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Dating scammer Julia from St. Petersburg, Russia


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Here's Julia from St. Petersburg, Russia. Her e-mail adyy is I'm currently talking to here. Have anyone of you received any letters from her or whoever it is? Let me know. I know it's a scam and I'm just playing along. I'll let you know when she starts to ask me for money. I'm just playing hard to get.

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2009-05-30, 05:24:04
anonymous from Belarus  
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2009-05-31, 07:45:21 from Iran  
hi my dear
2009-05-31, 22:22:17
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-05-31, 07:45:21 from Iran

Hey ,idiot iran,I wonder you have a brain or not?
Why you do such idiotic behavior ?
How old are you?
3 or 4 ?
Go to bed and have a baby's milk with your mama.
Stop your spam,
Stop your scam,
Shame on you,
You are idiot of Asia.
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2009-06-23, 18:57:29
[hidden] from Salem, United States  

Very Good Posting, Iran needs to get a life and learn this is not
the place to post a add for a date. LOL

I also want to ask the question here.
What the Hell is all that Crap posted above from
Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus ?
Anybody know at all ?
Sure is funny how this Crap all showed up together ?

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Heres the new face of a scammer Thanks Wanwan LOL

2009-06-23, 20:10:19
OJAS from United States  
Agent 86,
Forging IPs from 3 - 4 countries, and spamming here, trying to lure victims has been going on for a while. Everyone hit it and delete them, no need to answer them, now or in future.
2009-06-24, 02:17:05
wanwan from Japan  

Thank you for great message.
Lately scammers try wasting out time.
We try to inform the admin of these SPAM,SCAM idiotic postings.
Everyone !! People !!
Let's hit the SPAM button on scammer's postings !
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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana

2009-06-24, 02:52:45
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Wanwan and everyone helping take out the garbage

Look back one page here at the bottom of page # 10 You missed one.

Thanks For helping get rid of the other ones for now.
Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-06-24, 04:51:14
anonymous from Iran  
hahaha wanwan
you are under my testicle dirty japanese!
2009-06-24, 04:58:44
anonymous from Iran  
hi my dear
i search good girl for haunt
2009-06-24, 05:14:10
wanwan from Japan  
@2009-06-24, 04:51:14
anonymous from Iran

Hi Saadat from Iran.
I am not gay so I don't love your testicle.
But I am convinced you love my testicle.

Saadat,Why you have put such non-sense testicle postings on Delphi?
Please tell me !
Are you really Iranian?
I know many Iranians in Japan.
They are excellent peoples.
Sure,they are not idiot.

Saadat,I say '' This is not a Dating Site ''.
Why you have post your testicles on Delphifaq com?
I don't know the reasons.
This is an OPEN Forum for victimes who have got scammed.
So you are not welcome on Delphifaq com.
If you have some scam info,and will put on her ,you are welcome.
But if you will put your not beautiful testicles on here,
you are not welcome and you will lose your access privilege in the near future.
Saadat,now you are a new spammer on here.
Already you have many red flags on here.
So I give you warnings many times.
Why don't you listen to me ?

Again I say '' Never put your dirty testicles on here ''
I doubt you ,really Iranian?
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Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan
Dating scammer Andre Gareth

2009-06-24, 05:22:12   (updated: 2009-06-24, 05:23:36)
wanwan from Japan  
Everyone !!
Please look at this idiotic posts ,2009-06-24, 04:58:44
anonymous from Iran

Again this idiot has put his idiotic and dirty testicles message on here.
New Spammer and
Idiotic Scammer !

Let's hit the Spam Button on his posts !!see here below

2009-06-24, 04:58:44
anonymous from Iran

(Flagged by you as spam or abusive.)

You can see this message from IE.
Vanish !!

2009-06-25, 06:11:24
anonymous from Iran  
hi wanwan
how are you
you insult iranian and i answer you.
here is full of dating letter and i donot know why you say me here is not dating site!!!!!!!
please explain me about this site further.
2009-06-25, 11:20:14   (updated: 2009-06-25, 11:21:22)
wanwan from Japan  
@Hi saadat from Iran !!

I don't insult Iran.Read my previous posts.
I know many Iranians and they are very excellent.
I have said so.Read my previous posts again !
But you are not excellent and not smart .
So I doubt you are really Iranian?
This is an open forum for victims.
Many peoples have put scammer's info on here.
This is not a Dating Site.
And the girl with whom you fall in love is not a girl but a MAN!
many times I explained you .
99% ,it is a scam,they are an organized criminal.
Why don't you understand what I say to you?
Do you have any brain?
Do you have a beefhead ?
Why do you put non-sense message on Delphi ?
You ,many times are wasting spaces.

And already I have given you other website Dating service .
Why don't you enter there?
Why do you come back again ?
Why do you want to put your email address ?
I guess you want to lure victims on here.

And the girls on here are Man !!
Are you GAY ?
Do you love testicle among legs ?

The girls with whom you want to talk and fall in love are not a girl but a MAN and criminal !
Please learn lots !!
I am so tired to explain you !
Please get smart !

And learn !
I don't insult Iran.
But your non-sense message insults Iran.
You,You,You,You insult your Iran.
So you are not welcome anymore.
On your previous post you say '' I want to hunt girls '',
so go to other Dating website service what I have introduced you .
You say '' I want to hunt girls on here ''
but I teach you '' you can not hunt girls but you are hunting by scammers on here ''
Yes scammers can '' EAT '' you easily.

I think you have to install '' Windows 7 '' into your empty head !!!!

Boring! so never come back !
2009-06-25, 12:25:48
OJAS from United States  
Iran, Wanwan is right, this is NOT a dating site. The Admin anyway was kind enough to create this thread for guys like you http://www.delphifa..p=0#145555 That should be the ONLY thread you should post, no-one would have objected. You may not get much response, anyway, because this is NOT a dating site. When you are spamming scammer threads, people will of course question your intelligence. Open google and type define:scam
2009-06-29, 12:40:45
Well so much to do with these HottieS?
All of a sudden I was found on a dating site(Yeah sure?)When I asked her on which site and when no answer about that but an immediate reply that she i sgoing to visit my country next month(quel coincidence).And lucky me I ám going to be her guide (she decides)
Sorry honey but there is more goin' on when I'm around town again.
Have to admit they send one of their finest 'agents'.mr Bond would not have to be ashamed to run around with them.
Well let us play the game as they do and it's still fun.
One thing I don't get how the F@@ they get my e-mail address(as a non computer nerd).
Read and enjoy:
I very glad that you answering on my letter.

I always liked men of your country and I would like to get acquainted.

My name is Yuliya. I write from Russia, city St. Petersburg.

Seems to me, you are surprised :)

I for a long time dream to visit your country for rest and would like to spend this time with interesting man.

Therefore I have decided to write you.

So: I am 32 years old. I am lonely, romantic, cheerful and mysterious, beautiful and passionate women.

My growth 169 sm and weight 58 kg.

I carry long direct easy hair and have light green eyes.

I have a white gentle skin, which covers my flexible and harmonous body.

Should admit Eric, this improbable pleasure to write you about me, but you can see me better on my photos :)

I live one in a cosy small apartment in St. Petersburg and enjoy a life.

The most part of time I work, but it does not prevent to me have a rest, sports and fun.

I have no time to miss , because I always positive and active.

I plan to visit your country next month and I hope that you will be my guide :)

We will have enough time to learn each other better and to discuss all.

I shall tell more about myself in the following letter, if it will be interesting to you :)

I hope to hear more about you too and to see your photos.

Take Care


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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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