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Dating scammer Maria


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Name: Maria



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This one seems to fit the profile of a scammer. Any experience with her?

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2007-03-25, 17:26:05
anonymous from United States  
My dear Jim, I just can't wait to read your mail today! Every day I
waiting your letters and it is become more important for me! Every
minutes of my live now I think about our correspondence and what I
will write you in my next letter! So, how are you today? I am really
surprised how Internet helps us to get closer! I become so adhered to
your letters!

Yesterday before go to bad I looked very good film with Tom Hanks and
Meg Ryan - 'You've got a mail'. Did you saw this film? I liked it very
much. It is very good story about love with the happy end and it has
reminded me our coresspondation. And I hope that its possible our
relations could have the good beginning. It's very important for me to
know that somewhere in world there is my second half.

I very much love flowers named snowdrops and a lily of the valley.
They smells so sweet. It is very romantic flowers. I always think
about Spring when I see this flowers. Spring is my faworite season
when snow become thaw and birds become to sing, when its a little
cold, heart waits first warms days. What is you faworite flowers and

Do you like animals? I like animals especialy cats and dogs. But I
have no any animals. I really wanted but my houseowner forbid me to
have any animals. I already write you that I rent a room in a house.
My housowner is old woman and she is very severe. She like rules and
traditions and do not like anymals. Now I need to go home. Every week
I and my house owner make washing of house. But I clean my room every

Have a nice day
P.S Now we shall go home with Olesya together. We can going short road
but now we shall go long way trought a high hill. From this hill it is
visible all village, railroad station, fields around village and
forest. This is really beautifull! I like this place very much!

2007-03-26, 08:51:20
The latest letter and I admit, I'm going along with her to see where this actually goes.

My dear American friend!

How are you today? I am fine. Today it was very hard for me to wait
when my work will end and write you a letter. All my thoughts today
were about my night dream. It was a very strange that I remember this
dream so good. I still under impression after it.

As I write you in last letter I saw movie'You've got a message'. And I
had a night dream after it. It was reminded me with this film. You and
I went on a night lunar path. We was alone and you held my hand, the
city was silent and you has stopped and has whispered to my ear the
finest words about love. I never was so easy and I felt like the
happiest woman. It seemed that I know you all my life and I did want
that it's never stopped. This feeling was so miracle! I hoped this
dream will never end but it was time to wake up. What do you think
about it? Am I too serious about our correspondance? May be it is just
a night dream and nothing serious? Its very important for me to your
thoughts about it.

I do not want to destroy our friendship so if you think that I am too
fast - please tell me. I just want to be honest with you and tell you
that I have in my soul. Please tell me what are you waiting from our
corresponding? What do you wait from your soulmate? What do you like
in a women at all? Can you promise be honest with me in your letters?
I know its sound fondly but I think that its impossible to build any
relations without honest in the beginning.
So, this is what I thought about all time today.

Very soon I want to go visit my parents. I did not see them a long time
and I miss them very much. Meeting with my mother and father always
the big pleasure for me. But now I will miss your letters because this
reading of your words makes my day!

Each time when I arrive to my parents house we make a good dinner with
my mother. I very much like to prepare especially for the family. Also
my grandmother comes and we have all family. Its a very much pleasure
to see all family and have a tasty dinner. I always buy a gift for my
younger sister. She is already married but she always will be for me a
little sister. As I wrote you her name is Kristina.

So I go to home, tomorrow I hope to see your letter. All times I
about you!


2007-03-27, 09:06:01
[hidden] from United States  
As she builds up. I noticed that each reply has a number in the title. Looks like a form letter routine.

My dear Jim!!!!!!! Today, as I told you I shall go to my parents. I
will very happy to meet them. I thought that I can not write you
today. But I talk with my chief and he let me go earlier. So I have
few minutes to write you the letter. I am very very very glad to do
it. I so attached to our correspondence. Your letter give me a real
pleasure. My girlfriend gave me some minutes to use computers because
she have no clients right now. I miss your letters and I hope to see
your letter when I came back.

Today weather is very good here. And I am very glad to every sunny
day! We have small wind with much sun. There is was very strong wind
at night so the air is very fresh today. I like fresh morning very
much! And my mood is very good! I am very happy that I am found you in
this big world. You make my mood better! What do you like more?
Morning or evening? We have more cold days than warm days. How long
winter do you have there? Ukrainian winter usual is five month. There
was the very strong frost and lot of snow every winter. Its like -40
-50 degrees in Celcius. I not like winters because it is very hard to
make trip on rail. There is very bad and old rail in our region and in
train here very cold at the winter. Anyhow I like to travel. I waiting
trip to my parents very much. And I catch my thoughts that I would be
more happy to travel anywhere with you! I am dream to see you one day,

So my tain is coming soon. Sure I would lile to write you more but I
need to go. I just want to say you that I thoughts about you every
minutes in my life.

Lot of kiss

2007-03-28, 06:29:45
[hidden] from United States  
Here's today's love note. And the numbers continue in the title. She's building here for the money. she's got a friend who works in the passport office....gee what a surprise.

My dear love Jim!
Today I returning from my parents. During all my trip I thought only
about you. Therefore I very much hurried up to write you letter today.
I was pending the moment when I can sit down at the computer and read
your letter! It was so pleasant for me to get your letters! With every
your letter I feel that we becoming more closer and closer! Every
time, when I reading your letter, my heart is beating so fast and
strong! I miss you very much and all my thoughts only about you! I
wait your letters like a children wait gifts on a birthdays. Our
relations make me happy, make my life full of feelings and love!

My visit to parents was very good. it is so beautifull when relatives
meet after month of last meeting. We had many positive emotions, have
told each other many new things and also have discussed it. Me and my
mother making very tasty dinner. I very long time did not prepare with
my mum and I have recollected the childhood. We have prepared many
dishes from the hen, vegetables and potato. Everybody were very glad
and pleased.
Also I told my father and mother about you. They asked me a lot about
you. I answered for all they questions. I sayd them, that I make my
choice by myself and I am very happy that I have so beautifull
relations with you. They likes you very much! And I am very very glad
that you have liked them.
My sister has told me that it's not often people at another part of
the world finding someone that can makes feelings and if it exists
they have to keep care about it. She said, that important things are
understanding and respecting. I agreed with her and I think that we
have it with you! I think we have to do anything for us, I feel our
feelings are very important for our future, we have to use this chance
that given for us. Corresponding is good and it give us for
understanding each other but it does not compare with personal

When I went in an electric train I have met the old girlfriend. We
studied with her at school. I was very glad to meet her. We have spoke
about different things in our life because we did not see each other
for a long time. I have told to her about my work, about my life and
about you of course because you are very important part of my life. I
have told her all our story. I told her how I have found you and that
I very much would like to meet you one day. But I do not know how make
it. It was big surprise for me that she work in Regional Passport
Center. And she has told that it really to go about other country and
she can help me with passport. She has suggested me to come tomorrow
in Regional Passport Center where she works.

My Jim,I want to tell you so much about my feelings to you but I need
to go. Every day of my life full of love and happyness. I thank you
very much for your attentions. I thank the God that he has given
chance to us for know more each other and become closer.

With love,

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Keywords: brunette leather bikini desert
2007-03-28, 06:31:06
[hidden] from United States  
More pics....great body at least.

2007-03-28, 06:32:30 from United States  

2007-03-28, 06:33:43
[hidden] from United States  
Guess these are my 'future in'laws'

2007-03-28, 06:35:19
[hidden] from United States  
And I guess this is my 'sister-in-law'
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 3

Keywords: 2 girls cosmetics black and white on sofa
2007-03-28, 06:38:09
[hidden] from United States  
One more....

2007-04-03, 18:36:09
anonymous from United States  
Add another recipient. Thank you all.
2007-04-05, 18:30:13
anonymous from United States  
yep i got the same thanks
2007-04-07, 11:02:09
[hidden] from United States  
Been emailing back and forth for a couple of weeks. I've seen most of the pictures and text given here. Curious to see how far it goes. No money request either. Any yesses to this? Anyone verify that this is truly a scam?
2007-04-07, 12:30:30
[hidden] from United States  
I'm curious how you and Maria came in contact. I thru or; she used the profile name dream_-_girl
2007-04-08, 22:31:08   (updated: 2007-04-08, 22:44:07)
JohninLA from United States  
I just started getting emails from Maria. She made contact through she used the name s'so_beautiful' No request for money yet.

2007-04-08, 22:51:33
anonymous from United States  
I am getting the same letters as jim nearly identical, with just slight variations. here is one thing in her story that does not jive it is the timing, her letters state that she works then takes the train home and sends email from the station were here friend works just before the friend gets off work, each letter I have received is sent from her between noon & 3pm that is consistant for around a dozen letters, even todays Easter sunday! I see at least 5 of us here that she is doing this with no telling how many others, she wust be planning a big payday then that the summer off to vacation by the sea! It would be funny for everyone to send her on trips to western union with nothing there for her, could you imagine her disappointment and frustration after a half dozen trips with no payoff!
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