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Dating scammer Alisa Tymopheewa


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Name: Alisa Tymopheewa


153510, Russia, Ivanovo area, Kokhma, Komsomolskaya street 5-9
To: Tymopheewa Alisa

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2007-05-05, 09:52:10   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  
Svetlana Savinih
She gave me this adress, I don't know if it's real or not: Svetlana Savinih, Russia, city Kirov. street maryina 8a.

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Dating scammer Alisa Tymopheewa

Keywords: blonde blue jeans hot pants black top stuffed animal purse
2007-05-08, 23:16:31
anonymous from United States  
Svetlana Savinih contacted me from and asked me to write her at

She/he is not very creative.

Thanks all for the info so I can end it before I start.

2007-05-13, 11:51:53
Alisa Tymopheewa
Hello my S!

How are you today? I'm sorry that didn't write you. I had crazy days. As I told you, I have needed to survey my little niece. Friday in morning Alina and her baby Maria came to my clinic. I have read medical card of little Maria and descried some symptoms of serious illness. Straightway after it I have call to my friend Alexander Popov. He is medical professor of cardiology and very good doctor. He has very big experience in medicine. I have needed to hear his mind about little Maria. He told that he could to survey Maria. We have go to his clinic.
After full survey of Maria Alexander told for us that she have serious illness. It's a inherent defect of heart. All my family was shocked after we got to know about it. I can't imagine how all doctors who survey little Maria before, didn't look it? It's very dangerous illness. He told that little Maria need urgent surgery. We don't have such specialists who can do it in Ivanovo city.
Maria need to go to Moscow in cardiology center. This clinic has very good surgeons and modern equipment for this procedure. It's their webpage: We have call to this clinic in Saturday. They told that they can make this surgery. But it will cost 230000 rubles.
It's about 9000 dollars. It's very sad that we don't have public free clinics which could make this surgery. So we need to pay for it. Saturday in evening our family have started to find money for little Maria. I have needed to give to Alina all extra money that I had for my travel. It's 1200 dollars. We gathered total 6800 dollars. But it's not enough. Alina works as accountant in Bank of Ivanovo city. Yesterday she asked her boss about loan. The bank could give only 1500 dollars loan. It's very sad, but our family don't have more money. We gave all that we have to little Maria. Dear S, I am very confuse, but I don't have other ways that ask you about help.
I never asked you about something, but now my family really need help. We need 700 dollars.
Please tell me, is it possible for you to help our family and baby Maria. My mom told me that she think you are very good man and will not leave me in this difficult situation. I hope it's true?
As I told you, Alina works in the bank. This is name and address of this bank:
IVANOVO 155000
I have asked her how I can get money from foreign country. She told me that the most easy and fast way to send it via Money Gram company. It is webpage of this company:
Also I asked Alina about all details of sending money via this company. She said that a sender must go to the Money Gram branch and give them following information: THE NAME AND LAST NAME OF A RECEIVER, A COUNTRY WHERE HE MAKES A TRANSFER and they give to sender EIGHT DIGITS CONFIRMATION NUMBER. THE RECEIVER MUST KNOW CONFIRMATION NUMBER FOR RECEIVING MONEY. If you will help my family, I promise you that I will return all money in the end of May after I will get my paycheck. This is information that you will need to send money:
County: RUSSIA
Address of the bank: VOROBEVSKAYA STR 11A IVANOVO 155000

This is Alina's full name: ALINA WILCOWA

I need YOUR FULL NAME, FULL ADDRESS, EXACT AMOUNT AND CONFIRMATION NUMBER (8 digits) which will be given to you S! Please don't forget to send this information to me, ok? After you send me information I will give it to Alina that she could pick up this money in the Bank, where she works. Dear S, I hope that you will help my family and little baby Maria. You are last hope for us! I will wait your letter with good news.
Also about my travel: I have changed my tickets to New York city for 25th of April. Unfortunately my tickets is non refundable and I can't get money from it for Maria. I just could change my tickets for more later date. Surgery for little Maria will be in 22th of April. After I will know that her health is good, I will go to you. I hope that you don't mad about this situation.
I want to cry when I think that I can't travel to you now, but I can't leave my family in this situation!
I will wait letter from you, S.

With love

Your Alisa

2007-05-13, 21:37:28
She wrote to me a few times as well. she said she wanted to travel me and I told her to go by herself. Never heard from her again.

She use to have accounts and plentyofish (Not sure how you spell that place) and craiglist. I once got an email from a russian girl (Totally different person it seemed) at (scam central) and I wrote back using an email. Well I asked her many questions over a couple weeks and most of them she did not answer.

She changed emails during our communication. Here they are

She claimed she was a pediatrician from kokhma in the Ivanovo area (She sent a little map of the location) so I sent her some pictures of kokhma and she never mentioned anything about them. She said she used the computer at her work, but I doubt anyone would put racy pictures of themselves on a work computer (a hospital according to her).

Sometimes I would respond in some broken Russian and she didn't say anything about it. Strange since usually people appreciate the effort. Someof the pictures here I have seen before (I deleted them though). She wrote to me around the month of January. If you really want to get these scammers ask really specific questions and observe their reaction. They enjoying dodging them. I knew she was a scammer automatically, so I played along with it for a little to give the benefit of the doubt. The strange part was that I specifically said I do not give money to anybody, and she still kept sending messages and an address. She is very dumb and told me about her exboyfriend and also mentioned a friend named Anna (apparently she takles the pictures). She claims she has a Mom named Olga and a father named Alexander who fixes trucks.

I hope this helps in some way.
2007-05-19, 01:09:08
anonymous from Finland  
Same scum wrote me:D

'Hello!!! It Sveta writes to you!!!
Thanks you for your interest to me. I to see yours profile, you to
like me and I am glad that to find you. I to write to you with serious
intentions and I hope for serious relations. I ask you to write to me
about you on the address: I wait as your photo
I to promise you that I to answer you soon after yours the letter and
with my answer I to send you my photo. It is very pleasant for me to
know that you to have interest to me. Thanks you. I wait your letter
soon. I to think that you to find time to write to the girl which very
much to be interested in you.
With hope Svetlana Savinih!!!'

2008-02-08, 16:20:49
Svetlana Savinih also looks alot like Laura Maus which also uses the name Tessy Smith who is supposedly in Lagos Nigeria.
2009-05-12, 02:24:50
ALISA ALGAEVA new scammers, saratov russia

2009-11-20, 07:40:04
Well we e-mailed each other for 2 years.She never requested money from me or for me to go there and for her to come here. We became good friends and still talk to her to this day. We actually met a few months back and she is a sexy gal. She did not request for nothing we hanged out for a week since she was here on a traveling visa.She probably got other people but I got lucky then. Maybe cause she wanted someone to actually talk to.

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