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Dating scammer ekaterina pashkova


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Name: ekaterina pashkova


kalachinsk near omsk russia

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Same fake driver license as seen on this site with name and date of birth changed


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2008-05-15, 02:21:48
anonymous from Italy  
Letters n°2 – 4/18/2008
Hi Salvo! It is pleasant for me to receive your answer to my letter.
Also, I am very glad, that you completely understand my English. You
liked my picture? In this letter, I send you two more mine photos. On
one of these photos, you can see me and mine the daddy. I hope, that
to like you my photos. I liked a photo which you have sent me. Thanks
for this photo. I did not think of visiting Your country. But if I
shall meet the man, which will love me, and in which I shall be sure,
I shall arrive to him. I search for serious relations with the man,
and further if we shall like each other, I would like to leave in
marriage for it the man. But for this purpose, the man should win my
heart that I have agreed to leave in marriage. Therefore, you should
try to prove to be from the good party:-) I the romantic girl,
therefore, I dream to carry out as much as possible time, with my
future beloved. I would like to spend time, walking on park or to have
romantic evening. Inform me Salvo, you the romantic person? As I wrote
to you in the last message, I live with mine the daddy, in a small
apartment. Also, with us my dog lives. I have the separate room. Mine
the daddy, also has a separate room. Except for these two rooms, we
have kitchen, a toilet, bathing, and a balcony. To us with the daddy,
it is quite convenient to live in this apartment. Salvo, tell to me,
where do you live? You have an apartment, or it is the separate house?
It is interesting to me to know, how you live? Also, I want to tell to
you about my family. All my family, it I and mine the daddy. To mine
to the daddy of 47 years. Mine the daddy works in security agency. I
not so want to speak you about my mum as she has left us with the
daddy when to me there were 10 years. Since then, I never saw my mum.
Therefore, I was brought up by mine the daddy. I very much love the
father, and my father, also loves me. I have no any brothers and
sisters. Now, tell to me about the family? With whom you live? How it
is far from you your relatives live? Salvo, you love pets? I very much
love cats and dogs. I shall try to send you the photo with my dog, in
the following messages. I very much love the dog. We in Armenia, have
statement: « a dog - the friend to people ». You in the country have
such statement? Therefore my dog, for me the good friend. You have
pets? On it I shall stop my letter. I shall wait for yours e-mail.
Yours faithfully Anna.

2008-05-15, 02:22:30
anonymous from Italy  
Last letters – 5/14/2008

Hi my dear Salvo! I am glad, that my messages pleasant for you. How
you feel yourself dear? I little bit excited, and yesterday I hardly
fell asleep, as I was grasped with an idea on our meeting. This joyful
event for me and I have excitement both the big impatience and
expectation of this day. You have brought during my life the whole sea
of emotions Salvo, and it is difficult for me to consult with it, but
I can tell, that it pleasantly and allowed to me a new push and the
purpose for a life. To this message, I have attached the photo. Salvo,
I informed the airport nearest to you to the agent, and the agent has
calculated the full sum of travel. It will be for me 850 euro. As I
informed you in the last message, that the travel agency to care of
all. Therefore this price, all my travel completely. Here are
included: tickets (there and back), documents, road up to the airport,
insurance, and some other necessary charges. I hope dear, that this
money not difficulty for you, and you can help me to pay my travel.
Also, I shall learn, how you can move money to me. Salvo, I hope, that
I did not do to you any difficulties, concerning money. Also dear,
inform me date, when you will have 850 euro to move to me? Ok? The
more likely I shall pay my travel, the more likely, we can meet.
Salvo, also inform me date convenient for you to which it is better to
me to arrive to you. Ok? But, you should take into account, that after
I shall pay my travel, it will be required about one week that my visa
was issued. Therefore, the earliest when I can arrive to you, it in a
week after you will send money. now Salvo, I shall inform to you some
news which I learned from the agent. He informed me, that they do not
accept, for payments, bank moving of money to the account, from
private persons. They accept such payment only from the organization
at travel by groups. Therefore I to me too should make the of payment
by cash. The agent has told, that in our city some banks are engaged
in moving of money from other countries. he has told. That they make
it quickly, it demands for them about one day. In our city some
systems for moving work. It ' Western Union '. Dear, I received the
detailed information on moving money. That To do it, you need to go in
bank, in which there is an office ' Western Union '. In bank me have
told, that such offices Are available in each city, therefore for you
the problem will not find It. When you will send money, you will need
to specify mine Complete name and address. When I shall receive this
qmoney, I owe I shall specify your complete name and address. Also, I
owe To inform in bank confidential number (MTCN). This number you
together in Bank at sending money, and you will be be necessary to
informed by this number me In the messages. All moving will borrow
some hours, But it will be necessary to pay for it some money to bank.
I think Salvo, That it is a reliable way of moving. Therefore, lovely,
try to send me money 850 Euro, for payment them. My information for
this purpose:
The country: Armenia. City Gyumri, street Shirakattsi 23.
My full name: Melkonyan anna.
Also, do not overlook after that, to inform me the information; a
complete name, address and Confidential number. I promised to agency
to pay them these days. I hope, that it will be a pleasant exchange
for you! My kisses and embraces for you, Mine favourite Vagner! Yours
Anna. I wait for your messages dear!

2008-05-16, 06:38:14   (updated: 2008-05-16, 06:39:42)
Peter from Germany  
These are new pics of Queen Katie. So what to think about the girl?? Does NOT seem as if she has got no clue for what her pics are used for.

Salvo, how did you manage to find her thread then?

Whatever they tell they are from, it's a Yoshkar-Ola scam again!
2008-05-22, 12:45:02
anonymous from Canada  
Well guys! She's as far north as ontario Canada! her name up here is Anna Melkonyan I got all this stuff too. I just can't believe she works so hard at this!! She even called me many many times! Oh yeah......She loves me!!! Also she sent me a few different pics of passportsw and stuff I'll post. This time she id from Gyumri ,Armenia!!!! She does make mistakes as long as youare open to hearing them. Make a few calls to travel agencies or see that the travel agency she told yu she deals with is in different city........Blah blah blah! She had me going for awhile because of that picture she held up with my name. Most scammers are really guys so you think that she has to be real because it is her well SURPRISE!!!!!!!
I am going to use up as much of her time as I can she prob checks out this site so she'll soon move on but hopefully next guy googles her ass!

2008-05-24, 11:33:13
anonymous from Canada  
Hey guys mike from Canada. Just want5 you to know that I am at the last stage of the scam and ihave her going back and forth to wesrern union over and over soundind like an idiot asking for fake tranmsaction for 4000 dollars ahahahahahah! Biatch I told her to say my middle name really really slow to the ttendant as people sometimes have hard time understanding it!! She wrote back now that she could get the money and what is the mistake??? she asked me to resend it so I did and told her the compouter was acting strange so if it doesnt work this time well do it at money gram next time. How many trips do you think I can get the bitch to make to western Union??? I cant believe she is completely willing to steal two young chioldrensd University money which is where i teokl her i got it from.!! Can you believe some people? FUCK MAN!!!!!Anyway I copy and pasted some of it here for yous
I wish I had some virus to send to her!! I don't know enough about computers to do it and I probably would suck the virus nto my own compuer so I guess i wont try it ill just keep here going back and forth for awhile i guess. So anyway in case you were wondering where she was.......

ok here my information Anna---- Michael Iwetodit Micuntichy
1011 Maduplace BLVD.

the 10 digit number Anna to get the money is-- 991-096-4573

ri, 23 May 2008 20:23:59 +0400
> To:
> Subject: Hello my dear Mike.
> From:
> Hello my dear Mike. I am very glad to see from you the letter. Also.
> I was very happy to speak by with you to phone. You do not imagine, as
> I am glad, as you will send money today. Tomorrow, I shall receive
> this money, and already the day after tomorrow, we shall meet you! I
> so am glad to this. I already thought, that we never with you shall
> meet. All I hope have already died. But, after our phone conversation,
> I became the happiest girl. I shall move to Yerevan, on May, 24 in the
> evening. In the morning, I should receive your money which you should
> send me. As soon as I shall receive your money, I at once shall inform
> to you about it! Ok? dear Mike, I would like to know, how you want to
> spend, when I shall arrive to you? I differently present our meeting.
> I would like, that you have met me at the airport. I present, when I
> shall see you with the big smile. I also shall be with the big smile.
> After the airport, I shall require small rest. Therefore, we can move
> to you to the house. I would like, that in the first day of our
> meeting, we had a romantic supper, at candles. What do you think of
> it? I think, that it would be very romantic. This our first
> appointment! But, if you against it then inform me. Ok? Also, you
> asked, that I promised you, that I shall give you this money which you
> will send me. Dear Mike, I promise you, that I shall give you this
> money as soon as I shall arrive. I shall give you this money, at the
> airport. I understand, that this money are necessary for your
> children. On it I shall finish my letter as I should prepare for my
> travel. I with impatience shall wait from you the letter, with the
> information to receive money. Do not overlook to inform me your full
> name. And your full address. Ok? Yours Anna.

2008-05-28, 10:47:14
anonymous from Canada  
Hey guys thought I would keep you posted. I have her right now running back and forth to Western Union trying to complete the transaction from MikeIwetodit shI told her to make sure to say my middle name real slow! Also I to9ld her I gave specific instructions to westewrn Union that this guy was to be presemt at the tiome she collectred the money or no money was to be dispensed! She swears he was there and cant understand why the couldt find the trannsaction. So either this prick is in on it or the western Union agent told her it is bullshit. Either way she says he was there. So here is the latest letters from her and at least it drew out an extra pic. i guess she suddenly has a sisiter now although that wasnt included in her storyline. I cant belive these people sje even told me to ask my kids what kind of toys they want her to buy them!! Can you belive what these goofs are willing to do for money??? anyway here are the latest letters and I willpost the pic too.


Hello my love Mike. How are you? I am indefinitely happy to receiveyour letter. Mike, you speak, what in western union, to you have told,what there is no proof? But, I think, that you have not absolutelyunderstood me. When you sent money to me, you filled in a paper inwhich wrote all my and data! I am right? I asked, that you have made acopy of this paper. You should have this paper, you understand me? Toyou should give a copy of the contract. I wanted, that you have sentme a copy of this contract. You understand? But, you speak what bythat bosh! Well, tomorrow, I shall go to bank to receive money. Ihope, that you have really sent money to me, and tomorrow, I will nothave any problems, with reception of this money. If I shall receivemoney tomorrow then I shall arrive to you this week. Ok? Your childrenwait for me? I always feel a lot of pleasures and happiness inside myheart when I read your letter. They give me very much is warm and helpto feel you during several minutes. When I have met you I has changed.You have opened the new world for me, world of love. Now I rise in themorning with a smile on my person, because I know that not one. Inthis large world is The man, who thinks of me. I want to tell you athank. With you I feel myself by the woman, which wants to be happy tolove. I have lost the hope on happiness, seeing the rough Armenianmen. When I have met you you have given me Hope for happiness. My loveeven the colleagues at work speak, that I have changed. They speak,that I more often smile also my eyes burn by light of pleasure. I amvery grateful to you for it. Mike I am very happy, that you do notleave me and estimate our correspondence. You the present man, whichis not afraid of problems, which can care. I am very happy, that youhave chosen me and have given me chance to give you all love andtenderness. I think of you my love. Mike I need in you in my life. Myhoney Mike I shall finish this letter, I wish to you all best and goodmood. I very much wait your answer and I send you the warm embraces.Love on

Hello my love Mike. The gentle wind is like has touched my person inhot weather. At reading your letter I have a joyful smile and is veryhappy, that We have met each other. Now I am precisely sure, that Inot one, though we far apart yours The letters bring a lot of heat andpleasure in my life, that I feel yours The presence at my life isconstant. Honey, I constantly think of you where I would not be andthat I would not do. You always with me in my heart. Today, at us inArmenia, the bank does not work, therefore, I could not receive moneywhich you have sent me. I hope that tomorrow, I can receive thismoney. But, if to tell fairly I am confused still with that you havenot made a copy of the contract with western Union. I sat on a bed andread the book, but I have understood, that I can not concentrate Theattention on it. My ideas came back to you again and again. I thoughtas far as it will be wonderful it to wait for you from work, to meetYou with a sensitive kiss and embrace to prepare tasty supper for youand to give To you all love and care. Hello my love Mike. I want togive you everything, that I have, I want to do you very happy , As youdo me. I feel myself very well, because We soon shall meet, but I amafraid to lose you. I hope, with all by mine By heart, that that willnot interfere with our happiness. Hello my love Mike. I hope, that foryou our relations as roads as well as for me. And I never shall loseyou. On it I shall finish the letter. Please inform, that you think ofall it. I whole you Mike. Your bride Anna. always. Your bride Anna.

2008-05-28, 10:55:36
anonymous from Canada  
heres another letter ot two

Hello my dear Mike. certainly, it is pleasant for me to read yourletter, but I very much was upset now. I was upset, as tomorrow, Icannot arrive to you. Dear Mike, today, I went to bank to receivemoney which you have sent me. But, to me informed, that suchtranslation is not present. I do not understand, why? You havedeceived me? For what? I always trusted you. I felt like what that asilly woman when has come to bank, and to me have told, that there isno such translation. Probably, you have written to me not the correctinformation? Mike, I want to exchange my tickets so that my flight wasnext week. I do not want, that these tickets were gone. Therefore, Iin any case should arrive to you. But, I want, that you informed meconcerning money. You deceived me, what you have sent money to me?Probably, you incorrectly informed me all data? What happened? DearMike, I hope, that you will send money to me that I could receive thismoney on Monday, and arrive to you next week. Ok? I already thought,that tomorrow, I shall be in a way to you. But, now, to me so it isbad. You cannot imagine, as to me it is bad now! I hope, that yourintentions are fair! I do not understand, why I could not receivemoney? Explain to me it! Ok? Now, all my things are already collected,to my travel. I am completely ready to my travel. I am stopped only byone, it is money. Mike, your children very amusing as they speak thatI looked out of the window the plane, and has then told him about it.Mike, I so want to see your children. I shall care of your children asI very much love children. Dear Mike, I have prepared your childrenfor a small surprise. Only do not speak anything to children. I want,that they were delighted, when I shall give them this surprise. DearMike, I very much hope that we shall meet you next week. It is very apity to me, that I cannot arrive to you tomorrow. On it I shall finishmy letter. I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. YoursAnna.

Hello dear Mike. I am glad to see from you the letter again.Yesterday, I tried to call to you, but unfortunately, you did notanswer my inquiry. Today, I shall try to call to you again. I hope,that today, we can speak by phone. Therefore, expect my inquiry today.Dear Mike, you speak, what I could not receive money, because of aproblem in western union? western union, did a mistake? I am right? Ido not think, that it could be the problem with a computer in Armenia.I tried to receive money, not only in one place western union. And tome informed, that such translation, in general is not present. For myname, there is no translation. Because of it, I very much was upset.You understand? Also, you speak, what is possible, I was not with minethe daddy? Mike, I went to receive money, with mine the daddy.Therefore, a problem not in it! Also, you spoke in the letter, thatyou personally will go in western union, and will learn all why Icould not receive money! You learned about it? What to you informed inwestern union? You ask me the name of other place in which you couldsend money to me? But, I think, that you should send money to methrough western union. You already sent money through western union,and I did not have any problems with reception of this money.Therefore, you should send money again through western union. Youunderstand? If you will make all correctly then I can receive moneywithout problems. Anyhow, I shall inform to you the name of otherplace in which you can send money to me: Money Gramm. A principle ofmoving of money there the same, as well as in western union. DearMike, I understand, that it is unpleasant to you to hear that I spokeyou that you deceive me. Excuse for these words. Yesterday, I havebeen very much upset, as to me informed, that such translation is notpresent, and I really thought, that you have deceived me. But, Ibelieve you! Mike, earlier, you wrote to me on some big letters everyday. But, now, you write only one letter. I am confused a little withit! Also, I am confused with that you did not answer my inquiry. Youask me about my visa. I shall travel to you under the tourist visa.This visa not repeated. I can arrive to you under this visa, onlyonce. But, after that, I think, that I should legalize my papers toarrive to you for ever. What do you think of it? Dear Mike as soon asyou will send money to me again, I want, that you have sent me a copyof a paper which you filled in western union. I do not think, that foryou a problem will make such copy as I for you did copies. I think,that with this copy, I can receive money without problems. Dear Mike,I want, that you informed me, for what date, I should exchangetickets? I want to exchange my tickets so that it was convenient foryou. I really hope, that next week, we already shall be together. Onit I shall finish my letter. I with impatience shall wait from you theletter. Yours Anna. No message is selected

Hello dear Mike. I am glad to see from you the letter again. At once Iwant to tell, that yesterday, I tried to call to you, but,unfortunately, you did not answer my inquiry. I so wanted to speak bywith you to phone. It is very a pity to me, that we did not speak byyesterday to phone. Today, I shall try to call to you again. I hope,that today, you will answer my inquiry. I would be very glad, to hearyour voice by phone again! Therefore, try to answer my inquiry. Ok?You speak, that you went in western union, and spoke about a problemof reception of money. Also, you speak, that you have solved thisproblem. I shall necessarily tell to mine to the daddy, that you careof me, and have sent money again. Mike, if you not against then Icould show your letters to mine to the daddy. But, if you against it,then I can not show your letters to the daddy but only to tellsomething good. What do you think of it? You speak, what you wereafflicted on me as I asked you a copy of a paper with western union?Mike, I have asked this copy, not that I do not trust you. I haveasked this copy as I this copy, I can easily receive money. Youunderstand it? To me have suggested to make it in western union when Iwent to receive money, and to me informed, that such translation isnot present. I even argued with them as spoke a little, that you havesent me of money! I hope, that now, you understand, for what I askedyou a copy! Also, you speak, that you will send me MTCN, today. But, Ido not understand, why you have not sent me MTCN yesterday? Because,you had no copy? I hope, what today, you will send me a copy, andMTCN. Ok? If you will send me it today then tomorrow, I shall go toreceive money. I shall inform you on all news. Dear Mike to not likeyou that we speak about money. I already informed you, that also tonot like me it! But, because of money, all of us have not met yet.Therefore, I very much worry about money! For me are not necessarymoney, I need this travel to Canada to meet you, and your children.You understand it? I also hope, that when we shall meet, we shallnever speak about money. Mike when I read your letter that yourchildren are upset that I have not arrived to you, I began happier. Itso is pleasant for me that who that in the other end of the world,waits for me. I am confident, that I shall love your children, as own!Also, I hope. What is children, will love also me. Mike, tell to yourchildren greetings, from me. Also, tell him, that I shall soon arriveto you, and we together shall spend remarkable time together. Mike,you can ask your children, what soft toys him like. Probably to likesomeone the big bear? Ask, and inform me about it! I with pleasureshall bring him the big soft toys! Ok? Mike, how you think, when wewill have first romantic evening at candles, your children will bewith us? When I think of a romantic supper with you, I recollect aboutyour children. On the one hand, the romantic supper, should be onlytogether. You agree? But, what your children at this time will do? Italso disturbs me. Also, I want, that you informed me about weather inCanada, the nearest month. I understand, that you, probably, do notknow weather for the nearest month, but I would like to know, evenapproximately. I have already collected the suitcase for my travel,but, I was possible did not take any special clothes? Therefore,inform me on it also! Also, I want, that you informed me your plans,during that time when I shall be in your country? Probably, you plan,something special? I would be very glad, if you have shown me the mostbeautiful places of your city. Mike, you already know, that I neverwas in Canada, therefore, it will be interesting to me to walk on citywith you. I would like, that you have lead with me small excursion.Ok? We would take with ourselves your children. I very strongly wantyou to see. I want that you have met me with a bouquet of red roses.Has embraced me has kissed and has pressed to itself with such forcethat nobody could separate us from each other. And your eyes shinelove passion. We with you shall go to walk on city all the day. In theevening we shall go on a beach and we shall carry out there all nightonly you and I. It awakes wonderful minutes!!!! I want to haveseconds, minutes, hours of passion and love. You understand about whatI speak? Then we shall go home and we shall sleep all day and we shallbe cares about each other. I want to feed you with delicacies. I wantto have care of you. I of you shall treat, regret and look after youYou awaken to look after me if to me it will be bad? I very stronglywant to meet you my loved! I want to check up our feelings to eachother. On it I shall finish my letter. I with impatience shall waitfrom you the letter. Yours Anna.

2008-05-28, 13:28:04
anonymous from United States  

2008-05-29, 18:06:31
anonymous from Canada  

Hi Anna i just wanted to take one extra minute to tell you how much Ilove you!! You are everything tome and I can't understand how you chose me to be with!! You have made my life worth lioving and i want you to know that I love you very much:)) I can't wait to hold you in my arms in a couple of days! You are the perfect woman for me! Without you my life is not worth living! Please hurry to get the money and new tickets baby! I miss you so much!!

from the man who really loves you



i was thinking about things and i think maybe it is better if we wait until next year to meet. I don't think i am ready.:(( Next week there is a really good television show on and I don't want to be distracted when I watch it ok? So maybe next year is better for me. I hope I didn't cause you any trouble and the loan you made don't worry Anna just make the payments throughout the year and next year when you come (If there is no good television programs on) I will pay you back ok?? Just ask your dad to work a second job,he won't ,mind will he?

I love you dearly, and miss you beyond what words can describe


Hello Mike. I have received from you the letter. But, I am not glad toread it! I have been very much upset, as you did not write to me theletter yesterday. I really worried about it. Today, I have gone inWestern union, and tried to receive money. I felt like a full sillywoman again! In Western union, to me informed, that you deceive me.You did not send money this time, in the past. I spoke them, thatthere there was what that a problem, and the person who did thismoving, has made a mistake. But, to me informed, that such cannot be.That person, at once would dismiss. Also, I spoke, that you cannotdeceive me as you love me. But, me assured, that you have deceived me.You did not send me this money! In Western union, I at once began tocry! Also, to me explained, that you could send me a copy of thecontract, with Western union. But, you have not written any word aboutit! If you saw me now! Now, me so it is bad, as it was never bad. Allmy plans for the future life, have died! Mike, I am tired from it!Now, I very strongly regret that I began to correspond with you! Weshould not get acquainted with you! I only want to ask one question:For what you deceived me? I for a long time thought above it, andcould not find the answer. Mike, to you to like to break another'shearts? I am right? How your fine children, live with you? You deceiveyour children also? It is very a pity to me of your children! Now, Ido not know, what to me to do with my loan? I really trusted you! Inever thought, that you could act so with me. Yesterday. I tried tocall to you, but you know, that you have made! I became very muchupset! Mike after you have acted with me, you cannot refer to herebyas the man! You the simple deceiver! Mine the daddy, also verymalicious because of all of it! I shall never get acquainted with whomthat, on the Internet! Also, I hope, that any girl, will not sufferany more from you Mike as I have suffered! Anna.


You see, in life sometimes certain people can 'Fly Under The Radar' for very long periods of time. You were able to accomplish just that. Any you were a busy busy person weren't you? Quite honestly you probably would have been allowed to continue this little operation you have going here for quite some time if uou hs simply not stolen Money from the wrong person. Natasha there is an old saying that goes- 'Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer!' But this was your critical mistake. You see Natasha (I call you this because I like this name better it is a better storyline than the one you gave good old 'Mike Micuntitchy'

HUave you ever heard of the term Natasha --' The Declaration of the International Expedited Extraditionary Act? ' passed by the US Congress on March 20 2007 ? No I suspect you probably haven't because of how busy you have been. Well Let me explain it to you briefly ok? When the cold war ended and the deregulation began it was one thing with the advent of the Russian Mafia and the drastic increase in crime in the FSU (Former Soviet Union) because we had our own problems here in the US basically we didn't care because it didn't affect us monetarily. And still it can be said that the US government really doesn't care about these men who get their hard earned money stolen. But I can tell you this Natasha--they DO care about the million of dollars being siphoned from US personal bank accounts and going to other countries like Ukraine and Russia. This actually became quite a concern so this is why our government lobbied yours to act on this. It had nothing to do with protecting it's citizens but all to do with greed and finance. Much the same as your motives :)) Anyway to make a really long story short this is why they passed this law. And to explain this law to you briefly it basically is this -'Any person who shall, for his or her own personal gain whether financial or otherwise, unlawfully creates scenarios in falsehood and to make believe by other parties through the use of computer ,telephone, or other means that he or she will enter a relationship with that person then he or she is punishable under the full measures of this act in it's entirety.' So Natasha that means you ok? Understand do far? Ok. So to give you an overview basically if you get caught scamming--- you get extradited (brought to) the country in which you scammed from and are charged, sent to trial and punished (if found guilty of course) under this countries rules. So yes Natasha you are going to be brought to the US and put in prison until your trial at least. So I guess you are finally going to have your dream realize aren't you :))

Now the penalties are fairly drastic as they are wanting to put a quick end to the scamming which has gotten way out of control. they want to make an example out of a few people to end this facade.
You see Natasha you probably would not have been noticed except you simply had some bad luck and stole from the wrong man. Do you remember a certain gentleman by the name of 'Rob'? Well I won't say too much because you will be meeting him finally (at your trial in Washington) You see 'Rob' had a brother who was an official at the FBI who was a friend to a congressman who had a friend at INTERPOL and the rest my ear is history:)) Basically Natasha you just ripped off the wrong man. It could have happened to anyone really but you will now realize just how long the arm of the law can reach. And soon you and I will meet. As I was the man in charge of heading up the investigation and collect evidence and building the governments case. It wasn't too hard really to get you to write me that letter. And once it came the rest was easy. I mean this 'Mike ' guy we invented in was a little too gullible don't you think? You fell for it so easily you actually gave us all many laughs down here at the office. Thank you for that by the way:)) Yes and the $250? Why would a Canadian send you $250 in American funds Natasha? Did you consider this? You see, for legal purposes we needed to get you going into the Western Union office to actually collect the money because we needed you on camera actually completing a transaction in order to make the charges stick. So we sent you this money as a 'token'. It was only bait. and this 'Mike' asked your 'daddy' to go with you and get the money? Well we only wanted to get him on camera too, we will try him as an accessory to the fraudulent behaviour for at least one count. I mean Natasha? Since when does Western Union require a second party to be present to complete a transaction?? So needless to say Natasha you will not be apart from your 'daddy' because we will make sure he comes with you on your trip to America:))
I won't say that you were exceptionally easy though you did give us some problems building our case. (you will understand why at the trial) You are quite good at what you do Natasha and I will give you credit for your work ethic. You really work hard. Most of the scammers have pre witten letters but you actually write some of this stuff yourself in order to adapt to every situation. I really liked it when you performed the 'bait and switch' it was almost perfect Natasha. You set him up and then got right back into the scam. I mean telling him you bought those tickets after receiving a loan was beautiful!! A work of art!!! we actually thought we had lost you and were going to need to start all over agin until you sent the letter about the loan. Then we were back on track.
So now we have all the evidence we need and we only need to send INTERPOL over to pick you up and prep you for your journey. To be honest I don't know how high up their priority list you are as they are not too happy they must go be 'errand boys' for the FBI and pick up people for us. So I can not guarantee they will be there immediately but trust me that they are coming:)) You see finding out where you actually are was the easy part. Do you know how easy it is to triangulate someone's exact location with an IP address? It isn't very hard with our technology, that is the nice thing about computers Natasha--they always leave a trail. That is how I got your Russian passport and your drivers license and all those nice photos to add to my collection of photos:) The really nice thing too is that he Russian government does not really seem to appreciate forged documents like that too much so when you are done here in the US after your time has been served and you are then deported back to the FSU you will then be tried all over again under their laws. So really I almost feel sorry for you but I mean you have hurt many people so fair is fair really. I men we even invented kids that Mike had only to get sympathy from the judge in your case. You were actually completely willing to steal two young children university money? Oh that will get you some really good points with the judge and jury! We only did it for that reason too and it worked lie a charm. I knew you wouldn't change your mind. The other guys didn't want me to add them in in case you had a sudden change of heart but I knew you would continue the game. Someone like you won't stop just because the victims are children and I was right. (actually thank you for that because I won a bet and made 20 bucks on it'))
So anyway Natasha in the interest of fair play I will give you one option. I really don't want to do this but the other guys tell me it will get us home sooner so I will make the offer. Here it is. If you decide to turn yourself in before INTERPOL has to go and get you then we will take this into consideration at your trial. To be honest it will make the difference of you and DADDY doing 5 years or 15. I personally hope you make us come and get you so that you get a longer sentence but the choice is still yours. Turn yourself in within 12 hours of getting this message and we will tell the judge you came in willingly. But if you make us wait for INTERPOL then we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. There! the offer has now been made and in the future don't ever tell me I didn't offer you a way out! But like I say, I hope you don't do it because after the pain you have caused people and the money you have stolen I would personally like to see you do much much more time than 5 years. So please don't turn yourself in to us ok?:)) I would rather wait the couple extra days to go home and see you do 15-25 years in the federal prison system. I think you will like it there too. Maybe after you get out we can go out for coffee?:)))
So anyway, to make a another long story short Natasha turn yourself in or face a longer sentence, the choice is yours and I really do not care what you do. One way or the other the outcome will be the same anyway. So like I said 12 hours to comply. E-mail me back at this address for the instructions on who to turn yourself in to or simply wait for INTERPOL whatever you wish. But we do know when you opened this e-mail and we do know from where, so make your choice and let us know.


well we will be waiting for your reply , we are headed out for something to eat. We have our laptop with us so just send us the e-mail when you are ready.

P.S. Mike's kids say hello :-)))))))

Special Agent ---Detrick Harris (you will soon be sorry you ever heard that name:))

I'm sorry but i was just laughing at something and I wanted to tell you.....hahahahthat picture you sent me on your last letter:)))))))))))))) it is supposed to be you sad because i deceivyou: )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))lookook at the satre on it is from 2006 and there is a computer even in the background:))))))))))))))))))))I thought you had to use your friends computer or go to a internet cafe???? Man you are one stupid scammer!!! I read over the letter again just to fill in some more information on my report to me captain and I must tell you you are a very good actor youshould receive an award for your performance.:))) but at the same time you should get one academy award for best actor and one other award for best comedian of the year!!! You have really made all of uS down here laugh wih your prtrayal of a broken hearTed girl.:))))))))))))) Well just talk to Salvo or Ed or that guy awhile back you got for 3000USD i forget his name i have it written in one of my evidence reports but anyway....just ask them abut your acting ability:)))) Dont be a sore loser now come on you cant win them all. You have left a path of destruction and broken hearts and hurt soooooooooooomany people in your little run here that I can promise you that NONE of the wtnesses at your tial will feel sorry for you then!! but you better practise your acting a little more if you want to convince a jury that you had no choice but to do what you did..... Well see then how good you can act. We have many men willing to testify and have signed sworn statements and given us all their letters from you and we have hired computer experts to prove the IP addresses validity and coro;ated them to your wherabouts .....anyway I don't even know why I am telling you this your going to see it all soon enough anyway...
Let me know if we need to come for you or are you going to follow my instructions. You have exactly 12 hours from the time you opened the e-mail with the instructions on it to respond to me on this e-mail address or we come for you. let me know ok.

2008-05-30, 19:47:04
anonymous from Brazil  
Well... believe it or not this scammer's decided to expand its business to Brazil! Looks like whoever is running the show reads about investment grades... lol. I'm glad I found this site.

I've got this message from her (or him):
Hellooo … How are you? To like me your structure. I search for serious relations. If you not against our acquaintance then write to me the letter on mine e-mail:

I with impatience shall wait from you the letter on mine e-mail. Anna.

P.S. On this site, I am very seldom, therefore write to me the letter on mine e-mail. it is not necessary to write to me the letter on a site.
2008-05-31, 14:41:09
anonymous from Brazil  

The Google is my Saint !!!

Almost !!

Thanks for the people, who posted this information here. I recivied this e-mail by She stay here like anna_anna, 27 yo, Armenia. She is a Gold user, whos made message for everyone. Have 2 photos there.
The e-mail was send to me in 2008, May 30. And i answer (oh my God, what is possible) :((

I hope nobody accept this spam.

Many times no appears to me nothing like this, i forggot this things.

Hugs for all ! And thanks for informatin.

2008-05-31, 15:18:01
anonymous from Brazil  
more things...

2008-06-24, 11:18:25
I too receveid e-mail by Anna from Armenia. i almost was mistaken by her. The e-mails are very resembling. If you of FBI and INTERPOL need my help, i am engaged. She have a profile on orkut from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
the link is:

look e-mails her:

Hi mine lovely Renato! I am glad to see yours e-mail. to me pleasantlyto learn, that you support idea to meet and also wish me to see And tocarry out with me time. I think, that in our following messages we canin more detail discuss ours Meeting and to establish time and placefor this purpose. I want to tell you dear, that it is very pleasant,for the woman, To be convinced of that exist the man, which waits forher and wants to hold in the hands. Such idea influences on Opinionsthe woman and her behaviour. Therefore thank to you, Renato, that youhave given me to feel it. In this letter, I send you the photo. I donot have such possibility to call to you through SKYPE. Therefore,inform me the phone number, and I will call to you. Ok? You are verypleasant for me, that not against I have arrived to you. It is verypleasant for me. If you informed me, that you do not want, that I havearrived to you then I would think, that you want me only for sex. But,now, I the next time am convinced, that you really seriously concernto our meeting. It is a lot of men, search for women only for sex, anddo not want long and serious relations. Therefore, I am afraid of it alittle. On my work, I can take holiday for one month, therefore, I canremain with you for one month. What do you think of it? I think, thatit is enough this time, for the first meeting. You agree? I want toarrive to your country, as the tourist all over again. If at a meetingwe solve, that we like, each other, then we shall make our plansfurther. But, for the beginning, we should meet. Renato, travel toyour country, for me always was dream. I so am glad, that now, mydream can be carried out. You do not imagine to yourself as I want toarrive to your country, and to meet you. At first sight, like all isgood, travel can be issued without problems. But, unfortunately, thereis one problem. I would not like you to speak about this problem atall, but it is necessary! This problem - money! Even it becomes ashame to me, as I work, and I have no money to travel to your country.For me, it is very big money, and I cannot pay my travelindependently. It is very inconvenient for me to address to you forthe help with money, but I do not have other way. I cannot borrow thissum of money at all. Dear Renato, me your help for payment of travelwill be required. I shall really hope, that for you there will be noproblems to help me with money that I could carry out my dream, and toarrive to you. But you should know Renato, that when you will be in myhands not soon you can get out of my embraces. I now shall not writeabout those things by which I shall do with you as I want that it wasfor you a surprise! Loved, I with the great pleasure, shall carry outat you some days. In these days I shall reach in travel agency and toreceive the information to arrive to you. I shall inform you detailson it in the following e-mail. I wait your messages. I you adore minedear Renato! My kisses!!! Your Unique Anna.

Renato from Brazil, São Paulo

2011-11-14, 11:18:05
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2011-11-14, 11:25:57
Listen up guys... if you have to wonder why some young sexy babe thousands of miles away can't find a partner in their part of the world ? The clear answer emerges... cash, dollars, euros, rupees... or whatever you wanna call it, the motivating answer is simple = SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM !

There's no sexy babe on the other end ! More than likely some young dude with balls is being pimped by a greedy maestro, who has knife at his throat should he try anything else. And he's not alone. The cafe is crowded with lowlife scammers working for a 'maestro' who buys the computer time and hires them to scam you under the pretense of being a woman seeking romance. To these immortal thieves, it is just a business. And more often than not pictures of sexy PORN models are cleverly used to lure you into their web of deceit and deception. The 'maestro' gets a 60 percent cut and reserves another 20 percent to pay off law enforcement officials who rarely come around. That still puts plenty of cash in the scammer's pocket. The typical scammer spends up to 12 hours a day, seven days a week, huddled over one of many computers, pretending to be a sexy woman working his scams.

Don't take it personally that they're trying to scam you... just move on, brush off the dirt and learn from experiences. If not, the con artist wins because they leave a mark on you that YOU choose not to handle, and the next quality love of your life may have to pay the price for you not dealing with it.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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