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Dating scammer Olga Dobrynina


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Name: Olga Dobrynina


50-10 Pushkin's st.
Tver, Russian Federation 170003

Other Comments:
same old song and dance... fell in love after 7 e-mails then asked for $600.00 for visa to come here (USA)
Don't these people understand...?
Here are the photos, when the pic came of her in pink with the stuffed kids slippers... I knew the money request wasn't far away...
This one is good at the start,, but read close and you can see right through the B.S.

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2007-09-19, 01:42:18
anonymous from Netherlands  
the third letter.

Hello my new fried! Why you do not write to me, I think that to you
interestingly to learn me better. Write to me as at you business or
what you any more do not wish to have correspondence with me? I look
to your reply Olga.
2007-09-19, 01:56:01   (updated: 2007-09-19, 02:23:00)
anonymous from Netherlands  
letter 4

Good day my lovely friend ........!
I am really pleased to see your letter. How are you? I hope, that all is good with you.
We have colder weather today. I have risen in 6:00am to prepare for work. I have prepared
for a breakfast and then I went to work. Weather good today and I went for work on foot.
These are 30 minutes to go up to my school. I had an amusing history today. One my pupil has
approached to me and has told, that he likes one girl from our class and he wants, that
she became his wife. I have laughed and have told to him, that he is still young for this purpose.
But while they can be good friends!:) It was amusing to talk to this boy!:)
I do not know why, but I was afraid, that you do not write to me today. And now I am very happy
to see your answer! In my last letter I have told to you, that I have some feelings for you.
Today at night I thought of it much. I have come to a conclusion, that you very much like me.
It is possible even, that I can tell, that I love you! Yes, ......., I love you! Please only
be not frightened my words. I only have told to you about my feelings to you! You now the most
dear the man for me. I was silly when wanted wedding with the Russian guy. I am happy,
that I did not do wedding with him. If it has taken place, I could not be happy how I am happy now.
......, I thought of our meeting also. I want to meet you. What do you think? I think, that the
meeting will help us to learn better each other. I would like to arrive to you to meet you and to
see your country. We could waste time well together. I spoke with my mum much about you. She sees,
that I am happy now and it she has told to me, that we should meet. My mum wants only happiness for
me and she knows, that you good the man. The daddy also knows mine about you and he also thinks,
that we should meet. But my father is afraid for me. He is afraid to release me in other country.
But my mum has told, that your country the safe country and I already big to travel one. Whether be
valid I can in safety while I in your country? You will take care of me, .......? You know, I would like,
that you wrote the small letter for my parents. It can be the small letter. But my parents will be glad to see,
that you have written the letter for a bottom. You can write your letter on my e-mail address and then
I shall translate your letter for my parents! You write to me the letter for my parents? I want to remind
once again names of my parents on that a case if you decide to write the letter for them. My mum call Valentina
and mine the daddy call Sergey! You can name them as Mr. and Mrs.Okulowa.
......, I thought of that as I shall move to your country. I know, that for this purpose I shall require
the passport for travel and in the your country visa. But I do not know where and as I can receive it.
Probably I should go in the your country embassy to receive my visa. In any case I shall go soon in agency
of travel and to learn about it. Then I shall inform to you that I have learned.
I have money for travel and it is necessary for me only that you agreed to meet me. Inform me, that you think of it!
......., I also want to speak by with you to phone soon. I asked your phone number and you allowed to me it.
I promise you, that I shall soon call to you. It will be next week! You want to hear my voice?
I very much wait to speak with you, my love!
......, I really love you! I need in you now. You the most dear person for me now. And I hope,
that you will not cease to write to me now. Inform me about your feelings also! I can hope for your love?
Well, I shall speak now from all my relatives and friends greetings! All of us very much love you!
We send you warm feelings!
I shall close now this letter. Write to me as it probably is fast. Lift good Day!
Sincerely yours, Olga.
2007-09-19, 02:00:57
anonymous from Netherlands  
letter 5

Dear ........!
Today I have good mood because I see and I read your letter. I'm fine. And I hope, that you and your family
also is good. I am glad, that we continue to write each other letters and we continue to learn each other.
I should tell to you, that it is very pleasant for me to communicate with you. I for a long time did not
communicate with guys as with you. Basically I simply got acquainted with someone, but I have not been
interested in relations. Now it is very difficult for me to communicate with guys because I am afraid,
that I again shall be deceived. The majority of guys wants only sex from me. But I not the girl for sex.
I protect the honour and I hope, that I can meet worthy the man. It is really interesting to me with you.
I can speak with you about those things with which I am usual do not speak with guys in Russia. It is very
easy for me to communicate with you. My former guy never was interested in the literature and he did not know,
that occurs in other countries. Him never interested that occurs at me on work. He liked to watch TV and nothing to do.
Sometimes he left to drink beer with the friends and he could not come at night home. And then I have learned,
that he changed to me with my girlfriend. It was very insulting for me. Fortunately now all is finished also
I have chance to find more the best the man.
By the way, .........., I thought of speaking by with you to phone. I think, that it is good idea.
But unfortunately I have no while phone in my apartment. Soon my parents wanted to install a telephone in our
house and my father already paid money for it. But in the telephone company to us have told, that we shall have
phone only in a month. I understand, that it for a long time. I also have no cell phone. It is expensive for me
to have cell phone. My salary of the teacher does not allow to buy such phone. Probably you have phone and I
shall be glad, if you can give to me your phone number that I could call to you. I very much want to hear your
voice and I think, that you also will not against speak with me. You should not worries about my English language.
I had experience to speak with people in English and me spoke, that I very well speak in English. Probably you have
two phone numbers. It is your domestic number and number of yours cell phone. I heard, that it is a lot of people
in the your country have cell phones. ......., I ask you to inform your phone numbers in your following letter. And as
soon as I shall have an opportunity I shall call to you to speak to you about it. I plan to call to you in 2 weeks.
I shall receive my salary and then I can pay my telephone inquiry.
Yesterday I again spoke with my mum about you. I have told to her, that you very good the man and with you is
more interesting to communicate, than with men from Russia. My mum is glad, that our relations develop also
she asked me to speak you Hello! I also spoke about you to my girlfriend Alina. She is my best girlfriend and
I have no from her secrets. Alina also was interested at me about you. And I also spoke, that you good the man.
I want to receive your picture on a paper and to show it to my mum and Alina. Inform me, if not against that
Have good day. I shall wait your answer soon! Also speak Hello to your friends!
2007-09-19, 02:33:12
anonymous from Netherlands  
letter 6

My lovely ......!
As usually I have good mood for you. Yesterday we had a rain at us, it not usual winter for us now.
I thought yesterday of you much and I think, that the meeting is necessary for us completely to
understand our feelings. I think, that we the big friends now and when we shall meet we can waste
time well together! What do you think? I would like to meet you, your friends and family. I think,
that it will be pleasant acquaintance! We write each other that I could trust you enough,
therefore I am not afraid to go in other country to visit you. I know, that you can take care of
me while I am in you! It so :)? I also understand, that will be a little strange, if I shall
arrive to you and you will speak, that we like each other. Probably we can protect feelings for
us two only and you can speak your friends, that I have arrived to you as the friend! And if things
will go well between us we can tell everything, that we like each other! What do you think?
......., today I have the big news to you. I went to agency of travel and learned about necessary documents.
To me have in detail told about those documents, which I shall require to visit the your country. First there are
many kinds of visas to visit the your country. But me recommended to use the visa of the tourist.
Her to receive more quickly and it is cheaper. There are also student's visas, the visa to work and travel,
the visa to work, business visas. But as I have already told I shall use the visa of tourist!
This visa will be valid during 6 months. To me also have told, that I should go to Moscow to receive
the visa. Because it is the city closest to me in which there is an embassy the your country. Cost of the visa
makes 150 $. I shall require also the passport for travel. But I already learned about it yesterday.
I spoke you about it and it costs 100 $. Other requirement that I could receive the visa this my health.
I completely the healthy person. In Russia teachers on a regular basis check the health. It is necessary
at work with children. Therefore I have no problems with health. Medical check costs 50 $, but I shall not require it.
Also I should pay registration and filling of biographical inquiries. It costs also 75 $. As you can see
I should take many things to receive the visa to you. But I am ready for this purpose. Except for that
Tomorrow my vacation and I shall have a free time to receive my visa and to arrive in the your country begin.
In agency to me also have told, that I should prove absence of ' immigration intentions '. It means,
that I should show the proof of that I have no intentions to remain in the your country after term of my visa to end.
I have such the proof, therefore I shall not have problems with it also! To me have not told what is the
time will occupy reception of the visa. But it around of 2 weeks. All this time I should live in Moscow
and I shall require money for residing also. I think, that on it it is required around 300 $. Travel up
to Moscow will cost also 60 $. In general it will be necessary for me around 800 $ to pay all my charges
with the visa. These are the big money in Russia. I rescueed money and now I have 900 $ and I can pay my
charges with the visa. I for a long time wanted to visit other country during my vacation and now I think,
that I can do it! I already am completely ready to move to Moscow and to receive my visa. My work at school
comes to an end, and I can already take my holiday to start to receive my!
......., I hope, that now you understand that my intention to arrive to you serious. I want to arrive
to you and to spend with you my holiday. For that time, that I shall with you we could study each other well.
You agree? I planned to remain with you around of 3 weeks if we shall think of us I shall remain with you on much longer.
It will be good for you? I understand, that is
possible you will be occupied on work in the afternoon, but we could spend our evenings together. While you
on work I could cooking for you a supper and help you with cleaning a house. For me the big happiness will help you.
......, I spoke you, that I wanted to arrive to you independently. But we should think also of my tickets of the plane.
Unfortunately I paid my accounts and now I cannot pay my tickets. I thought of it and I have decided, that will be fair,
if we shall divide our charges. In agency to me have told, that the ticket will cost around 800 $. And I hope,
that you can help me with the ticket of the plane. I ask you to learn about cost of the ticket of the plane there.
I shall be very grateful to you if you will help me with the ticket of the plane. Inform me, that you think! Ok?
By the way, I already spoke with my mum about my desire to arrive to you. She knew that I wanted to see
ocean always and yesterday she has told to me, that if I shall fly to you I shall have chance to execute my dream.
My parents not against I flied to you and they have told to me, that they will soon write the letter for you also.
I also ask you to send me other recent pictures of you.
........, I shall finish now my letter and I shall wait your answer.
I also ask you to inform me the nearest international airport to you. Also I ask you to learn about tickets of the plane.
I shall wait your answer tomorrow.
My hot kisses for you. Write to me soon!

Yours Olga!
2007-09-19, 02:35:10
anonymous from Netherlands  
letter 7

Hello my love .....! I so am glad to see your letter and that you will
help me with my tickets for arrival to you. Today we with my daddy
have gone to travel agency to reserve for me to a gift in Moscow and
that they have transferred my application to reception of the visa and
all documents in their main office in Moscow. As we have
bought buy the ticket up to Moscow, at I shall go in Moscow
tomorrow in 4:00 mornings. I shall be in Moscow approximately in 12:00
day, your time approximately 10:00. As I shall be placed in hotel, I
shall go at once travel agency where I will be waited by my tourist
agent, she will tell what to me it is precisely necessary to prepare
for documents and that I should pass, then I shall search for the
Internet of Cafe that I could go every day and inform as there are
business my love.
In travel agency to me have told that it is necessary to reserve the
ticket at once, we looked tickets Moscow - Amsterdam. We reserved here
it is the ticket:
Flight Moscow - Amsterdam
Cost of 25.874 roubles - approximately 650 EURO

Start: MOSCOW 17:15 Monday on October, 1st 2007
Arrival: PRAGUE 18:10 Monday on October, 1st 2007
Flight: OK 895, the plane: Airbus Industrie A320

Start: PRAGUE 18:50 Monday on October, 1st 2007
Arrival: AMSTERDAM 20:20 Monday on October, 1st 2007
Flight: OK 624, the plane: Boeing 737-500

General time in a way: 5 hour. 5 minutes

My documents will be already ready to October, 1. I cannot believe
that it is day there is than that especial for us my love. In last
letter I spoke you that I shall require your help for my tickets. In
travel agency to me have told that after we have reserved tickets them
it is possible to pay within three days. That is I should make it till
Saturday. I hope that you understand my love that now many people go
to holiday and tickets to become will be more dear{expensive} I would
not like it.
In travel agency I have explained that I cannot buy itself the ticket
and that you wished to help me with it. They have told that for us
will be better if you will send money to me and I shall pay back the
ticket. They advised me to use system of transfers western union. For
that that you could send me of money to you it is necessary to know my
full name and my full address in Krasnoyarsk, here it:

Dobrynina Olga
The Russian Federation
Krasnoyarsk region
The city of Krasnoyarsk
Street Mira
The house 13

As that I could receive your money to me it is necessary that you have
given me the information on transfer:
1. Your full name
2. Your full address
3. Whence you have sent city
4. Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN, to you will give in bank after
you will make transfer)

You should send money till Friday, it will be better if you will make
it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow so I could receive them and at
once buy the ticket. If I cannot write to you tomorrow I ask that you
did not worry, because tomorrow for me there will be very difficult
day, but I shall try to make it as I shall arrive in Moscow. I love
you and I look to your reply with impatience. Yours on a century Olga
2007-09-19, 02:37:16
anonymous from Netherlands  
2007-09-24, 08:12:29
anonymous from Vlissingen, Netherlands  
it's looks for marrior!, I have this also in my mail!. what the hell is going on here?

2012-06-27, 16:04:30
anonymous from United Kingdom  

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