morr Trina: am a woman of my world.i have a big heart and i do believe in the truth and honest of life cause honest is the only key to human success with honest our dream will be the greatest and best of all ...
Morr Trina: i know it's hard to be completely honest but i try to be who i am and i do what i know how to do best know one really can chage my personalities cause i do care about others who care for me
Doug: I don't have online funds....
Morr Trina: the manger made me understand they can send money via western union
Morr Trina: do you have that arround?
Morr Trina: you can easily send the money via western union money transfer world wide
Doug: Maybe at the post office but it's Sunday here...
Doug: Closed till tomorrow.
Morr Trina: sweety the only service they have out here is western union ok
Morr Trina: so you will have to send via western union only for me to be able to receive it down here
Doug: You did understand that i couldn't do anything till Monday morning?'
Morr Trina: am sorry i left you on but the weather is bad and that is really affecting the networking
Morr Trina: are you still there
Doug: yep
Morr Trina: sweety what is gonna happen to me now ?
Doug: i don't know babe
Morr Trina: i just need to know my faith in you doug
Morr Trina: sweety will you help me with the hotel bill of $270 i promise i will pay back .i will never let you down
Morr Trina: just let me know my Faith
Morr Trina: ?????????
Doug: i can't do anything till tomorrow
Morr Trina: ok let me know the nearest airport to you and your address so i can change my ticket destination down to you
Doug: brisbane
Morr Trina: ok got that and you address
Morr Trina: send me this if you really wanna help and wanna meet with me for real
Doug: 20 sherbrooke rd
Morr Trina: ok
Morr Trina: sweety what is your phone number
Morr Trina: your state is brisbane?
Morr Trina: sweety get a pen so you can write out the informationt o send the money via western union
Morr Trina: sweety let me know if i should send the address you have western union arround?
Morr Trina: just tell me ok
Doug: What's the details?
Morr Trina: ok honey wait a sec
Morr Trina: and dont forget this as to be done via western uion so i can be able to get it out here
Morr Trina: Reciever's name:- Jim Briggs
Country:- Nigeria
State:- Lagos
City:- Ikeja
Zip Code:-23401
Text question:- My Happiness
Text answer:- Doug
Morr Trina: sweety that is all you need to send the money via westernn union
Doug: How much & who/where?
Morr Trina: the management gave it to me that way so it will be easy to get out here
Morr Trina: $279 usd is all i need and i will return it has i have promised ok
Morr Trina: the name is the hotel manager's name
Morr Trina: he will be the one to get the money probably we gonna go together to affoid any kind of mis-understanding
Morr Trina: sorry honey i ment $270
Morr Trina: sweety will you send the money tomorrow?are you writing it out
Doug: what currency is that in?
Morr Trina: united state dollar
Morr Trina: us dollars
Doug: Ferk!!! That's around $500 AU!!!
Morr Trina: oh really
Morr Trina: sweety try helping me out ....this is nothing if i can get my inheritance document
Doug: I thort it was gunna be in African..
Morr Trina: i will pay you back in big and you gonna enjoy sharing your feelings and emotion with me
Morr Trina: it was caculated to usd so equivalent to $270 usd
Doug: I don't have that kinda money sorry
Morr Trina: oh my Gouch sweety please dont do this to me now please
Doug: I can't help that! Sorry
Doug: Ur gunna have to look elsewhere
Morr Trina: Mac how much can you afford
Morr Trina: please dont let me down for the sake of God
Morr Trina: am starving i dont have anything to hold on to and i dont wanna like die like this
Morr Trina: help me please
Doug: I got let go at work a lil while ago....
Morr Trina: even if you have to borrow from friends please do
Morr Trina: please help me i dont have any other authernative you are my only hope left please
Morr Trina: i promise with my parent grave that i will pay you back anyway anyhow
Doug: Nobody can afford to loan because of the economic climate.
Doug: They're all loseing thir jobs etc...
Morr Trina: i know the situation of things with you out there ....but remember i just wanna borrow this from you till i can get with you
Morr Trina: i will pay back dont you understand
Doug: Yes, but that's the thing! Getting it to send to you!
Morr Trina: i know how you feel honey but, want you to understand something that i dont need you for your money/help but for the relationship i wanna share wth you cos money cant buy love even if money did buy love then definitely that relationship wont last long so i hope with this few words of mine im able to convince but not to confuse you that i dont need you for your money/help but for the relationship i wanna share with you
Morr Trina: and i have this money to get this going only if you can just help me back to home
Doug: I would if i could but i can't. I'm still trying to think where i could get it from.....
Morr Trina: how much do you have now?
Doug: $180.00
Morr Trina: 180 usd?
Doug: Au!
Doug: $
Morr Trina: so how much is that in us dollar
Morr Trina: hello honey are you there
Doug: About $100
Morr Trina: will you send that tomorrow .and i will pleed to the manger if he will release my document for me
Doug: I'll see what i can do.. ok?
Morr Trina: he's been kind to me ever since this happened to me and am sure wih the 100 he will let me go with alot of begging and crying
Morr Trina: am tired if been out here am starving
Morr Trina: and i dont wanna start to death
Morr Trina: honey please help me with this for you really care about me
Doug: I can only do what i can...
Morr Trina: are might have to go off in no time cause the weather is bad and it will affect the networking
Morr Trina: sweety try to help me with this please
Doug: I am.
Doug: What's your name proper?
Morr Trina: Morr Trina
Doug: Trina ur last name?
Morr Trina: After sending the money i want you to email me the westernunion infos,ur full name and address and as well as ur phone number .that is all i need for the manager to get the money
Morr Trina: sweety you have to send it to Jim Briggs so i will be able to get the money
Morr Trina: i dont have any information with me to get it ok ...and i dont know anything about this .so the manager will be the one to help with this ok
Morr Trina: Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Echo!

Doug: Yep ok. I'm just trying to think if there's something i can hock for cash ok....
Morr Trina: thanks for been so caring and understanding Dougle ...i wish i have met someone like you before gotten my self into this shit
Morr Trina: well SHIT all about life ....experiences
Morr Trina: I really wanna meet someone like you cause you seem a nice and caring man
Morr Trina: you really sound like a fun loving person whom i would love to meet honey
Morr Trina: i will just have to say to you never turn your head against love and later wander why you had a stiff neck
Doug: Thing is we got to try to get you out of this mess!
Morr Trina: yeha honey ..this is really a mess have been head has an hostage
Morr Trina: this is hell hole am facing right now
Morr Trina: sweety i will have to go off now they wanna work on the network and it's late out here the time is 11:55 and am feeling druzzy
Morr Trina: dizzy i need to relax my head
Morr Trina: ok honey
Morr Trina has signed out. (3/05/2009 9:11 AM)

2012-03-03, 14:56:49
anonymous from United States  
my name is brenda garcia and i live in yonkers ny i am not shot or looking for a boyfriend and im not hungry my son thinks this is me writing and im looking for this scammer using my name
2012-03-03, 14:56:50
anonymous from United States  
my name is brenda garcia and i live in yonkers ny i am not shot or looking for a boyfriend and im not hungry my son thinks this is me writing and im looking for this scammer using my name
2012-03-03, 14:59:46   (updated: 2012-03-03, 15:00:56)
anonymous from United States  
my name is brenda garcia and i live in yonkers ny i am not shot or looking for a boyfriend and im not hungry my son thinks this is me writing and im looking for this scammer using my name furthermore they are looking for any brenda garcia with children i want to locate my children
2015-02-01, 01:59:48
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2017-04-28, 22:48:27
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