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Dating scammer Ekaterina (Natalia) from St Petersburg, Russia


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Name: Ekaterina


St. Petersburg, Russia

Other Comments:
introduced herself as Ekaterina, but letter ends with 'Natalia'

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2009-09-01, 08:30:09
wanwan from Japan

Fucker ,go away !!
We delete your existence.
Stupid,fuck you !
2009-09-01, 09:54:13
anonymous from United Kingdom  
re: pic posted at 2007-03-18, 09:01:47 - seems she's also active on she's posing as a doctor. drshinybeauty from Cairo. aged 28. this is her blurb:

salam alikom what can i say, , u can see my picture at my profile this my real picture, , i am fearing god Muslim, , who pray, , read quran, , never marry, , never had relation, , working doctor, , really pretty, , well educated , , from good
2009-09-01, 09:59:03   (updated: 2009-09-01, 10:11:48)
OJAS from United States  
@Wanwan, see my e-mail, idiotic posts hagone
Anfisfisa Chechova
My next article will show that Scammers Latinize Russian names by interchanging h, ch, kh. They make searching hard, don't they? ...
2009-09-01, 10:18:00   (updated: 2009-09-01, 10:18:56)
OJAS from United States  
2012-12-10, 15:55:28
anonymous from United States  
She calls herself Mariya.

**** 'I new this was fake but I wanted wait and see if she asked for money'

First.. she said she found me on this website but I couldnt see her profile or photos
***** any letter starting with Dear is a dead giveaway and ANYNAME auto fill in.


Hello DEXTER,so how are you doing ?******my name is in cap's*** pre-formed letter** lol
i just check my email and i am glad to see your response,
so do you use dating sites for long time ?
Well,i understand that the distance is not problem
for you so you send me an answer,but who know,
so have you ever date someone from an other country and
do you think it could be possible for you ?
Now about what bring me to internet.
DEXTER,my dog named snowy died and i felt terrible and co-worker
told to me i should try Internet and she be lived it can make
me feel better,these days i am much better.
I can speak and write english and if you have any difficult
in understanding my writings,just let me know.
I will try to describe myself and will be short so if you
feel interest you can send me an answer,my computer is need
to be fixed and they have told to me they will get it in three
weeks maximum so i use Internet cafe now to write you from here,
i will be back in a few days to check for your answer.
as you know my name is Mariya,
i am 29 years old ad my birthday is 8th of march,
looking for serious relations only,not fan,virtual,nude,chat,etc.
Finished with ex boyfriend half year before and single this days,
stay home alone this days.As you know i live in novosibirsk,
but i have a family here in the country side they do live in the farm,
and i can say that i look like as city lady,but i am farm girl inside
and i grown up on the farm and this means i know what is hard work !
what is about you ? do you have any bad habits ? I do not smoke,
do not drink often,and have never tried any kind of drugs.
My weight is 118 lbs and 5.6 tall,not too large lady for you ? :)
just joking :)
I keep in fit and like different activities,let me know
what activities you like ? I hope you do not think that
watching TV with bottle of bear every evening is good activity :))
What do you do for living DEXTER ?
I work as dentist in the hospital here.
What is about your family ? I have no kids by myself but have
a lot of relatives,
send me some pics of your family if you have.
Have you ever been traveling abroad ? What country do you wish
to visit the most ? I enjoy traveling very much.
I need to go now,
let me know if you got my pic,let me know
you like animals we have many here on the farm,look like zoo :)

My dear friend,this is your Mariya here.
> How are you doing there ?
> I hope you do not mind that i call you friend,
> this mean a lot for me,i do belive that friendship
> can grow into something more private,do you agree with me ? :)
> I have told to my co-workers in clinic about you and they
> were very surprised,they asked me if i take vacation and fly to you
> there and i said it is too early make plans like this and
> we need to know more about each other first ! My co-workers like
> jokes like this and i am sure this is the subject to discuss
> for every day now :) They just see i smile more often than before
> and i feel more positive and they were curious who make me feel
> like this ? And now they do know that one man far away did :)
> So did you tell any one about me already ? :)
> I see that we have many things in common and this make me feel
> that we can be couple able in person.I think that sometimes people
> do not have enough time to know each other when they are getting in
> person first,but when we do write it is the chance for you and me to
> share something that is really important and if we get for a meeting
> we will know a lot about each other,this make me feel comfortable.
> I want to be honest to you and the same from you,i do not use any more
> profile in Internet and i do communicate with you only.(****YEA RIGHT***)
> I think it can be the chance and if it wont work out i may be never
> try Internet again,but something tells me everything goes fine and
> we could be the couple.My co-worker has birthday soon and she has
> no plans for it yet,because she do not like preparations and i think it
> will be just party with co-workers.
> So what is your home address ? I want to have**** 'I never gave It'
> yours and will send my in the next letter,i think i come here on the day after
> tomorrow,just need to check my postal code.
> I like to swim very much and i have one picture for you,it was made
> in Turkey and i will look for more picture,today have only one,
> on weekend will send more.Do you like any kind of water sports ?
> I would study diving very much !
> Come here soon
> Yours Mariya

last letter ***** THE MONEY SHOT****** LOL I wrote back to her in Russian via google translator... lol telling her I dont send money via Western Union that I would pay for ticket and myself in case i needed a refund......think i scared her away?????

My dearest Dex,this is Mariya,
it was email address at work we used there.( email she is using.)
how are you doing there ?
the boss has come this morning only,
she was visiting her family near the city.
the weather here is nice,
it is the beginning of Winter and very snowy already.
The boss said i can take vacation from the 16 of December and i am
getting 26 days as the maximum,this means we can celebrate
Christmas together ! how do you like this idea ? :)
i went to the tourist agency and find out
about flights to you there,
i will be flying to you throw International airport in Moscow,
as we do not have it here and it will be connection flight.
There are many available flights and the prices are various,
it depends on airline and if the flight has connecting flights also,
i think that i will be getting the tickets with opened return date.
This means i will have return ticket and i can
fly at any date we decide i should,how long do you want me to stay ?
If we decide it after one,two or four weeks,it will be easy just to call
airline and book return ticket,so it is really good idea,
but i belive we send me back after Christmas ?
Now about the prices,my trip to you is from 1390 dollars,
Dex,this price include round tickets by plane with opened return date.
The price is not low because i will need to get to Moscow first and
flights inside of Russia are more expensive than to travel abroad,
because our airlines are really crazy here.
About papers necessary for travel to you there :
i have everything ready in order also i took my drive
licence and international diploma.If we fall in love we can look for new
job for me there,so i take all necessary papers for long stay.
I will get about half (700 dollars) from my boss and nearly 800 is what keep us a part.Now i need about 800 dollars your support and you should get it here asap,
we need to pay for tickets right now(its included 100 extra funds may
be necessary for taxi and food in Moscow),
the price can grow up later by Christmas in two times,
but now we can get it for this good price.
I talked to the tourist agent and she said the fastest
and safe way you can get 800 dollars here by 'Western Union'
Dex,you can check their site and find the agent
near your home,then you can go there for funds transfer.
Also you can check this service : and it may be cheaper to use.
This is the necessary information for funds transfer when you go to the agent :
Country : Russia,City : Novosibirsk,for my full name : Mariya Donskih.
They will give you reference # and you should send it here by email.
I will send you my flight information as soon as i pay for it and have by myself.
Also please give me the best date to pick me up at the airport
and the day time,i belive it depends on traffic,i have the copy
of my passport and i am sending it so you have it from your end.
Well,this is the information for you dear
and this is what do we need to do now.
I will come here again soon,
i need to do some home work,

i hope we will have our album soon :)

With very hot kiss and hug
Yours Mariya

2012-12-10, 22:46:54   (updated: 2012-12-10, 22:49:52)
Miss Marple from United States  
Thanks you for posting this scam yes of course this is a scam ,reported before on this site as Oksana Albu,check the links and you will see how many photos this girl has,wonder if she is involved in the scam too ,but you know it is guys who are doing the scams,,,
please post these mails and photos on that thread ...

dating scammer Oksana Albu

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Oksana Albu

2014-12-17, 13:11:22
OJAS from United States  
Reverse image links to this thread starter girl
2017-02-15, 22:51:52
anonymous from France  

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