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Dating scammer Anastasiya Evdokimova from Volzhsk, Russia


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Name: Anastasiya Evdokimova


Volzhsk, Russia

Other Comments:

Here is Nastya!

We go in contact though

She uses same email form letters as Kristina Borisova from Kazan

Other Email Addresses using same I.P. number:, Volzhsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Yoshkar-Ola

She fell in love with me after 8 emails over 10 days, and after 12 emails was asking for help with money for travel to U.K. (78 euros for passport, 305 euros for registration of visa).

I did not send any money!



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2007-02-16, 05:06:09   (updated: 2007-02-16, 05:07:16)
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Subject: hello
Date: 25/10/2006 12:30:13 GMT Daylight Time
To: ********

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hi !

I am very pleased to receive your letter, and now I answer on you.
This great pleasure for me. Today I work, also I have very small break
of a breakfast. I would use it what to write the letter to you.

I wish to tell still to you about me directly. I was born in Russia,
City Volzhsk. It is very beautiful. She it is located in 850-900 km
from Moscow capitals of Russia as you Likely know. I was born on
December, 10, 1980. At present Mine Dreams will find the person which
my ideal and which will love me and will be for me the good husband.
Now I live the only thing in an apartment in Volzhsk. It - a small
apartment and I to rent it.

Yes I am valid have no the man in Russia. I do not know why. Probably
not destiny!!!

I should work very difficultly for residing. I wish to tell to you
about my work. I arrive till 8 o'clock in the morning, and I enter
into a cabinet. I have a small cabinet. Very representative At once
the meeting in director begins. It approximately 10 minutes. Then I
should bypass a hall of trade and investigate all goods. I have very
big responsible work. I use 5 sellers of cosmetics. Every day I should
do the message concerning promotion of the goods. I am occupied in
statistics of sale and advertising. Probably it is boring to you
should listen about my work? Sometimes I speak superfluous.

I understand, that you search the woman who will approach you on all
life. The same is searched also by I. I am probably too negligent. I
want, will find men to love me. Rich or poor it is not important. The
main love of a thing and trust. Write to me, that you think of men of
love and women. What main thing in mutual relations? I think the main
thing, it is love, harmonious. You to agree with me? It - the
important question for me!

I have higher economic formation. I have finished Volzhsk economically
- social university. The negligent economist - is amusing! I worked in
several works, but to this hopeless. Only in Volzhsk I could find good

I wish to know about your life more. You have a hobby? You love sports
meets? What? I think, that Internet it is the most good thing which
was thought up with people because it helps people which are taking
place on different Edges of the world to be on communication. I am
capable to play of a piano a little. Parents conduct me at musical
school. Whether that the season is pleasant to you more? Winter or
summer? I love summer.

I hope, have not tired you chatter. I wish to know your full name?
Inform me. I wait for yours after the letter. I very much like to
receive your letters.

2007-02-16, 05:09:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Subject: hello
Date: 26/10/2006 09:52:54 GMT Daylight Time
Reply To:
To: ********

Hello my dear !

Today I checked my e-mail, and I have found your letter . I am
happy, and I with the great pleasure write to you. I still wish to
tell to you about me directly a little.

I have brown eyes and dark hair. You saw my photos? It likes to you?
It is certainly similar! My favourite color dark blue and yellow. I
very much similarly to roses. I think, when men give flowers of the
woman it is the maximal demonstration of love. It is fine! I spoke you
that small bats to play on a piano. I love classical music. If I ' a
loving kitten ' to this listen Mozart if I to this listen to '
destruction of a volcano ' Wagner. Whether that music is pleasant to
you? You go to listen to alive music ? Anyone from my former
friend - not pleasant alive music. I dream to go at a concert with my
beloveds. Probably it - silly dream?

You know, you to me are very nice on dialogue, but also not only, to
tell the truth, in my opinion, for the girl appearance of the man Not
on the first place. It seemed to me, that you the man which I for a
long time searched and could not find that! You very tender, clever,
kind and decent the man!

On days off and on holidays I like to pass with the friends on streets
or to go in Any cafe to sit behind a cup of fragrant coffee to talk
about life. I very much like to go to cinema a museum and theatres.

I think, that present the man should be courageous, that is it should
be able To stand for itself and for the beloved. The man should be
clever, careful, interesting in dialogue, should always To be able to
tell and communicate with the girl so that she overlooked about all on
light. Write to me, that you You appreciate in the woman whom you

Now I wish to tell to you one history from my life. Approximately half
year ago I corresponded to the guy from England. Approximately month
everyone was good. That me confused only a thing, it, that he
constantly asked my naked photo. Certainly I was not going to send him
it. I have given him, my phone here again began the most unpleasant.
Especially at night. He liked to check home me whether or not. Very
much having rummaged to arrive. I it was very much protected also with
me, have decided to understand with this guy. In the Internet has
found a forum devoted to foreign grooms. Girls many thanks from a
forum which has helped to understand with the person of this 'lady'.
In the actual fact he there was usual the sexual tourist. I at once
have refused a meeting with him and approximately month which he
continued to call, sometimes threatened, sometimes to like, have
sworn. My parents offended by me. Now I am very cautious, and I shall
not allow phone to anyone. If I am confident your feelings, I shall
call to you.

Sometimes it seems to me, that I am very unfortunate. Why I cannot
find true love? It - a rhetorical question. Probably is a destiny
? You trust destiny? Probably my letter has tired you. Tell to
me, you easily understand my letters ? I very much worry about
my English language. Now I should go. I shall wait for yours after the

2007-02-16, 05:10:50
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Subject: hello
Date: 27/10/2006 10:43:18 GMT Daylight Time
Reply To:
To: ********

Hello the my dear person !

I with impatience waited your letter. I very much worry, when I check
my box of mail. I wish to receive letters from you. It is very
pleasant for me. What mood? What feelings have you in soul. You
recollect me ? The justification, that I at once have so many

Now I want to tell a little more about me and about my family. My full
name Anastasiya Evdokimova. I want to tell to you about my family. My
family will consist from Three person. I am unique in family. My mum
call Svetlana. To it now 54 years. She works as The teacher at
educational school for children. My mum trains children. And I think
that it very well. Mine The daddy call Nikolay. To it now 55 years. It
is the militarian. His rank - the colonel. I have no neither brothers,
nor sisters. And it is very bad. My parents follow Christian religion.

My purposes in a life to find true love. I want to create Happy
family. As I want to have children. Because children bring a lot of
pleasure and happiness. You with me It agree? I think what yes.

My individuality is romanticism. I very much The romantic person. I
like to observe of the nature. I like classical art. My advantage In
that that I believe in the god. My forces very much It is good. I
strengthen them. I am engaged in aerobics. I like to play tennis. My
weakness that I very trustful. I very much became missing. It is
pleasant to read to me your letter. This most good time of day when I
go to the Internet of cafe and I read your letter. I wish to know
about all of you!

I am glad that you liked my pictures. There is no I had no still
holiday. I shall have it very soon. Mine favourite films romantic.

O, no, I not the secret agent 007, I the lonely girl. I very much love
honesty and decency. If I shall create family I think, that the main
thing in Attitudes with the husband there will be a full trust to each
other, and I think, that it is a pledge of strong family. For me very
important friendship two person. Friendship - frank dialogue and the
general interests percent. Friendship - an exchange of souls, an
exchange of feelings. The love very similar on friendship, but two
souls of love incorporates in one. If the person is jealous we like or
regrets to him that - not love. For me relations with the person very
much mean. And for you? What do people mean for you ? When
people start to love you how you concern to them? Once again forgive
to me for a heap of questions.

Is very small things which irritate me in men. It is not pleasant to
me when men very much to drink alcohol. It is possible to drink, work
or on a holiday is a little what to relax the ambassador hardly. It -
is a lot of men in vodka of litre of a drink of Russia every day. It -
horror! It has andered for me. I do not smoke. To me it is
indifferent, if men smoke . I think very well, that we write
each other letters. It will allow us, well study each other. If I meet
men in Russia face to face, that he sees only my body. I try to tell,
and he looks at my breast. he thinks: How to pull her in a bed. It is
not pleasant to me also. I would like it, you have correctly
understood me. I adore a floor. Sex with beloveds is more pleasant in
10 times. But I would like it, men have estimated my soul. It is the
most important for me. You not sick heart?

I very well am able to prepare Various meal on kitchen. My most
favourite dish is a potato with Garnish. It is traditional for my
family. All our women very well prepare. Whether that the kitchen is
pleasant to you? You test it or from the Russian kitchen? So,
Advertising is finished also to me, it is necessary to come back to
work. I shall wait yours after the letter and your photos.

Yours Nastya.
2007-02-16, 05:12:45
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Subject: hello
Date: 28/10/2006 08:08:44 GMT Daylight Time
Reply To:
To: ********

Good day the my dear friend !

How are you doing? First I wish to tell, that you very attractive
person . When I read your letter, I feel the greater pleasure.
To me it is always sad, when your letter arrives to the end. I wish to
receive more letters from you. I cannot write very much as I have no
any computer of a house .

I very much bad, understand in a computer. Each time I ask to help me
the manager in Cafe of the Internet. Probably, he thinks that I very
silly. It is not important!

That I can write to you - the main thing , and I can read your
fine letters. I feel, that me pulls to you. It becomes probable my
friendship of stronger to you. It is surprising for me. I did not meet
you in the person, but I can tell, which well study you. I hope, that
the destiny will allow us to meet in the person. It is very
interesting to me.

Today I wished to tell to you about a place where I live now, but it
very for a long time . I live far from the center and sometimes
to come back home very much late. You are very interesting to me. I
think that it will be interesting to you to learn a little about my
city! The address of the Internet: http://pages.marsu...ty/2.html
But I at once want to tell to you, that there all on Russian language.
You can see a photo of my city. I think that to you it will be
interesting to look.

I very much travelled to lives. My person of armed forces of the daddy
and our family have forced, should move constantly. I saw many cities
of Russia, but me when did not travel to other countries. I very much
wish to look other countries . Probably it is interesting. Other
culture, other customs house. I hope that people in other countries
better than in Russia. Probably Russian people have very much worsened
because of a long economic crisis. It - the big anger and cruelty in
our country. It is sad, but I do not wish to speak about sad .

I would like to know more about your city and your country. Send to me
a photo of your area or the Internet the address.

I have a lot of place for you in my heart. It - a hint, now I should
go. I wait for your letter, and I think of you!

Yours kitten Nastya.
2007-02-16, 05:14:44
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Subject: hello
Date: 30/10/2006 07:40:01 GMT Standard Time
Reply To:
To: ********

Hello my dear !

Today I catch me on one idea. I always think of you. It is very
pleasant for me. It is the most pleasant in my life. I wake up in the
morning, and at once I think of you. I am happy, that I have the
friend in other country. This very unusual feeling . It is very
pleasant to me, contact you . I hope, what you recollect me

I have simply joked about 007. You understand it? I learn you better.
And it is good.

Today I again have a lot of work. Therefore I have told to my
director, that I have decided, write to you a break of a breakfast. I
have told to director, that I shall be late during a dinner. I already
spoke you about my work . It really is very boring, but I have
the big advantages.

Yesterday I have remained in the evening on work. Waited, when
director will leave home. Then I have opened a cabinet and used a sun
deck. Ha ha! I sunburn absolutely free-of-charge. I had sunburn
free-of-charge. It is pleasantly a little. Today, in morning director
looked at my sunburn, but he has not told. It was very amusing .
My director the good person, but he the boss. He thinks, that he the
cleverest. Probably all identical heads. All employee also I
frequently use the status on work. Force me to make manicure,
free-of-charge also I use baths of a resort.

I searched for friendship in the Internet, but today I have
understood, it could find something big. I have to you strong feeling
. It - attachment. I wait for your letter. It is similar fresh
air of the big drink. It seems to me, that I know you very much during
long time.

Mine , I want to tell to you a little about the religion. I the
Christian, I believe in the god, and I believe in that that he and he
has given us on this huge ground a life! I frequently visit church
because I believe what exactly the god have enabled us to speak with
each other ! To me very easy with you . You become very
much the close person for me.

Tell to me, that you feel to me? You think of me? How we should
develop our mutual relations? We can become more close people? You it
is very similar to me. I feel, that we can have the big future
together. We can try to do it? You agree ? If I do not love you,
or you do not wish to have close mutual relations - write to me it
. I think, that we shall have many difficulties for our meeting,
but I am ready to overcome all. For the sake of love and beloveds, I
am ready on ALL .

I shall wait your letter. I hope, that you understand my feelings. I
frequently breathe, when I open your letter. It - a hint also.

2007-02-16, 05:16:03
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Subject: hello
Date: 31/10/2006 10:46:21 GMT Standard Time
Reply To:
To: ********

Hello my fine !

How - you today? Today I have day of rest, because I worked doubly.
One of my sellers was sick, also I replaced her in a hall of trade. It
is very difficult, as I should execute work also.

Director, very ill-intentioned this week. It{he} wanted, buy the
automobile in auction in the USA, but the transaction did not take
place. To it have sent money back - the check. It cannot receive money
in Russia under this check. There is a case to gloat over In general,
that I very kind, but my director sometimes I neglect workers.
Recently he has bought a table from a glass in a study. Will satisfy
about him to speak. It is not interesting.

Today I have a lot of time. I have been removed in an apartment, have
gone to cinema in the morning. I looked 'Towers - Twins'. It is a
drama. This film about tragedy on September, 11. History of rescue of
two firemen which, risking a life, have gone to the heart of tragedy
and appeared killed alive under the failed towers.

I think of you . To me you are interesting to know, that do in
every minute. I imagine your life. Probably it is very interesting to
live outside of Russia. Here it is boring . Now I very much
would like to meet you face to face. I want, continue our acquaintance
actually. I do not love long games. The best way studies each other,
meets. For the sake of it I write to you. I do not play game . I
love children very much. I wish to have family. I would like to have 1
or 2 children.

Today I call home to my mum. I speak her about our mutual relations.
She it is happy for us. She speaks you 'Greetings'. She very much
hopes, that I can find the favourite person. She knows, which I very
much to transfer here from loneliness. She spoke, that I wait 'prince
on a white horse'. It is naive, but I want only love. I very much
hope, that we can sometime meet and create good family. It - my dream.
I have not enough free time, but for you I can always find time. You
very much please I. Kiss you and embraces!

Yours Nastya.
2007-02-16, 05:17:18
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Subject: hello
Date: 02/11/2006 06:10:51 GMT Standard Time
Reply To:
To: ********

Hello !

I today am very glad to receive your letter . Today I am very
happy, that you have again written to me. To me to like with you To
communicate and have with you the general interests. When I receive
your letter , on my face always arrive a smile, and I feel high
temperature in my soul, thanks For it. Thanks for filling of my soul
pleasure, thank you for filling my heart of the most pleasant

I have understood that you have written. Is not present at us in
Russia there is no such holiday as a Halloween. Weather at us in city
is enough Cool. The temperature makes +1 degree.

I am madly glad, that there is such person as you which Always will
understand, will support me, will calm. I am very happy, that you
speak are thanks your parents, that they have brought up Such good
person as you thanks them for it.

It is a pity to me, that I not near to you I very much would would
like to be with you to be beside when to you you are bad also could To
calm me when badly I very much would want it to me To learn you it is
better to know your merits and demerits though I think, that at you,
they are not present. I do not know, that with me I go on the robot
and constantly I think about you .

How your affairs? At me all is normal. I am very happy, that have got
acquainted with You, and it seems to me, that I shall not find any
more whom better than you . You have very much liked me, as soon
as I have seen your questionnaire On a site. Know, my dear, that you
are not lonely in the life and that I shall divide your pleasures And
mountain because I you love yours, and you to me are not
indifferent. I am very glad, that have told It though I even did not
see you in alive. But I do not know how still to understand such
inclination to you . I very much miss under your letters and
always I wait, them I want to tell to you, that now is not lonely and
that you have the person To which you are not indifferent.

Write to me soon letter, I shall wait for it very much. Up to a

2007-02-16, 05:18:54   (updated: 2007-02-16, 05:39:31)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Subject: hello
Date: 04/11/2006 08:19:49 GMT Standard Time
Reply To:
To: ********

Hello my LOVE.

I am very glad to receive your letter . In the age of, have been
already advanced and really serious attitudes and happy family want. I
think, that you such The person, and I love you . Me oppress,
and heart speaks me it. You write to me and understand me and the
answer mutually, that I to you - am not indifferent. And it is very

I shall prove you love to you, but it will be difficult for transfer
to a word. Love - very much Difficult thing. But it is necessary to
feel and it is checked up together. To understand each other, to show
care to the loved person, that it Was Possible to divide any problems
and to make the decision together. To be always close to it in
pleasure and in mountain. To like, that the friend has helped if to
something Impossible. When one person cannot live without other person
and everything, that they do it for the sake of children.

I understand all that you have written to me. You had bad experience
with the girl from Russia. It is very interesting to me. What is
scammer? I cannot understand this word. You can explain to me it? I
understand that this girl was Bad. In Russia many bad people. Also it
is the truth. I want to tell to you, that I have no own automobile.
But I love beautiful machines. It is wonderful. I understand that in
England now cool. What temperature of air? At us she makes + 3
degrees. And it is cool. I do not love a cold, because I the
thermophilic person. You cannot find my city on the atlas? It is
located in 100 km From city Yoshkar-Ola. You understand me?

On the friend I cannot explain it. But me a lot of time should be,
spend with you and To do Mad actions it is close to you. You should
understand, that the woman should not be open completely before the
person because further Life which she should give many pleasant things
which will be surprise for beloved. My dear , you should
understand, which I was in the habit to be one in a life, and you now
- everything, that in me, You my unique hope for my life. My fine
I never loved any so urgently as you. I dream of that moment
when we can take pleasure in each other! What do you think of it, our

With tenderness and passion in eyes, with warm ideas concerning you,

For ever yours Nastya.
2007-02-16, 05:21:34
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Subject: hello
Date: 09/11/2006 08:03:21 GMT Standard Time
Reply To:
To: ********

Favorite of congratulations !

It is pleasant for me to receive your letter again! I die without you
is awful! I very much love you . I cannot be if not you, it is so
difficult. You - my life, I want to grasp you so that to feel your
high temperature, to study your eyes, to feel like similarly to is
similar to happy and safe about you. I am confident, that everyone
will be good, and the destiny will work for us, and we shall be happy
together. I frequently think of us, and I try to imagine our life
together. Sometimes I feel, that you so about, and - be close to me. I
even feel you on distance. I feel, when you are in high spirit and
when you are sad. I am happy, when you are happy. I want to be with
you and me though about ways for us to be together. You very close
person, and well concern to me! I love it. I as think that was not
present what problems to meet shortly, after your offer, it became
really pleasant for me that you want our meeting! Mine Today I
have left to agency of travel, and have learned, that will be
necessary to arrive for me to you. During the beginning it is
necessary to collect for me all necessary documents:

1. The valid russian passport.
2. The passport for travel abroad. His cost 78 Euro.
3. Two black-and-white photos.
4. The filled application - questionnaire.
5. Documents, evidence, that I in Russia have work.
6. You should write to me the letter 'invitation'.
7. Documents, what acknowledgement in Russia remains direct relatives
So that to arrive to your country, I should do some documents and
receive the visa.

It borrows some time, certainly, and to do many documents of my party.
And manufacturing of these documents in me will leave approximately 8
days. But I shall do all which depends on me. Concerning the visa,
there is a visa of the Bride, but it - not the best variant for us as
we have not met however, and we have no any documents and pictures to
improve our meeting. And concerning me have told, that again and it
will be again better to receive it the visa the Category In - 1/-2, it
is placed during the period of one or two months or even three months.
Those who follows in the Scotland as the tourist, should define, where
they are going to stop. As I am going to visit you, I should know your
exact home address, and the address of the airport closest to you
where I should arrive. I very much you ask to send me this
information. And already when I shall arrive to you, we with you
together, we can start to sort our relations. But there is one thing
which upsets me very much. You see, I should pay reception of the
visa. And during the beginning I should enter his registration in the
Scotland agency which are in Moscow embassy. In agency to me have
explained, that I can legalize all papers through them, and to Moscow
I should go only on interview to the consul for consideration and
receptions of my visa. My love it will be necessary for me for
registration of my documents 305 Euro, for consideration of my documents
and registration of the visa, it will occupy only 8 days, I was very
happy that we with you can very soon! I have the big desire to arrive
to you to see you, at last. I very much love you , and I do not
want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it. I am fair also sincere
with you. I want to see you very much; It is a pity, road if it upsets
you. I only think, that we should accuse of everyone another and
divide all. Hope, that you agree with me. Only imagine, which during
short time we could be together . Also there is only one
problem now which I cannot solve. I very much love you, you, the best
in my life, and to our meeting could be the happiest for us! My love
you imagine as be fast we could together! I am very happy! My love you
can help me in registration of my documents? You to me can tell as you
have lead today the day? I want to know than I was engaged today are
loved the man! I want to feel you !

2007-02-16, 05:26:17
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Keywords: brunette pink borwn 22 wall
2007-02-16, 05:27:00
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2007-02-16, 05:28:00
anonymous from United Kingdom  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 5

Keywords: brunette blue white top red background
2007-02-16, 05:37:32   (updated: 2007-02-16, 05:47:56)
anonymous from United Kingdom  


The photos above are from her profile and are also on other dating sites, they are good aren't they?

She sent me another 9 photos with the above letters, if anyone want me to post them I will - just ask!!

She uses Nata-Dial up, which is an I.P. commonly used by scammers in the Mari-El Republic (Yoshka-Ola, Nizhni Novgorod, Cheboksary, etc.).

I have googled her I.P. and it comes up on other anti-scam websites under a couple of other Anastasyia/Nastya email addresses.

I have been in contact with another Anastasysia and upon checking her I.P. it came up as exactly the same number!

Does this mean that it is the same computer? I think that people on dial-up have an I.P. that changes slightly within their I.P.'s number range so it may not be. Any ideas?

Beware the cute girl-next-door type from Russia who comes bearing 'form-letters'!!!

2007-02-19, 06:57:12
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2007-02-19, 07:04:51
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Keywords: brunette girl red sofa black chair
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