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Dating scammer Ilina Tatiana


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Name: Ilina Tatiana


'From' a small town called Markova near Irkutsk in Russia.

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2007-05-23, 10:26:29
anonymous from United States  
The girl in the pix IS NOT the person{s} behind the scam!!! MEN are!!! And if you think about it,why would a porn star need to scam ANYONE for money??? And WHY would she be on a dating site???
2007-05-26, 13:18:31
anonymous from Malaysia  
Hehehehe... Still she cant get enough she asked me to send her USD600 that if she arrives she would pay back... I foolishly told her i would help... After that immediately she sent details and asked for MTCN... Very funny... She also did email me a Real Player audio file with her voice saying all kinds of crap that she cant wait to see me. And thankd me for willing to help her out.... Hheheh funy....
2007-05-27, 07:13:42
anonymous from India  
I have received such a email and i would like to know how does it proceed further and how does the scam work. thanks
2007-05-27, 08:37:36
drod from United States  
For India,

Read, read, read, and read some more.

You found us, so assume you think you are communicating with a scammer. That's a good start.

Don't reply to any emails for a few days. Instead, read some of the letters posted on this site. When they all start to sound the same, search 'dating scammers,' using any search engine, and check other site. You will find more of the same.

Also, at the bottom of page, is a link 'Picture Search.' If you have received any photos, use that link to see quickly if any of your photos have already been posted to this site.

As to your question. If you feel uneasy with the way things are, just give them the BIRD.

good hunting.........drod

2007-05-27, 10:55:27
anonymous from United States  
You can also find good info at RussianDetective.Look through the site and you'll see all kind's of stuff,the forum is very good too! Look at the blacklist and see if 'her' pics are there too!

NEVER!!! Send money to someone you don't know AND 'real'personal info!

Drod,You should know better than to 'ass/u/me' !!! LOL
2007-05-27, 12:49:27
drod from United States  
Yeah, I know, to 'assume' anything is to put IT in a sling.

2007-05-27, 18:04:58   (updated: 2007-05-27, 18:05:23)
anonymous from United States  
Just bustin ya Drod.Kinda having some fun.We seem to be the site police so to speak.
This site has gotten a little busier since that Oprah show aired.Which is a GOOD thing!
All the sites I use have seen an increase in member's.I just wish they'd read more and see how thing's are done BEFORE posting their info on just any old thread! I think Pete should have one for Q & A and for messaging eachother,it'd make it easier in alot of way's.Skeet
2007-05-27, 20:16:35
drod from United States  
I know, but you right on the assume thing.

And didn't mention it 'cause I knew you would notice the 'mod squad' thing.

Something like a real time open forum. Been there. It definitely has advantages, and newbies can get immediate responses. There will get to be more 'regulars' online more often to help them. Varied experiences, opinions and outlooks.

The only real downside, is the one or two that will continually chastise the newbies, forgetting that once upon a time it was their turn. They have become cold, bitter, and unconsciously hostile, making for a bad situation.

Have seen it before when that is the first post a newbie gets. They disappear, go somewhere else.

The RS Group did a good job for in boosting awareness, and provided a big increase to all the sites.

'S', I know YOU understand all this, but had to be said out loud so the rest know. I do agree, however, that there is more benefit to forum than harm. I'm sure 'P' has thought of it too. Very time consuming, and an added expense.

At the same time, have enjoyed 'loose' forum format.

Soap box is sagging, better get off.

good hunting.........drod
2007-05-28, 00:32:29
anonymous from United States  
Just a thought Drod,I know it would be time consuming,that's the downside.So I guess the handful of us that answer the question's will just have to keep it up.I don't mind
and I'd rather see the stuff posted here than not at all.

I 'presume'{lol} you use RD & rom.scams.did you happen to see the post's in the gen.discusion section with the YOU TUBE link's?If not take a look.The one I saw on ABC news the other I forget where.Anyway,on the right you'll see Montypython's dead parrot routine-scammer style.LMFAO! Those brit's from 419eater crack me up!
I'd like to see that Oprah show,I missed it because of the time of day it's on.They should{have} reaired it on the late night repeat's! I think more men would have seen it
if it was plus,anyone else that work's during the day! One of the link's above has part of the interview with Barb from RS on it too.

Well have fun and happy hunting to you too. Skeet
2007-05-28, 05:44:23
drod from United States

You mean this one?

Have posted it several times with comments.

And was quite regular at RS for awhile until dumped on.
Post was made: F. O. C..t, to which I replied chastising the inappropriateness of the 'comment,' and it should be removed.

Got hammered with comments berating me for being unsupportive and insensitive to someone that was hurting.

And it's done there all the time, with insignificant posts. So I left.

Even after Oprah, the site is going down hill. Too bad, used to be good.

good hunting..........drod
2007-05-28, 15:58:30
anonymous from United States  
Drod,Which site are you talking about? The Yahoo group or Marisa's? Yea that's the one
I asked about.
2007-05-28, 16:42:09
drod from United States  
2007-05-28, 19:39:49
Thats why most people leave the romancescams yahoo board. Too b!tchy.
2007-05-28, 23:00:41
anonymous from United States  
I know what you mean,it's really a big clique! I asked for info once and got one reply which read a little terse to me.I don't even look at it anymore.A waste of time! Let them do what they do,it is good for some and helps get the word out.They don't do what we do though and frown upon doing it.I think it's a service too,keep the MFer's occupied!
Baiters get more info on the web than anyone!!!
2007-05-29, 16:25:50
drod from United States  
hammer has a good aim
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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