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Dating scammer Laura George from Lagos, Nigeria


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Name: Laura George

Email: invisiblelaura

Laura George
#25 Adebayo st
Ikeja, Lagos

Other Comments:
Parents killed in house fire. Brother died with kidney disease. Lives in Nigeria with friend Cheryl. Works in Sales and Marketing, but has not recieved a paycheck for several month and is starving.


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2007-02-11, 10:18:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-09-03, 11:10:06
Her true status is unknown. Everyone has heard the same story. Most of all of these are scams of course. Please chime in if you have been scammed by her. Sent passport or Visa Money, etc...

2007-09-03, 13:40:56
anonymous from United States  
It would be nice if we knew who 'she' was!!!??? Just posting a pic is NO help at all!!!
2007-09-03, 15:35:09
anonymous from United States  
That's just the point did you read my text. No one seems to know her or can verify her story. I am looking for facts not slander or rumor. If anyone has sent this women money and was scammed please post just don't suppose or assume. She is at least very consistent with her story. I hope to find out more soon. No one wants to be scammed.
2007-09-03, 17:12:29
'S' from United States  
With such little info it's hard to help! The pic is model quality but not very clear.Where does 'she' claim to be/live?If you met her on a dating site which one and who contacted who 1st?

If you don't want to post more now try this;

Tips: AFTER doing a search of the name and e-mail address.

1) In the advanced google search, type an exact phrase, up to 10 words max. It MUST be put in quotation mark's! The name should be also for good result's.1st or surname only will not give you good result's.
2) Include unusual constructions, spelling, grammatical mistakes, etc. The scammers are experts in pidgin English. Those writing ordinary English are likely real persons.
3) Google 'her' figures, despite the numbers falling within a small range
4) 'her'/his address
5) 'her'/his city & postal code
6) phrases from 'her'/his profile in the dating site - you may want to copy and paste to a wordpad file, since she may soon be kicked out, and the links to the site you provide for others will be lost.

It's waste of time, searching for

1) 'her'/his age - most scammers choose a number between 23 and 31. Differ's for do 2 & 3.
2) 'her'/his height - scammers' preferred range is 5' 5'' to 5' 11'' (although one scammer interchanged the 5 and 11, and I wondered how tall my ceiling should be, when both of us stand, what part of 'her' anatomy is straight in front of my eyes, etc.)
3) 'her'/his weight - this also falls in a range

2007-09-03, 18:41:58
anonymous from United States  
She emziled me from her profile said she was from Atlanta, GA. She lives in Lagos Nigeria though. I searched high and low believe me and could only find her on one other site previously and I joined the sister site (free) to find her and couldn't ( She is very invisible. That is her call tag and email. Also hotkissluvr on match which she still appears to be on. Several pictures of hers look model quality and some don't. I feel for her but I am afraid this yet another scam. Too bad. I fell sorry these gals are in a bad spot but who knows if it is not some big foreign dude you are talking too. Of course she wants a passport, green card and ticket over here all expense paid. Whover it is is a very pretty girl...too bad.

2007-09-04, 14:02:29
'S' from United States  
They change name's quite often and e-mail addy's too,so if it hasn't been posted on an anti-scam site chances are it's all new.What is 'her' claim for being in NIGERIA? 'Modeling' or 'Missionary work'? FYI,if she claims to have reletives there,it's BS! Nigeria is a black country like Ghana,Benin Ivory Coast etc.

Try finding her pic's here;

Or you may find them here in the female/white section.;

2007-09-20, 14:31:43
anonymous from United States  
Got scammed into sending money from a third party to the tune of 2k from a Brandon Collins. He is eveidently in on it. The check bounced and the rest is history. His email is He wrote a second check but I caught it in time and it did not to get be deposited, thank goodness. I am still a sucker for falling for her story. I really thought she (who is probably a he) was starving. And I though heck if the check clears no sweat to western union the money over to her. Well after over 7 days it came back..2 days after they cleared funds it bounced. So I have to file a police report and try to rebuild my relationship with the bank. Be careful out there guys don't get suckered in. I talked to her afterwords which she had a story for and told her to email me when she had proof of who she was like a picture with details on it or a message to me etc. No more IM's. I do not expect to ever hear from her again, but I must say her stories were above average. Color me stupid to the tune of 2k!!!!!!
2007-10-01, 12:04:49
Hi guys, this site is really helpful,thanks.
Was member of Laura George wrote me a mail, with the same story of her parents death by fire.
Shes looking for a man till 90 years. But shes not intrested in money....haha.
I think theres a guy behind. Once she was speaking about herself as a guy. Then i got sceptically and researched and found your site. She said that she is 31 years old, but on your pic she looks much older than on mine.
She said that shes religious but finally she called me 'sucker'.
Beware of this crazy chick or whoelse that is behind.

2008-02-19, 14:11:43
anonymous from Concord, United States  
She almost got me!! Had a friend of mine not shown me this website I would have fallen into the web trap of Laura George. Same story with a family in a fire, brother with kidney failure, lived in Leesburg, Virginia, moved to Zion and was convinced by her brother (who was dead, by the way) to move to their mother's home country which is Nigeria. The email displayed extremely poor english grammer and very evasive concerning question put to the person behind the emails. They never gave any specifics to 'hang you hat on'. Claimed she sold her precious jewelry to help get to the U.S. to see me. I did not fall for that guilt trip. Claims she is very religious and she had a religious experience through prayer which told her that I was for her. What a B.S. story!!! Claims she had a B.S. in Sales & Marketing, but would not discuss where she went to school. The whole encounter was fishy from the beginning. BE WARE FELLOW MEN FOR THE BLONDE SPIDER!!!!

2008-03-25, 11:59:19
HER NEW ADRESS IS 105 WILLIAMS ST. IKEJA LAGOS 23401 NIGERIA. EMAIL she asked for 475dollars for six months rent. she said that she will be on the street and she is afraid that she migth get raped.
2008-03-25, 15:29:56   (updated: 2008-03-25, 15:36:22) from Denmark  
Here is what he wrote to me........ and now he is asking for 2860 eruro...............

Hello ,
Thanks for the message.How are you doing today?
I was born in a small town called Chilliwack,British Columbia in Canada.I later left for Bahamas at the age of 3 to live.I later moved to the US to school and live.
I am a Geologist and I have worked with different Organisations in US(Baker Hughes in Texas and Shell,New Orleans).I have worked in Malaysia and in the Gulf of Mexico.
I lost my wife 8 years ago due to complications from a Heart surgery.It was so devastating and Heart-breaking.I later lost my 2 Sons during the Tragic Hurricane Katrina Incident back in New Orleans.
I moved to Denmark 8 weeks ago to start a new lease of life and live.I am a Honest,Open-minded and Hardworking Man.I hate cheats and liars.
How long have you been on the Online stuff?How's the experience so far?Do you chat?Do you have MSN Instant Messenger?I will like to know more about you.....I will be looking forward to read from you.....Cheers.

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2008-03-25, 15:48:47
anonymous from Greece  

2008-06-15, 20:33:54
Thanks to this site I believe that I have gotten out of being scammed except for her story has totaly changed. No her whole family died in Hurricane Katrina and she is an artist who traveled to Nigeria for work. She does not have enough money to bring all of her paintings back so needs to be western unioned some money. The western union is about an hour away from her so the hotel chief accountant is going to send one of his employees to go pick it up. His name is Timothy Williams and the address where I am suppose to send the money is
Receiver's Address:112 Saint George St
Zip Code:23401

This is the whole email that she sent me and she contacted me first on the dating site, tried to build a relationship over the interenet with me. Then sprung all this on me. If you need more information let me know i have most of the emails saved, I will check back on this site in a few days to see if anyone needs anything else.
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2008-12-01, 07:29:41
i am abbey by name i am from nigeria this my phone number 07027722990 and i am here for a good lover and a girl that i can trust and i eight people lieying cos i dont lies.this is my yahoo id abbey333 u can mail me or chat with me anytime i am online see ya latter.byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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