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Dating scammer Debbie (Debra Roxanne) from Lagos, Nigeria


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Name: Debbie

Email: Jacobs


Other Comments:
This woman has been haunting the halls of Yahoo Instant Messenger and the dating site nationwide. She is currently in Nigeria and has remained there for over one year, and is probably originally from there. She successfully scammed me of $35K (USD) and a one-way ticket to the States.

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2008-05-16, 11:51:14
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Her profile name was lovesisi. Claims to be a nurse working for Unicef, based in Ibadan, Nigeria. Has a 4 year old daughter called Juliana who lives with her parents. Claims to be half Irish, half Spanish.

I was suspicious from the outset, so played along. Eventually she asked me for $200 to buy lcal antiques. I refused and she became abusive.

She used 2 email addresses as follows:

Below is the content of an email she sent me:

I had wonderful dreams about you and me last night…
This is what I am looking for in my man: humour, intellect, personality, capacity to love, sensual and passionate, all what you have and what you are to me, I can feel it. You are the kind of man with whom a woman can share everything, with whom he can enjoy a life filled with love and harmony but will also experience a sensual and passionate paradise… I am thinking about you all the time, every day, from the first thought in the morning, till the last thought at night, I never felt this before in my life and I guess that I am really in love with you! When I do see a letter and a photo from you then my breath is getting short, my heart is beating so fast and I feel millions of butterflies in my stomach again!...It is so strange, I had so many dreams about you during this short time we are knowing us, it is me, your open, honest and sensual i am writing this to you only and what I am writing is really what I do feel for you, my incredibly wonderful and handsome prince and I do feel you as a very precious, wonderful man, full of love and affection and very sensual!..First dream:
Imagine yourself, a wonderful warm summer night in beautiful place. Lakeshore and the odor of iodine and aquatic plants, intoxicated. The lake is calm. On the horizon, where the sea meets with the sky, the full moon is painting a silver path on the smooth surface of the lake. We undress slowly and go into the water, to the silvery moon's path. We don’t break this idyll. At one moment the gentle waves are pushing us slightly to each other and the next wave is pushing us body to body. We already don’t become aware of water and our hands, careful and tender, are discovering our bodies with love. We ride slowly on the waves, caressing us to the seventh sky, we smoothly touch each other and finally and for the first unique and wonderful time we unite our burning bodies in love and desir,,We drown in a sea of love…
...and indeed a wonderful moonlight .....
and so warm water..
fresh and exciting...
two bodies united in one and .....
the whole Galaxy is watching at
this beautiful couple....
all stars are impressed and frustrated....
but admire such an incredible act of love...
hot breath and wet lips.....
The Dance of Love started.......
Second dream:
And here comes my special sweet and romantic dream for you my love
I'm sitting outside a little stony mountain house, high up in the mountains, admitting to myself that I'm missing you so much, that I would love you to be there with you...My cute prince charming, through my eyes you can see the sun over this eternal mountains, through my ears you can hear the wind whispering in the little trees and the eagles crying high up in the beautiful dark blue sky..feel so happy up here because I know that there is a wonderful man out there, far away but out there, a wonderful young man which is making me so happy every day!..When we come back from a long hand in hand walk in the mountains, we will sit out and watch the smashing sunset together. Slowly the mountains will turn red, they look as they would be on fire and we will feel so close to each other without saying a word. Shy, but happy, shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand .... Once the sky is turning from deep purple too dark, we will go inside; I want you to relax while I will cook for you a delicious meal.. I will light the fireplace and the candles and the portable radio will play our favored, romantic music. A glass of good red wine and hand in hand we look in each other's eyes, forgetting about the world, just enjoying each other, feeling the millions of butterflies in our stomach's... Later on, because it was your first walk high up, I will warm up a nice smelling body oil and give you the best massage you ever had in your life, followed by the most tender touches on your body, just as a wings of butterfly would touch you .... I will heat up water on the old stove and prepare a bath for you, with a light smell of night violet and jasmine for relaxing your body after this long day. I will put leaves of roses in the water and I'll set light to a lot of little candles, which will be floating around you in the water. If you invite me, I'll dipping in front of you, very close. Our eyewink are touching each other, suddenly my leg is touching yours... My hands washing all over you, then my lips are finding your lips for an endless kiss. I will soft and gently wash your beautiful body and our feelings are rising high. We will lay down together in front of the fireplace, the fire will illuminate your incredibly beautiful face and body! I will just watch and enjoy, and you look like a real masterpiece of art!.We will be so gentle, sweet, shy and affectionate in the beginning, I will softly and very sensually kiss your face, your eyes, your lips, I want to kiss your ears and whisper sweet words of love in it, I will kiss your neck, your beautiful soft shoulders. . I want you to touch my face, my body, to discover all what only belongs to you now, we will softly love us for hours, later on we will become passionate, wild and crazy for each other, love and desire will just wash us away like a big wave, we will love us so intense and so deep...Before you enter the wonderland of dreams, I will whisper sweet words of love in your ears again! I will tell you how happy I am, how beautiful and unique you are, what a great luck it is to be with you, how much you are touching me, my soul, my heart and my desire... I will tell you again how thankful I am for the destiny which was bringing us together,Sun rays through the window, the singing of the birds and your Princess will kiss you awake in the morning, we will eat this wonderful, homemade jam together, we will laugh, speak, fooling around and suddenly feel the butterflies coming back....My Divine and most prince charming
I don't now, but you must be the greatest, most sensual and full of fantasy lover in the world that just thinking about you is creating such strong feelings and imaginations in me...My most wonderful man, I do thank you so much that you decided to write to me, that you decided to give us a chance to find real, deep happiness! I do thank you for your trust and patience!You know my darling, I'm really the person you can find in my letters and our talks, I think with you, the right man, and I will become even much better. With a wonderful man like you I would finally be able to love and to give without any limits, but also to receive without any limits!...You are reflecting my greatest and sweetest expectations, you are touching my heart, soul and body like no other man ever did, I guess I really like you a lot and with every of your wonderful letters and with your beautiful pictures I feel closer and closer to you, my feelings for you are growing like a beautiful rose...I can feel how it will be with us, I can feel the love, respect, trust, support and our high level of ongoing talking and discussing, joking and laughing, working and resting.... I can feel you as my best friend, sharing everything together even wild fantasies. I don't need silly men to be my friends; I don’t want to go out with them, I just need and want you, to spend and share every second of my live with you….. I can feel and imagine our days in love and mutual understanding, I can feel our nights in love and desire, a love and desire which will never disappear or getting less. We will find out that we are the best matching couple, a unique and strong one, and we will enjoy being the best and most intimate friends, the happiest loving couple and most passionate lovers anyway! I guess that some meals will be eaten cold in our life, smile ....
Joan Williams.

This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2008-05-16, 11:52:29
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Another picture

2008-05-16, 11:53:11
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Another picture

2008-05-16, 11:53:37
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Another picture
2008-05-16, 11:54:11
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Another picture

2008-05-23, 19:12:43
anonymous from United States  
Another scammer named Britney Studdard. This is the mail she wrote:

How you doing and how is your day going and thansk for the email..i want to use the opportunity to tell you more about myself and i would love to know about you too..well Age doest matter to me..all i seek is true love..Age is just a Ex hurt me by sleeping with my best friend and that hurt me so much so he is younger than you...that why i decide to give that a age a try on a one man woman...God fearing lady....i hate hear games and i hate one night stand and i also i hate the bar scene...i treat people the way i want to be caring loving optimistic down to earth a good family oriented and i know much about about love.... well for now am in west africa(Nigeria) to visit my mom and am palnning to come back looking for a man i can spend the rest of my life with...a man i can we can be happy till the rest day of our lifes.......a man i can love for whom he is and who will also love me for whom i am.....well am 5;7 tall hazel eyes and blonde hair and sometime i do change my hair in the saloon some time to platinum blonde...if you look at that in my pics..... am a woman who try to live life to its fullest cause am laid back..i will send you 2 of my pics....i will love to have kids someday with the right man like you sometime in my lifetime..A relationship is like a train. If one passes, then the next one will come. I'm sure and if you get off the train, you'll realize that everything is the same..If some things are better left unsaid, then maybe they too are better left undone..when my Ex hurt me I thought I loved him, but he had to break my heart for me to know what true love really is...The best thing about loving and being hurt is that you get to know what true love really is. For as gold is tested in fire, and so will love be perfected in pain...True love can blind you but at the same time if you let it, it can also open your eyes..To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this...Feelings are like glass, they can be covered up, changed and even destroyed, but like glass feelings are better when they are made clear...When I cannot sing my heart, I can only speak my mind,Make yourself a better person and know who you are before you try and know someone else and expect them to know my life am looking for a man that wont tell me he love me; but he should show me in a great way of reaction that he do..Seek first to understand, then to be understood..The truth is like a broken glass, everyone has bits and pieces but no one has all of i want you to know that The best poems don't come from a pen, but from the heart..There is no special time for truth, the hour is now, as always..Friends give us the courage to lift the blinds on our hearts, to open up and show what we generally keep hidden from the rest of the world..Whom we love best, to them we can say the least ....A man who i can trust who is honest is what am looking for.a man i can trust for the rest of my life..a man i can spend the rest of my life looking for my better half...a man i can be proud of and who will be proud of me.well i sell antiques and gemstones but i sold everything when my mom had cancer..So baby pls i want you to answer me this question and pls feel free to ask me any question because when we meet it wont be strange on our What common interests would you like to share with your life partner...Do you smoke?when did you join the dating site and how many ladies have you talked to?Are you an early bird or night owl?Do you sing or play a musical instrument?What is your favorite color? for me the common intrest am gonna share with my partner is how the future is going to be for us and the kids together and the family but ifyou dont want to have kids that okay..its not a crime for me. all i justwant is trustworthy and honesty.... i dont smoke and i dont drink.. i live alone in TN but am in west africa now to visit my planning to move back home soon....i join the dating site 3 days back and your the first man who contact me but am looking for someone serious and your the one that sound so i told you am a one man an Early Bird and when i was 26 i stop singing for my church cause i sing as a choir when i was in church and i also play the favourite colour is Pink ...So pls tell me more about you also..i believe this were serious and strong relationship start from....question are good for both couples before they fall in love....i will never dissapoint or hurt you when your been honest with my do you have yahoo mesenger were we can chat so we could get to know each other better or you can try and down load one ...well i need to go for now till i hear back from you soon...see yaaaaaaaa

Britney Studdard

2008-06-28, 02:41:12
Operates as Abigal from Nigera.
Says she works for the Peace Core.
Pretends to fall in love and begs for money
to buy a plane ticket to visit you.

2008-06-28, 02:41:53

2008-06-28, 02:43:28
Operates as Abi or Abigal or Abigail. From Nigeria.
Begs for money to buy a flight ticket.

2008-06-28, 06:58:17   (updated: 2008-06-28, 07:06:43)
Peter from Germany  
The pics above belong to an american porn model, Mandy or Mandi if I am recalling right. Google yourself. Use delphi's search box at first. She is here a couple of times.

Here she is.
2008-06-28, 12:23:11
Debby Smith is still active.
This is a part an e-mail that i've received from her:

Hi,I am very happy since we have started talking on line,i have been very busy trying to finalise some buss i have come to africa for.You will never understand how much i want to be loved again in my life, you will never undertsand how much i want to see my husband happy and see my children playing in the garden and i and my love looking at them and thanking God for what he has done for us. But i am always afraid that i may never find a man that i can live this kind of a life with. i have passed through a lot in my life that i alway ask God the reason i have this kind of a heart and still living a very lonely life. I am not in a hurry to marry though but i am very open minded and i have to tell you exactly what i am feeling. i want love and be dedicated, i want love and want to be faithfull to my husband till death like my mother did.I moved to stay with this aunt called Jade and this my aunt introduced me to modeling because she was a model constumer. Her daughter was a very good friend of mine and the only one i have ever had as a trusted friend. she is more pretty than i am and we are very close. Along the line, i met Ralph and we started going out. I have never felt this way in my life and i loved him so much he was everything to me and i started to think this is the will of God for me. after 1 year of our relationship and that was after my mom died, i met Ralph sleeping with my best friend.I felt bad and i almost committed suicide.I thank God for sparing my life then.I and aunt Jade continued working together but the job never went as i expected,she always complained that modelling was such a stressful profession then. she could not make it because she was about getting married then. So she introduced me to the agent and that was how i was brought down to africa here. It was she that also introduced me to on line dating because its the place she met her husband. I am not sure if this is right although. i have since allowed my past to go behind me forever but you must understand that i am still afraid and never want what has happened to me before to happen again. i am pulling the wall i have built around me down for the first time because of you and i think God willing this will lead us into grate and closet frendship and great.
I have to go for now and i hope we have time to talk better later.
Bye and God bless.
Your Debby.
2008-06-28, 12:32:09
This is what she (Debby Smith) has sending me, when i've promised her money (does she really think that i'm so stupid,):

Honey thank you for making me to get to you as soon as possible i cant wait for that anymore cos all my mind is with you already i want you to send the money tomorrow morning by 09.00 or 10.00 am via western union money transfer and immediately you send it just mail me correct (MTCN) I.E MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER.
And please honey dont make any mistake when you are mailing me the control number okay so that i can get the money easily and start the processing in time cos i have to leave this country by tuesday or wednesday night then you will come pick me off from the airport ,my love i want you to give me your nearest airport,your full name,your state name ,city name and country name.

My love please here is the informations i told you about so please dont change anything there use it as i gave it to you cos that is how i am gonna take it to bank to cash the money .........i am hoping to receieve the money tomorrow morning .....

Name; Asuni Adeniyi .O.

City; ibadan

state; Oyo state

Country; Nigeria

Zipcode; 02234

Questions; What is your pet name?

Answer; lion.

2008-07-09, 13:26:07
anonymous from Latvia  
2008-07-09, 13:26:43
anonymous from Latvia  
2008-07-10, 10:11:56
anonymous from Oakville, Canada  
I am commuicating with a Doris Henry whose E-mail Adress is
<> until now all has been O.K.
But! She is now asking me to send her money to help pay
For a AirFare Ticket for the amount of $1850.00
The Flight would be from Lagos Nigeria
I now believe this a Date Scam
Attached is her picture so I think, maybe it is phoney
Like her Letters of committment for relationship with her.
I went to Yahoo and type in her name and who should come up
But her picture under Date Scam........
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Cinda Pretty

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