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Dating scammer Kristina Klenova from Kirov, Russia


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Name: Kristina Klenova


City Kirov, 249444
Russian Federation

Other Comments:
age : 27 ans
says she works in a bar, as a waitress

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2007-06-08, 13:45:29
anonymous from Belgium  
Well hi guys, she also tried to rip me off but it also didnt work. The first 8 mails used are templates. After that it became more personal. I got 15 mails from her. When i replied on the last mail that an airplane ticket only costed 270euros from my country to hers and that she just had to tell me when I could come she stopped mailing me ;-) Strange not? Even when i told her that for that extra 130euros saved- because she wanted 400euros - that i could spoil her some mor. :-( aaaahh it really broke my heart not!!!! So i played along from the first mail and got some photo's which are not published this is my contribution.

2007-06-08, 13:46:57
anonymous from Belgium  
And this one i also got but i believe it is another girl.

Keywords: blonde skirt blouse on rock at ocean coast maybe a lake
2007-06-08, 19:38:19
anonymous from United States  
I agree,not the same girl.2nd one is a bit on the chunky side.At least in the face and below the waist.
2007-06-15, 17:54:36
anonymous from Sweden  
Here's her 'friend' Marina... this is a line from her third letter: 'By the way, yesterday was my grandmother's birthday. So we organized a birthday party. It was rather busy day but to tell the truth it was funny enough! First of all my mother and I went shopping to buy all we need for the festive supper. Then we had to buy a birthday present. It was a microwave oven - my grandmother's live time dream!! She was really happy!' - this is the same line that anonymous from Mexicoletter (2007-5-16) said 'Kristina' used on her third letter... guess they have the same grandmother... lol. Here are Marina's pictures (don't have her last name yet, but will try to get it):

2007-06-15, 17:55:42
anonymous from Sweden  
Another one....

2007-06-15, 17:56:28
anonymous from Sweden  
an the third one...

2007-06-16, 02:38:01
anonymous from Sweden  
cute girl though Sweden, eller? about 2 million just like her in this country ;) wot about her IP number, please? Keep up the good work.
2007-06-16, 10:01:59   (updated: 2007-06-16, 10:03:36)
anonymous from United States  
Ok,Which one's 'friend'is she supoosed to be? There's at least 4 different poster's on this thread,maybe labeling everything would help keep thing's straight!? The 'fried'look's very familiar too,especially the one with the tree.I'm sure I've seen it before!
2007-10-09, 14:44:20
anonymous from Slovak Republic  
And the worst thing is that she uses my name !!! I googled my name (Kristina Klenova) and found this ... OMG!!!
2007-10-23, 08:10:16   (updated: 2007-10-23, 08:16:36)
anonymous from Finland  
This girl introduced to me as Albina Muhametzyanova. Address: Festival 30-74, City Cheboksary 424028, Russian Federation. And hers friend name was Marina :) :).

2007-10-29, 09:59:44
anonymous from Finland  
This is a same girl as above, claims to be Albina Muhametzyanova, She is a scammer.

2007-12-17, 02:28:47
anonymous from Netherlands  

another scammers trap she uses the email adres

after one day she fell in love with me and after a week she asked for euro 420 for visa purposes

i checked the scam sites and found out that she is a scammers

she occures to work as an english teacher and has no telephone to check her

please be warned!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-10-28, 05:36:19
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Anyone receiving mails from an Ekaterina Volk in Kirov?

I have recieved 5 or 6 out of the blue. So far no money requests. I follow the usual tips about asking direct questions etc, and 50% of these are responded to. But not the one about phone number etc.

She apparently received a bonus from work of approx €1500, and might do 30-45 days travel....I cant yet see the scam (so hey, it might be real) but maybe this comes later

Based apparently in Kirov, and with a e-mail address. I will stick a picture on later (I get 2 per mail)
2008-10-28, 19:34:26
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I've had two from her - here's the latest:

Today I have come in Intenet-caffee that to check up my mail.
It was pleasant me to see your letter.
How is your mood?
Thanks for your picture I was glad see it, i think you good man.
In this letter I want to tell some about myself. I hope you will be pleasant to read it. Sorry for my english, it is not good, but I think you have understand me.
I was born in a small city it is name Kozmodemyansk. I am 29 years old.
My childhood has passed not during very good time for me, in the country there was acommunistic reorganisation.
It was much a hard time. For example, to buy products my parents was necessary to receive special coupons on work. Then under these coupons gave out products, happened such that people will stay in turn, but products did not suffice all. This part of my childhood I have remembered well.
When I the first time have gone to school, at the age of 7 years.
This year there was a notfortune with my father, he was put in hospital and he have diagnosed a brain tumour, and two months he was died. And we remained with mum, for us it was difficult time without my daddy. It was especially heavy to mum as it one had to raise me.
I tried to help and support her in all. She was the closest and expensive person for me.
I am very grateful to my mother, for that she has learnt me to much.
She learnt me to be always horn, fair, and careful. I think she have made the big work having grown up me, I am very grateful she for it. Thanks to it I became independent. And after leaving school I have gone to study in other city these is Kirov. And now I live here.
Now I work as agent under the real estate. My work consists in that I help people to find habitation.
My mum also lives in Kozmodemyansk and works as the teacher of started classes at school.
I did not see my mum for a long time, but we communicate with she by phone. I miss on my mum and I think of she often. If she needed in my help I every possible way is necessary for it I try to help she.
I think all that I want to tell you about myself I have told.
If you have any questions ask!
OK, I finished my letter and I hope to see fast your answer .

Your Ekaterina from Russia!!!

Feels like a scammer. Note the seeding of not seeing her mum and her dad dying. I wonder where this might go...

2008-10-29, 15:10:19
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Yes, this is the Ekaterina Volk - the very same mail. I get one per evening. Her latest developments are to have been awared a bonus at work, and she just had the idea to spend it to come and see me! (and she has never seen a picture of me).........My feeling is that -having in 'her' mind established some financial credibility with me - she will ask for an advance on the air fare or something like that - on the basis she can 'pay me back when her bonus comes through'. I'm just speculating here.

I must say, she passes some of the usual tests. I ask direct questions and sometimes get answers. But the 'telephone test' she does not pass (and I speak Russian) - no mobile and doesnt want to give me her landline number in case it disturbs her flat mate.

I'll keep you posted!
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