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Dating scammer Petra James from Ghana


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Dating scammer Petra James from Ghana

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2009-02-22, 19:12:21 from Seattle, United States  
A YahooIM conversation between me and 'Regina Adjei' from Ghana, S/A on 22 Feb 2009. The story tells itself, a pure scam:

Note the attached pics, too.

regina_love55: ok
shyner1968: hi!!
regina_love55: hi
shyner1968: God you are gorgeous!
regina_love55: yes
regina_love55: how are u
regina_love55: i miss u online
regina_love55: am here now
shyner1968: mee too
regina_love55: pls what are u doing now and u are not talking to me pls
shyner1968: i know! we finally connect
shyner1968: i am wanting to talk to you!
regina_love55: oky i see
regina_love55: pls can i see u now
shyner1968: yes
regina_love55: and pls are u sure is holy me talking to u my love
regina_love55: and pls are u sure is holy me talking to u my love
regina_love55: hello
shyner1968: yes it's ok
regina_love55: who is calling?
shyner1968: I'm almost done on the phone
regina_love55: i think u are busy
shyner1968: no i'm nearly done
shyner1968: stay here!!!!
regina_love55: oky
shyner1968: can you see me
regina_love55: no u close
regina_love55: and pls are u sure is holy me talking to u my love
shyner1968: ok I'm finall done!
shyner1968: I can talk to you now. Did you fix your webcam?
regina_love55: no i told u i dont have my love
shyner1968: oh ok. I am just wanting to see more of you, that's all. >:)
regina_love55: what?
shyner1968: That new picture of you is soooo beautiful!
shyner1968: It makes me excited...
regina_love55: oky
regina_love55: but i trhink i have send u some befor
shyner1968: Yes you did. I look at them alot.
regina_love55: real;ly
shyner1968: yes
regina_love55: oky i see my love
regina_love55: do u go for work today
shyner1968: no work. I am free today
regina_love55: oky why dont u go for work today my love?
shyner1968: It is Sunday here and I need some time off
regina_love55: oky i see my love
shyner1968: what time is it there?
shyner1968: look at my cam. I will show you my picture of you
regina_love55: pls is now here 9:45 my love
regina_love55: i see my love no w that i see that u show love to me
shyner1968: I look terrible. I've been dealing with too much work today
shyner1968: I do want you right now...
regina_love55: oky
shyner1968: what city are you in my love?
regina_love55: accra
regina_love55: :-*
shyner1968: You are from Accra?
regina_love55: yes is capital of ghana
shyner1968: I've been to Abidjan
regina_love55: really
shyner1968: Yes
regina_love55: do u know Abidjan?]
shyner1968: Just been there once. Just for a few days.
shyner1968: Have you been to the US before?
regina_love55: oky in see what u come top for there?
shyner1968: I was in the Navy.
regina_love55: oky i see
regina_love55: and u dont know ghana
shyner1968: no. but i want to because the most beautiful girl in the world is there right now :-*
regina_love55: right now where?
shyner1968: You. In Ghana!
shyner1968: Can we talk on the phone?
regina_love55: no p-ls i dont have becos they have steal my phone a week ago pls
regina_love55: so i cant talk pls
shyner1968: ok
regina_love55: and right now am sad to tell u this
regina_love55: and i dont know what a should do now my love
shyner1968: It's ok. Don't feel bad. :)
regina_love55: and rid now i have to get some to use ok
regina_love55: oky
shyner1968: ok
shyner1968: I would love to hear your voice
regina_love55: i see that pls will u try your best for me to have some ok
shyner1968: I don't understand.
shyner1968: I am here
regina_love55: Ok
shyner1968: I love your bra!!!>:)
regina_love55: Thank you
shyner1968: You are welcome
regina_love55: thank you
shyner1968: Why am I so lucky to love you
regina_love55: Why you say that ?
shyner1968: Because you are so beautiful. I don't feel I deserve you. Do you understand?
regina_love55: No you dont have to talk like that you are also hunsome and there is no turning back of been your woman okay
shyner1968: OK. Would you marry me?
regina_love55: Honey do you know it best way we take it slow
regina_love55: i like you Okay
regina_love55: if i dont wouldnt have spend all night with you
regina_love55: trust me
shyner1968: Yes. Of course. That was not a proposal. Just a question.
shyner1968: I trust you.
regina_love55: Then there is no need to ask me if i am going to marry you
regina_love55: Okay
regina_love55: i do love and need you if i have one wish i will have just wish to be with you cos you are sucha hunsome and truthful guy,
shyner1968: OK. I understand.
regina_love55: Will like to have kids some day
shyner1968: We would make beautiful babies. I love kids.
regina_love55: Yes, that is what i had wanted to know that will you make me the mother of the your future kids
shyner1968: Yes. I would love that!
regina_love55: I like what you just did to the cam
regina_love55: But please the only problem is how i am going to get the access on phone to be talking to you
shyner1968: That is a picture of my love
regina_love55: do you have any idea of helping me as i told you earlier on
regina_love55: Yes honey you such a sweet Darling
shyner1968: help with?
regina_love55: i hope our love is going to be forever
shyner1968: It will be forever
regina_love55: to get the mobile phone becoz it cost that much for me to afford Babe
shyner1968: How can I help?
regina_love55: Babe i think it will be okay to buy and send me, but the taxes in send and how i am going to get here will cost me much, so why not asist me with wiring me some money to buy it here Babe
shyner1968: Let me look into it. I have a few ideas. I have a college degree in that stuff
regina_love55: Ok
regina_love55: so what can you do Babe
shyner1968: I think I can get you one very cheap
regina_love55: Ok Babe
regina_love55: When that going to be
shyner1968: I will find out soon. And then tell you when it will arrive.
regina_love55: Ok Babe
shyner1968: You need to give me your mailing address
regina_love55: Ok, you let me know when you need it so i can give you okay
shyner1968: I need it right now.
regina_love55: and please i want you to get me a iphone, becoz that was what i was using it really nice and help me in soo many ways
regina_love55: here it cost 95$
regina_love55: That is the less one Babe
shyner1968: That's too much. I can send you one for alot less.
regina_love55: It is what i am looking for Babe
regina_love55: the phone i can use for browsing even when i dont have computer with me
shyner1968: I will get one for you using my service. Then we can always talk for very few $$.
regina_love55: It wont work Babe, even when you get that to me, i will have to decode it and use the network here
regina_love55: so is the best way you send me the money to buy it here
shyner1968: OK.
regina_love55: I dont want to but much on you,but the best way i want it to be, i will spend much on decoding and geting the network into it, so when i buy it here it already fix Babe
regina_love55: But you can let me know how much you can send me just feel free, i am here for you and we are forever Okay
regina_love55: it just life has not been easy for me that is why i am asking for your help i will have do that all by myself
regina_love55: @};-@};-@}:-
regina_love55: Please can you send me email address to get the pics to you
regina_love55: i want to make sure it get to you that why i ask for your email
regina_love55: so what you going to do for me about the help
shyner1968: you have to give me information about sending you
regina_love55: Ok Babe
regina_love55: Fulname, REGINA ADJEI
regina_love55: ADDRESS, P,O,BOX 181
regina_love55: CITY......AGONA SWEDRU
regina_love55: COUNTRY.......GHANA,W/A
regina_love55: that is my information Babe
regina_love55: But when can you send me
regina_love55: honey are you here ?
shyner1968: yes. i'm here
regina_love55: when can you send me BABE
shyner1968: this week
regina_love55: Ok Babe
shyner1968: there you are!
regina_love55: Yes i got booted by the computer
shyner1968: ok
regina_love55: I am sorry for the disconnect
regina_love55: the network and computer i am using is very bad
shyner1968: That's ok. I still love you.
regina_love55: thats why i really need the help to get the phone so in case of anything i can still talk to you on the when in bed
shyner1968: You want to talk to me in bed?
regina_love55: Yes i am lonely here, Babe
regina_love55: and i dont like it been here
shyner1968: oh I wish I could be there with you to make love in bed
regina_love55: Have you check your inbox, i got the pics sent
shyner1968: yes. I have them. Thank you!
regina_love55: You welcome
regina_love55: I love you BABE
regina_love55: Did you note the Imfomation
shyner1968: I love you too
regina_love55: >:D<
shyner1968: yes. i wrote it down
regina_love55: And when should i expect from you Babe
shyner1968: =P~
shyner1968: This week
regina_love55: I babe i want to know the day you will send
shyner1968: I'll have to tell you when I send it
regina_love55: Yes Babe
shyner1968: you still here?
shyner1968: WOW that scared me.
regina_love55: Why scaring Babe
shyner1968: my speakers were turned up
regina_love55: Oh i see
regina_love55: So i can be able to go cash as soon as you send and get the phone
shyner1968: yes
regina_love55: So what day ?
shyner1968: I will probably send on Tuesday
regina_love55: Ok my love, how much can you be able to wire me
shyner1968: how much do you need?
regina_love55: Babe, you have come out with amout you can send your sweet Heart Okay
regina_love55: i will appreciat any amount Babe
shyner1968: What currency do you use?
regina_love55: We use Cedis,what about you
regina_love55: ?
shyner1968: dollars of course
regina_love55: But it has same value with $
regina_love55: so i will recieve in the same amount when you send
regina_love55: so how much can you send on Tuesday
regina_love55: My Darling
shyner1968: I will see at my bank
regina_love55: Ok, Babe, how long can you stay online Mum called me to fix something in her Bed room
regina_love55: So will like to know when you going to stay so i can come back to talk to you when i am done
shyner1968: I will stay here close. Buzz me
regina_love55: Ok i will, i have to go now my love,
regina_love55: talk to you soon
shyner1968: ok
regina_love55: Be a good Boy
regina_love55: :x:x:x
shyner1968: I will be thinking about you
regina_love55: :-*:-*:-*
regina_love55: Me too
regina_love55: bye

2009-06-15, 09:40:22
she says her name is 'elena from grozny russia' her e-mail add is, almost scamed by her, but i googled her first. thank you. she has sent me three of the same pics. i have seen here. here's another.

2009-06-22, 18:11:04   (updated: 2009-06-22, 18:12:25)
anonymous from Canada  

2009-08-04, 05:41:24
I saw your profile. I would like know you more. Write to me on E mail zuyevsun [at] yahoo [point] com

LOL its probaly a dude..

i gota email from this fake ignored it.look at her hair in these pics..notice the color and length..SMFH
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