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Dating scammer Helen G


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Name: Helen G


Nizhni Novgorod (Russia) temporarly New York City

Other Comments:
Hello my new friend Martin, nice pic
I don’t know what is that messenger, I don’t know such a program. I am sorry.
Computer is very hard thing for me and I know only how to use me mail.
I didnt think, that you will answer so quickly. How are you?
I am perfect, but I have a lot of jobs, therefore I could not answer to you earlier,
but usually I try find free time to look, that continues my email.
It's perfect, you have found, that free time has answered.
Large, that you are open for our communication. Well... My names Helen. iam 29 years.
I live in New York City, US. I work in educational area.
I work at the children's centre New York.
Martin if it will be interesting to you to learn more about my job.
That I'll write you about my work in my following letters. OK
What about you? What area by yours job? What your hobbies?
Also I want inform you Martin that I'm in USA almost 1 year. If that is exacter 11 months.
In USA I have arrived under the exchange program of education.
I work with children. In USA I have arrived from Europe.
I worked 3 years in England. City of London. In educational area also.
Me very much like my job. I like children.
My mum and daddy live in Russia. Im one in family, havent brothers or sisters.
I was born in Russia. It's city Nizhni Novgorod. In 2000 years in Russia, I have finished
The Nizhni Novgorod State University. Faculty Children's Psychology and Pedagogics.
After ending university me have offered training in Europe, England. I then have agreed to work
in England. It there was an every prospect see the world for me. Also to change my life. Now I'm very happy.
After job in England Im very well have studied English language. Then I have decided that should work
In the English countries. It's wide experience for me. Also it's very interesting. After ending training in London.
Me have offered job in USA. I have accepted it. Now I live in New York City.
Hmmm, that is concerning me, allow me to think …, I like arts, which I used visiting Some exhibitions...
Music always will force me to feel good, and the reading weakens.
As to sports competitions I had usage to visit gymnastics, when I have free time.
I want to find my love and stability in my personal life. Martin if you feel what is it probably for us.
Then let's start our correspondence. I want know what you search in the relations and woman?
Please write me more information about you directly. That I could learn what type you the man.
I'm sure that we'll to have good email. OK. I expect your answer. Have a good day.
Your new friend from us, Helen

Hello Martin,
It was good receive the letter from you. And I hope, that my answer will find
you in good spirit. Thanks for division of your information with me so easy.
As Im open also. It was wonderful know more about you.
Im 29 now and will be 30 years old 11th August this year. My zodiac a Leo.
Its above the average a little growth. Its 5,7. My weight 120 lb.
I check my email at my job. As a house I have no computer.
Usually during day I have an opportunity to use the computer. How at you Martin?
Also in the future I hope that we an exchange of telephone numbers each other. To hear a vote of each of us.
But at first we should find out each other little bit more. As I consider that telephone conversation it
there will be more serious contact to the man. Therefore I should find out you more better. Before give you my telephone number.
If I'll be convinced that at you good intentions. And you will answer my questions. Then I'll give you my telephone.
I hope what is it not bad for you. OK... You should understand me. As it only question of small time.
I very much like new acquaintances. I am very glad. I really enjoy time of residing in America.
I work in a very friendly atmosphere. And my colleagues on job very good people. I work with children as the orphans.
They were thrown by the parents. Age of children which are in ours children's center from 3 till 6 years.
I very much like my job as I like to help the people. Especially to children, becose they deserve only best.
Children which have no the own parents have the large difficulties in this age.
Its very pleasant that I have my parents. Both of them are alive and are healthy. I one in family.
I have no neither brothers or sisters. Therefore I the most liked child in family.
Our relations with my parents were always based on support and good advice.
I very much miss on my parents as didnt see them almost 1 year. I had with my parents also telephone negotiation.
And I know that at them very well.
I am grateful to my parents. I had very happy childhood. And consequently I give heat care and love to these small children.
Its very interesting to me find out about your job. Martin you like it? Whether is your job the main thing for you Martin?
Its pleasant that you are interested in me.
As to private life... I cant speak, its what is it ideal. Well you know... In such large City, I feel really lonely sometimes...,
I like my Job, and it gives me an opportunity to feel necessary to whom or.
I have some questions for you. I hope that you will not mind. Martin how long there were your last relations?
If you feel not conveniently, you can not answer. OK
Its very interesting know, how you have begin to search for your partner on Internet?
Whether there was at you an experience on dating in Internet? OK
I think that enough questions on today. I'll be pleased to see your letter again.
I was glad to tell you a little about myself. I hope that you can understand my letter well.
Its good to spend time.
Take care Helen

Hello, my dear Martin. How are you? I am fine. Very nice music. I really loved it.
I thank you for interest rather weather here in new york. Today at us very much clody.
Temperature of air approximately 23 F Certainly in NYC a lot of snow this year has dropped out.
Many speak that a lot of snow drops out very seldom in NYC. I even visit the Central Park NYC.
This very known place in New York. You heard about the Central Park NYC?
Now is present huge skating rink. I often visit skating rink in the Central Park.
As I like to be rolled on skates. What do you think about winter skates? Do you ice skates?
My parents live and work in Russia. My mum Irina. To her 52 years. She works the teacher at school.
My daddy Igor to him 54 years. He the chief of a service of safety of bank. I often call the telephone by him.
Unfortunately I have no children. However I want to have the child. Can be one or two.
Usually my work keeps me busy almost all the time but I try to find time for myself.
I like go camping in the forest, to live in the tent and cover everyday many kilometers.
I think that it very romantic to sit near the fire, on the shore of some lake or river.
Listen to songs with guitar and funny stories. Also I try to keep my flat clean,
water the flowers (I have many at my flat), make laundry and it is also take free time.
I also like sport volleyball, badminton, running I think is very fun. If I have free time
I like to visit cinema or theatre. It is very interesting for me do people in you country
go to the forest too to arrange a picnic?
What do you like to do in your spare time? What is your favorite activities?
You know I have the plans to get over in Europe. I have decided that
it will be fascinating to write to you ONLY YOU.
Do you liked me? And I am sure that I have made a correct choice.
Today I met my colleague Jenni,she is at execution of the official responsibilities today,
so we talked a lot. She is very smart and wide woman, I like to talt to
her about something. She is so kind and very experienced woman. I told her about our communication,
I hope you won*t be angry with me.. She was very glad that I have you! She is married and has a beautiful baby.
It is a boy his name is Patrik. She takes him sometimes at the weekend.
There is a story, about this boy, which I want to tell you. One day by the way to the work small Patrik
found dry leaf and said that he wanted to draw it. Ms Bargett was puzzled and asked why a leaf?
Then Patrik went to me and showed it. She said that her suns eyes were shining.
I asked some questions about that leaf and praised him. Another day Patrik brought many
leaves and showed me. In some days Patrik drew a picture for me. I hang
it on the wall. I was so glad! I praised him and it must be seen. He
was so happy. By the way I have already many Patrik's pictures in my
office. Some people saiy that children are a projekt of copy of grown-ups.I think it is not
right. We can influence this projekt,but we do not have a right to
change his destiny. We must help, that they will be able to find
themself in our difficult life, warn about troubles. We must take care for them,
change their behavior, answer their questions..
Ms Bargett praised me today and said that I would have high recomendations. I m so happy!
Thank you Martin that you communicate with me and are interested in my life
hier. It isvery important for me.
It is pleasure for me.
Take care, my dear Martin I wish you a good day!

Hi Martin
I have very good news to you Martin.
I understand that you sincerely man which is honour. Remember I promised give you my telephone number. OK I'll do it.
My phone number is: 1-708-572-4825. However remember, I am in USA. Therefore at first you call +1-708-572-4825.
As a telephone code USA +1. Further telephone code city of New York 708.
I hope that I'll soon conversation with you. Martin you can call me at any time. ANY TIME!!!
As I have also answer mashine. Therefore you can leave me the voice message.
Remember I can conversation with you on German. However I ask you to speak very well.
I very much have a lot of excitements rather our conversation. I shall wait your call.
So remember call to me at any time. ANY TIME. The request do not postpone our conversation.
I want to hear now your vote. But do not forget. I have not enough practice conversation on German.
I hope that you will understand me well. I hope soon to hear your vote and I shall be very glad to this.
Yours Helen

and so on - totally 13 letters so far.

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2007-05-04, 06:05:15
anonymous from Australia  
Has sent lots of pictures. Usual emails e.g. :
-----Original Message-----
From: Helen []
Sent: Friday, 4 May 2007 3:25 PM
Subject: it's very important for us!!!

Hello my love again.
I'm very glad receive your letter so soon. Your answer Im waited very strongly.
As its very important for me. I have accepted the very serious decision.
I'm glad that you have written me such letter. Therefore I want inform you some good news.
You should think about my letter very well. As its very important for us both.
I ask you read my letter very very attentively plz. OK Plz excuse me for the huge letter. But I couldnt write its more shortly.
As i have a lot of question for you. Think very well about all my questions.
Then give me complete answer on my questions. As our future depends from this questions.
I ask you, dont make fast decision. Plz think very well about each my questions. Fine.
I already informed you that now I have my holiday. I have still approximately 20 days of holiday.
If I'll arrive to you. You have already some plans about our meeting?
What would you want doing at this time? Than with you we'll be engaged? You will show me your city? Im very much want visit all your liked places with you. There are such?
Also I want ask you. You will show me your relatives?
Probably your friends? You already told him about me? What they speak about me?
I sincerely want to learn your relatives. Hope that you will think about it.
You want carry out together rest of my holiday? Or you want that I remained with you? Its very important for me. Remember I'll wait your answer. I ask you think very well.
As I any not game with you my love . I hope that we can find out 20 days each other are more good for these. Also I want inform you, that I probably would like remain with you more than only 20 days. Probably all life... What you think about it?
My love I should also ask you the very important question. OK When I'll arrive to you, there is a place where I'll stop?
I'll be stop at you home? Or I should live in the hotel?
Also I want to inform you, that I dont want stop in the hotel.
I dont like stop in the hotel. Whether I can arrive to you home?
You take place where I'll sleep?
My honey when I'll arrive to you you guarantee my complete safety?
I hope that you understand I dont want at once after the airport to make sex with you !!!
Guarantee me it please. I cant that promise concerning sex. OK But you should understand me completely in this question. I dont refuse sex with you.
But should pass some time. That I could find out you more well.
You should give me 100 guarantee about my safety!!!
Excuse me for these words. I dont want to offend you. I trust you completely.
But you should give me your word. OK I ask you my love think well.
For what I am necessary to you? As Im not search only sex for one night.
I really want to build the true relations. To build our family.
I hope that your desire about the our relations coincide with my.
My dear Im very much love your letters. Therefore I completely begin trust you.
I hope that you sincerely in your letters and your desires to me.
In all my letters to you I tried completely give you the descriptions of me.
I hope that you an estimation to this. But Im sure that the personal meeting will not replace any letters. I believe that better 1 time meeting instead of an exchange 100 letters. You agree? Only personal meeting can show all our feelings to each other.
And letter its only beginning of the relations. True relations can be only at meeting.
I should necessarily ask you also. If at our meeting Im not like you.
And you will not be interested me. You will inform me it at once?
As I dont want that you a deceit me. Also I dont want to deliver you of any inconveniences.
I sincerely want that at us with you it have turned out really relation.
Are you ready to change your life? I am ready to reserve my life, But only with you my honey !!!
Only my love I ask you not game with me. As its very serious both important for us.
I sincerely want to be with you. So my love .
If you agree that I have come to you. And if you give answer me on ALL QUESTIONS !!!
Then I'll arrive to you in the prompt time. I ask you let's not lose time.
I ask you dont experience for anything. I already have told to my parents about my decision.
They completely understand me. Hmm... Im not small girl. OK I ask you send me your FULL HOME ADDRESS, YOUR FULL NAME !!!!!!!
Necessarily check up that was correct. Also send me closest the international airport to your house.
When I'll receive the information that I'll buy air tickets immediately up to your airport.
When I'll buy the air ticket I'll write at once to you the letter.
And send date of my flight also number of air-flight.
I ask you not worry about me. All will be good. I sincerely hope that before our meeting there was only small instant. I'll look forward to hearing from you. I ask you remember I thought well. You think very well also. Before to accept the decision.
As its the very important step in our life. The large request to you.
Dont forget send me all information.
1. Your full name.
2. Your full home address.
3. Also airport.
Hope for your sincere answer. I ask you of a pardon for my large letter.
But I hope you understand now me. I could not write it more shortly.
I ask you give answer only on all my questions !!! If you is sincere with me.
If you only game with me. Then I'll understand you.
But necessarily write me answer.
If you only that game, then I'll not come to you.
But I can continue with you our perfect correspondence. OK Forever always your love Helen

2007-05-04, 06:09:14
anonymous from Australia  

Keywords: blonde black dress christmas decoration fireplace
2007-05-04, 06:09:40
anonymous from Australia  

Keywords: 4 four girls
2007-05-31, 15:36:23
My goodness! da same shit happened to too! and exactly to me! me, who have always thought am careful enough! this virtual world will end up freasing every human feeling....
keep informing others, guys! let the others get informed as well....

2007-05-31, 16:31:16
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I found this site by typing Helen Bargett in google. I have been having almost identical messages that others have had, though from
2007-05-31, 17:23:52
anonymous from United States  
That's what this site is for! Now,Is it the same girl in the pic's above?If not post one so it will link with everything else.
2007-06-02, 10:22:12
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Yes, same pics from the last bunch with the blonde.

Here is one of the letters she sent me..

Hi my dear
How are you?
I have some free time, and Im very pleased, that I can write to you.
I have very good news to us both. I have prepared for you small surprise.
I understand that you sincerely man which is honour. Remember I promised give you my telephone number. OK I'll do it.
My phone number is: 1- 315-849-2539. However remember, I am in USA. Therefore at first you call +1-315- 849-2539.
As a telephone code USA +1. Further telephone code city of New York 315.
I hope that I'll soon conversation with you. you can call me at any time. ANY TIME !!!
As I have also answer mashine. Therefore you can leave me the voice message.
Now I'll wait for your telephone call. I remind you. Call me AT ANY TIME !!!!
You know, I have noticed, that our correspondence brings of some idea to me.
I think, that only large, which we have met. I am sure that each of us tested a painful condition of loneliness.
When it seems, that you - no necessary for any, when you see scope pairs and to feel,
that all people around are completely indifferent to you. Unfortunately, we were born from love and
participation, and we leave in the world in complete loneliness. Sometimes I feel so lonely in this large large city New York.
When there is so plenty of the people around, you understand, that the man is necessary for the man!
Similarly to the mother requires the child, and child requires his parents. We - all need somebody.
And all of us require love and care. Not? Love. you know,
I really think, what its not only physical contact, its sensation of complete unity at all levels of our existence.
First of all, at a level of soul. In such affinity you are absolutely free from
the social obligations and stereotypes, expectation and rule. I'm right?
We require to leave fear, which will be rejected and is offended, and we can relax
completely also break up in our mutual participation. You know I is pleased that we have the Internet.
For me it - large opportunity to inform it is more concerning me and mine thougts to you,
even we have no, see each other nevertheless. And more we communicate, than more I want to see you per real one day.
And when it happens, you will know, who Im - already from my letters.
So we can meet our first time, we can resemble the old friends, or lot...
Thats, why I try to inform you more about my internal world, my prospect, my ideas now.
And it - reason, why I ask you to be open and are honour with me.
I want, that you knew, you, giving me most the important and necessary things similarly to your interest,
your dialogue and your friendship. I hope, what is it - beginning something special for me.
And I would like know you more better. Fine.
Most sincere feelings, your Helen

Same as some others of course with just some slight alterations and of course different number. One of the things that got me suspicious about her, was the link she sent me to a site with all her photos on and some of the titles of the pics just seemed a bit strange... like the one that is on the other page of this topic at the bottom is listed as 'Home My Girl friend...'. As mentioned before I came across this site, because I took her name and the surname of a woman she mentioned in one of her letters (same one others have had, talking about patrik and Ms Bargett) and googled it and this site came up on first page.
2007-06-02, 18:31:17   (updated: 2007-06-02, 18:32:07)
anonymous from United States  
i stopped responding but she would still send emails to me As If i was still writing. It was obvious she was sending the same letters to a bunch of people at the same time.

I finally emailed her back and told her to take me off her list and to stop emailing this crap. I haven't gotten a single email again from her.

Thank god
2007-06-19, 12:47:45
anonymous from Canada  

Same letters, similar pictures of blonde in pool and so on...
use this email also:
IP address goes through Israel :

2007-06-21, 10:47:58
anonymous from Germany  
Hi guys,

i've got the same letters like you, she is beging me for 950euros for a flight to germany, transfer via moneygram to a 'Kazakov Ivan'. My questions for a copy of her passportor visum was never answered....
She's a very nice fake.....
The header of her mails showed me a diversion from to, and trhough google with this mailadress i found this page...

2007-06-22, 11:50:45
anonymous from Montreal, Canada  
She has been doing the same thing to me...asking for 950 $.

'her' IP adress show Jerusalem area, the exact location from google earth is:
31.8670 34.7500.... in israel.

Prolly an internet café.

The pictures she sent me are linked here:


Sad, sad. I d like to meet the real girl tho :)


2007-06-22, 12:43:33   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: Helen


---dont know ----

The IP adress show an ISRAEL base....close to Jerusalem

Other Comments:

her list of has been known to change

She will clain to leave the US, then ask you for money when she plans to fly back to you (where ever you are) sweden, germany, canada..etc

For me it was around 950 $can....or 800 euro

2007-06-22, 12:43:33   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  
---dont know ----

The IP adress show an ISRAEL base....close to Jerusalem

2007-06-22, 12:43:33   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  
---dont know ----

The IP adress show an ISRAEL base....close to Jerusalem

2007-06-22, 12:43:33   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  
---dont know ----

The IP adress show an ISRAEL base....close to Jerusalem

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

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