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Dating scammer Anastasia Mushtakova & OLGA


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Name: Anastasia Mushtakova & OLGA



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OrgName: 1-800-HOSTING, Inc.
OrgID: 1800H
Address: 3509 Oak Lawn Ave
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 75219
Country: US

ReferralServer: rwhois://

NetRange: -
NetName: 800-NET1
NetHandle: NET-69-41-160-0-1
Parent: NET-69-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
NameServer: NS1.1-800-HOSTING.COM
NameServer: NS2.1-800-HOSTING.COM
NameServer: NS3.1-800-HOSTING.COM
NameServer: NS4.1-800-HOSTING.COM
RegDate: 2003-04-24
Updated: 2005-11-16

RNOCName: Network Operations
RNOCPhone: +1-214-599-9446
RNOCEmail: **********

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE155-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Abuse Department
OrgAbusePhone: +1-214-599-9446
OrgAbuseEmail: *****

OrgNOCName: Network Operations
OrgNOCPhone: +1-214-599-9446
OrgNOCEmail: **********

Hello mine XXXXX. Affairs at me is good, have received your answer, it
is very enough and is happy, I am filled with pleasant feelings. I'm
fine, my working day has ended, and the ambassador I was late at the
girlfriend, she has asked me to help and I can write now to you, I so
waited for this moment to read your lines why you write so a little, I
so want to learn about you much, I ask you write to me about myself
and about the life, I hope that you will understand me!!! I have
really perfectly lead the yesterday's day off with my friends and have
wonderfully had a rest and have received many emotions. How you XXXXX
have lead the yesterday's day off? As your today, I hope at you all
well! Today after work my girlfriend has asked to help it and I can to
it when to refuse, she has asked me to look some time for its child
today, she is the small fine girl to it only three and a half of one
year, this such lovely creation, simply words are not present, I with
it have lead some time we with it played much, I read it books, it so
is fine, I very much love children, this best that is in our life, I
have received many emotions. I certainly thought of the child, I
simply dream of the child, I think that in children continuation of
our life, and children it is the purpose of our life. What you think
of it? I want to tell more to you about myself that we could learn
each other better. My world, lives in my world my mum which I very
much I love as I have my brother, but it lives far from us with mum,
my work and my working collective is a lot of for me mean, also I
value my narrow circle of girlfriends with which I is familiar since
the childhood and we very much frequently gather, I trust them all my
secrets and we very much like idea enter cafe, to speak about vital
trifles and problems. I want you to ask, you have many friends to whom you completely trust? To my hobbies I attribute correct workplaces, sports meets meet, and visiting of cinema with my favorite
girlfriends. In reading to me loves historical novels which grasp
spirit, and I all leave in together with heroes I suffer all moments
and their experiences, there the book so me is mentioned up to on
tears in soul. My classical music loved in basic, which calms soul and
at flowering spring of soul, and more frequently on mood. As to mine a
life, I very much do not like, when me deceive, I do not love envy and
lie. Write to me also about itself, I very much want that we became
closer, so we can understand each other completely more, you with me
agree!!! I shall soon go to bed also I should go, tomorrow it is
necessary to go for work and necessary to rise early. I shall live
pending the answer from you mine XXXXX and I hope that tomorrow in the evening, I shall read your new lines. My embraces Olga!!!!!!!!!!!!


Content-type: text/html


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2007-04-15, 20:13:05
anonymous from United States  
I too have received letters from this Anastasia woman and here's one of them kinda steamy if you ask me. Check it out:
Hi my dear Eddie!

Here is a picture for you my dear Eddie. The quality of this picture is not very good. Sorry.
I will try to prepare other picture soon. I think it will be more better picture. I want to ask you
how are you today? I am fine despite of cool weather (+12 Celsius today) because I am thinking
of you Eddie! How is the weather there? I hope it is not bad. I miss you my darling! Every
day when I think about you I want to meet you, touch you and kiss you more and more. My wish
is rising up with every minute. My heart is beating stronger and faster when I imagine about us
and our meeting! Do you know, why? Because I love you Eddie!!! Do you feel the same?
I think it would be great to see each other face to face one day! Do you agree? I think we would
spend a wonderful time together with you Marcus and would learn more personally about
each other! What do you think about it sweetheart? Would you like it? Do you have any dreams
about our first meeting, my love? If we will meet someday I would like to spend a lot of time
together with you. I would like to meet your friends, family and I would be glad if you will show
me your home area. It will be great thing if we would spend time together on the nature, on
the coast of a lake, a river, maybe even an ocean and have a picnic. I like to be on the coast and
I like the water at all. I have never been and never seen an ocean just the sea. I think an ocean is
great. Maybe someday I can see it in real. I would like to be there with you. Just you, Eddie
and me! What do you think about it, my single man in this world? Yes, you are my single man
I love and will love forever! Do you know it Eddie? I want you to know about it! These
words are from my heart! What does your heart speak to you Eddie? I would like to know
what your heart speaks to you about me! I need it like every human needs the air to breath, like
every plant needs the sun and the water to grow up! Please let me know Eddie! You are
my LIFE!!! I need you and your nicest letters because when I get any message from you
my mood is becoming better. You see now how I feel about you! I hope your feelings are mutual
and you want to meet me too as I do! I think our meeting will be a big step or a next level of our
relations! Do you agree with me? I believe in it and want to make this dream to reality. Do you
want it? Will you help me with it?
I want to ask you Eddie, what do you think about intimate and sexual relations between
two people? I think it is time to talk about it now. I believe we can discuss it together. I hope you
are ok to talk about it with me. I suppose it's very important and one of the main things in
relations. Do you think so too? I want to ask you what do you think about sex? I want to tell you
about this question. As you know I am a straight woman. I don't welcome bisexual kind
of relations such as gays and lesbians do. I don't dislike them and even we can be friends but
I don't understand why guys prefer men or lesbians prefer women? As you have already guessed
I am not a bi-sexual person and I had no such experience of relations before and don't wish for it
in the future. I have never tried group sex and don't want to try. At least I don't want it this time.
I don't like it. I know that I need only one man who I will give all my love and passion. I am sure
you will be agree with my point of view. I want to tell you about other my views. I like ordinary
sex. My favorite positions are missioner position, doggy style position and also I like to be on
the top. What are your favorite positions? Also I like oral sex. I like to give and to get it both. Do
you know about 69 position? I like it. I don't know what to tell you about anal sex because
I didn't try it before. I would not be against to try it someday if we would want to try it of course.
I think we could discuss all details about it together in the future and I think we would solve right
decision. I think people need to trust each other, need to consult with each other and need to
understand each other in such important thing as sex. I hope that I didn't push you off by my
words about sex. I think we are adult people and we have to talk about these things. What do you
think Eddie? Please tell me about your views on this question. I need to know about it.
I will finish my letter now. Hope you will be glad to get it and I just want to tell you again
'I love you my dear Eddie'. Please know it and don't forget. I will wait for your next letter
with the great impatience!

Only your Anastasia!

P.S. I want to tell you some words in Russian because I would like you would tell me such words
in Russian sometimes. There are here:
beautiful-krasivyi, honey-dorogoy, baby-detka, amazing-udivitelnyi, hot-goryachiy, cute-simpatichny.
I hope I can see these words in your letter someday!

2007-04-15, 20:22:01
anonymous from United States  
Here's another steamy letter from Anastasia:

Hi Eddie!

How are you doing now? How was your day? My day was good. I want to tell you that my friend
Maria will leave hospital on Monday. This news make me more happy. I know that you are
from the other part of the world but all the same you are very close to me because we correspond
together and our letters make us closer. Eddie, do you agree with your Anastasia?
Honey, I want to tell you about my dream about us in details. I hope you want to know about it.
I do it because I love you Eddie and want to be with you absolutely sincerely. I hope these
my frank words not make you upset. I really hope that you will like my dream. I was so excited
when I woke up. I remember this dream and I liked it and now I will tell you about it. So here is
how our first meeting goes in my dream.
You are waiting for me in the airport. You hide yourself a little so you can surprise me by
coming up from behind to me, closing my eyes by your hands. Then I will feel a little shiver.
Then I will turn to you and our eyes meet. We both have big smiles on our faces as we look
at each other for a moment. We embrace in the middle of the airport and have a very long kiss.
You put my things in your car and before we leave the parking lot I climb over to the driver's
seat, sit in your lap and we continue our kissing for about 15 minutes. Just from the kissing I can
tell that your cock is very hard and my nipples were bursting through my shirt. You drive as fast
as you can to your home. We barely open the door in as our clothes come off. We embrace for
a little while kissing. You pick me up and carry me to the bedroom. You lay me down as we kiss
a little more. You start to ease down my body with light kisses stopping at each nipple and circle
my tongue around each one until they are like little rocks. You move back up kissing my neck
and behind my ear then back down to my nipples. You then start tracing your tongue to my belly
button then give me soft kisses there. You have both of your hands on my nipples caressing them
with your fingers. I take one of your hands and start sucking your fingers with anticipation. You
move your lips down towards my panties which are the only thing on me. You tease me by
kissing my inner thighs for awhile as you are still caressing my nipples. My juice start to soak
part of my panties. You slide off part of my panties away with your tongue to taste my juices.
You take down my panties then slowly lick around my pussy and clit licking up some of my
juice. Your tongue continues around my clit until you put your tongue inside my pussy. You
begin to get your tongue inside me as I grab your hands to hold on as I begin to press your face
by my thighs deeper into me faster and faster until I climax. You let me catch my breath until
you start again on my clit and take your fingers into my pussy to make me cum again until I can't
take it. I have you flip over on your back and take your cock in my hand but before I start you
have me in the 69 position so you can continue to caress clit with your tongue. I start to suck you
for awhile. Your cock is very hard at this time. I suck you slowly then fast then slow again
teasing you to the point you almost cum in my mouth. I know now that you are ready to climb
me on top of you and slow begin to insert your cock into me. I feel so warm inside and we both
quiver and groan as it feels so good to be inside me. You ride your cock for awhile. Then you
have me lean towards you so you can suck my nipples. I tell you that I'm going to cum so you
turn me over slowly to let me catch my breath. Then as you lay on the top of me you begin to
penetrate inside me again. Your chest barely touching my nipples as you drive into me faster and
faster. We go until we let out a scream together as we climax. We lay in bed for awhile. You
continue to give me soft kisses on my lips and around my neck as I do the same for you. You
then trace your finger over my face as you see my beauty like a fine peace of art. You take me to
the shower and wash my body. Every minute of time which I spent with you we feel our true
love together. We stand in the shower and the water rushes over us like a rain. We stop and stare
at each other as we are both think the same thing. How can two people from different worlds end
up together? As we stare into each other's eyes at the same time the words from our lips say
Do you like my dream my dear Eddie? I hope for it. I have seen this dream as it was real
and I woke up wet and all my body was in sweat. I hope you will not be offended by my dream
and you will not be mad on me because of it. I just wanted to show you how I feel and how
strongly I love you. All my feelings to you and all my love awake my dreams. I like it! Hope you
like it too. Also I have attached some pictures for you. Ok, I will finish my letter. I will write you
later my Eddie and of course I will wait for your next letter. I hope it may happen someday
and we can meet each other in the airport I have asked you about yesterday. I would like if this
dream will be true and we could meet each other. Would you like if it happen someday? Please
let me know what do you think about this dream and did you have dream like this about us? Or
you just want if this thing can happen with us. What do you want to happen? What would you
like? I will wait for your answer about my dream. I want to know your thoughts! I hope you will
be open and sincere when you will write me about your dream and thoughts. Don't worry and let
me know about all details you want to tell. I will be glad! That's all. I love you Eddie!
Remember it!

Your Love from Russia, Anastasia.

P.S. Here is the pictures just for you. Hope you will like it. Also I want to tell you that you will
know about my second surprise soon.

2007-04-15, 20:30:10
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: family in park fountain
2007-04-15, 20:31:34
anonymous from United States  

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