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Dating scammer Tatyana from Nizhni Novgorod, Russia


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Name: Tatyana



Other Comments:
I have seen this woman listed a couple of times on this site as Olga. She is now using Tatyana from Nizhni Novgorod, Russia. I have a whole photo album of her. Been in contact for a little over a month to include instant messaging. She has asked for my mailing address and phone number. The last two e-mails she has 'fallen in love with me'.Now she is looking to get a visa to come visit me this summer and has asked for me to buy a plane ticket for her. I havn'et responded to her in regards to a visit. I never even suggested it. She is pretty convincing, but when you start to ask personal questions she seems a little aloof.

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2007-03-28, 07:52:35
anonymous from United States  
I'll keep posting them as they come in.

2007-03-28, 10:35:48   (updated: 2007-03-28, 10:38:50)
[hidden] from United States  
How about posting the money letter and header?All the IP addy's would be helpful too.
What site did you find 'her' on?
2007-03-29, 10:40:28
anonymous from United States  
Here is the letter asking for the $$$.

I don't remember what site 'she' found me on. Actually this is about the fourth scam artist I have run into. She is much better than the rest. She does not show up on any other scam sites, for what I can tell. Got lucky finding her on this one.

What I can see is she has used the names Faniya, Natayla, Olga, Lyuda over the last couple of months. Interesting thing is the Yahoo IM. That's a pretty big step from what I have seen others do.

I took my name out of the letter.

Hi my dearest ,
I hope you are OK and you have a remarkable day? How you today?
My day was very intense, I am tired with trip. I shall sleep today
very well.
I promise you that we shall have conversation soon! I went on a
telephone exchange and have found out that I should order the
international negotiations. I shall warn you beforehand when I shall
call to you! I think that I can call to you when you will have morning
I visited today embassy of the USA in Moscow.
I have already come back to home, my trip was safe.
In the morning today as soon as I have arrived to Moscow I was going
to embassy on interview. My reception has been appointed about 10:00 AM.
I worried very much, my excitement was valid appreciably, but I
collected the thoughts. I was met by lovely lady who is the employee
of embassy.
Lady in embassy has told to me, that after act of terrorism on
September, 11, 2001, visiting of America, is responsible and
difficult. It is not easy to get the sanction and the visa to visiting.
She has asked for me the proof of my stable life in Russia. Yes,
really to the woman who has actives in the country, has the real
estate, and is the provided citizen, reception of the sanction to
visiting of America is possible.
Lady has kindly ask me about my purpose of the arrival in the USA. I
have told my purpose is the meeting with dear man to me, who is you
lovely. She has understood the purpose of my travel and has
there and then hastened to warn me of possible dangers of travel. She
has told to me, that cases when nobody meets the girl in America are
known. However I assured her you are responsible and sincere man. I
assured her, that we with you are the big friends, and we know, each
other already it is a lot of time. The employee of embassy also has
told to me, that it is not easy for woman of my age to visit the USA,
however I insisted on a meeting, even for short term. So I have found
out, that it is necessary to get the visa. To me have told for us with
you the most suitable visa, it is visa K-1, the visa of the bride, but
she is very difficult for getting. Getting of this visa takes a lot of
time. For getting of this type of the visa I must give proofs of that
we already met you, it is required to give our joint photos,
hand-written letters each other. I have told, that I can give these
proofs, but term of reception of the visa does not suit me. Besides we
have no plans, to marry now, it is important for us to know each other
better all over again.
Then lady in embassy has explained, that more convenient type the visa
to me is Visa B-2, the visa of the tourist. This type of the visa will
allow me to travel to America as the independent tourist, I can free
move on all an extent the USA.
I have agreed, that this variant the most suitable to us. After I have
chosen the type of the visa, to me have suggested to fill in various
questionnaires, to answer questions.
To me have explained registration of the visa will borrow 2-4 weeks,
also according to this visa I can find in territory of your country
within several months.
This type of the visa is really optimally for us. Also in embassy to
me have explained, that I shall require the passport, necessarily I
should pass medical inspection, and after that I will be able to start
registration of the visa. I knew, that all will be not easy. It will
be really difficult for me, but I am ready to process. I have already
the passport, and it is big plus for visa registration.
The our meeting depends on us, and we can make its reality.
Dear, also I should speak you about cost of official
registration of papers. Official registration of papers costs much
more expensive, than I could assume. The visa will cost 155 dollars,
medical survey which will be necessary for me I can to pass
free-of-charge because I have the policy of medical insurance. It will
be important to me to fill in various questionnaires, it will cost
additional 100 dollars. I should give in embassy the information on
the marital status, personal incomes and my actives in the country. As
you see, it is necessary to make many things that we with you will be
together. I think, that the our meeting is most important, than any
money. Now, I want to sum up, cost of all necessary things. Official
registration of papers, will manage to me about 400 dollars. I have
this money! It is not problem at me. Tell me are you glad that our
meeting will take place soon?
I have saved about 1000 dollars, I plan to spend this money for
process of registration of the visa. Also I should live in Moscow the
certain time, and certainly I shall require money for the foodstuffs,
payment of a taxi and hotel. I can afford such charges, for the sake
of our meeting.
Dear , I think it will be fair, but I should tell to you about
it, I shall probably require your help, I want that you got to me the
ticket aboard the plane for travel to you.
I do not want to injure you and to bring it insults, but I need your
help sincerely.
All that depends at me these are documents, I shall make them, I shall
make out all correctly so that our meeting, had no delays and
problems. To me very much not dexterously to ask your help, I was
sure, that I shall do all it itself, but nevertheless our meeting will
be impossible without your support. Tell me do you ready to help me
with the ticket? Can you get this for me?
Inform me about it if you are really ready to help me with the ticket,
I shall visit again embassy and to begin process of registration. As
soon as I shall receive your consent, it will be necessary for me to
come back to Moscow, and to be engaged at reception of the visa.
So I believe, that I have made the big step to our meeting, now you
are the owner of a situation, but to make a decision to us what is
necessary together!
If I shall meet with your approval to the help I shall be the happiest
woman on world.
Please inform me your nearest airport, probably, I shall
consider also cost of tickets. We shall compare the prices, and to
search for benefit.
Know I am very tired today, rather late already and now I want to have
a sleep. I shall think of you, and to dream, about a meeting. Please,
attentively read my letter. I trust to you. dear, and with
impatience I wait for our meeting.
Once again excuse me if I injured you the request for the help, I
really did not want to cause you a pain. You are of great value for
me, and I value our feelings. For me there will be a big happiness if
our meeting will take place soon. I want to care of our future.
I listen my heart and I hope you also will listen to your heart .
Well, I should finish my letter now. I shall look forward to hearing
from you with impatience.
Have a nice day! Only yours Tatyana!
2007-04-02, 08:54:56
anonymous from United States  
Well here it is boys and girls. I called her on it. I'll keep it updated if I hear anything back from her/him or whoever it has been. This is the e-mail address.

I have been in the airport today. I have spend a lot of time that to
reach the airport. I observed various dates of flight. The prices for
tickets in many respects depend on a class of the plane and what time
I shall fly to you.
I want to tell I have looked for cheapest tickets.
I have looked for many companies and tried to choose most the best
tickets. I should to tell that cost of tickets also includes all
taxes. I looked tickets to the LAX Airport. One
ticket will take me aboard for 605 American dollars. It is not so high
price in comparison with 1960 dollars for higher class. There there
are tickets and more expensive. For example It is $4200! But such
expensive places in the plane are not necessary for me.
I shall fly in the cheapest class. In other words I shall
require 1210 American dollars for my tickets.
I plan to buy the ticket at April, 22.
Tell me it will be convenient for us? Do you understand it
may be day of our meeting!!! I so want it will arrive soon as possible!
It will be very good if you send me money on through Western Union as
soon as you can. It will help to get my visa more soon.
I give you information which will need you.
This is bank address
MOSCOW, 117418
Name Tatyana
Sername Lukina
I would like to arrive to you as soon as possible, but anyhow I should wait.
I must do many things here. It is very difficult for me, I did not
think, that I will feel myself so lonely here.
I want you sent me letters more often. I need feeling your support.
Notwithstanding that you are far, I always feel you. I always think about you.
I shall do all things correctly here.
We already have made much for our meeting. I shall go up to the end
and we shall get our happiness!
I shall try to call to you tomorrow! Please tell me will we be able to
have a talk tomorrow? I shall call to you in about 4:00 PM at Moscow time.
I shall wait your letter soon! My heart grieve, but I know we
shall together soon.
Yours Tatyana.


I am so glad to here from you. I can't wait to see you soon. Thanks for the information where to send you money for your ticket.
Don't worry about sending me anymore pictures before you come. Seems I found some more that I never knew I had, my dear.
So I should send the money care of Tatyana Lukina from Nizhni Novgorod, yes. You sure I don't need to send it to Olga Burmistrova from Murom or maybe Faniya, Natayla or Lyuda. You see I'm not the only one who knows you.

You see the Internet is a great tool. Not only did it get us in contact but it also gave me the opportunity to do a little checking on you and who you said you were.So what do I call you my dear, Tatyana,Olga, Faniya,Natayla,Lyuda? I'm a little confused. Maybe you can explain it to me!

P.S. Love the new pictures I found of you.

2007-06-06, 09:44:57
anonymous from United States  
i think i may have been approached by this woman. I apparently had a profile on Yahoo! and she contacted me through that, the email for that was well writen and had a '@yahoo' for me to relpy to. I did and the second email i got was a horrid butchering of the english language. We sent each other probably about 5 emails then i get this one... (my name has been removed and replaced with SUCKER)

Dear SUCKER! Thanks for your e-mail . I did not inform you earlier
SUCKER the address because it is not enough knew you. I live in
average area of Russia, in city Nizhni Novgorod. To regret it is far
from you, differently it was not necessary for us much e-mail, to find
out each other. We could meet, talk, to spend some time together and
it is quite good to find out each other. But for us it will be not a
fast way. But I hope, that it will not be problem for us if we shall
decide to make it in the future. I already made some travel to other
countries. I travelled, as the tourist, to Europe. Therefore SUCKER ,
you should not have excitements of that is present distance between
us. I such woman, that if I shall like the person for a meeting with
him, I shall reach even on the moon. In our days is not a problem to
make such travel. I not I worry about it and even I have devoted
feelings, having got acquainted with The person on the other hand. For
me it is very interesting feelings- To find out the person with other
culture, thinking, traditions. It One of things - which draws me to
you. Not the main thing,- But new and interesting. Probably if our
relations will be strong and you SUCKER, you can find out the
mysterious Russian woman. I hope, that for you it is interesting to
find out and test love of such woman? I think, dear SUCKER That you
cannot resist to mine for a long time female magic, If happen so, that
we shall be the person to To the person.On it I finish my message to
you SUCKER. I to send you other my photo. I wait for your messages.
Your Tatyana

now this whole time, she has not said one word about cash, needing cash, or anything about marriage. Anyhoo, i saw the city, and decided to do a little search. Got this website, gave myself a big smile, and decided to help out. 8 emails later i finally call her out on this, and i havent not heard from her since, so here is a couple of pics and i end this story!

2007-06-06, 09:45:35
anonymous from United States  
Another pic of Tatyana....

2007-07-17, 03:48:22
Elena ananeva :)

2007-07-17, 07:31:38
If you're going to post a pic you need to post more info!!! A name is great BUT how about the e-mail addy at least???
2007-07-21, 11:21:58
anonymous from Spain  
Now, she is Elena Ananeva. I'm from Spain. She found me in a web of my country. After, she wrote me many e-mails. Today she ask me money for the plane. It's the same method.

2007-07-21, 11:45:09
anonymous from Spain  
Now, they are in Spain. More photos.

2007-07-21, 11:45:52
anonymous from Spain  

2007-07-21, 11:46:18
anonymous from Spain  

2007-07-21, 11:47:11
anonymous from Spain  

2007-07-21, 13:46:47
anonymous from United States  
Nice looking at anyrate! What else do you have on 'her' Spain? Post the e-mail at least.

For future reference the following is the important info to post first;

A photo {preferably labeled with the name and e-mail address}

Name {with surname if possible}

E-mail address

Location {country,city,street}

Phone number {if given}

The first and money request letter,with full header.With that the IP can be seen and if an X-mailer {ie;THEBAT- For Russian scammers}is used.

The dating site the scammer contacted you on.

With that available people doing a google search will get answer's.

2007-07-21, 18:56:32
anonymous from Spain  
Sorry, but I would to say that the russian scammers are working in Spain too.
She indetify herself as Elena Ananeva from Nizhni Novgorod, Russia. This is the e-mail address:

She contacted with me in the site of 'ulteem' (by 'meetic')

Here is the letter asking for the euros. She wrote it yesterday. (My name has been removed and replaced with XXX)

Mi XXX!Es muy contento ver tu carta! No abandonas gracias que de yo en el tiempo dificil. Veo que comprendes - yo dificilmente aqui en la ciudad grande sin tu apoyo. Esto muy agradable recibir de tu las palabras calientes.Fui en el aeropuerto hoy. Gastaba mucho tiempo para llegar al aeropuerto. Miraba las fechas distintas y los precios del vuelo.Los precios de los billetes dependen de la clase del avion y de la fecha del vuelo. Mi XXX quiero decir que buscaba los billetes mas baratos.Buscaba muchas companias y probaba escoger los mas mejores billetes. Debo, decir que el coste de los billetes incluyetodos los impuestos. Miraba los billetes al Aeropuerto, que cercana a ti. Un billete me tomara a bordo por 343 euros.Esto no tanto el precio elevado comparando con 571 euros para una clase mas alta. Sabes habre alli y tambien unos masqueridos billetes. Por ejemplo - 1100 euros! Pero tales queridos lugares en el avion no son necesario para mi.Volare en la clase mismo barata. Mi XXX, con otras palabras me son necesarios 687 euros para 2 billetes.Planeo comprar el billete con la fecha del vuelo - el 30 de julio.Di a mi es sera conveniente? XXX esto sera el dia de nuestro encuentro!!! Quiero asi que esto ocurra rapida! Tambien hoy por la manana fui en el banco y conocia como usted podeis entregar el dinero en Rusia por el modo mas conveniente.El consultante aconsejaba dirigirse en la oficina Western Union. Alli me han contado detalladamente como podemos hacerlo.Tambien me han explicado - cual informacion debeis tener de yo. Sera muy bueno, si me mandaras del dinero atraves de Western Union. Esto ayudara recibir lavo el visado sin problemas. Te doy la informacion, que te sera necesaria.La direccion del banco en que la oficina Western Union:115093MOSCOWMASTER BANKLYUSINOVSKAYA 29 STROENIE 1Mi nombre - ElenaMi apellido - AnanevaTambien a mi han dicho que debere tener el numero de control MTCN de ti para recibir el dinero. Queria llegar a tu lo mas rapidamente posible, pero debo esperar. Debo hacer mucho cosas aqui.Esto dificil - no pensaba que me sentire tanto solitario aqui. Mi amable quiero que me hayas mande las cartas a menudo. Quiero sentir tu apoyo.A pesar de que eres lejano, te siento siempre. Pienso siempre en ti. Prometo - hare todas las cosas correctamente aqui. Hemos hecho ya mucho para nuestro encuentro. Pronto recibiremos nuestra felicidad! Deseo esto por todo el corazon. XXX esperare tu carta! Mi corazon triste, pero soy asegurado - seremos juntos pronto. Tu Elena.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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