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Dating scammer Jade Sandra Coker


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Name: Jade Sandra Coker

Email: jscoker1122@yahoo


Other Comments:
Loose in Nigeria, maybe South Africa.. Clames to be 'Actress'...
likes to use 'I was mugged by gunmen'....then Hospital scam begins.
parents killed in Ghastly auto accident... raised by Grandmother, now she is gone too...


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2007-03-12, 07:06:13   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-03-15, 00:11:08
Hello to you! Take a look at my entry under Juliet Rhodes, it seems to be almost the same story! I hope you are not so stupid as i'm and send her money!
2007-03-26, 09:19:59
anonymous from Netherlands  
well she,s contacted me also by mail I mailed her back two times .And found out about this dating scammer.

She is In Nigeria right now thats what she says

Greetings marcel
2007-05-05, 15:44:49
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Bless her, she's now working as a waitress in Turkey, doing some research into the Iraq war for her PhD. Still wants to be an actress, though...
2007-05-05, 15:45:06
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Bless her, she's now working as a waitress in Turkey, doing some research into the Iraq war for her PhD. Still wants to be an actress, though...
2007-10-27, 10:18:00
anonymous from United States  
2007-11-23, 22:40:04
i just figured her out today. she's been contacting me through e-harmony under jade johnson. she's pretty good had me fooled, until she ended up in the hospital, looking for money.
2008-01-23, 18:51:05
anonymous from United States  
Poor Jade, she is now running an orphanage in Nigeria. She needs money to help the little children. She is blond at the moment.
2008-06-16, 17:09:58
anonymous from Norway  
The woman you are writing about has the enclosed picture now at, the full address you can see when you get a member:


She is in Nigeria, apparently, taking care of the orphanage, but will come to Norway (Bergen on the west coast) soon, not far away from the town I live in. Later she will start a hairstyle studio in Oslo. Lost her family, betrayed by her boyfriend with her cousin some years ago, and so on. Hehe. Even her mother came from Bergen, she could tell me.

I always check information about such women. She has not asked for money yet, but I am sure it will come, if she still think I know nothing. Anyway, here I am, after Goodling her name Jade Johnson with msn for those who want to 'face' her. She hang up when I told her she surely was famous if she was so nice and helped children with an orphanage and perhaps found her when Googling her name.

So guys, NEVER NEVER send money whatever. The internet is great, search for all the information you get to check if it is right. :-)

Take care, have fun, enjoy the nearby girls. ;-)

2008-07-01, 00:52:24

Description of full on email this is an example is also using the telephone no 02347031014.

I noticed inconsistencies in the photos I was being sent.

Also a person claiming to be from england and was making way too many simple spelling errors.

Also emails were so in depth and non specific, never answers your questions, claims she is religious.

I only worked it out after a week, trying to qauickly to get into your life.

Becareful guys becareful, lucky I looked all this up.


Dear Kieran,
How are you doing today? I hope fine. Am sorry that i could not send you e mail since yesterday. I have been very busy as usual because i did tired my best to seal the deal and get on the plane. But it is very sad that the japaness company refuse to settle terms on the payment they have many procedures to follow and now they are expecting approval from Japan which may take about 1 month or more. But am sure they are fully ready. I have no account in australia so i think if i get to you and when this people are ready to pay me, i can use your account for the fund transfer.
You such a nice man and am really happy to have meet you Kieran How i wish we have meet even before now.

Moreover, i have booked my flight and i will send the details to you in my next mail. Am sorry i could not get a sit again on Friday but i did got a sit reservation for this weekend Infact, i realy tried and was on the line at the Virgin Nigeria Airline office for hours yesterday because there are too many people wanting to go to A.U next week and the flight move to A.U just twice in a week and this is one of the reasons i could not send you any e mail yesterday because by the time i was through with the japaness company and also finished from the airline office i was so tired and i just came back to the hotel to rest. But thank God that at last i was able to get the reservation for next week.

Meanwhile, am presently having less than 1000 us dollars on me now and i need to balance my hotel bills because am sure i would have spent more than my deposit at the hotel . And i need to add to the flight ticket fee because my return ticket can not take me to A.U with the amount on it. So all the fund i need now is about 1600 us dollars . It is not as if i did nothave money on me, infact i prepared myself realy good but i never knew that this country is yet to develop compared to the last time i came down here some years back. I thought i will be able to make use of my Credit Card, but you can not believe that none of the C.C country is operating down here so i can not make use of my Credit Card untill i arrive in A.U
I know i did not need to discuss this with you but am begining to think that we are now one and am telling you those things that may delay me for that next week as i did not want you to see me as a lady that does not stand by her words and i want you to know that i will be more than happy if you can meet me at the airport when i arrive this weekend, But if you are not free that day, i will understand.
Although, i can still see what i can do with the balance of the flight ticket but am not sure of what i can do now as for the hotel bills. I have told my estate agent to give me a loan and when the property is been sold I will refund him with his percentage on the sale. Do not be scared my dear Kieran, i as a person, i hate to be a burden on my feloow human being especially my partner so when i arrived in A.U , i still can make use of my C.C to sustain myself till my fund from the sale of my property is transfered to me. I think you understand.
Thank you so much Kieran, Thank you so much for keeping my company during the few days we have met each other and for giving me at least a little hope that possibly i will have a faithfull partner again and for all your complement that make me blush as i was reading them I pray that when we meet, it will be the begining of something great between us. AM REALY ANXIOUS TO MEET YOU.
Till i hear from you, stay blessed and safe.
Yours, Jade................ A picture for you at the hotel Lobby..

2008-07-15, 09:48:08
Anybody here had contact with tade coker and/or peace jane coker? First one is in tasmania (as she says) and will ask you for money. She plays the game pritty good. She even knows about your country, gives you good adresses and so more. Be carefull gentleman! The other one says she's in Nigeria for an education. Didn't ask for money yet........but she will......I can tell. Both contacted me on lexa/meetic.
2008-09-14, 11:54:30
anonymous from Netherlands  
No she is in Australia. Tade. And again she needs money to come to Holland.
Im glad ive seen through her scam, becasue another time someone tried me to, but i found out about it on the net.
2008-10-18, 17:17:54
anonymous from New Zealand  
hey guys I've just run into a Jade Johnson from england ,yeah watch out she is good ,her mother was killed in an accident and her father died a year later, so be careful

2008-12-21, 08:43:11
The First Jade Johnson is a porn Model (she is Number 8 in the thread linked)

2009-01-05, 10:08:33
Miss Jade Johnson have 'escaped' from Ibadan, Nigeria again. Last Xmas (07) and last summertime 08, she went over to her non exist house in Cyprus, but she did not. Of course she got problems with her expired passport! Anyway; She told that she is now staying and living in Bilbao, Spain, together with her lovely uncle :-) Don't trust in her and her story. She lie! All she want is money for her unpaid hotel bills, hospital bills, lawyer, unpaid bills for her non exist property ( Stephan orphanage center), flight tickets etc. She is cooperating with her team and her friend Mr. Martins. She is the penguine of her team. If you have been scammed of this lady - send as much as You can of all of your informations and documents to the EFCC police in Nigeria ( and treat her as a criminal, even she claim to be a UK citizen - nurse and midwife :-)

She is also using another photo, which she have stolen from an US actress.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ridwan Issah

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