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Dating scammer Lisa Higgins


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Name: Lisa Higgins



Other Comments:
Found me on skype. I never brought up anything about romance, but by the second day she is calling me 'baby' and a simple request for an email telling me about herself produced a result of this photo (and others) and a topic of 'it sounds like you're serious about a relationship, so am I' type of thing. Included in that were several requests to send money to 'help the children' in Nigeria, where she claims to be training medics for Unicef. During one empathetic request, she was sending standard Unicef pictures of starving children. She wanted me to feel safe sending her money to help them directly. Very obvious, but new twist...finding people on Skype. If anyone else has seen this woman, it'd be a help for me to 'have a little fun'



2007-02-27, 22:53:27   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-02-27, 22:53:27   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

Keywords: black girl striped stripes top
2007-02-27, 22:53:27   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-03-02, 09:11:35
[hidden] from United States  
So, there's more fun with this one...she actually made her move. This story is a fun twist on the same theme. Yesterday, out of the blue, she said she loves me as she left. Now, keep in mind, I haven't even mentioned a WORD about being in a relationship with her at all. She's already been calling me 'baby' since day two. So last night, she IM'd me that she was having a problem with the agent (DING! I saw that coming!). Now HER story is that UNICEF paid her well, but she arranged to have it all put into her bank in Illinois, and she can only withdraw from it if she shows up in person. Apparently, the ticket is more than she thought (suprise!) and she can't get to her money unless she shows up in person (bleh, not so clever...and you'll see why). So I tell her that UNICEF has a legal obligation to pay for the transportation of their employees to and from foreign countries (since she did say she was employed by UNICEF as a medic trainer). She said that they only have to at the end of the contract, and that this is just a vacation, so it doesn't count.

Now here's the part where a good memory helps out. Two days ago, when we talked about her visit back to the states, she said it was for 3 months..and as she was asking me if I wanted to send her money to 'help the children' down there, I said that we could 'do it together when she comes back up' so she could bring it down to them in person. She then said that she didn't know when she was going to go back, but it wouldn't be for a while.

So, when I reminded her of this, she immediately logged and hasnt' been back since. I expect she'll come back and make another effort, but by then, I'll have some handy links to send to her.

The moral of this story is, do yourself a favor and write down some details...and then nail them with them when they make the move. Paint them back into a corner...use their own psychological game against them. And, of course, remember the obvious:

1. NOBODY falls in love with someone they haven't seen in person or talked to over webcam within one week. If you haven't heard their voice, and they haven't heard yours, their isnt' a relationship, save that of one between a con man and a sucker.

2. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT'S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MONITOR. It's amazing how many people forget this.

3. You are NOT required to rescue any damsels in distress. If they need saving from stranger in another land, they're obviously not smart enough to use resources close to them.

4. There is no such thing as a supermodel who 'can't find a man'. Nor do highly attractive people sit inside all day scouring the net for 'the right one'. Anyone with any level of competency that really wants to use the internet to find a relationship will use a reputable service, and be more nervous about the whole process and scared about privacy than anything else.

***UPDATE*** Lisa is now attempting to emply the 'Money Order Scam'. She's asking me if I can be trusted with her money by sending me a money order. She logged after that (I was focusing on writing this), but I'll be sure to share the details when she comes back and I get them.

Be aware, and always have fun :D
2007-03-02, 21:27:44
anonymous from United States  
So, more fun and details! Our friend Lisa has definitely shifted this to a mail order scam. She says she wants to send me a western union money order for 1900 USD. Then I turn around and cash it and send the money to her agent. Now, of course I know how this works. The money order is stolen, I cash it and send the money to her agent (which is really the man pretending to be lisa, I'm sure), the bank figures out it's not good (and likely stolen) and takes the money back out of my account. 'Lisa' is nowhere to be found in a country with no jurisdiction to prosecute this.

So, after playing around with this, 'lisa' still wants to pursue this. But I might have a surprise or two for 'her'. For now, 'she's' trying to get me to send $100 for her to fed ex the money order to me, but hasn't given me her address to send it to 'her' directly yet. Some hesitancy with that (which makes me laugh). I'll be updating on this drama as it continues :D
2007-03-03, 06:54:26
anonymous from United States  
Yay! the details!:
Good morning my love,If you can make the money $200 for me so that i can make my hair out of it,So you can see a lovely hair with me why you will like it Will,Here is the hotel manager info,Bcos this the one who is going to have the parcel sent to you Will,Just send the money to her,And she going to picked up for me here. Details to send the money too.

Name:Olabode Thomas
Addr: 15 Airways Rd.
City: Sagamu
State: Ogun

Hope to hear back from you soon,i can't wait to meet you soon

Lisa Higgins.
2007-03-03, 06:56:00
anonymous from United States  
oops! forgot the good part. Some of this is so she can 'visa fedex' the money order here...hrmmm...she needs 100 dollars to fed ex a money order here so I can cash it and send her a check down there? errr....

2007-03-03, 07:31:16
anonymous from United States  
Well, couldn't hold it back anymore. I gave my local FBI office a call. I HAVE to let you guys know..this particular agent hears about 6 of these cases per lie. Nonetheless, she was good about getting the information from me. According to her, if they hear enough complaints containing similar matching information, they pursue it. It's likely that you won't get a call back from them regarding the case, unless you're the 'straw that broke the camel's back' case.

Regardless, the agent advised me to cease contact with this that's what I've done (block is a wonderful thing). I get more and more of these on Skype these days, so I'm sure I'll be adding some more fun here soon!
2007-03-17, 11:31:17
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
lisa did the same to me, i sent her things and she keep asking for more, and i sent money as well, she made a fool of me, and when i told her i dont want to know her she said she is going to kill her self, then she gets Olabode Thomas
to e-mail you to say get back together she not at work today because she tryed to hurt her self, i got all those photos of her as well, oh by the way when you send her mail by post she wants money to collect it as well
2007-03-17, 17:37:34
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Am Lisa Higgins,Am honest in everythings and doing in life,i want to meet and honest man that i can be with for the rest of my life,am looking for Mr Right too.



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