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Dating scammer Kristina Klenova from Kirov, Russia


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Name: Kristina Klenova


City Kirov, 249444
Russian Federation

Other Comments:
age : 27 ans
says she works in a bar, as a waitress

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2008-12-09, 12:03:22 from Hamburg, Germany  
Sehr aktiv, die junge Dame.......

'Hi, my dear friend XXXXX!!!
How is your mood? I am very happy,
I have some news at my job.
Today at job my boss has praised me for my job.
I had long conversation with her and she has said that I well work
and I has concluded many favourable contracts for our company.
She has said that she will give me holiday and I shall receive the
premium for the well done job.
I am very glad to this news.
I think that we can get know each other closer.
As you know, if you meet someone you must see, if everything beautiful
in a person - face, clothing, spirit and mind.
As for me I judge not by persons appearance. The most beautifull thing,
which I like in man is his spirit, not the face.
I think that if the man has nice spirit, he is the best man in the world.
As for me I have everything but not love that's why I decided to write to you.
I hope that everything will be all right. And what do you think about it?
What can you say about your character? And what are the main features of your character?
As for me the most important thing when a man understands me and my fillings.
I think that we have similar ideas and beliefs, attitudes and interests
in common, if not, so I think that it will not much time to reach this point.
It seems to me that you are a very good and interesting person,
and I would like to know you better.
It is my first time when I use the Internet to get acquainted with somebody.
I know the English language not very well, but I hope, that you can
understand me and will help me to learn English.

I as have thought, that it will be interesting to you to learn my answers
to these questions. So here my answers to the same questions:

When do you usually get up? I rise usually between 6.30 and 7.00
What do you like to do before you go to bed? I like to read the book before a dream.
When was the first time you kissed a the boy? When I was 15 years old.
What part of life is the best for you: past, present or future? I think, that the future.
What colour is the most of your clothes? Dark blue. I very much love this colour.
What clothes do you like more: sport or official? The official.
Do you have your favorite thing? (maybe some clothes, photo or
something else, which is dear for you) This my photo with my father. It is very expensive to me.
What is the most incredible thing you ever done? Has begun acquaintance through the Internet with you. ........ and so on ........
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Dating scammer Kristina Klenova from Kirov, Russia
Dating scammer Kristina Klenova from Kirov, Russia

2008-12-10, 05:54:09
anonymous from Germany  
So das sind jetzt die letzten Fotos von ekaterina ( katya ) volk, denn seitdem alles mit dem Visa klar ist und meine Adresse für die med. Versicherung hinterfragt wurde, hat Sie sich nicht mehr gemeldet. Sie musste ja noch Zeit haben den Flug zu buchen, um möglichst auch für 90 Tage zu bleiben. Sicher war auch hilfreich Ihr die Flugauskunft zu schicken, wonach der Flug nur 271 Euro kosten würde und Sie das ja locker von Ihrer Prämie bezahlen könnte. ;-) Überall die gleichen Briefe, aber die Frage nach dem Sinn bleibt.

2008-12-10, 05:56:33
anonymous from Germany  

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Dating scammer Kristina Klenova from Kirov, Russia

2008-12-10, 06:01:31
anonymous from Germany  

2008-12-15, 01:43:30
anonymous from Germany  
Das ist noch besser

2008-12-15, 01:45:53
anonymous from Germany  
Die gibts vielleicht gar nicht

2008-12-15, 06:12:27
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hi - seems we are all in the same boat by this person. Has requested (twice from me) address, 'airport where I can collect her' (depends on where the flights land, surely!!!), phone number etc.
My guess is that the scam is not financial but VISA based; i.e. 'she' wants to provide potential immigrants to UK/Germany with some credible contact details so that they can claims these as legitimate contacts when they arrive in UK/Germany and therefore clear immigration. If I were to look more deeply into it, I wonder whether several 'Ekaterina Volks' are arriving, with forged documentation, but with legitimate contact details ( - just think, if you got a call from immigration saying 'Ekaterina Volk is here and with your contact details, is she a friend...???).
Thats my guess. I didnt provide valid ones and did not hear back.
2008-12-15, 06:46:05
anonymous from United Kingdom  

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Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

2008-12-15, 08:46:03
anonymous from Germany  
2008-12-15, 08:46:48
anonymous from Germany  
2008-12-15, 10:18:50
anonymous from Germany  
Achtung sehr überzeugend! Braucht sicher einen Pass also Männer hand weg von der Dame!
Convincing caution very much! Hand needs for certain a pass that is men away from the lady!
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Dating scammer Tatiana Sheglova from Kirov, Russia

2008-12-15, 15:12:53
anonymous from Slovenia  
hello i vanna fak all girls
this is may email
2008-12-22, 09:08:56
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Well it becoming a long line on our Ekaterina she is a very busy person send all us guys emails saying she has fallen in love with us all, i think if i was her employer i'd be asking her for a bounce has also told me that she has come into monies as part of a bounce from work.

I too waited for the punch line as she offered to come over here to see me in fact it should have been yestarday evening 21st Dec 08, but at the last minute she had a problem with here funds would appear she was £700.00 short in her living monies and could i please forward this onto here before the 23rd Dec 08. so she could get the next flight out.

As like most of you i fell about the place laughing knowing what she was really doing i'll see if she replies to my last email asking her for bank details.

I haven't posted any of the pictures she has sent as they are all the sameone already on here, apart from the pink number and short demi skirt.

Well i will keep you posted on any further developments i wait with open arms for her reply hey right..

2008-12-23, 11:30:38   (updated: 2008-12-23, 11:56:49)
anonymous from Australia  
This lady is good. Did not send any money but went close until I started reading some of the scammer beware sites.Has the e-mails down pat and uses a template but can insert your name in the same font ( not hard really but the look is first class) and this then becomes quite personal. The 'bad' english is really quite cute and maybe did suffer at the hands of a bad boyfriend who took off with her best friend.As one of the other guys pointed out,it also may be a case of sponsor or immigration reference farming so as to facilate entry at the border.It seems some of the pictures are really badly staged ( I have thirty) which could be put down to goofiness and taken by someone who is not a pro there-fore adding to the aura as a 'normal' russian girl.So who is the real Ekaterina,katya,katyusha,katyushka or kristina does anybody know and can she really sell real estate to get a bonus and take a holiday.Fat chance.Same dates for arrival,21st,23rd postponed and rang to say it apparently can clone itself to appear in all places by the 30th. If she does turn up some-where post it boys.

2008-12-23, 14:19:32 from Germany  
I love, to contact our sweet Ekaterina. If you answer for something, you'll never get a reply. It seems, she use a standard program, to send her daily mails.... Here her mail of today and some pics:
Hello lovely XXXXX!
Today I have gone to hospital and have received medical insuriance.
That I can arrive to your country.
I have ordered the fast visa, it goes the visa in travel agency,
but it costs more more expensively, but it will be registered much faster than usually.
My visa will be approved by embassy while there is a document registration.
It will be valid in Germany within 90 days when I bring air tickets to agency.
Inform me how long I can remain in your place?
Tomorrow I will go to the airport and I will order air tickets. I will tell to you as soon as I buy air
Tickets. Today we went to cinema, and look 'Die Hard - 4'.
The most actress of this film is Bruce Willis. Actions occurs in the USA.
Johan MaKlejnu in Bruce Willisa's execution, will be resisted by the network terrorists, conceived to ship America in information chaos.
I excite a few arrivals in you. I never was abroad!!!
I am really happy, that very soon I will see you!!! I think of you, my dear.
So my dear I should go now, I kiss you, and I with impatience wait for ours meeting!!!

P.S Do not forget to send me the information that I sked you to reserve
Air tickets.

I send you an air kiss, my lovely!!!!!!!!!
Your Ekaterina.

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