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Dating scammer vita


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Name: vita



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this is a scammer

Hello, my dear Paolo!

How is your mood today? I am glad and excited that we continue writing
to each other. Every new letter brings me closer to you and tell me a
bit more about you.. I like to get to know you better, it is an
exciting process, just like reading a breathtaking book:) Sometimes
you meet someone who give you a special feeling and you do not want to
lose this person. I have such feeling with you and I think that we met
not by a simple occasion. You are a wonderful person and I wish you
here so we could see each other, sit and talk about it would be so
nice. I wish I could talk to you in your language but it is a pity for
me I can't because I do not know good English. I know only some
English and translating agency helps me to write letters. Interpreter
is very helpful to me a but I do not want use it all the time to
communicate with you, I want to learn how to talk with you myself! I
am willing to learn your language because it is also important for us.

My dear Paolo,I would like to ask you what make you feel happy and
what makes you sad? What are some things you love to do and something
you hate? I want to learn more about your tastes, the things you like
or dislike, something that is important for you. I will tell you what
is important for me. I love to bring other people happiness with
everything I do. Have I told you that I work as a hairdresser? In the
evenings when I do not have lectures I work in a beauty salon. I like
to make people who come to our salon look beautiful and happy, it is
such happiness to see their smiling faces! It is a simple job but it
gives new sense to my life.

I wish I could stay with you and write you more but everyday life is
always so busy . I need to go to my lectures now but I will keep you
in my mind and will wait with a great impatience for another warm and
tender letter from you.. I hope that you will answer me soon. Take
care and write me back soon!

With a warm soft hug,

Your Vita

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2007-08-03, 06:33:03
I have just recently got involved with'Vita' and payed one months subscription, before reading up and found out more than i need to know. Thanks for saving my hard earned cash, but worse could of been the heart break and time wasted. Always to good to be true! And yes i have a few of those photos? Is she for real? I heard its a man from russia doin it all, and there just fake photos of a model?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer vita
Dating scammer vita

Keywords: blond topless black panties on bed
2007-08-03, 08:37:13
'S' from United States  
I'm pretty sure he won't be back BUT...ANON,How about a name and e-mail addy???

2007-08-04, 03:14:14
anonymous from Italy  
it is clear that who receives photo as these, it is busy with a scammer
2007-08-04, 09:45:37
Got me 2, except i paid for a month before finding all this stuff?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer vita
Dating scammer vita

Keywords: blond topless black panties on bed
2007-08-04, 10:30:50
Eddie from Sweden  
anon 2007-08-03 and anon 2007-08-04...this is a re-post

It's the classic translation scam, mainly a couple of firms working out of the Lugansk area in the Ukraine, although always possible that it's spread. Very well documented. Just google 'Ukraine translation scam' and read all about it.

4 or 5 ecstatic form mails, accompanied by increasingly revealing pics of a beautiful model, climaxing in a request for a translation fee because the girl's run out of money. They must make some cash out of it or it wouldn't have gone on for so long. Very common on Absolute agency.

When they tried it on me a few years ago, i wrote back in Russian saying that the girl didn't need to pay for translation because she could write back to me in Russian. I mean who wouldn't prefer to correspond in their native language? The scam 'translation agency' said that they'd ask her and then quickly disappeared.
2007-08-04, 15:53:45
Skeet from United States  
I've dealt with many of them and a real telltale is the letter from the 'translation agency' comes on HER e-mail addy! Any REAL agency is sure to have their own e-mail addy and NOT with a 'free' provider!

2007-08-09, 11:19:38
New one on, gone now already but would of got a few more.

2007-09-28, 13:36:43
Thanks for the info I'll be sure and mess with her head now.Before she pulls the scam thing
2007-11-24, 09:55:35
anonymous from Italy  
The wonder Vita contacted me too! She's very amazing, but in my case I left her my email on Badoo.

Vita's account overthere is 'Yiktoriya' from Donetsk, Ukraine.

But...oh my God...she's fantastic!!!!
I'd like just to answer if I need some particular anti-spam filters against our blondie!
Thanks and take care!

A special kiss for our Vita!!!

2008-01-18, 01:20:24
anonymous from Switzerland  

2008-01-18, 01:22:00
anonymous from Switzerland  

2008-01-24, 08:01:31
anonymous from Spain  
I found Vita in a social network, here is some of the comunication with her :

Hello, dear!

It is great that you gave me your personal address so we can
communicate more privately and get to know each other better. Like me
you look for true love , don't you? Some say it is a bit naive but I
still belive in true love, I think that without this faith it is very
hard to live. I am sensual and romantic I am looking for a man who
will be my only one. I will give him my all - my heart, body and soul.
I belive that it is possible to live all your live through with one
person in love and happiness. I am the only one man woman and my heart
and body can belong only to one man. I want to share my life with man
who is intelligent, romantic, caring and kind.. if you feel that we
can match and make a strong and happy couple write me back and let's
get to know each other better. I will be glad if you will answer to
this address .Give us a chance to build happy
relations. I will be be waiting for your answer.



And this :

I was looking forward for your answer, I feel that I really got used
to get your letters and they make me feel so good. Since we started to
write to each other.. if feels like I am dreaming!:) I feel myself to
be a little girl in love as I am waiting for your letter with such
excitement.. I hardly remember when I felt the same for the last time,
thank you for your letter and coming into my life:) Your letters
really make up my days!

My dear Alonso, I want to hear how was your day, how are you doing and
what new has this day brought into your life? I want to know even
small details form your life everything that important for you.

My New Year was good,i celebrated it together with my family. What
about you? I would like to meet in person with you,because one meeting
can show us better than a lot of letters. But I don't have another
possibility not to use the translation company. i don't have a
computer at home:(

I feel that through our letter we experience strong feelings towards
each other.. I never through it would happen like this! Did you? But I
belive that the best things in life happen when you less expect them.
I really feel that our meeting was meant to happen. We live in
different parts of the world but me found each other in the Internet,
I have never thought it would happen like this but i am happy that we
have met! I never wish our letters to stop because they are already a
part of my life and my day without your letter will be grey and I will
feel missing you extremely. You should not think that i am a naive
girl that easily falls in love, I am not, but I do have strong
feelings to you after all the letters we have written to each other .
My feelings to you grow the more we write each other. I belive that
love will take time and be sure if one day I will tell you I love you
I will be yours forever . I take these words seriously and would never
say them if I do not feel that I am really in love.

I am upset because of my bad English and I think a lot of how I can
help this, I need to work and improve my language . I have so much to
tell you but it is not for letters , I want to tell you this in person
when we will be alone - just you and me. I am willing to find someone
who can help me to learn English and start learning the language soon.

My darling Alonso, I am happy about our letters and I wake up with a
smile on my face because everyday I wait for a letter form you , some
news from your side. I wish you to have a great day! I miss you ,
think about you you and wait for your letter.

All my love and tenderness to you,

Your Vita

And this from the 'second-half' trabslation company :

Dear Mr. Alonso,

Unfortunately your lady can't answer your message now. Her account in
our translating service ran out we can't translate your letter to Vita
now. We will do it as soon as the account is refreshed. Your lady
informed us that now she has no possibilities to refresh account and
answer you but she is very interested in you and would love to
continue writing to you. If you would like to correspond with Vita
further we will provide you with our price list and help you to
communicate with the lady in future. If you are not interested in the
Vita any more, let us know about it because we will have to explain
the situation to the lady.

We will gladly answer your questions at this contact number:

Best regards,

'Second-Half' Top-manager Ylia Morozova

And this :

Like you requested we are sending your our price list, list of options
and instructions how to fill in account for your lady.

While you have been corresponding with the lady we provide you with
high quality service and we never gave you a reason to doubt about our
company .It is up to you if you wish to continue correspondence with
the lady or not. With our message we only informed you about the
reason lady Vita can not answer you any more but there was no request
for money. If you wish to purchase our service or not or is your own

Our clients have a right to choose any payment option form our price
list, either it is unlimited service or letter -by-letter basis. We
leave this decision up to you.

One letter price - 5 USD which includes: printing a letter(1 USD) ,
translation cost (2 USD)Internet connection(2 USD). The price of
photos is not included. Scanning and printing photos for you and your
lady is a separate option in our service: scanning of one photo- 2
USD;printing of one photo - 3 USD.

We can also assist you and your lady in telephone conversations. Ten
minutes of telephone translations - 6 USD

We propose you also to use our 'unlimited service' which is a good way
to save money while you are corresponding with your lady.

Our option 'Unlimited translation' includes only translating letters
without scanning or printing photos :one month 'unlimited translation'
- 150 USD;two month 'unlimited translation' - 300 USD;

Our option 'Unlimited correspondence' includes both printing letters
and scanning and printing photos: one month 'unlimited correspondence'
costs - 200 USD ;two month 'unlimited correspondence' costs - 350 USD

If you wish to talk with your lady on the phone , the price of calls
is charge separately and it is not included into unlimited services or
any other option in our service. The fees of calls are charged
according to our price list.

You can make transfer on your lady's name through Money Gram or
Western Union money transfer systems. Your lady will receive money and
bring them to refresh account in our service . You will need the
following information to send money to your lady:

Full name: Vita Bacman,

Home address: Ukraine, Lugansk city, 91000, Komarova block,21.

You can also make transfers on-line following this link:

When your account is over you will get an e-mail from our service
informing you about the state of your account in our service. We will
be glad to have you as our client. We will be waiting for you to
contact us.

Here is our contact number: +3 8 095 4338927.

And here is our address: Ukraine, Lugansk city, 91000, Gukova street,

All come from the address :
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer vita
Dating scammer vita

Keywords: blond topless black panties on bed
2008-01-25, 12:09:36
anonymous from South Africa  
Hmmm.... i got the same thing but a few different photos too.... very tempting girl but the translation scam again.
just recieved the letter from the translation person on her email address!!!
oh well... another one down...
this is starting to get monotonous
2008-01-25, 12:32:47
I'm tarek from Egypt & Vita was going to decieve me like the other people in this site. Thank god that I knew this early
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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