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Dating scammer Maria


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Name: Maria



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This one seems to fit the profile of a scammer. Any experience with her?

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2007-04-13, 20:10:41   (updated: 2007-04-13, 20:12:22)
anonymous from United States  
I confronted her and I told her that she was a liar. I also said to her that the police are are going to get her ! This is what I recieved in return. As you could so think, that I deceived you. I never in life would
allow itself to deceive you - the person whom I have grown fond. To
deceive you will not allow to me my love to you and belief in good
people and in kindness and cleanliness of relations . I understand,
that you have ceased to trust me and it has broken my heart. I trusted
that has found the person whom love and with which I want to live the
life, to link life.
So, how do you think now what I can tell about us, about our
relations. Its seems you are not serious about me, but I spent all for
you and I was ready to turn world for us. What I have to think now?
You showed me that you dont trust me and this is not pleasant for me.
I dont know now how to continue relations.

2007-04-15, 12:05:26
anonymous from United States  
I have a friend receiving the same phoney letters.
2007-04-16, 03:40:04
anonymous from United States  
Wow, I'm glad I did a little digging. These letters are very convincing.
Got a new one for you I think. These letters sound very similar to ones I have been getting, although mine looks different from her pics. Oddly enough from a woman in the Ukraine, from a small village, who works as a math teacher at a local school a few towns over, but she uses the computer at the BUS terminal after work, of course the terminal is only open until 5pm(if I remember correctly-but now that I look at the timestamp on the email is 5:40pm), so she doesn't have much time(good thing no one else has to use the computer at the exact time she gets to the terminal to write my letters every day. I've been getting and sending letters for 7 days now, and she emailed me on singles site initially. My Ukrainian temptresses name is Lika though, not Maria. Haven't ever gotten a last name from her. And now that I think about it, there were a few questions that I haven't gotten answers to in my letters. I got the I dream about you, and you're the man I'm seeking forever letter today. I actually typed up a whole reply to her before I found this site, saying why I have to take things slow, because I'm just getting through a divorce at the moment,etc. I'm curious to see what her next letter will be. Wonder if she has a friend at the passport agency as well. Passport agency old girlfriend, must have been very popular in school.

Here is my last letter comlete with [even-numbers in Re:]:
From: likaa <>
Reply-To: likaa <>
Subject: Re[10]:
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 17:40:42 +0400

>Hello my dear friend Bill overseas!
>I do not understand what happened with me, but when I see your letter I
>become very happy! And it's very important for me to read your letters . I
>have wake up in this morning and dreamed about you. I though about what are you
>doing in the same moment. it is so great to know someone over seas.
>What did you do today in the morning on the your side of planet? It
>was heavy day for me, but I will not give up. Because I knew what I
>shall receive letter from you.
>Before goin go to sleep last night I looked movie 'The Holiday'. Did you
>looked this movie? I like this movie very much! It is a Christmas
>story about people which have found the happiness through the
>overseas. They had relations,living very much far distance between
>them. However it did not was a problem for them, for their love.
>they not looking on anything but have found a happiness together and have
>decided to continue them relations.
>My dear Bill! What do you thinking about our relations? What does it
>mean for you? Please tell me, it's very important for me. Can you
>imagine our relations in the future? How much does it serious? Please
>say sincerely me, I like always true, as bad it can be. As for me I
>think, you are the man which I seeking for all my life. You looks like
>very seriouse, intelligent, reliable and responsible man. A man of my
>dream. I believe that you are that man that I imagine from your

Thanks for posting to this site guys.

2007-04-16, 05:09:35
anonymous from United States  
To Bill:

Can you post the pics you got from Lika? I think I'm getting very similar letters from a lady with another name, but a teacher, [even-numbers in Re:] format, etc. Thanks.
2007-04-16, 08:20:53
anonymous from United States  
I too have been getting the same e-mails. I had previously told her about my broken ankle. So I wrote to her asking for her help to pay my medical bills. I thought about posting it here but if every one used it she would change her ID and continue to run the scam. I'm waiting now just to see how fast the e-mails will stop.
2007-04-16, 10:16:12
anonymous from United States  
She is now getting her passport and discussing the type of visa to obtain ....yeah right!
The only trip she is going to take is one to the Western Union, to pickup money that will never arrive! :-)
2007-04-16, 12:31:57
anonymous from United States  
Re: Maria, Does it look like the pictures with the dark hair are several years older the the redish hair pictures. This scammer if it is even her is probably in her fifties and collecting retirement......from us!!!
2007-04-17, 08:10:40
anonymous from United States  
Well to my surprise after asking Maria for money (as stated above) for my medical bills she sent me the following. What would be her angle in wanting my address at this point. Does anybody know? Here is her reply.

Hi, my love (name),
Yes, you right, we must to help each other in hard times. And, yes, of
course, I shall help you as I can. Please write me where I must to
send money. I so miss you,
2007-04-17, 16:20:09
anonymous from United States  
My latest email from our Ukranian girlfriend is below -- the connection to her friend at the passport center. I had already received all the pix and series and emails shown on this site.

Re[14]: Answers to your Questions

My dear love!
I do not know as to begin this letter. My heart is overflown with love
to you. I very much missed on you and could not wait that moment when
could read your letter again.I thought a lot about our meeting and
what we have to do now. I think that we have to meet in person and I
am ready for this step. How do you think about it? I dont see more
best way to know each other. I think we can't get next level of
relations just communicating through letters. I am very serious about
you and about our meeting. We did a big step for making serious and
longterm relations. I think we dont have to stop here, we have to make
next serious step, the meeting which will let us to know each other
better and it let us to continue our relations.

Today in a lunch break I went in Regional Passport Center and talked
to the girlfriend. She has told that procedure reception of the
passport will take 2 with half weeks cause its very big queue. But she
will help me to make it for 5 days. Also she has told that at
registration of the passport in this center they help the clients to
receive the visa if I will have all necessary documents. The visa
center is division of Regional Passport Center therefore they make all
for the clients is quickly and qualitatively. So I have found out what
documents I need to start to make the passport. Tomorrow I shall bring
them and also I shall find out that is required for registration of
the visa.
I would go to cash departments of airlines to know how much tickets
cost. My dear, I need to know some information for this. Please
write me what the closest airports to you? My love, what do you think
about duration of a trip?
These news is very pleasant for me and I start to feel that
our meeting is real and dream to become real. I wait for moment when I
can embrace you and present you my first kiss with impatience. I never
thought that I can find the happiness. it seems to me that all this
occurs not to me. I know that you the person which will make me happy
to which I want to devote all my love and life. I am confident of you
and I can trust you. I know that you will support me always. When we
shall meet I will necessarily thank you with reciprocity and there
will be not words in the letter. It will be the real feelings. My
heart is overflown feeling of love to you. Now I feel the happiest in
the world.

I have never think about a man as much as i think about you. You are
always on my mind. I dream of the day also when we can talk for the
first time I can't wait. I think we have something special. I can feel
you every time I think about you. You are man of my dreams. I think I
could really be happy with you. I must go for now but I will write you
again soon. I kiss you now in letter but I hope to kiss you for real
soon. All my love only to you,

I responded is a positive way and answered her questions. I expect the next email may be her first request for financial assistance. We'll see. If she can come here at her own expense and somehow get thru all the visa/passport hurdles I have read about, I welcome her arrival. However, I'll believe it when I see it and touch it... Eddie
2007-04-17, 16:27:58
anonymous from United States  
2007-04-17, 16:28:27
anonymous from United States  
My most recent letter: after offering to go to her!

From : maria <>
Reply-To : maria <>
Sent : Tuesday, April 17, 2007 7:13 AM
Subject : Re[14]: :-)

My love XXXXXXX!

Yesterday I dreamt. Dear you have come from work, I have met you at a
door, I have prepared for you your favourite dish, we had supper, then
for a long time talked, we watched TV, the cinema about one in love
pair looked, you embraced me, we recollected our meeting, flowers
which you have presented me, our first kiss. You have kissed me, and
we have risen in a bedroom.............. I have woken up and began to
search for you beside but have not found, I was ready to burst out
crying! Lovely I so miss! As I want that it was not dream! I want our
meeting! I want to be with you always!

My love XXXXXX, I very much want that you have arrived, but we in
Russia have such tradition: from the beginning the girl gets
acquainted with family of the future husband. The man conducts the
girl to itself home. After it the girl acquaints the man with the her
family. Dear if we shall make differently us will not accept also.
Dear I hope you will correctly understand my words. Then we can be
together for ever. Eternally to like each other. I think you will not
be against such fine tradition, and you will understand me. Dear I
very much wait for day of our meeting!

I think that we soon shall together!
I very much miss you!
I love you!


2007-04-18, 02:11:29
anonymous from United States  

I submitted a new page for the Lika scammer from Ukraine. pics and all the letters I got from her are over there.

Carry on,
2007-04-20, 00:32:44 from United States  
hey everybody this is jim im glad i found this site im not sure which jim i am because the letters i recieved were after the dates that i have seen here tonight but im going to keep playing this game until she dosent write anymore who knows maybe she will send some nude pictures that i will share might as well get all we can lets play with her and see how far it goes
2007-04-20, 10:08:59
anonymous from United States  
I'm so, so, sad. It's been 3 days now since I've heard from my beloved Maria. After asking her to send money for help with my medical bills in which she requested an address. In my next e-mail to her I suggested she keep her money and with that money she buy a visa, plane ticket and passport and come to this country for our future life together. I heard the screeching tires as she put the brakes on the e-mails. My thanks to the fellow who suggested I get a bank account and send account no with routing no for her to deposit the money. Good idea, just didn't need it here. I'm so sad as tears stream down my face. My heart is broken. He he! Oh well, it's on to the next one. How exciting. Already busted one that calls herself Sandracutie from England or was it samcutie, and now Jenny Brown from south africa wants my love or should I say John Brown.
Great site here guys. Keep posting info...
2007-04-20, 15:27:04
anonymous from United States  
If you back up a few letters and re-reply, it'll probably start emailing you again. LOL. I did that with mine.
My scammer Lika(man) POPPED the big question to me today.
She only wants $1120 so she can pay for the plane ticket.

Luckily there is a flight with an airline from the HUB in my town that flies to her airport, so I emailed her back and told her I'd buy a ticket and have an e-ticket waiting, well here's the actual letter I sent it today. I must admit, it has given me some amusment over the past week, having fun with it.

Lika my love,
Today I am well again because I have your letter.
I am glad your mother approves.
Fortune smiles on us again Lika, KLM - Royal Dutch airlines flies to/from KBP airport, and they have partnership with NWA(Northwest Airlines), which is based in Minnesota MSP.

I checked and found a less expensive flight
$1017.62 airfare
Northwest Airlines 8412 operated by KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES -- KL 1384
11:50am Depart Kiev (KBP)
1:50pm Arrive Amsterdam (AMS)
plane change
3:35pm Depart Amsterdam (AMS)
5:35pm Arrive Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP)

Then stay to Aug. 6th and leave from MSP back to BGP at 7pm.

I can purchase a ticket directly on my credit card this way from NWA/KLM, and either have an eletronic-ticket waiting for you when you get to the KBP airport which is most common now, or have them issue you a paper ticket. Then we don't have to worry about transfering money from US to Ukraine. Isn't that great?

This I think will work out very well. All I will need is your full name to put on the ticket, and your address to send it to you if you want a paper ticket. As soon as you provide that, I can provide the ticket for you my love.

How do you think?

Love you,
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