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Dating scammer Linda Scott from Lagos, Nigeria


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Name: linda scott


first western union address

Reciever's name: Amos Clement
Country : Nigeria,
state :Lagos
City :Ikeja
Textquestion : The Lord is Good?
Textanswer : All the time

158.arakale hospital road lagos ikega nigeria

2nd name and address

reciever name........royal francis
text question............what is your name
text answer..................linda scott

Other Comments:
this person contacted me through a website known as
supposedly she is in a hospital and needs 560 dollars to get out of the hospital with her passport and ticket. she also does not have anywhere to go in the us and has asked for accomodations here in the US. I have had a long internet conversation with this person if anyone knows anything else about this person post it. if anyone wants to see the Im conversation post that as well

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2007-06-25, 17:24:14
fuck offf asshole...... don't send money to colorado micheal anderson is a scammer
2007-06-27, 18:58:28   (updated: 2007-06-27, 19:01:52)
[hidden] from Rio Rancho, United States  
Yeah. I had the same scam pulled on me. I looked it up the instant she asked if I had a credit card. Says she was in Nigeria...yadda yadda...husband Charles killed in plane crash...yaddayadda...heart attack ended up in hospital...yadda yadda...all the other schtuff about needing money and everything. A major glitch I noticed in the story was that she said she was staying at a hotel. Sorry...but yeah. Hotels require money. If you dont have the money to fly back, you dont have the money to stay in a hotel for a long time. So the end I told whomever it was that I knew it was a scam and it ended like this:

Linda Scott: Well thanks for ur impression which i believe if not for my present predicament i wouldn`t have sound like that..We all have experiences remember someday somehow u maa also be in this kind of situation, why dont try and be considerable than judgeing me
Captain Odin Wolf: and what would you think if I told you to Fuck Off and stop trying to pull scams?
Captain Odin Wolf: thats what I thought.

Linda Scott has signed out. (6/27/2007 6:54
2007-07-03, 14:12:08
anonymous from United States  
Has anyone been contacted by a Linda Phillips? Now she is going by lindapayne35.

2007-07-03, 19:41:49
anonymous from United States  
Well...If you could post a clear pic we might!
2007-07-03, 22:55:43
anonymous from United States  
After reading several of the comments on this page about people who has either been scammed are either trying to be scammed. I am beginning to think that the scammers work in groups. The number one mission for them is to make you believe that you are the one and that they love you so much.(in a week) But ask them a question and you will get ???? or Umm or what? They don't really listen, they anger quickly and hear what they want to hear and blame you for not understanding and tries to make you feel guilty. I almost certain that many of the pictures on the connection sites are being sent from men who are pretending to be women. I believe that they have a ring master and that person works diligently sending out the baiters, each person has a specific job to perform. And the money that is recieved (if lucky) is divided between them. These people are not new to the game, only the new faces which appear on different love sites. This is a full-time job for them and it's a real mission for them to prey on unsuspecting people. Whether you are male or female. If one victim does not work out they keep trying until they reach the person who listens and or either responds back to them. They want you to believe by all means they are a true to you and definitely a real person. If you take time to read carefully and examine their sentence structure and spelling.(#1 one red flag) The carefully selected stories that they put together such as: family deaths, car accidents, sickness, stolen wallets and being stranded and don't have enough money to pay their hotel bill etc. A well planned scam to enrich them and their life style. And what is more amazing is that they read this very same page as they are uncovered or almost uncovered. By reading this page it helps them to change their accounts, close accounts and open new accounts for the next victim. (which is a new face to the place) So please be careful and follow your mind, if a situation does not feel right search and investigate. And by all means 'DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY AT ALL'

2007-07-04, 11:00:44
anonymous from United States  
Glad to see someone acually read thing's before posting! You are right in most aspects.There are some 'independents'but most do work in groups.One thing you mention in the last paragraph is so true and why it is NOT a good idea to give them info regarding the site{s} they have been listed/exposed on! It's not wise to teach them to be better at what they do!!! Would you give the knife back to a mugger if he dropped it???
2007-07-20, 18:48:28
Bobby,You must be a very stupid man for saying all this things on here,You are very dump man..I am the chairman of scams in Lagos Nigeria...They only scam you for 650 you keep crying around like a dog...I scam a man call terry about $79,000USD and he never cry like a dog so go to hell..You are a fucking asshole Bobby..Goodbyee forever
2007-08-08, 01:54:38
anonymous from United States  
Michael Wong: hellen?
Michael Wong: what does that mean?
helbrain: i'm sad
Michael Wong: yes, u told me
Michael Wong: i'm up later than usual
Michael Wong: i should be asleep
helbrain: ok
Michael Wong: i just wanted to say hi first
helbrain: ok
Michael Wong: u have a long story to tell i take it?
helbrain: yes and i have send you a message in your email address
helbrain: i hope you got that.?
Michael Wong: only the one u sent from tuesday
Michael Wong: the first long email
Michael Wong: oh wait
helbrain: i send it just tenminutes ago
helbrain: to
Michael Wong: u sent it to yahoo
helbrain: yes
Michael Wong: ok, im opening now
helbrain: ok i guess you need to read it
Michael Wong: well that is quite a story
Michael Wong: where in nigeria are u
helbrain: afrca
helbrain: africa
Michael Wong: what city/town
helbrain: lagos
Michael Wong: and the hospital name?
helbrain: bamaca hospital
Michael Wong: k
Michael Wong: are u working with the police there
helbrain: i have told the police here they are doing noting about the issue
Michael Wong: so where do u stay while u are in the hospital?
helbrain: i'm still in the hospital now
Michael Wong: so they just keep u there?
helbrain: yes
helbrain: because they have seized my travelling document
Michael Wong: and ur fiancee's family covered up the death of their son?
helbrain: yes and abadon me
Michael Wong: thats quiet a story
Michael Wong: quite
Michael Wong: have u tried contacting the embacy for help?
helbrain: yes
Michael Wong: and?
helbrain: I have reported the case to the american embassy here in nigeria,and they have promised to give me back a new american passport.But The problem now at hand is that,am unable to pay for the hospital bills,for that,the manager seized air ticket to fly back to the states,loggages and my personal belongings and he has been on my neck to pay him his hospital bill because of that, would not allow me go out of the premises even for a second.
Michael Wong: you typed that pretty quick
Michael Wong: so what can i do to help
helbrain: firstly all i need for now is someone that will cherish me and get me out of here
helbrain: and someone to be a ood life companion
helbrain: and someone to be a good life companion
Michael Wong: why don't u volunteer to help work of ur debt
Michael Wong: off*
helbrain: the did not accept that
Michael Wong: i don't know if the american embassy would realy allow this to happen
Michael Wong: if anything, they would take over the bill and help you get back to the states...and you could pay the debt to the US gov
helbrain: they did because i was not born in the state and i wonder why they are here
Michael Wong: so how long have u been there?
helbrain: two months
Michael Wong: i have a hard time believing any of this
Michael Wong: can you show me or tell me somehting to help me believe
helbrain: how did you mean
Michael Wong: ur first long email is starts of pretty normal and happy, and at the end it gets really sad. and now you tell me this horrible story
Michael Wong: and it seems unbelievable
Michael Wong: and now ur on the internet talking to ppl from africa?
helbrain: huh
helbrain: well jesus christ came to the world its hard to believe him talkless of me human being
Michael Wong: well if ur story is true, its terrible
Michael Wong: but i can't help cuz i doubt it right now
Michael Wong: how did you pay for
helbrain: i'm not a paid member
Michael Wong: if u can email, u have to be a paid member
helbrain: i just join the site maybe trail days
Michael Wong: can u give me the phone number of the hospital or the embassy to check out that you are at the hospital?
helbrain: ok
helbrain: hold
helbrain: There phone number 0112348069380085
Michael Wong: which number is this for
helbrain: the hospital number
Michael Wong: can u tell me who will answer the phone?
You have canceled the file transfer.

helbrain: its either the doctor or one of the hospital staff member
Michael Wong: i'm getting tired helen. I've got to get up in the morning if you send me another email with information where I can verify your situation. I'll consider looking into it
Michael Wong: u must give me names
Michael Wong: and not vague answers
Michael Wong: if ur really in this situation, i might help
helbrain: the doctor's name chris jame
Michael Wong: and who is ur contact at the us embassy?
helbrain: i email them
Michael Wong: u don't speak with them personally?
helbrain: no
helbrain: i'm held in captive
Michael Wong: why would they let you use the internet
Michael Wong: i've never seen a computer room in a hospital, let alone imagine they have them in nigeria
helbrain: i talk personaly with the doctor
helbrain: i'm using the doctor's laotop
Michael Wong: well i don't think there is much i can do
Michael Wong: i can't give u money to help pay, i have never met u
Michael Wong: what would u like me to do instead?
helbrain: its up to you
Michael Wong: you know the phone numbers in nigeria don't look like that at all
Michael Wong: this was interesting
Michael Wong: will u admit this was some sort of game/scam?
Michael Wong: what's the local time in lagos now?
helbrain: 8
helbrain: 8:45
Michael Wong: yea ur right
Michael Wong: but ur telephone is still fake
helbrain: +2348069380085
Michael Wong: what was the first number u gave me then?
helbrain: they gave me that so you you will not you +
Michael Wong: u know i googled that number
Michael Wong: do u know what i came up with?
helbrain: no
Michael Wong: of course u do
Michael Wong: why would u keep reusing that same number?
Michael Wong: if ur going to scam ppl, try to creative. ur story sucks
helbrain: what the hell are you talking about
helbrain: th is the hospital number 2348069380085
Michael Wong: http://www.delphifa..383.shtml
helbrain: the additional 011 is for smooth dialing of your number from international calls
Michael Wong: even ur grammar is different
helbrain: i told you that i was not born in the state abd
Michael Wong: so, u made it up
2007-08-23, 01:40:44
anonymous from United States  
I got COntacted by Sanya Martins at eHarmony same perfil as Miss Duggan.. same questions, same answers just reading all this stories posted, THey are EXACTLY like mine!!

BECAREFUL!! her email is

2007-08-24, 16:05:05
anonymous from United States  
You guys, the pictures are not of the people doing scams. A person can easily steal any picture they want off the net and say it is them. So when you ask, ' do we have the same person by looking at the picture,' it does not matter. The pictures are meaningless. They are just there to entice you and are not the actual scammer. The scammer is most likely a dude in Nigeria. The only truth they are actually telling! This is where most of the line scams are. It's funny sometimes Chris Hansen does stories on these pathetic men.

Anyway, yeah,... I have the same old story as everyone here. I will post the email for the hell of it. I knew they were a scam to begin with, so I have just been messing with the person even though I have not given them the time of day.

This is me, after she/he contacted me on

Hi Tracy how are you? I just got done reading your message. You are in
Nigeria huh? That is really far from the US. What country are you from? Have
you ever been in the US? I know you said you wanted to see some more
pictures of me, but I would like to see more pictures of you first :P Is
that a deal?

Alright for now I have to go, hope to hear from you.

Well am not happy to share such sad story with you,But i just cant get over it,I feel like sharing it with you,I wouldn't like it if i keep it to myself,Thanks Once again for ur Concern for the mail u've been written because of me,Cuz am such a lady who appreciate something alot,It all started when i meet the guy Called Charles he simple told me he love me,Not knowing he was playing with my heart,I meet Charles In (WA) USA,And i Simple Give my Heart to him,I did this because i thought he loved me,So how do u expect me not to love him back?..I told u ealier that I lost my parents,Both of them Got divorced when I was stil 4 yr's a Kid by then,my dad died, 22 years later my mum followed.She died of a Hypertensive Hear,I dont like going back to my bad memories,I thought i was old enough and I thought I'm old enought to get married,We both courteed for about a year and decieded to get married to each other,he asked me out if i would followed him donw to his Hometown....Cuz his parents Want's our Wedding to Take Place In Their HomeTown Which Happen to be Africa,Nigeria,I admit with him,Cuz i can never say NO,I had to say Yes,On the wedding day everything is set for us,But on our way to the church we had an auto crash which claimed the life of my Fiancee but miraculosly i escaped with some wounds on my body,This accident occur around 10:am in the morning,The family of My Fiance cleared the corps,I was accussed for the death of my Fiance,Because of the wounds on my body,I couldn't go anywhere I was left alone,I dont know anywhere to hang up,By then i need to relax caz i ain't got streinght to do anything by then,So i had to relax on a road side,But unfortunately i was rescued by a night Guard he took me to the nearest Hospital for Emergency treatment,I was treating of a broken leg and now i wont be released if the hospital bills is not paid,The Hospital Management has siezed my returning ticket & passport,they say I need to get my bills paid before it's will be giving back too me,Even if am out of here which i dont know when i dont have anywhere to go when i get back to the state,Well..I dont know how u feel about my situation but am sorry if i poisoned our friendship..I just cant keep this to myself....I dont know if u're capable of helping me out of here...Cuz to me u seem nice to me and understanding I hope u understand all my situation and what i've already gone just so sick of myself....I think i should end up my msg here..I will be looking forward to hear back from you...bye and take very good care of urself...

This is me-
Where do you hold your citizenship? What hospital is
holding you?If you are
an US citizen, have you contacted the US embassy?
Tell me what they say.

As you can see, I keep it short and brief cuz I don't want to waste to much time, but at the same time, I just like seeing what kind of answers they are going to give me to all the questions I will continue posting. I figure they want to waste my time, I want to see how many hoops they will go through.

This is She/he's responce

have reported the case to the american embassy here
in nigeria,and they have promised to give me back a
new american passport.But The problem now at hand is
that,am unable to pay for the hospital bills,for
that,the manager seized air ticket to fly back to the
states,loggages and my personal belongings and he has
been on my neck to pay him his hospital bills because
of that, would not allow me go out of the premises
even for a second.Thanks for getting back to me i
really want to let you know that you have made me feel
high that i know i will get back to the state very
soon but i want to let you know that you have give me
sence of belongning and i want to let you know that
the hospital bills as raise to $560 and the name of
the hospital is Bamaca hospital and i also want to let
you know that the hospital is not that advance that
advanced and i was told that i will have to pay
before they give me the reciept..and i want to let you
know that i have no phone here and my plane ticket??
thats why i'm curious about getting back to the state
soonest because the ticket was for three month and i
have stay in the hospital for over two months now and
the ticket is a round trip ticket it can travell
anywhere in the united state i will have to relocate
my destination... presently i'm still at the hospital
and the number hospital is 0112348031244928.. plz i
really hope you are ready to help me out of this mess
and i want to know how soon thats going to be get back
to me asap

Now I think I am going to ask for some more pictures,....Just to see if they will come
up with some more.
2007-09-20, 05:20:46
Those are but a few of MANY hundred's if not thousands of nigerians that use internet cafe's for a few dollars an hour to hopefully con someone into sending them money,
its pretty easy really when you think about it for a little while, ANYONE ANYWHERE ANYTIME can use ANYONES pictures from the net and claim to be whover that picture represents, setup bogus id's email accounts yes always at free places like hotmail / yahoo / gmail or any number of others. make up some lame storey which is just really a rehashed version of similar con setups,
really it all comes down to YOU, do you belive the storey they give ? or even the photos ? .
WOULD you actually send money to someone you have NEVER even met ?, LOL most of that shit storey based on hospitals losing boyfriends & being stuck in hotels held against there will is a lot of shit ...:-) i mean what a joke they get to go online and chat ? setup profiles on dating sites ? but are being held by someone for some amount of money ..but that person lets them roam freely to contact people ? come on get reall here,
there is NOT a single online dating site that can claim to be free of scam artists & assorted other shit like that Wont ever change of that you can be certain,
just as much as you can be certain there will Always be online fraud artists whilst there are guillible people.
2007-09-24, 13:43:32   (updated: 2007-09-24, 13:47:13)
This are some interesting stories I too was scammed the only dumb thing I did was call the phone number. Which I know have come to realize was a generic number. This guy that contacted me from singlesnet claims to be from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida but went to Africa to buy rare gold. I had asked him what he did for a living he said he was a business contractor well I said to myself what the hell is that. So I played along with him he told me b/s and I told him b/s. Then he tells me that he was coming to see me for the weekend ok I must admit when he asked me for my phone number and address I gave it to him because I know when you by a ticket they do ask for contact info. He claimed his family was killed in a car accident and all he was looking for was happiness. He then told me that he was going to buy me a ring and give it to me when he arrives on the weekend. Well something just didn't feel right bells and whistles were going off in my head. So on the day he was supposed to arrive I get and email stating that he was attacked on the way to the airport and he was robbed of everything and now he felt hopeless. So he then tells me that he needed $520.00 to pay the hospital bill because he was unable to cause I please help him. Well here it was the question I was waiting for asking for money. So I began to ask him did he contact his credit card companies and the airline so he want lose his money he had the nerve to ask me have I even travelled out of the state because I would know that I could not get a refund I replied not only have I travelled out of the state but out of the country, and that I always buy refundable tickets it just will cost more although I knew this was a scam I just pretended that it wasn't so then I said to him I wish I could help you but I am taking care of two house holds. He told me he love me and I told him the same of course I didn't believe it nor was I being truthful but after I continued to say I couldn't help or that I felt bad about not being able to help he feed me some crazy line that it's not about me not helping he back he loved me. All though this conversation I am cracking up. Out of all the stories I read this one had better english spelling than most so he must have had and english text book so ladies and gentlemen if you get an email from Calvin Richard Wallace do not reply here is his email address
2007-09-27, 16:17:14   (updated: 2007-09-27, 16:39:49)
anonymous from Sweden  
Hi, unfortunatly there is also men doing this scam.

I started to talk to a man Michael Smith on but we talked for more then 3 months before he went to Lagos, Nigeria. He also told me that he deleted his paige on Meetic because he found me...... LOL He has a lot of photos of a white blond man around 40years, thin face small brown eyes.

The MO was the same... Both parents was diseased, lived in UK until 2 years moved back because his mother had breastcancer. He also had a girl in UK that he found in bed with his best friend...Then when he got to Lagos he had a car accident hitting a small boy, police kept passport and traveldocuments... wanted help with money...
In the end he himself had a bad car accident and a so called doctor called me informing me about Mr Michaels condition...
I asked a lot of questions but didn´t get any good answers...

He really worked hard to make it real saying he would come to visit mailed over flightinformation and when I didn´t want to send him any money he called me and cried over the phone....

But here is the strange thing I got an adress in LA and a phonenumber and I called that number to check it out and it was. But with todays tecnic they probably can do all sorts of things.

Be aware of these emailadresses:, and
Phonenumbers to be aware of in Lagos, Nigeria: 002348065820142 and to the so called doctor: 002348038045376

Well, well now I´ve learned my lesson.
2007-10-17, 20:11:31
anonymous from Emeigh, United States  
i just got one and she says her name is diana leo billy she was in reck and needs money 650 us to get out of hospital ligthhospital and email is
2007-10-17, 20:17:33
anonymous from Emeigh, United States  
i just got one and she says her name is diana leo billy she was in reck and needs money 650 us to get out of hospital ligthhospital and email is
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tracy Harrington

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