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Dating scammer Yuliya Solovyeva


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Name: Yuliya Solovyeva


Russia, Republic Marij-el, Zvenigovo 425060. Street Lenina 38 Box 1

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2009-07-25, 20:52:25
anonymous from United States  
E-Mail # 3 was also from Yoshkar-ola

Hello Dear Gerry !!!!!
Gerry, If I could receive your photos every day that I think that I
would be the happiest girl on the ground. How your day? What did you
do today? How your dream?
Gerry it is a beautiful picture that you gave for me and I very much
love for this purpose! And I hope that you can give more for me! And I
hope that you will write more and we will learn one another much better!
My darling Gerry I not when was not for the husband, and I want who
will find the person for me the husband and we as a single whole! What
do you think for this purpose, we can try it???
I wish to tell to you about the family. I live with mum in an
apartment. At us very cosy and comfortably at home. I would try that
at home there was a cleanliness and it is beautiful. My mum works at a
factory. His name is Galina, the grandmother which lives from us in 80
- 90 kilometrov to village Aksenovo. Its name Zinaida. It yet does not
know that I am familiar with you, but soon I shall go to it and I
shall tell about it. I think that it will be glad that I communicate
with you. Because mum speaks, that I even became happier after have
met you. Gerry, tell to me about the family, I wish to learn all about
you, is possible at us greater together and can and was not present.
We should learn it. I want to learn all about you and I shall be all
tell about you. Well? I shall wait your questions tomorrow. I always
dreamed to meet one man and to be with it for ever. Probably it you?
But we should learn it. Gerry tell to me, you love animals? To us
today for work the small cat has come. It was such small and I even
was afraid to touch it all over again. But has then taken on hands and
it was very tender. Gerry, I think of that as it would be fine if
after work I could come from work, make a fine supper to us with you
and we could enjoy our happiness. All is possible? However, Gerry? You
like me also I very much I wish more and to learn you more. And I hope
that you all tell to me. I hide nothing about you and is ready to tell
all to you. I today send a photo on which I with my favourite mum!
I already miss your letter and I hope that you will soon send me it
and tomorrow in the Internet of cafe I shall receive it.
I shall wait......
Yours Anastasiya

2009-07-25, 20:55:59
anonymous from United States  
E-Mail # 4 was yet again from Yoshkar-ola

Hello My Gerry!!!!!!
I am glad to your letter. What today was interesting? What has
occured? How your mood? I hope that perfectly.
I the therapist, I look behind the general status of patients. I work
each day except for Sunday and sometimes I am on duty at night.
I today went along the street and have seen as the little girl take
small a cat. He was very dirty. You know that has surprised me and has
lifted mood? The Girl has approached to me and I would ask what
name I has given it a cat. I have told that I do not know, it would be
necessary to think. Then on has gone to other party. And what name
would be given by you? I do not know why but me so like a cat. Gerry
and you? I when see their that at me all day will be happy. And at you
to have what that signs? For example if I receive your letter that I know
that all the night long I shall well sleep, and you Gerry? What do
you love Gerry? You can tell about the interests? What you like to
eat? What to look? What books or newspapers to read? Gerry you like
to dance? You to dance with me? And the sea? You love the sea? I do
not know why but I love a beach. I love when the fresh wind freshens
me when cool water to wash me. THIS SUCH UNFORGETTABLE FEELING!!!!!! I
only once was in Sochi with girlfriends and I very much would like to
be on sea once again. You would like understand with me on a beach? Likely
it is a lot of questions to you. I hope that you not is offended from for
it. Forgive, I simply very much wish to know all about you. You have
what or hobby? Well, likely you are tired to read my letter. I shall
write more tomorrow. I send today a photo on which I float by a boat
on lake in park, I like to have walks on fresh air, you love it??
I with impatience wait for yours a photo and the letter.
Your, thinking of you Anastasiya

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Dating scammer Olga Chernova from Kstovo, Russia
Dating scammer Olga Chernova from Kstovo, Russia

2009-07-25, 21:04:02
anonymous from United States  
E-Mail # 5 dated 07-17-09 is the real kicker the header revealed it was sent from IP # which is in Beaverton , Oregon USA , A Suburb of Portland. And get this it's her mail where the person talks about their best friend Nastya....LOL Photo is different though of course.

Hello My Friend Gerry!!!!!!
Gerry I again smile because have receive your letter. I with
impatience waited when the working day what to receive your letter
would will end.
I wish to talk today about your friends, I wish to learn more about
that who surrounds you and as them call. Than you are engaged
together? How for a long time you together? Gerry how you think, in it
world to have the present friends? They at you to have?
At me to have the best girlfriend, is name Nastya. We grew with it in
one house and went to one school. After school it has entered the
institute and now she works in the company of sale product. I have acted in
medical college because I should work and I would not have time to
study in institute. Earlier we often were together, now we meet on
weekend and we talk about much. Gerry as you think that it speaks
about you? Gerry it would speak that I was is cautious communicating
with you. I know that it speaks it because almost does not know you. I
have told about you and it has told that you probably the good person.
It would speak that we with you did not hasten, I too do not wish to
hasten, I think that we all over again everyone should learn one about
other and then together to think of the future. My girlfriend spoke
about that what to have bad men which deceive women. The photo of
girls are necessary to them only, but I am assured that you not such.
I am right, Gerry? I so am glad that have met you because you
understand me. You understand all about what I to speak. Or not all? I
hope that all. I hope that tomorrow I learn about your friends as.
I shall wait for your letter.
How you think where I have made this photo? I have made it At the bottom
a birth of my best girlfriend, we with it together with the childhood!
I now shall go home and I shall think of you. I е know why, but I cannot
think of anybody, and about what the friend.
I with impatience wait for your letter.
Your sincere girlfriend Anastasiya

2009-07-25, 21:08:57
anonymous from United States  
E-Mail # 6 , Dated 07-20-09 Header Revealed it was from Yoshkar-ola yet again , Boy does this person really love to travel....LOL

Hello My Best Friend Gerry!!!!!!
I am glad that you are interested in me. Gerry you understand my bad
English? I hope that and is correct. if you that that do not
understand that can ask me and I shall answer you with pleasure.
Gerry I ask you forgive me that I could not to write for you yesterday
and I hope that you do not take offence for this purpose! And we can
speak with you more and we can know one another more!
Gerry, I wish to learn from you about your work. What do you do on
work? Gerry you respect and liked with yours the chief? I think what
yes, because you very good person. I work usual nurse and in all
help doctors and another the medical expert. I work about 7 years and
me my work is pleasant. I wish to be with people, I am pleasant to
them to be helped. It is pleasant when they are happy. But I very am
afraid blood. I do not know why but I am afraid to look at it. I have
already got used but all the same have fear. Likely because I would
not have man which me has protected. Gerry, me at very terribly
night when I come back from work and one. It would be good if I haze
to embrace you and you would go about me. Gerry, you would protect
me? I work sometimes even at night when to me appoint watches. To me
to pay for it the premium and an increase to the salary.
Tell now about itself which are Gerry, tell to me about the work,
it is pleasant to you or not, what is not pleasant?
You know about what I think, about that that we with you as two birds
which fly towards and more increasing and learn one another and then
meet more. But all depends only on us. In fact at any moment
one of birds can back be developed and depart. I do not wish to fly
back, and you Gerry?
I sent you photo on it I on a balcony of our hospital, and we have a
fine appearance there!
Tell more about itself and the opinion on our acquaintance?
I wait for yours letter and I hope that you will soon write.
Your trusting Anastasiya!

2009-07-25, 21:18:01
anonymous from United States  
E-Mail # 7 dated 07-21-09 The Person said they had to run to the hospital and didn't have time to write me.

E-Mail # 8 dated 07-22-09 showed on the header that it came from IP # which is in Perm' Russian Federation

Hello My Dear Gerry !!!!
Forgive that could not answer you yesterday. I very much hastened for
work and I did not have time to answer you. I needed to replace the
colleague which was ill. I hope that you are not so offended on me.
Gerry you will forgive me?
Gerry I thought only of you when was on work. You waited for my
letter and I could write only the small letter. I did not sleep today
at night, I slept only in the morning when have come from work. And
the fine dream has dreamed me. About that as we with you have met. You
know as it was?
I went on coast the river and have decided to be expiated on a beach.
At me with itself a cream for sunburn also did not know as me to put
it on a back. And here I have heard as you have approached and have
asked, to you to help?
I have told that would be glad if you have helped. And you have helped
me. Then we still bathed together and enjoyed solar beams. You spent
me home and we the first time have kissed with you. Gerry you have
helped me if it would be not a dream, and the truth?
Than you were engaged today? You like to eat? What dishes? I adore to
prepare for various dishes? You would like to try?
I hope that I shall receive your letter tomorrow and you are not
offended on me. I send you a photo do you like it?
I hope that to you to like, or not?
Yours Anastasiya!

2009-07-25, 21:23:48
anonymous from United States  
E-Mail # 9 ---Ok it was at this point that I actually confronted the person and told them about all the e-mail headers and where it showed they were sent from and here was the response to that e-mail I sent.....

Hello My Dear Gerry!!!!!!
I am happy that you have answered me. On my face a smile and in heart
a song from that that I have received your letter. I very much waited
for it. I know about you much and you know about me. I wish to talk to
you seriously. I wish to know about you all completely and
consequently have solved that we need to talk seriously. Gerry, I hope
that you not against?
My darling Gerry I cannot understand that you speak, and how it can
be?? I am in other cities and I do not live for Yoshkar-Olai I do not
live for Perm ', I live for absolutely other city both it Kortni, and
I cannot understand as my letters can come for other cities! Gerry I
not that I do not know for computers, I do not know as it works and
why it can be so! But I spoke about it with the manager the cafe
Internet, but he too could not understand for this purpose that it! I
cannot understand why all it and why you speak these things for me! I
only try to speak with you and the nobility of one another more!
I do not have from you any secrets and I shall tell all to you about
what you will ask. Only speak the truth. How you think we approach one
another? You like me. I like that as you write to me that I learn
about you. It seems that you that for whom I searched, but I cannot
believe in that that it happens. And I wish to learn about you all.
All completely, without secrets and secrets. Gerry, mine mum, the
grandmother, girlfriends know about you all that I know. They speak
that are very glad for us with you. When they see that I am happy, at
once understand that I have received your letter and consequently is
happy. Ask how are you doing and I speak them.
Gerry as you think we can be happy together? Or not? My grandmother
speaks that we with you as two sportsmen which run towards to one
another. And than more we learn one about other. That we become
closer. I think she is right, and you Gerry?
Gerry that you think of us? WHAT do your friends speak? You that hide
that from me? Tell the truth, I shall understand all. You get tired to
read my letters? You all over again read the letter and then look a
photo or on the contrary? It is very interesting to Me. Today I send
you a photo, And I hope that you too will try to send photos for me!
I with impatience wait for your photos and your letter and I hope that
I shall soon receive them.
Your sincere, Anastasiya!

2009-07-25, 21:45:15
anonymous from United States  
E-Mail # 10 --- 07-25-09---OK I had had enough so I told the person to send me a picture of themself holding a sign that read 'To: Gerry' and then to date it and send it to me as proof the person in the picture was indeed who I was talking to , Well in this last e-mail that came from Perm' again this time with an IP # which was totally different from the other that came from Perm' as well as the ones from Yoshkar-ola they were all different with exception of maybe 2 that had the same address. Evidently the person that sent this e-mail to me did not have knowledge of the last e-mail where I had requested a special photo...... this was the last e-mail I got , I e-mailed back and told the perpitrator that I was going to turn everything I had over to the authorities and hope it helped in finding the culprit and convicted them for crimes they may have comitted although no crime had been comitted with me other than leading me to believe I have a russian babe saying she was 29 years old interested in me this 44 year old

Anyway , I hope this helps others so that they can reconize the picture for I'm sure this perpitrator has many more of this girl due to me nailing the scam so quickly he couldn't have got to use them , I just feel heartfelt sorrow for the ones that have their picture exploited all over the web making them look like the scammer when all along it's more than likely a guy in a cafe doing all of this , OK well Peace to all of you and be careful !

Hello My Fine Gerry!!!!!!!
I again warm the heart your letter. How you? How are things going with
you? Gerry than you were engaged today? To You has liked washing a
photo? I wish to talk what was in your life? I wish to talk to you
about the last relations. As you and with whom got acquainted and why
you to be separated. You with her have left or she has not wanted?
Whether it will help learn to us we can to be happy together. I
understand that it difficultly to tell, it touches our heart. Gerry, I
do not have secrets from you and I all shall tell to you. I was
familiar with the guy at school. He gave me flowers for a holiday and
birthday and we together with him and my girlfriend went to school.
With it I had a first kiss. But more nothing was. He has left for
other city and I know nothing about him more. His parents were
militarians and they should leave for other city. Then in college for
me other guy looked after, but he married the rich girl, and with me
simply played. I have learned about it from girlfriends. They have
told that saw it with other girl. She not so beautiful but at it the
rich father. Gerry I do not understand people which live for the sake
of money. I have no many money, but I want love because I have
understood that without love nothing is necessary. And when to have
which person you love also which loves you then there will be in a
life no barrier. How you think Gerry? I am not right?
What for are necessary money if there is no happiness? If there is no
love? Gerry you looked at stars? When last time? I every evening as
soon as have got acquainted I look at them. I see two stars which
shine in the sky. Look you can too will see them? I think that it I
and you. And you as think? Tell to me who are Gerry? Look now at the
sky, you see stars? And us with you? I shall wait for your answer. I
hope that your day will be fine.
I send you the embraces and kisses and I hope that they warm you. And
as I send a photo on which I wish to present to you flowers, and I
hope that you too will do it for me!

2009-07-26, 04:03:33
Fred from Germany  
2009-07-25, 21:45:15
anonymous from United States

check here
2009-07-26, 19:43:11
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Gerry. They often forge foreign IPs.
2009-07-26, 23:30:30
[hidden] from United States  
Thanks to Fred I now know the person in the picture and have sent her all the information about the photo's of her being exploited here , I also know where she works and have sent her boss at the company she works all the information as well. She is totally innocent of all of this and is as much of a victim if not more than I was , I will have to admit I was hopeful it was true and feel embarrased for not seeing the signs earlier. Ok well Peace to everyone and thanks for such a great site !!!!

2009-07-27, 07:26:57
OJAS from United States  
When you decide you have had enough, block your scammer and send Grande Finale in Cyrillic http://www.delphifa..=22#99529

Translation http://www.delphifa..p=22#99530
2009-07-27, 18:10:40
Gerry from United States  
Hey Guys the young woman in the pictures here wants to know if you can remove them , I told her I could not but would mention it to everyone , If anything else maybe the link Fred put up could be removed so at least no one could go to her website. OK well I asked like I told her I would , Anyway Peace everyone.......
2009-07-27, 18:44:21
OJAS from United States  
Most of us understand that scammers often send stolen pix, and some victims post rebuttals. http://www.delphifa..p=3#64966

Deleting pix from here simply will encourage the next scammer to steal her pix, as often happens.

Another perplexing point - why would she have a website and want no visitors?

Anyway, beyond acknowledging your post about her request, I neither consent, nor dissent. I suggest we leave the decision, to her, if she wants to contact the Admin.
2009-08-03, 20:03:12
[hidden] from United States  
Irina from vocharma russia, loving and soothing alright, even called my house. '' using this email

2009-08-07, 05:46:03
anonymous from Italy  
this girl is russian star of cinema, the photos were stolen as usually
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