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Dating scammer dorcas appiah


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Name: dorcas appiah


1st lapaz st. accra ghana zip 0023321

Other Comments:
has anyone seen this girl or have been contacted by her??

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2009-01-21, 20:20:54 from United States  
Hi I was scammed by the same scammer
Name Cosmos Dorcas Faibi AKA Dorcy AKA last name Fobi
E Mail
Accra Ghana 95 Kanda Highway 00233
Phone # 011233249823212
I was scammed from July 2008 to January 2009
Certain facts are universal Most of the time claims to live with Uncle & Mother
Father usually is dead. Has a son or doesn't either way. No sense in listing Birthday
as that changes with each new scam. Same with much of the information.
Don't be fooled if your information does not match exactly. This is a very skillful
scammer. I have been looking at every listing on this site. Some have said this
same scammer is responsible for around 20. I would put that number around 100
and higher. Obviously the biggest scammer in the World right now. Most scams are
said to be from Russia. I would say Russia will be left behind very soon if not already.
I had everything under the sun given for why She needed money.
Partial list New computer, New phone, Health problems hers and her mother.
Money for friend to join dating site, Food as they are starving, Birthday present for
son. Plus many more such as paying to get her here to marry me.
Its all bullshit. No photo ever given are of the real person. Says there is no way to
go to cyber cafe to go on live cam. In fact asked money for a cam.
Gets money via Money Gram but prefers Western Union.
Loves to talk on Yahoo messenger falling hearts back ground.
Tells you she is a Godly woman and Loves You in as little as 2 E Mails.
Usually has God is with me on top of page. She doesn't care if your 55 and she
could have any guy in the world. When confronted with simple questions will get mad
and not answer. You can tell there are different people writing you at times.
Some know what you have said before others are clueless. Some know how to spell
others are hard to read. I was told, I was being scammed but did not believe it
because she was a model whose pictures had been stolen. So, I fell for that.
Then, I Googled Cosmos Faibi as a lark. I was shocked to see her name come up.
I then read all the reports and realized it really was a same scam.
I looked up the photo's and video that had been sent me. There they were on a Porn star. When confronted with the facts. Still tried to deny it.
But then, I said when did you meet Hulk Hogan or walk in snow in New York ?
So she admitted they were fake. Also she did not have a son. Then sent me more
photo's of who she assured me was really her. I checked them out and found one posted on another scam listing site. So it is all lies. No truth in anything.
She is still using my E Mail addresses to post profiles on singlesnet.
Every Friday as singlesnet closes for business hours. Then bang another listing.
I have contacted them and had them pull them right away.
The first three profiles were listed as angelsonearthss then iwantoneonly7 then
mrsdorcy102030 So, I am prepared for this Friday. I have asked that singlesnet
not to allow my addresses to be used any more. Since my posting my original
comments on this site. I have been contacted by several men ? One tried to
contact me through my hotmail messenger. I asked who he was and why he was
trying to contact me. I got no answers in return. I eventually removed it and blocked it.
I traced the IP address back to Germany. The guy was Arab decent and E Mail address Anyone have any idea what the hell that was about
let me know. Plus another guy from Sweden told me he was scammed out of
$50.000 but has been to Accra and wants me to go with him to meet the real
girls who are not scammers. I wrote and let him know that, I could never afford
such a trip. Thought that was the end of that. Wrong !!! He then writes and asks
if, I want to meet a friend of his in Accra. She will go on cam and everything.
Except then he just happened to mention her store had been robbed.
She would need some money to help out. I don't know how stupid I'm supposed to
be to want to hook up with another blood sucker from Accra. One thing, I have seen
going through every listing on this site is the scammers are on here. They are even
arguing about postings they want removed. Also, I can find no reason to ever
believe that anyone listed as being from Ghana Accra as being real. Black or White
girl or any other race. This is a good site it has plenty of information that is very
useful but there are plenty of idiots who have left stupid useless crap that have
nothing to do with scams. Some of the jokes are nice. I do not have a problem
with nudity as it shows the reality of a scammers tool of trade. I object to children
photo's being posted for any reason. That is unnecessary. To bad there is no way
of connecting the information about the same scammers in one spot. The way it is now
you have to look at every listing to see all that obviously are from just one scammer.
If You want to see other postings of mine about Dorcas AKA Dorcy just Google
Cosmos Faibi then go to page 56 & 57 to see alot more information, I wrote.
Notice all the other names listed. All the Email addresses. That is only the tip of
the ice burg. Go through every listing on this site not only to see more about Dorcas
but all the other scams that come from the same person or person's.
Don't be lazy look. Someone needs to unplug Accra Ghana from the net.
I am a Vietnam Veteran and have plenty of attitude. I'm not afraid to show my
E Mail address. Also if You ever sent any photo's to the scammer start looking for
photo to be used in a scam. You have to look at every listing or do a photo
search. I will attach the photo's the were sent me. By the way there are some
idiots who think this is a dating site. LOL
Sorry if you lost time and money and dignity over this scammer but this ass hole
needs to be stopped. Kind Regards Jerry \\'^o^'//

2009-01-21, 20:26:17 from United States  
Dorcas AKA Cosmos Dorcas Faibi
Called Dorcy
See also information above this is the other photo she claimed to be her after
being confronted with the truth that her other photo's were stollen from
Kind Regards Jerry \\'^o^'//

2009-04-22, 22:22:59
anonymous from China  

I'm a very honest person and I'm looking for a person who is responsible and honest. I'm a responsible person and very familiar I really want to believe that there are some good guys out there. Somebody please prove me right. I'm looking for a cool guy who likes to be caring.Well, I consider myself above average with many good qualities....a good sense of humor, educated, athletic, romantic, honest, professional and eager to succeed in life, ambitious. I was born and i grow up is Derbyshire in England in a lovely city of swadlincote

2009-05-29, 04:24:58
anonymous from Thailand  
sounds like Thailand only its face to whatever here LOL..they don't scam here they just ask and usually get..aaau but they are all soooo lovelllyy.
Not sure would like any of the Ghana girls... the big A is rife there..they sure do send some interesting pics though.. get new contact asking for money every time/day on skype from Ghana..good entertainment....
2012-02-20, 00:54:08
My husband is in is mid sixties and started using Skype for his new business. I have tried to convince him that he is being scammed and used for all sorts of things. He is so conned he won't get what I have explained and shown him on the internet. I hope you can help me with this. Her name is Heara Kell and claims she is from Alberta Canada and both her parents were killed in a auto accident and is leaving with a family from Kumasi Ghana. She mentions Theresa Owusa and now a Abdul Raszuk. She keeps asking him for a laptop or food through Ghanamart and mentions an address of PO Box TA 186 in Kumasi. She claims to be from Canada in nursing school in Korfu hospital in Kumasi. He has sent her 1500.00 dollars already and I know he fells like he is making a difference. I am so fed up and frustrated with this situation. Please help. They use a number 00233 00233241913543 He has pictures of a blonde of course on his I phone. We are very financially strapped and this is making it worse.
2012-02-20, 03:21:31
To: 2012-02-20, 00:54:08 anonymous >>> If you can, post a picture of the blond floozy for a reverse image search, or google 'TinEye' and do it yourself. Also, google for information on Ghana scams.

Scamming is a way of life in Ghana and Nigeria ! To these immortal jackals, it's just a business with a goal to scam you into sending as much of your money as possible. The sexy girl on the other end is only a figment of your imagination ! More than likely it's some ugly black dude hunched over a computer in an internet cafe, and being pimped by some lowlife gangland thug rubbing his hands waiting for the pay-off.

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2012-02-20, 04:14:08
Isaac k sarpong  
Luv me
2012-02-20, 04:18:55
Isaac k sarpong  
Lùv me

2012-03-05, 22:20:43
anonymous from United Arab Emirates  
Just add them, talk with them, make them loose their time on Your free time, & enjoy without sending money.
by that You'll make them have less victims
2012-03-07, 00:20:25
anonymous from United States  
Everyone here has had such bad luck. Not my Ann Mariah Brown. She too is from Kumsai. Actually Ejisu, Ghana. She's very pretty, and as a matter of fact Raven Riley is her twin sister. Ann Mariah shared her pictures with Raven and Raven has posted them on Raven's web site. Ann is angry with Raven and has forbidden me to look at Raven's website. Feel free to contact Ann Mariah at Poor Ann Mariah dropped her web camera. She needs $110 to replace the web cam so she can video chat with me via Skype. Her birthday is next week and it would make a very thoughtful gift. She hasn't used Western Union before but apparently they advertise a lot in Kumsai and they broadcast precise instructions.
2012-04-01, 17:27:56
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Look out for Asha Dufie, looking for love. Wants Cell, Digi Camera and money, starts with $300 (western union transfer). Nice pics though. Lol.

2012-04-08, 05:54:08
anonymous from Australia  
Hi to all my single Brothers

This is our struggle to sort the scammers gold diggers from the pure woman ready and waiting for their future husbands.

I find the testemony on this site very useful to prevent being a dating scammer victom. Love is blind so are those who let those woman deceive them. There are millionas of beautful single women living in Ethiopia who do not have acess to such information techonology but who are very treditional and would make good house wifes.

Go there for 6 six months you could rent a room in a hostel next to nothing or when you find that girl you can live with her test her out.

I dere the challenge. I'm going to try it as I'm sick and tired of scammers.

Good luck to all my single brothers

2012-04-08, 22:48:29
2012-04-08, 05:54:08 anonymous from Australia

Amen ! You got the right idea Bruno. I had in mind Swaziland below Ethiopia. Check it out [you'll need a gift for the tribal chief] >>>

[Every year in September thousands of young 'Zulu Maidens' gather at King Zwelithini's royal palace for the Zulu Reed Dance [uMkhosi woMhlanga] and present themselves for marriage. The Reed dance is a colourful and cultural celebration that promotes respect for healthy young women of child bearing age, and preserves the custom of keeping girls as virgins until marriage.]

2012-04-08, 22:52:36
Another Swaziland pic with the Zulu Maidens ...

2012-04-08, 23:09:30
Ohh... the Zulu maidens wait in a queue to have their virginity verified by the tribal elders, and those successfully passing the test are awarded a certificate of virginity. You are allowed to be present for the event.

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