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Dating scammer Lany from Lobnya, Russia


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Name: Lany


Russia, Moskovskaya area, Lobnya, Lugovaya street, 141730

Other Comments:
P.S My First name: Margarita
My Last name: Rozanova
My adress: Russia, Moskovskaya area, Lobnya, Lugovaya street, 141730
My birthday on December, 22 1977

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2009-03-08, 12:48:04
OJAS from United States  
Jim's site is back. The pages posted above in http://www.delphifa..p=5#134261 are now working. It may be a good idea to copy those pages to local drive for future reference.
2009-03-08, 18:50:19
OJAS from United States  
2009-03-09, 07:42:01
OJAS from United States  
2009-03-09, 10:42:02
OJAS from United States  
A quick scammer name check http://www.russians..List.shtml
2009-03-09, 15:26:07
OJAS from United States  
Hi Wanwan, thanks for reading my article http://www.delphifa..=41#134646
2009-03-14, 15:30:06
anonymous from Sweden  
I found a new name for 'sweet lany' Albina Moslova(pozedeva) Zelenodolsk city, 13,appartment 17. Russia. In my letters she was Olga khirusenova from Ekatering burg. I find the same photo in another site. Is it someone how know how I can find a telephonnumber from russia,wich town? I have ove I know its a scammer. I want to test the number ,the city. I work now wery much with that. If you have lost very much mony I can give you adress to a detective in russia. We go on!!!

2009-03-16, 15:50:01
anonymous from Sweden  
Hello wanawan! I also miss'Lany'! But I hope you know that its men 5-6 and have ready letters toall of as. Its many sites on internet you can read of this. Yesterday I find her on a black list,(photo) Many girls.Maby 'lany is a good girl and dont know about this( they can have take her photo.) Some work alone but moust some men work together You can see on this sites were they work from! I know we find out everything,! Its thime for you to got some information. But I think I know all for this thime. I like the dog on picture! I also have been in love in Lany( five men)!!! Now I am one of some how can every about scammers. So for get 'Lany' I too ! maby she now older have children, and dont know nothing about it. Give the dog hugs from me!
2009-03-16, 21:17:35   (updated: 2009-03-16, 21:18:37) from United States  
Anon from Sweden,

So, the person you sent money to was Olga Khirusenova from Ekaterinburg?

You said that you were contacted by russian detekiv - please be careful. Some scam victims report that they have been contacted by some detectives from Russia who called or wrote to them out of the nowhere, offering their services to find the scammer and return the money. When pressed for their license number, street address, and landline phone they dissapeared.

A real detective agency will almost never contact you first. So, if those people contacted you first, then most likely it is another scam.

If the only information that the 'detectives' provide you with is their email address or a cell phone number, then it is most likely a scam of some sort as well.

As far as finding a phone number in Russia - which town you are interested in? And are you talking about a cell phone number or a landline number? Landline numbers are often listed in the address book. Cell phone numbers are not listed anywhere. It is easier to locate a landline number.
2009-03-18, 15:54:29
anonymous from Sweden  
This is bigger then I think.I think now I hawe learn the moust. I someone how know moch in my contry. I sit every day to find out learn, find new scammers.So many. I can the letters. Sometimes I think I go to television and newspaper to learn everyone in my contry about it.I also want to make a film about it.Maby name 'Sweet Lany'! Love story with a bitter end. I want to meet this girl one thime in my life.With the pictures I going to find her,If they have taken her pictures, I want see her.Tell her about all. If she was a scammer, she go the same way like the others.Come on everybody how had been scammed.We<are more then the scammers. Let as work ,dont give them a chance. tell everyone about it! If you find a new. Dont write it here. Tell police and detective first.We know the citys were they work.This week police tell me wich town scammer take out money.Then I go on.Its not the money but I want to know,and I want to take them.Ithink its be a good end, I never give up.Come on,dont let them have a free thime.Tell every one about it, television big newspaper.Soon eweryone know! Thanks all how have help me to learn. Yours love 'Lany'! ( my mother and father tell they like you, father want to fishing with you in summer,o my father are so special!)Love you! wait for your letter, your love for ever!!!!!!!!!!
2009-03-18, 17:10:46
anonymous from Sweden  
yes I know they read this sites! You and I know but I hope everyone in the world must know. about them. I have read everything! I dont afraid. But some in russia is. Hope to come in contakt with the beagle privat! I like dogs!!!
2009-03-19, 00:25:40 from United States  
Anon from Sweden,

Let me comment on some of your comments:

1) I am glad that you requested information about the city where the money was received. However, I would suggest that you mail your complaint to Moscow, not to the city where the money was received.

Of course, you can mail it to the police in the town where the money was received if you want to, but I have not seen many successful cases against the scammers solved by the local police (except for Ekaterinburg police once, I think). Most of successful prosecution cases were handled under tight Moscow supervision.

The address where to file a complaint:
MVD Rossii
Zhitnaya ul. 16
Moscow 119049
(7-495) 667-22-21

In Russian:
МВД Российской Федерации
ул. Житная, 16
(7-495) 667-22-21

The complaint needs to be dated, signed, pages numbered. The complaint needs to be notarized and the notarized complaint needs to be translated into Russian. You should attach a copy of your passport of primary ID, and you should also attach supporting evidence to the complaint (her letters, copies of WU, etc).

For more detailed information on how to properly file a complaint, please visit my page:

2) Going to her town will be of little use to you - there are no pointers on the street that say 'Olga Khirusenova - that way.' You will need to obtain her real address first. For that, you will likely need a real detective (I am still doubtful about the deteKtiv that contacted you - be careful!)

3) Wandering around her town with her picture in your hand will probably not bring expected results. Unless she lives in a tiny village,

4) Russian police can find her faster and easier than you can. File a complaint with Russian police!!!

5) I agree that you should contact your local and national newspapers, tv stations and radio stations and ask them to air a story about your experience to alert other people about how this scam operates (to learn how they operate, read this:

Good luck!
2009-03-19, 10:10:07
OJAS from United States  
2009-03-19, 12:45:50
OJAS from United States  
2009-03-20, 09:37:19
anonymous from Sweden  
My little dog! sorry you have another! My Asta dont in life! It was a golden retriver! Do you belive in anything.'Elena' ???? Scammer??? Idont know you 100 procent?????I dont write anything here more. I know to much. Ihave read everything. I understund now about to go there. I have read about man how maffia want rubbed! I have never think about to go to that dirty contry. I go to better contrys, Ithink my contry is best! But Toyota avensis is also best. Have agood weekend wanwan! Trevlig helg (inswedish)The other dog!!!!
2009-03-20, 09:51:52
anonymous from Sweden  
The dog again! How i know that wanwan not is scammer?? How I know Elena not scammer??? How I know about this site not scammers???? I know I go to police in my contry. They are good. They check it up!!! I come back after police know all. I happy to live in a contry there you can belive in police. Asta!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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