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Dating scammer elizabeth binney


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Name: elizabeth binney


Elizabeth Biney.
Post Office Box DC 119
Airport Residential Area.

Other Comments:
Has anyone seen these photos before? The person claims to be in accra ghana having been born in LA or scotland. She has just begun the squeeze for cash via western union and her nickname/email appears on many dating sites. Further details would be welcome as I continue to work on this one.
This is a differnet face but the same scammer.

SoulName: feelmeslow

Hello Honey,
Here comes the voice of your Sweetheart,Elizabeth calling on you from Ghana.Iam believed you are having a nice time over there.
Iam also kicking good and healthy here as i had always been.Honey Iam sure you had a wonderful Holiday and Iam grateful and thankful that God had brought you back home safely to me and I am very happy for that.

Honey in Coonection with the ticket, Iam not happy with the idea of booking it on the internet.The main reason why Iam saying this is that, you know Ghana is not like the other western Countries where everything is advance.I would have problems at the Airport in collecting the ticket.I had encountered this problem before.

In couple of years back i came to Ghana and on my return my father book an online ticket for me.Guess what it took me three solid days before getting the ticket so i don,t want to encounter the same problem again so i would suggest that you send me the Money through the western Union Money transfer so that I will buy the ticket myself at the Ghana International Airline Office here in Accra.ok.I know you would do that for your sweetheart.

My one and only King, Iam Comfortable with the travel date of 3rd March.Iam even ready to come if you kame it within this Month.Iam sick and tired of this hot Country and Scorching Sun.So don,t worry your pretty head on the date.Iam Comfortable with the date ok.I love you so much.

Please darling don,t worry book any return ticket for me because Iam not ready to come back to this hell country Ghana when i come to the UK. ok.I will not need any return ticket but what i know is that whenever you buy a ticket it should be in and out and should in case anything happens then one can return with the out ticket.

Please honey I know something about the Western Union System because that is the only Service my Father used to send money to us in Ghana whenever i visit Ghana and run out of Money.

You,ll need my contact address to do send the Money online and here is their contact address:

Honey here are my Contact address you will need to use it to send the Money:
Elizabeth Biney.
Post Office Box DC 119
Airport Residential Area.

Please honey, to be sincere and honest with you,I had lost my cell phone in a bus when I was travelling from my Area to Central Accra to buy some food Stuffs for my Mother.I left it in a Car. So I will use my Mother,s Personal Cell phone to send you a text message today ok.Iam sure you,re happy? Smile for me My love.

I would be waiting for your feedback soon.

with love,

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2008-05-27, 16:46:57   (updated: 2008-05-27, 16:49:43)

the link to asian site:
looks like same girl

her nick name: feelmeslow
Profile Headline
I am Elizabeth Binney, a single female of 35 years
I am a lost queen and I am looking for my king for a serious relationship that would lead to a serious marriage.
Please no games or scammers

2008-05-30, 10:37:58
anonymous from Italy  
Elisabeth is wonderful on this site

2008-05-30, 14:07:57
anonymous from United States  
I love the way you say AWWW !!!!

2008-09-23, 01:18:39
anonymous from United States  
The girl is raven riley who has her own website
2009-04-29, 19:24:36
anonymous from Australia  
This lady calls herself Marriam Safura from Ghana, Africa u can find her at hotmail or yahoo watchout guys his is Raven Riley the porn star
2009-04-29, 20:25:04
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from Australia

Please to Clarify Raven Riley is not the scammer !
Raven Riley is a Porn Star who's photo's have been stolen.
The scammer uses them in the scam and the scammer is most
likely a man. Nearly all scammers are men using stolen photo's.
So please do not blame Raven Riley.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-05-23, 07:31:09
anonymous from United States  
shes also using going by basit dollah, and belinda, I have about a dozen pictures already posted for approval, this girl is good guys and likes her work if you play enough hard ball ,she'll even open up her cam, because its reall her. And she will put on a show if you send money....I guess its all like prostitution the only difference there's no actual contact... But the day is coming.....
2009-05-29, 12:42:05
anonymous from Italy  
2009-06-27, 01:08:36
A woman from Accra Ghana is writing to me, her name is Elizabeth Binney, she lives at 24th Korlegoona Street Accra 00233 and uses the e-mail of My problem is this... The photos that she has sent me are all of a black girl, not the girl in the photo's here. Yes she is asking for money and professing undying love for me in 2 weeks and wants airfares etc to come be with me. Should I post the phot's here as a scammer??? or could she be a new scammer using the same name?? She will do almost anything I ask including the nude photo's if I want her to.
2009-06-28, 00:23:56
[hidden] from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from ?

Please for Your own sake learn how to tell a scammer for, Yourself.
Yes its a sc! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 1 There are no White or Black, Men or Woman on line from Ghana,
Nigeria, Senegal, Dakar, Refugee Camp, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast,
All of West Africa. That are not scammers, No Exceptions at all.
# 2 No Woman ever Professes Love on Line in nothing flat to someone
they never met. No Woman, No Exceptions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 3 No one that asks for money no matter what the reason given
are not scammers. Only Scammers do that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 4 You are in Danger because, You have not learned how to tell a scammer.
This is so easy to tell its a scam its not even funny.
The photo's are all stolen. The Girl, You posted is a Porn Star.
If, You confront the scammer with that. The scammer will say yes they are her.
Bull Shit the Porn Star does not live in Ghana she is living very well and
has no need to scam anyone. The Photo's are stolen and not from
who, Your being scammed by no matter what story they tell, You.
Scammers use Stolen photo's, They have many fake names, they have
many e mail addresses, They can fake a web cam, they can fake the voice
The best part is that, Your being made a fool by a guy. LOL
Nearly 100% of all scams including this one.
Are done by young twenty Year Old Guy's who make more money than, You do.
They don't give a damn if, You live or die and will take all, You have and
then keep taking more after that. As long as they can keep fooling, You.
They laugh at how stupid, You are for falling for their Bull Shit.
Never Post, Your e mail address on this site for any reason scammers
are watching this site all the time.
Never no matter what happens ever tell the He / She anything about
how, You learned the truth. Never mention this site.
If, You keep talking to the scammer, I guarantee the lies will just keep
piling up. If, You say anything that proves the photo's are stolen,
They just send more photo's and say sorry for deceiving You before.
Big deal, You still end up being scammed.
Try to remember they Lied to, You and manipulated, Your feelings
this far. They will tell any lie to keep, You hooked.
You must stop believing the Lies and get rid of the lying piece of Garbage
right away. As they are gathering, Your information.
You could become the next sucker to have, Your pictures used to scam
someone else.
When, You cut the He / She off, You must prepare to be scammed again.
They have, Your e mail address Etc. The very same scammer can
contact, You again using one of many e mail addresses, Another fake
Bull Shit story, Another Fake name, More stolen photo's.
You need to be able to spot a scammer the instant one hits, Your inbox.
As, I said and, You will find out for, Yourself if, You don't believe me now.
You will very soon and that will be after, Your hurt worse and have lost money.
There are hundreds of scammers working out of West Africa.
It is impossible for, You to be connected with anything other than a scammer.
The stolen photo's alone are more than enough proof by themselves.
Come back and post everything about this scam and scammer.
Do not post nude photo's that's against site policy even though many
ignore that when its printed clearly to read.
If, You are contacted ever again by anyone who is from or is in
West Africa no matter what the circumstances are. Its a scammer no exceptions.
Stop Loving Stolen photo's and get sick thinking about the guy who has
been writing, You saying, He Loves, You. Heart Warming isn't it. LOL
I have told, You the straight out truth. If anyone say's different then they
are a scammer or are being scammed themselves.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-07-05, 20:07:03
[hidden] from United States  
she is Elizabeth Binney here and she is Philomina Effah to me with the e-mail stilllooking for love2009 very much in love and I am as well.Who wouldnt be but I asked about the pics and she replyed that Raven stole them. I have one that has her in pink and blue jamas so I sent her the rest of Raven then stripteasing...No comment from her but she wont send me anymore.She is having her agent put together the papers to come see me.I wonder who will show up.If its a dude he's getting not really but might get his ass kicked. I am really from Denver just in Okla. for a short time.thanks Tim

2009-07-05, 21:35:49   (updated: 2009-07-05, 21:58:34)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Tim from the USA

To begin with never post your e mail address on this site for any reason.
Scammers watch it 24 / 7
You may be contacted by more scammers than, You ever knew existed.
You may ask it be removed by the site administrator Peter.
Contact, Him at
Tell Him the name of this thread [ Dating Scammer Elizbeth Binney ]
Date 2009 - 07 - 05 Time 20:07:03 Page # 2

Also Never tell any scammer about this site no exceptions.
Please also be informed that Raven Riley is a Porn Star and has
absolutely nothing to do with the scam.
If anyone ever says they are their photo's and claim to be in
anywhere in West Africa Etc. They are scammers and thieves and liars.
No one will ever contact, You because the scammer is lying.
I noticed on a another posting above on 2009 - 05 - 23
Anonymous from the US claims its really her on cam.
That is Bull Shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scammers fake web appearances now.
That live appearance was fake and the real Raven Riley is alive
and well in the US and makes enough money she has no need to
be part of a scam.
Nearly 100% of these scams are done by men.
Your posting lacks key information that could be helpful
to others avoid being scammed by this scammer.
You should give address of where she is ? Or even if the He / She claims
to be from the US or not ?
Phone numbers are very helpful also.
Also be aware scammers use many stolen photo's, Fake names,
they have many e mail addresses.
When, You end it with the scammer, I guarantee that will not be the
end of it as many scammers just contact, You again pretending
to be someone else. Your e mail address showing on here will open
a flood gate, You may never be able to close.
I wish everyone would understand the Photo's are stolen and the
Girl's in the pictures have nothing to do with the scams.
There is a fake Raven Riley out there also.
However the picture, You posted is the real one.
Please stop everything on line until, You learn how to tell a scammer
on, Your own. You are in Danger and don't even know it.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

2009-07-12, 10:10:01
anonymous from United States  
remove my name and e-mail from Elizabeth Binney/ Philomina Effah to me...she has an agent of a Mr.Armiyawo Samir with details of her medical tests and papers to visit US address she gave me was filomina effah at po box 30 nsawam adoagyiri Ghana 00233 she keeps asking if i saw her on web cam cam and the other night she showed me again. She doesnt know that I found the site and can watch the cam anytime I want she might send another pic if my frikken name and e-mail address get removed from my entry up there hopefully he/she doesnt spot it....Thanks

2009-07-12, 14:48:40
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the USA

Please understand to remove anything from, Your posting
is up to, You to contact Peter the site administrator that protects
the postings here from being removed by the bad guy's.
Just write, Him at
Tell him the name of the thread
[ Dating Scammer Elizabeth Binney ] Page # 2
Date 2009 - 07 - 05, Time 20:07:03
You being the original poster can ask it be done.
He will know if, Your the original poster or not.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-07-13, 00:10:31
anonymous from United States  
hey agent 86 maxwell smart thanks for the heads up and will keep the box checked do not show and can someone remind me why the hell we need to save Africa. I havent heard from this chick today probably cause she spotted me up there, oh well she was starting to doubt my trust but was willing to prove she was real....Well if Raven shows up in my bed somenight well I'll be damned

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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