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Dating scammer Anastasiya Evdokimova from Volzhsk, Russia


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Name: Anastasiya Evdokimova


Volzhsk, Russia

Other Comments:

Here is Nastya!

We go in contact though

She uses same email form letters as Kristina Borisova from Kazan

Other Email Addresses using same I.P. number:, Volzhsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Yoshkar-Ola

She fell in love with me after 8 emails over 10 days, and after 12 emails was asking for help with money for travel to U.K. (78 euros for passport, 305 euros for registration of visa).

I did not send any money!



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2007-05-23, 01:48:37
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2007-05-23, 01:49:32
anonymous from United Kingdom  

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2007-05-23, 09:03:26
anonymous from United Kingdom  


I have spent some time searching the 'unique phrases' from Vika's letters...

Letters found on 35 Webpages:

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The form letters must be at least a couple of years old now, why do the scammers think that they will still work?!

Well they are lazy I suppose :0)

2007-05-24, 04:28:31
anonymous from United Kingdom  


I sent the following email to Vika using a joke that Eddie (UK) thought up about a ficticious banking service with the initials T.W.A.T.S! Lets see if Vika knows about T.W.A.T.S in Russia!!!

Subject: Re: Hi, miss you
Date: 23/05/2007

Privet Vika!

Thank you for your letter and the photos, they were nice to look at this morning :0)

Thank you for giving my your name and address, I feel I know you better already!

So, is Vika your nickname then or is your name Juliya? I am confused!!

I am glad to hear you are finding out the information needed for your trip, wow $250 for your visa that is expensive?! I hope your journey to Moscow is safe and you take care of yourself in the city, I have heard about muggers and gangster who operate there :0(

Let me know how much help you need with the purchase of your insurance and tickets, also how should I transfer funds to you in Moscow? Would a Transfer Wire Account Transaction Service (T.W.A.T.S) be ok?

Do you have T.W.A.T.S in Russia, I think that there is, I may have heard about it on the internet sites.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot to tell you the nearest air-port to me is either Liverpool John Lennon Airport or Manchester Airport (depending on which airport your airline offers flights to).

If you fly to Manchester Airport I could take you shopping at the Trafford Centre, it is a big mall that has all kinds of big-name chain stores and even a Harvey Nicols shop (very posh)! We could even have a meal at one of the classy restaurants there and watch a film afterwards!

This is what I used to do with my ex-girlfriend, she loved the Trafford Centre and all the clothes shops :0)

Kind Regards

2007-05-24, 04:32:38
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Lol! She has not heard about T.W.A.T.S in Russia but will ask her travel agent about it, I would like to be there to hear that disscusion :0)

Subject: Problems
Date: 24/05/2007 09:01:46 GMT Daylight Time

Hi favourite Dominic! I am glad to read your message and to learn ,
that I can hope for your help in payment of agency. You probably have
not understood me a little. I want to explain to you all. My full name
under passport Juliya Vasenina. my name Juliya, my second name
Vasenina. Vika is my pseudonym. I frequently use her. My name is so
all here, all my friends and my parents. I hope that you understand me
now. Dear, I feel itself it is a little inconvenient. Because I had to
address to you for the help. I always counted myself the independent
person, which itself can solve all problems. But, this time, I could
not all to take into account and was mistaken that I can pay all
travel itself . When I travelled earlier, it costed for me less. But I
it is happy, what now I have you Dominic, - the person, which can come
to me to the aid and help me in a life. After ours acquaintances, at
me varies sensations of. Earlier I counted myself the strong and
independent person, and it was pleasant for me to feel, that I can
care of myself. And now I feel simply the woman who requires support.
But it is pleasant for me, to feel beside strong the man which
protects me from all excitements of a life! My dear, I inform you the
information concerning agency with which I have concluded the
contract. An official site of agency:

The agent name Aleksander. If you have any questions concerning my
documents you can address to him with questions. You can contact him
on e-mail: or by phone 88362686002. I hope that
you will not have what problems.

I also inform you all my full information:

My full name: Juliya Vasenina

My full address:

city Novocheboksarsk,
Pushkin's street, 177

Concerning your question: I did not hear about Transfer Wire Account
Transaction Service, but I shall learn about it today from the agent
of travel. As soon as I will have news, I shall inform you on it.
Dominic, I informed a place of arrival to you to the agent and he
expected the staying charges for me. It will be for me 1750 $. Here
tickets, insurance, road up to the airport and some other necessary
charges. With me have still remained money, after payment of the first
parts of cost. It near 400 $, and now is necessary for me, in 5-6 days
near 1350 $ to pay in agency the second part of cost travel. I hope
dear, that this money not difficulty for you and you can help to pay
to me, in 5-6 days, 1350 $ in agency . I shall learn from the agent as
you can send them it. Lovely, I hope, that I did not make to you
difficulty by the haste. Probably it is not planned expenditure for
you. If it so, not become angry about me please! I very much miss on
you and I wait for ours meetings. I wait for your messages Dominic!
Thousand kisses.

Yours Vika.
2007-05-24, 04:35:37
anonymous from United Kingdom  

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2007-05-24, 04:36:38
anonymous from United Kingdom  

2007-05-24, 05:16:21
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Subject: Re: Problems
Date: 24/05/2007

Hello Vika!

Thank you for explaining about your nickname and for your email, and photos :0)

I checked the travel agents website and tried to find out about flights from Moscow to Manchester but the website did not work and just gave me an error message?!

I hope the travel agent can find a flight to Manchester soon so that we can meet!

Let me know if he has heard of T.W.A.T.S and if he can use them to pay for the expenses.

Kind Regards

2007-05-24, 10:53:40
anonymous from United States  
OMFG Dom...ROFLMFAO!!!! You should go to Richards Realm and read what he writes to them! Funny as hell! Happy hunting.
2007-05-25, 05:55:05
anonymous from United Kingdom  


Cheers, all credit to Eddie for the joke he thought it up and had a different idea about the airport as well, he suggested 'Malvern Way' which is a dirt track near where he lives - he said 'you will have an interesting landing, unforgettable I would say'!

Her letters are actually on Richard's Realm website, I will have a look at what he says back to the scammers after posting todays letters and photos!

2007-05-25, 05:59:01
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Subject: today I am a little tired
Date: 25/05/2007 08:20:08 GMT Daylight Time

Hi my favourite! I am glad to speak again with you Dominic! How you
today? I hope, that your day is good! my dear Dominic, I met the agent
of travel yesterday and talked to him concerning my documents. he to
me has told that the visa will be at me tourist and she will operate
within two months. So I can be at you all these two months. We with
you can lead a lot of time together. How think? Also concerning
tickets. he has made the provisional order up to Manchester Airport.
he has told that there tickets are accessible always and it is
possible to reserve them at any time. I shall take off to you from the
airport of the Sheremetyevo which to be in Moscow. Be relative
T.W.A.T.S. the agent has told that the agency does not accept such
payments. he has told that they accept only cash. Dominic, I want to
speak with you about many things, but probably you will be tired with
the big message. Therefore I shall be to ask now the most important
things for me. Dear, you have pleasure when you think of our fast
meeting? Whether you informed the close people that is fast you will
accept me? What they have opinion on it? My parents and friends are
pleased, that I shall meet you. They are glad, that I at last have met
the person to whom I have big respect and serious intentions. I the
daddy always spoke me, that the man in relations mainer and, that the
woman should listen to him always. And I always argued with him
concerning it. During those moments of the life when I had relations
with the person, I always tried to be the leader in these relations}.
But with you Dominic, I feel, that all differently. I would like to be
obedient and gentle to to you. Probably mine the daddy of the rights
when speaks, that the main instinct of the woman, it to be near to the
man and to be obedient to him. he speaks, that the woman can be happy,
only if lives thus. I have such relation to the man, as to you, for
the first time and consequently I think of it much. I think, that
probably the destiny not casually acquainted me with you! Dominic, you
have any sexual ideas about me? Tell to me about it. I have such ideas
about you, but I not shall tell their the first.-OK? I very much want
to learn , that you think of me, as about the woman. I shall wait
yours the story about it! Now I shall finish the message. I wait your
letters favourite!!! I asked the agent in what way it is possible to
transfer from you money for payment of them. he has told, that will
learn about it and to inform me. My gentle kisses!

Yours Vika
2007-05-25, 06:00:27
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Wow! This girl can type fast, 39 seconds to write the next email!!

Subject: The information
Date: 25/05/2007 08:20:47 GMT Daylight Time

Hi my favourite Dominic! Dear, I received the detailed information on
moving money. To make it, you need to go in bank in which is office '
Western union ' or ' Money Gramm '. In bank to me have told, that such
offices are available in each city, therefore for you the problem will
not find it. When you will send money, you will need to specify my
full name and the address. When I shall receive this money I should
specify your full name and the address. Also, I should inform in bank
confidential number (MTCN.) this number to you inform in bank at
sending money, and you will need to inform this number to me in the
messages. All moving will borrow some hours, but it will be necessary
to pay for it the some people money to bank. I think Dominic, that it
is a reliable way of moving. I inform you the information for transfer
of money for bank of the Western union or Money Gramm. about these of
bank is at me in city so for me will not be to receive what problem of
them here.

My full name: Juliya Vasenina

My full address:

city Novocheboksarsk,
Pushkin's street, 177

It is the address you should specify in the column of the addressee.
So to me have told in bank. As soon as you can transfer me of money at
once inform me it and do not overlook to inform please all your full
information, namely your full address and your full name. Also control
number of a remittance - MTCN. without this information, I cannot
receive money. I very much hope that you will not have what problems
with bank.
Favourite, now to me is time to go, remember, that I miss your
messages and write to me more often. Inform me also, what lady's wear
for you more sexual. Probably I shall prepare for something for you,
mine dear!!! My kisses!

Yours Vika.
2007-05-25, 06:18:32   (updated: 2007-05-25, 06:25:51)
anonymous from United Kingdom  


She is asking me what i think about her sexually, well as it is just a bunch of photos and form letters that is probably being sent by a MAN who is using the name Juliya Vasenina (somebody else involved) to pick the money up from Western Union i am not thinking about sex at all!

I am just thinking about exposing them and trying to find out who is behind this!

On the other Anastasiya's (Popova) page I have post info about a guy (Dymitry) who emailed me 5 times an offer of an email harvesting program called Search_Email.exe which is used on dating sites to get email addresses of potential victims and to post messages to them?!

I do not know where he got my email address from (possibly from Dating Scam from Kazan Part 5) or why he thinks I would be interested in scamming but it was good that he decided to email me about it so I could do some research into it (translate email and search his info)!

He has registered with many Russian forums (including a university) and just posted one message (the email 'advert' for his program) on each site.

Another interesting thing happed on faceparty when one of the profiles for Nastya changed one day from the usual scammer profile to a 'I am scammer' profile that victims usually put up after being scammed on a new profile - but this was on the original profile! The scammer (Sergey) actually admitted being a scammer and said 'I like to go to western union to pick up money sent by stupid the men'!

Later on another profile for another Russian girl changed from Tanya to Sergey! He must have slipped up and accidently put his photo and details on the girls site because a couple of days later it had reverted back to Tanya's photo and details!

I emailed him and asked him to tell me about the scam operation but he did not reply.

Whatever next?! Stay tuned for more :0) lol

2007-05-25, 07:15:45
anonymous from United Kingdom  

She has popped up on another page on here recently using the name:



There are 3 different girls on the page using this name?!

Must be the name of an associate used to pick up money from Western Union.

2007-05-25, 07:17:46
anonymous from United Kingdom  
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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