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Dating scammer Juliet Rhodes


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Name: Juliet Rhodes


Juliet Rhodes from Abeokuta and Lagos Nigeria

Other Comments:
Does anyone knew Juliet Rhodes born 24.05.1979. She is a actress and for the moment in nigeria. She don't get the filmrole, only she would sleep with her boss. She contacted me over She thought i'm her soulmate. We have contact for one week and then came the money question for ticket and hotelbill. She will be in nigeria and needs money so we can meet soon. I was so stupid and send money to her. At the day she should arrive at the airport i stand there alone. She can't come cause there was robbery on her way to the airport. A hospital called me and also a doctor mailed me to find out her identity ( and Now she needs the money to pay the hospital bill and then she will come to germany to meet me, her love! I'm not able to pay more money and if i could i also would not pay more. Can anybody help me please to find out the identity!?!?!?!?!

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2008-02-27, 02:33:59
has any of you heard of a woman named Jade Sandra Eastling, she asked to see me. and I think she wants me to send her money but i am not sure. sh's an aspiring actress, and from the UK. She seems cool but I don't know. please help?
2008-02-28, 09:14:08   (updated: 2008-02-28, 09:26:54)
anonymous from United States  
you guys need to check out the 419 scammer websites to learn more. just google 419 scam. if you have been taken in by one of these sob stories, you may not be able get back at them. but you can still get back. the scammers are out there in droves. 419 shows you how to attract them for the express purpose of stringing them along, wasting their time and humiliating them as much as possible. it is a hobby to those who call themselves 'baitscammers'. they provide step by step instructions to create a safe and bogus personna with which to fool those scammers into thinking you are legit. all the while you are pulling their strings until it is time to cut them loose. you can't stop the scammers, but you can make life miserable to a few of them. try it, you'll like it.
by the way, these are not women. almost all are men working out of internet cafes in west africa. they are crooks and liars. all of them.
my first bait scam took 91 emails and i sent the scammer to western union three times looking for money that would never come. it is fun jerking these bozos around. i then found the same person on yahoo im. by then i had a new personna (so they didnot recognize me) and i am currently stringing the same idiot along for the second time. they are crooked, but not too bright.
2008-04-13, 23:38:47
anonymous from United States  
jade sandra eastling is a scammer u got a pic here are some

2008-06-03, 10:44:08
anonymous from United States  
now jade is using email of
2008-10-14, 09:00:07
anonymous from Germany  
2008-10-14, 09:02:48
anonymous from Germany  

2008-10-14, 09:03:35   (updated: 2008-10-14, 09:04:21)
anonymous from Germany  

2008-11-05, 04:53:29   (updated: 2008-11-05, 04:54:05)
Does anyone know this person? I met this girl on I was so stupid, I gave her money. She supposed to live in Lagos, Nigeria.
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2012-02-08, 11:22:48
anonymous from United States  
The Nigerian girl is now Brandy Blessing. She is trying to get her brothers money which comes up to a few million dollars. I can't believe people fall for this stuff but our society is not as smart as it used to be.
2012-02-09, 21:23:41   (updated: 2012-02-09, 21:25:40)
anonymous from United States  
Re: 2012-02-08, 11:22:48 anonymous from United States - The Nigerian girl is now Brandy Blessing. Here's recent complaint filed with Yahoo Messenger .....

Complaint Report Details


'Yahoo Messenger - Mobile/Social for $15,000.00 on 11/04/2011we started chatting on november 4th. she contacted me on yahoo messenger. she told me she need help to make her way back to the states. from november to january, i was sending her money little by little. i was surprised how much i totally spend on her when i add it up. i gave her money for plane tickets and everything. something always came up from her getting on the plane. thats when i realized i made a mistake even though she promise me to pay me back. also, 25% of 2m she had. she is nigeria. [ Brandy Blessing ] is her name.
Submitted by Henry on Jan 22nd, 2012.'
2013-06-05, 19:08:28
anonymous from Canada  

Guy, be Careful with this Dating Scammer Lorna Jacob.

Story is always the same. the needs money to come home from Nigeria.
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2013 18:42:03 +0000
Subject: Re: Do you really want to come to me?????

My love today is my second day here and I am sort of very broke and the hotel manager needs me to pay up his bills as well I don't know if you could be of help with that and you can go away and book my flight as you desired because I can see you don't trust me but you such much believe in your self and understanding and am having problem with my accommodation and feeding here which I wish you can help me with today I need to read from you now the hotel manager info is
Name ; Folalu Tunji Odunayo
City : Abeokuta
Country : Nigeria
Zip code : 23439
I need to pay him 450 usd for my hotel bills and feeding please I will appreciate this soon thanks for the love and care

2013-06-05, 19:18:17
anonymous from Canada  

Lorna Jacob wanted from me first $850 for rescheduling the fight to Canada.

Two days ago, she was trying to get from me only #450 for hotel expenses.
Now, she want from me only $100 for food and phone calls to Canadian Consulate in Lagos Nigeria.
I gave her address, and email address to Canadian Consulate.
She don't use the email to contact Consulate but to push me give her money for food.

She has told me that she has $ 450 000 Bank draft/Money draft but she can only cash it in Canadian banks. She want to use my account.

She wanted from me to transfer money by Western Union on following address.
Name ; Lorna Jacob
City : Abeokuta
Country : Nigeria
Zip code : 23439

See her photo and be careful. She is very good to make you weak with her Love messages.


2013-06-05, 20:57:59
Bax from United States  
D.@ Canada,

Thanks for address and name of scammer, my pic shows the Nigeria people at work scamming.
Go to top of this page at blue search bar, type in Julie Yuliana. Her pics have been used
as scam-bait since the internet began!

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2013-06-06, 03:02:29

2013-06-06, 21:42:40

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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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