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Dating scammer Debbie (Debra Roxanne) from Lagos, Nigeria


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Name: Debbie

Email: Jacobs


Other Comments:
This woman has been haunting the halls of Yahoo Instant Messenger and the dating site nationwide. She is currently in Nigeria and has remained there for over one year, and is probably originally from there. She successfully scammed me of $35K (USD) and a one-way ticket to the States.

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2010-01-23, 21:09:04
anonymous from China  
Debbie Cole photos have also been used by Tina Susan Curtis, with the email

2010-02-01, 14:14:49   (updated: 2010-02-01, 14:49:44)
anonymous from United States  
I am letting everyone know Debbie Cole is also going by the name of Sandra Willis and she is using the scrnname She told me that she is from Ohio and going to school in South Carolina goiing to school to be a nurse but that she was a model at one time..that her father died years ago and her mother was still in Ohio and that she was staying with mother's friend in North Carolina and needed $100 to come to me and be with me and I didn't send any money and she disappeared.. and this was back in January and February of 2009 then in september of 2009 thru november she said she was in Nigeria that she was part of world health organization stuck there and needed money to get home and that hotel manager wouldn'tlet her leave till she paid the bill...she gave me the hotel manager name which goes by Avelyn Dennis which happens to be a screen name also another managers name as Lara Rose and address 2 different ones in lagos,nigeria to send money..I played along for awhile till she stopped contacting me....I am inserting some pictures which is similar to one's posted with several new ones....she has perfect english writing skills....also the pics i have sent hair is just a little more shorter but not that much....beware she/he is scammer
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Debbie (Debra Roxanne) from Lagos, Nigeria

2010-02-01, 15:28:27
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Debbie (Debra Roxanne) from Lagos, Nigeria

2010-02-01, 15:29:00
anonymous from United States  

2010-02-01, 15:29:56
anonymous from United States  

2010-02-01, 15:31:11
anonymous from United States  

2010-02-02, 08:23:11
anonymous from Houston, United States  
anyone know this guy?

2010-02-02, 10:03:04
OJAS from United States  
anonymous from United States 2010-02-01, 15:29:56, Tineye hit


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2010-02-11, 07:19:28
anonymous from Brooklyn, United States  
hi my name is bigdadyal69 i was looking around and ran into u not a bad picture

2010-02-16, 16:45:51
anonymous from United States  
Now using email
2010-05-14, 14:16:08
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This happened to me I was a fool and sent £150 but not again.

Thanks so much for the email my Dear for always taking your time to write to me.I think i should be as honest as ever with you in all these problems of my Life and i don't want you to think negatively of me after you have read this email .I believe before i can move ahead in life honesty,should be a certain attribute i must posses as a woman and a mother to be as well..Like i have told you in my other mails that life has been so cruel to me and i really dont know where to start from and where to end my life.i believe theres a man out there which we need each other so bitterly and i haven't found that man and this really makes me feel so worthless and unwanted too..But maybe that man is You Steven and this still remains a puzzle to me.

I also do appreciate the fact that you have told me things about yourself and also your life,so i believe we all have had our rough share of life and we intend to get our lives into a place where no one can undertake...Becoming a better person in Life and working our odds out.My Dearest Steven, like i said earlier i would want to start a serious relationship and get married to a serious man like you who is sincere,loving,honest,trustworthy and a caring man who would never hurt me and we both know that we need each other because we share similar qualities as well,i must also be honest with myself and let you know that we haven't known each other so well ,but i would want you to understand the urgency of this present situation of mine and also would appreciate it if you could try and consider the fact that i do have a dying mother and the only family i have to take care of and she means the world to me. I am really unhappy that i dont have a family anymore at the moment and i am in a place so far from home,but i guess i just have to sacrifice my time,efforts,and all ive got for the ones i love because the reward for love is priceless.
I know very well that you would feel somehow when i request for this help from someone i really dont know much about and i would have loved to talk to you on phone.its so sad that we cant get to see each other face to face right now but i really pray someday we will get to see each other and maybe plan our lives and get all we have wished for been manifested in our lives and we would be complete once again and have that kind of life we have prayed for all our lives,i am really crying sending this mail to you and seeing myself begging for help and how much i really need a man like you in my life to take all this tears,sorrows and pains away from my life,if only you could see how bruised my heart is right now.!!!this is virtually the saddest day of my life,but i believe we met online for a reason.

I think at this stage,i need to tell you the truth about what i am going through right now,and i am requesting for your heartful help to get a dying soul back on track and i know i didn't tell you she needs an urgent surgery and she has just limited time to live on earth,i spend so much time with my mother in the Hospital and sometimes i really don't eat because i cant afford it and i dont have the money to eat and get essential things for myself too.I believe my pride as a woman at this stage is at stake,but i guess this is the only option ive got left in the deepest part of my heart,and i would so much appreciate it,if you could do this for me as a friend even if you dont want to get married to a woman like me because i know at this stage that i am so miserable seeking help from someone i don't know and i hardly get all i need for myself but i would rather starve myself than to starve my mother..When she looks at me everyday,i cry and would feel better if i was the one with the pains and i could die and go to my creator in heaven ,at least an eternal rest would take all the pains away from my life and my soul would be at rest.

Steven please,right now my mother needs an urgent surgery which would cost me at least 550pounds and i cant afford the medication bill which is only 150pounds.You might be wondering why i dont have a Job,i have applied for so many jobs in several cases but its been to no avail and ive sold apparently everything i own just to stay alive .This is really giving me sleepless nights and i cant even imagine myself going into prostitution for this and i would rather kill myself instead and know i did all i could for the Love i had for my mother and the one that brought me into existence .i am not saying you should give me all the money needed at this point in time,but we don't have anything and we need to survive to keep things going in our lives .i would really appreciate it and i would swear that i would never hurt you and i would also be there for you,i am not trying to take advantage of your emotional feelings and also the fact that you need a wonderful wife to complete your life because i also need the same, as a woman you could imagine how things would be for me right now,that i don't have anyone to hold and lean on too.I believe a drop of rain constitutes an ocean and any amount being given to me would be highly appreciated and i would know that i have seen a man that really cares for a poor soul like me and if you do need to get in touch with the Doctor and get to know what you need to do,his name is Dr. Daniels,here is his phone number +2348030935169..i hope you can find somewhere in your heart to try and help me out with what you have and i believe this,when Love is been shared and dreams comes true,life could be the most wonderful place to live and there is no place like home!!!
I hope to read from you dear,with all the Love i have to share with you,
Lisa cares....xxxx

This image was also posted here:
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)
Dating scammer Debbie (Debra Roxanne) from Lagos, Nigeria

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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