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Dating scammer Olga Borodina from Ulyanovsk, Russia


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Name: Olga Borodina


st. Kirova 5-62

Other Comments:
Profile Cutie811heart at

First contact was

I simply wanted to tell to you hi!!!!!
I read your profile and I liked your words.
I like your photo, it will be pleasant for me if you will write to me.
If you want to see mine photos that you can write to me on mine email.
my mail is
I shall wait your letter, if you will not answer me then I shall understand.
I wish you good day.


She can email in real time, she can use the messenger services and talk on the phone.

Asked for money to use internet cafe 40 sent via western union. Western union very reluctent to provide details of where the money was collected but did confirm money was collected from Yoshkar-Ola.

None of the content in her emails gave any results from Google.

She did not use the bat for emails.

Searches on her IP,s did show that her telecome provider is as follows
Nikolay Nikolaev
Volgatelecom Mari El branch
Sovetskaya 138
424000 Yoshkar-Ola
Russia MariEl Republic

Here follows one of her emails

hello my dear ******** all these days I thought of you, I am so glad that today
again I have an opportunity to write to you.
I shall try to answer on all your questions, I shall try to tell about myself all.
Now to me is 25 years, my a birthday is 26 May, which puts my horoscope as gemini.
I am blonde, color of my eyes green, I have no harmful habits, I do not smoke and do not like to drink alcohol.
My growth 5,6, my weight 125 lgs.
I liked your question on morning and rain, because I am valid
like a rain because after a rain air has a unusual condition,
it becomes fresher and pleasant for a breath. You noticed it?
At leisure I like to listen romantic music, to read book, or simply to cook.
My favorite food is various sweet baking, a fish, meat, fruit, various salads, also I have
one weakness - a pie with apricot taste.
I simply adore this taste!!!!!!
Favorite kind of sports meets in the summer - sailing, run, and in the winter - a ski.
I listen to music absolutely various, all depends on mood.
my favorite flowers it is tulips and red carnations
my favorite taste of juice is again apricot:-))
my favorite color is red
my favorite season - spring
my dream it to have the kind and gentle husband.
To have the big and happy family and for this purpose
I has decided to search worthy for the man in the Internet.
It is very difficult to find noble the man which would grow fond of me as the person
instead of as a beautiful doll with which he wants to have sex.
Many men make to me compliments, invite in cafe, but I refuse them because I see
that they want only sex. I absolutely other type of the woman, I am modest woman who believes
in the big and beautiful love. I do not search for the rich husband, I want only one that he loved me
for my internal qualities, unless I ask something unusual?
It is very difficult to live when beside no beloved man whom will always support and
will calm me difficult minutes of a life
which will be with me both in pleasure and in mountain.
I want that in the morning he awakened me a sweet kiss and spoke me as strongly he loves me.
I think that you understand me and my feelings because you are also lonely.
I shall wait your letter.
I send you my kisses.

Despite the warning signs I decided to take the chance but after she received the money the promised daily contact failed to happen and more requests for money for a home computer as well as a home phone did arrive lol.

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2007-02-11, 03:43:56
anonymous from United Kingdom  
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Received: from unknown (HELO (agpavlovka@ with plain)
by with SMTP; 29 Sep 2006 13:06:18 -0000
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 17:04:56 +0400
From: Olga <>
Reply-To: Olga <>
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>

hello ******** thanks for your letter, I could read him only today.
Forgive that I could not answer you at once and I write to you only today.
Accept my condolences concerning death of your father, I think it
was the big shock for you which has changed your life, you
has understood that you have lost the favourite and native person.
I think it is really hard on heart that him are not present beside.
but he is alive in your memory and this most important, I so think.
Very sadly to hear about your brother, I do not know why but after
readings your letter it wanted to me to cry, I have presented as it should be
hard to lose the father.
I love my parents I went to my parents for city Pavlovka and have returned back
in Ulyanovsk only last night. Now I live in the city of Ulyanovsk.
My native city Pavlovka is very small city, city type settlement.
And to receive higher education, I should go in ours
the regional center, it in city Ulyanovsk, it the big city in which is
some Universities.
When I studied at University, I lived in a hostel, us was on 4
the person in small room, it was rather difficult to live.
Now when I have work, I can dare to rent the apartment
half with my girlfriend.
I have decided to remain to live here in city Ulyanovsk, because in my
native city is rather difficult to find good work.
1 time in 3 months I go home to visit my parents.
My arrival to home always the big holiday for me.
I have only 1 little sister, this year she has acted in University and
now she lives with me.
I try to help her with study because I already has finished University
and I know that it is necessary to have higher education presently.
I work as the tutor in a nursery, my work is connected to education
small children.
Every morning I come for work and me meets a lot of small children.
It is always pleasant to see children's smiles and to hear laughter of children.
I like cares of children, I do not have children, I was possible therefore
so like my work and I give all my love and care another's for me
to children.
You as well as I love children?
For me children -are flowers of a life and we should cares of them.
First you care about children, then on an old age children care of the parents.
It only popular wisdom:-)
I like your photo, probably on photo you with your niece. it so?
I think you would be the good father, I do not know why I have thought of it,
I only have presented as you hold the child.
I send you my new photo, it has been made in park, which is near to my work.
I hope to receive your letter soon.
I wish you good day.
2007-02-11, 03:48:12
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Return-Path: <>
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Received: from unknown (HELO ? (agpavlovka@ with plain)
by with SMTP; 10 Nov 2006 18:38:34 -0000
X-YMail-OSG: f_5aE5cVM1lUX. YQ3kPOTTA6iZ6A_x5dbRT1ztxXhowGpx_2HI3sFY_GhOXQnnEzQE1oPzRp2xp2xUw7EfpitvPrc6xx6JOaemPlF9zjOcdoGKZg8IiRPw--
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 21:38:03 +0300
From: Olga <>
Reply-To: Olga <>
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>

hello my dear ******* it is sad that now you are not present near to a computer,
I hope that soon we again can speak with you.
I read your letter, and to me was sad that you had two not successful love.
To me was especially sad to hear that your first woman had
predilection for drugs. I never accepted drugs and I concern
to this negative, I want that there has sometime come such time
when nobody will know that such a drug, that all people will understand
what harm brings a drug.
I think then the life becomes more light and kind!
but I could not understand what exactly have prevented you to meet with the second
woman, what problems she had with a computer?
She lived far from you? You had strong feelings to her?
I do not know what happen when we shall meet, we can only
to guess about it.
But I am glad that we got acquainted with you on Personals.
I am very lonely in soul, but I do not show it to my little sister and
to parents because I do not want that they saw as me lonely,
for this reason I have dared to search beloved in internet.
It is very difficult to find here the man which would appreciate me as the woman,
my mind, my soul, and did not see in me only the beautiful woman with which
he wants to spend the time.
Many men suggested me to meet, but I only
saw their desire to spend one or several night.
I am not such ********, I want only to find good the man with kind
heart which as well as I am lonely and wants to find the second half,
now I think that I have found him.
I think that our meeting is important for us, but all over again we should learn
well each other.
I live with my the little sister separately from parents, we rent an apartment
with our girlfriend.
My parents live in village where there is no work and high school,
therefore we with the little sister live in city.
My sister in this year has acted in University, her of 17 years, her name is Lena.
I work in a kindergarten as nurse.
I do not know what you still would like to know about me, please write to me and
ask any questions.
I shall be glad to answer them.
I shall wait your letter.
Thanks for nice photo.
I liked it.
I want that you knew that I think of you.
I send my kiss.
2007-02-11, 03:49:20
anonymous from United Kingdom  
hello my dear ******* please write to me soon, I wait your letter.
Today I went along the street and saw advertising on which it has been written
red big letters 'PROTECT LOVE...', below it has been written already
black small letters 'sometimes it is not enough of whole life that
to meet love, but sometimes only one instant suffices to lose it for ever'.
These words have touched my heart, I have stopped and have read these words
some times, the poster was completely white as a sheet of a paper, on which
have been written only these words. I do not know why but I have thought of you
these minutes.
Probably because you are unique the man with which I have
acquaintance is similar soul mate.
I know that with you I will can share about what I cannot speak with
my little sister because I do not want to show her my sad and loneliness.
I want that my parents and my little sister always saw me only
the happy person.
My little sister has noticed that I have changed lately I began
more to smile, and it due to you Colin.
Today we have ice in the street, very much to slide to go, it is necessary to go
slowly that not to fall on ice.
Now I shall go home, I want that you knew that I think of you.
your Olga
2007-02-11, 03:50:53
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Received 21.11.2006

hello my dear ******** forgive me that I could not write to you earlier.
Now I have no money to write to you, I should wait my wages which I shall receive only at the end of a month.
Today I have borrowed money from my fellow worker that I could write to you.
On use internet cafe it is necessary for me about 40-50 uk pounds, it is expensive
for me, but it is enough that I could write to you every day.
Therefore I am compelled to save money and to write to you in process of my opportunities.
How many you spend money to pay connection interenet?
It also is expensive for you?
I know that use computer at home is more cheaply if I had an opportunity
to buy a computer that we could speak with you every day, use web cam.
But it is expensive for me to buy a computer.
I hope to speak with you in yahoo messenger soon again.
I shall answer your questions shortly because I can not write much.
I rent an apartment, the address of an apartment is st.Kirova 5-62.
In the Christmas vacation I shall spend with parents at home.
I know that we have various time, you celebrate Christmas 25 december, in Russia
the Christmas is celebrated on 7 January.
You know about it? Write to me when you can arrive to me in Russia.
If you will arrive to me in january you possible can
will stop in my native home, in village which is not far from the city of Ulyanovsk.
I shall acquaint you with my parents. What do you think of it?
I shall try to write to you tomorrow again.
If you will not receive my letter please do not be sad, I want that
you knew that I think of you.
I hope to speak with you soon.
I miss you.
My kiss for you.
2007-02-11, 03:52:28
anonymous from United Kingdom  

hello my dear ******** I am so glad that today I again can to write to you.
I do not want that you thought that I have forgotten you, I am simple had no money
to write to you.
I hope you wait my letter.
I only yesterday have received wages, but I write today.
Because yesterday after work I have gone to shop to buy products.
The last days the refrigerator was absolutely empty and to me very much it would be desirable
to fill him by meal.
It is very difficult to live when money does not suffice on meal.
If I had additional 40-50 uk pounds I could write
to you every day, but I have no enough money and consequently I cannot
to write to you every day.
It will be soon New Year, Christmas and I should buy Christmas gifts to my parents,
to the little sister, to keep money for road home and back, therefore ******
I am not sure that I can further to continue to write to you.
I should save money.
Colin you already also prepare to Christmas?
what gifts you usually give to your family? to mum, your brothers and sisters?
What it is accepted to give in your country?
My favourite film about Christmas is film 'Intuition'.
In this film two persons casually got acquainted in Christmas, and it has changed
them life. But they could be together only in many years.
Because they have lost touch.
You saw this film? In this film the main female role plays Kate Beckinsale, she is
my a favourite actress.
I saw many films with her participation.
In this Christmas I also would like to present to you not usual gift.
I think that I shall present you my photo.
I shall be to send to you it on friday or saturday.
I hope you will like it.
Then I cannot write to you any more.
Only after New Year, but I do not know when.

2007-02-11, 03:53:30
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Received 03.12.2006

hello my dear ******** I am so glad to receive your letter.
You already looked film Serendipity?
As soon as you will look it write to me your impressions about this film.
I think you will like it.
Yes I looked film Underworld, in this film vampires struggle with werewolfs.
Kate in this film played the daughter of the main vampire, then appeared that
the main vampire has killed her true parents and has made her the vampire also.
You speak to me about this film?
I think it pleasant accident but the day before yesterday on the tv
showed this film again, but I did not begin to look because was
already late and to me very much it would be desirable to sleep, it was about 22,30.
Usually at this time I lie down to sleep.
And besides there was already a middle of film, it already came to an end.
but nevertheless this pleasant concurrence!
I have got used to lie down early and to wake up early in the morning.
In what time usually you lie down to sleep?
I have prepared for you my gift.
I send you my Christmas gift for memory of me.
It is my photo I made it for you.
I want that you always had my photo near to yourself.
I give you my heart.
I hope you will like it.
I cannot write to you any more, now I at all have no money that
to continue to write to you.
I cannot ask you money, but also to me will be very sad without
your letters.
You really want to help me? it is very pleasant for me and I do not know
as to me to be.
If you want that tomorrow I shall go in bank and I learn what details of my account should
to give you that you could send money.
Then when I shall receive money I can call to you again.
I so would like to speak with you.
Now already rather late, I shall go home.
I shall write to you tomorrow.
I shall think of you.
My photo for You!

Keywords: blonde with white candy chocolate heart, snow
2007-02-11, 03:54:05
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Received 04.12.2006

hello my dear *******, I am in internet cafe now, I just have received your letter and I shall read now it.
Please write to me as soon as you will receive my letter, I shall be here still
about 30 minutes.
2007-02-11, 03:55:20
anonymous from United Kingdom  
today I was in bank, I have asked them about service, I have asked the cashier what details of my account
I should give you that you could send money.
To me have told that it will be better if I shall use other
service,it is more convenient and faster.
because if you will send money for account that it can borrow
a little weeks, it is very long procedure.
To me have told that it will be easier to use western union,
it is the company which is engaged in remittance.
In your city is western union?
I never used this service earlier, to me have told that it
You can use it?
2007-02-11, 03:57:15
anonymous from United Kingdom  
probably today you waited for me, sadly that I could not be in online
earlier. I am more hour in internet cafe, but could write
just now, because all computers have been borrowed and I should
to wait when one of them will be exempted.
Now I have an opportunity to write to you, but I think that you any more do not wait
Please write to me soon, time now later and consequently I cannot
to wait for you in on line today.
I give you the address of bank in which I shall receive money.
City Ulyanovsk, street Matrosova 33, BIN BANK.
I shall write to you tomorrow.
2007-02-11, 04:00:44
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I have just returned from bank, I could not receive money, I not understand why.
To me have told that translation is frozen.
Probably it because that else yesterday I tried to receive it and have given your full name, without *.
I have told as ******** *********.
The cashier in bank was very rough woman, I am very much afflicted that
service in western union such awful.
Now I absolutely do not have money to continue to write to you, I have already spent my wages on
gifts to my parents and the little sister, in some days at me not
will be money to buy a meal and consequently I am now in sad mood.
I am afraid that I can write to you only tomorrow, then I cannot any more
to write to you till January.
****** you can correct it?
Tomorrow I shall go in bank again if tomorrow I cannot receive money,
that in current is more than month we cannot speak with you, I so not
want it, I want to continue to write to you.
Please find out in what reason why she did not give money?
You can add and send 100 uk pounds? It will be enough
that I could write to you every day and call to you when I shall have
opportunity and to spend a part of money to a meal.
If no I shall understand.
I very much hope that tomorrow in bank I can receive money.
I shall write to you as soon as I shall receive money that you did not worry.
Also I want to ask you, you today took cold wash?
2007-02-11, 04:06:57
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Received 09.12.2006 11.27

I saw advertising of films CSI on TV, I remember that it was CSI:Las Vegas and there
were investigations connected with a casino, but I never did not look these
films because I do not like to look films about violence and murders.
I so would like that on the TV showed only good films,
which will teach people to kindness and love each other.
My little sister has noticed that I began more to smile after we
have got acquainted with you, that I began be always in good mood,
but when I did not write to you many days that I again began to be sad.
Lena at once has seen that something not so, I have told to her that I
cannot write to you, that I am compelled to wait wages for it.
These days she helped me to not be sad and I am very grateful to her for it.
She really experiences for ours with you attitudes, I showed
to her yours photos and she liked your photos.
You seem to her good the man, she would like that we continued
to be friends.
I do not know what my parents shall speak in this occasion, I shall be
to see them only at the end of december, approximately in 2 weeks.
I so would like to see them soon.
I shall finish my letter, it is sad that you did not wait for me today.
but I am very glad that you began to take in the morning cold wash,
but if you do not like it then you can do not make it.
It is very important to make it with desire, only then you will not be afraid
I shall wait your letter.
Love Olga
2007-02-11, 04:14:05
anonymous from United Kingdom  
olgapavlovka: I want to buy a computer home that to have an opportunity to write to you
every day.
We can use web cam, to me have told that it cheaply.
that it will allow us to speak and see each other simultaneously.
you have web cam?

************: no i do not have a web cam on this computer. This computer is very old and not very powerfull

olgapavlovka: but I have one problem my wages does not allow me to buy
Yesterday I tried to buy a computer on credit in shop, but to me have given up:-((
to me have told that at me small wages and consequently
they cannot give me to use the credit. It is very much sadly to me that I cannot
to dare to buy a computer

************: How much would a computer cost You?

olgapavlovka: ******* you can help me to buy a computer.
The computer also is necessary for my little sister for study at university.
Lena asked me to buy a computer, and now I do not know what to her
to tell.
I so would like to help her, but I cannot

*************: I make no promise, but when I come to see you I maybe able to bring a laptop with me

olgapavlovka: the cheapest computer costs more than 18.000 roubles, it about 360 uk pounds

*************: how much does the computer cost to operate from your home?

olgapavlovka: 2.200 roubles

*************: how long is that for?

olgapavlovka: it about 40 uk pounds

*************: what type of internet connection would that give you?

olgapavlovka: 2200 roubles cost carrying out of a telephone line in an apartment.
to me have told that I can connect a computer to this line and then I
can use internet.
also I can buy usual phone and then you can call to me
in an apartment.

**************: This is a lot to think about before we meet

**************: I willl have to give this some thought

olgapavlovka: sadly that you do not want to help me, it will enable us speaks
with you by phone at any time.
you will call to me and we can speak with you and it is not necessary for me
will call to you.
I shall always wait your call.
2007-02-11, 04:16:40
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I received the following email from Western Union after much chasing on my part:-

Dear customer,

thank you for your e-mail.

Our records indicate that your Money Transfer has been collected. For security purposes, the only information we may disclose about a Money Transfer is the payout city and the date and time of payout. Information regarding the identity of the receiver must be obtained through your local law enforcement.

The payout date, time and city of your Money Transfer are as follows:

* Payout Date: 08/12/2006
* Payout Time: 09:49h GMT
* Payout City: Yoshkar-Ola

Please specify if you would like a Proof of Payment requested to confirm the information provided. Unfortunately, all other information would have to be obtained through a law enforcement agency.

With kind regards

Robin Fordinal, Op 245

2007-02-11, 04:17:24
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Received 21.12.2006

Colin your behaviour was strange for me, today I called to you
and you have hung up, why you did not want to speak with me?
please tell to me i do not understand what happened with you.
I hope that you will answer me soon.
2007-02-11, 04:17:52
anonymous from United Kingdom  
My reply 22.12.2006

You lied to me

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