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Dating scammer Elena Kudina


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Name: Elena Kudina


It does not matter....It is the exact same,word-for-word,stupid-english version of all the other letters...just city and street names changed!!!

Other Comments:
Get a life!!!!!!! If you are going to try to scam somebody for a grand or so,at least put some effort into it,you know like---write and read all e-mails!!!Give me a break.....I mean by now I can recite the damn things and they are two screens long!!!


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2007-07-23, 15:07:58   (updated: 2007-07-23, 15:27:45)
anonymous from Sweden  
Hi metamorphosis of ELENA KUDINA, probably the most incompetent scammer in the world. Address as mentioned above:

She wrote to me at my hotmail, so I baited her for a while to try and get some new pics for the collection. Uses proxy servers and the BAT!, form mails, no direct answers, the usual BS. I repeated the same mail and got a different reply LOL. Told her I'd been to Russia twice in the last 12 months, not a flicker of interest. Took, what? a week and a half to get the money letter. LOL...

Claims to have 'reserved tickets' to my country even though I never mentioned which it was, and neither did she. Sent me a cost estimate for tickets to nowhere. Needs the money by tomorrow, desperate guy.

Here are the mails and new photos for future reference. I actually sent her my number but I never got the call.

July 13:
Eddie!!!! Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WoW! You answered my email! I'm a lucky girl! He he ))
So as you know I'm 26 years old little kitten looking someone who can
take care of me!!!!
To be honest with you I already have one man in my life... He is so
funny and I like to play with him. His name is Goofy. Oh... I see you are
Please don't be jealous, he is just my friend ))))) It's my dog ))))
You can see it on my photos, that one with red ear.
And another one with two red ears is his girlfriend ))) It's the dog
of my friend Karina.
OK I will try to be serious. I don't have a boyfriend and I haven't
had any intimate relationship during last 6 month. Oh!!! I'm getting
crazy!!!!! Of course I'm not looking for sex only, I'm looking for a
good and honest man.... Not cheater like my ex-boyfriend!!!!! If you
are not one woman man better go away!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm very hot and fun girl, I like to laugh. But now I'm in such age
when it's time to settle down and I'm looking for someone special in
my life.
I've been told today many men from your country like Russian women and
they are right!!!!! Russian women are very good! But I'm the best!!!
ha ha! I'm joking! I have my own lacks too. Everybody has.
And I've been told also Russian women like men from your country and
they are looking for a good future. They promise many things and when
they meet each other they don't do what they promise.
So I will better not promise I will wash your socks and bring a breakfast to
bed for you every day! Although I can do it sometimes!!!
If you are looking for a perfect woman this is not me. I'm not an
angel flying in the heaven. I'm down to earth girl and I want to find
a real man who will love me.
Actually I'm not looking for a man with supermodel appearance, I don't
believe in perfection and I don't think someone can be perfect!!! I'm
just looking for down to earth guy and I want to feel myself
comfortable together.
I'm not much into reading books and any science stuff, I love the life
and I like to get new impressions!
My hobby is to dance flamenko! When I'm in a bad mood I will go
and dance and all problems will go away!!!!
I'm Christian by religion.
I think when you believe in higher powers
it keeps you away from bad things because someone can punish you!!!!
So I try never do any bad things and I just enjoy this life!
I'm ready for marriage but I can't say we will go and marry each other
the next day after we meet each other, we have to get to know each
other a little better!!!
I live in Kurgan city in Russia and I'm going to visit your beautiful
country very soon, I've never been there. My city is situated in
Kurganskaya oblast near Chelyabink and Tuymen. I sent my documents to
Moscow embassy and I hope that guys will approve my visa soon and send
my documents back! It will happen this or next week.
Everybody says your country is one of the best countries in the world.
So if I'm the best girl in Russia I just have to visit this country
and check if that's true!!! Ha ) Joking again )))

Oh... so much bla bla bla in this email. Anyway I don't believe it's
possible to get to know each other by emails. Give me your telephone
number maybe I will call you. I'm very talkative and I can speak
English too!!!

If I'm not your type of girl maybe we can be just friends and you will
show me everything over there.
I still didn't pick the city where I want to go, I'm waiting for my
visa to be approved and after it I will pick it.
If you tell me more about your city it will be appreciated.
Also please tell me about your likes and dislikes and if you have any


July 14;
I'm sending few pics and I will go shopping for food with my mom. Tomorrow I
will send you a photo of my mom and sister. All girls in our family
are very beautiful!!!! You will see it tomorrow!
I'm sending two pics with my friends. Actually all my pics are taken by
my girlfriends. That two pics were taken in Sochi, Black Sea (it's
the South of Russia), they were taken last summer when we went there.
We went there by train because it's cheaper (alltogether it was seven
girls including me) and it took about three days from my city to
Sochi. We had very good time there!

July 16:
Eddie Hi again! Your photo is very nice thank you.
Today is very hot day here! How's the weather over there?
Our summers are usually hot but we have very cold winters and a lot of
I will write you few more things about myself.
I have a computer at home but actually I'm not good in computers.
I've been told there are some chat programs as messengers and ICQ but
I've never used them, I don't communicate with anyone in another
country, only with you!
As I promises I'm sending a pic of my mom, sister and me. I think my
mom is very beautiful woman, also my sister is very beautiful.
My mom is 55 years old and I hope when I will be 55 I will look as
beautiful and she is. My sister is 31 years old.
My father is not alive, he was a policeman and some bad accident
happened with him... I don't want to talk about it because I'm getting
sad every time I think about it. He died 5 years ago.
I can tell you something more about my favorites.
I like flowers so much and my mom likes to grow flowers in our
apartment! I know how to take care of flowers, she taught me how to do
As I wrote you my hobby is to dance flamenko.
In winter I like skiing. Although I've never tried snowboarding.
Have you tried skiing?
I began to think about you more often... Honestly I don't know why I
picked you for the first time, I just felt something special about
your profile!!! When someone is special to you it's not easy to
explain why!
I hope to meet you nearly in one week and I hope we will like each
other when we meet in person!
It's so hot here now! I will go to the shower!
I will look for some photos in swimming suit and maybe I will be able
to scan them.

Until next time!!

Thinking about you..

P.S. I forgot to write you last time and almost forgot to write this
time! My birthday is May 5. As you know I'm 26 years old.

July 17:
I'm in a hurry now and I just want to write you few words to let you
know I still think about you and I hope to meet you soon!
Today it came a letter from the embassy, they wrote they looked my
documents, everything is in order and I have to come to Moscow to be
interviewed. I don't understand why your country has such rules... I
think that's not right! I've been told if you go to European countries
there is not need to be interviewed and to go to your country I have
to pass their interview. I have to idea what they will ask me.... I
will call them later today. Do you have an explanation why the
consulate of your country demands all people who want to go there to
be interviewed? Sorry but I still can't understand...
I will let you know all information about my documents and type of my
visa later. Now I have to go and pack my things!
I hate this idea to go to Moscow when I didn't expect it will happen
so soon.
Also I've been told I will have to speak English with them on my
interview so I will have to repeat some grammar today.
I miss you and I hope soon I will be a little closer to you!
Sorry but I don't have any time to write about other things. Now I
will go and buy ticket to Moscow for today late evening.

As usual I'm sending pics...
Today it's too pics from Sochi, they were taken by my girlfriends when
we walked by the beach, we were joking and laughing and took many pics
of each other! Sorry I don't have the time to pick the best pics for
you so I'm sending the first two I just found.


July 18:
I arrived! Yes!
I have so many things to do now and so many arrangements, I will write
you about it as soon as I learn more information.
Look at this pic! And don't be frightened!
I'm a little Amur and I'm aiming right in your heart!!!!!! I hope so
much not to miss my aim since your arrow is already in my heart!!!
If to be serious this thing remained from my father, I even don't know
how it's called in English. In Russian it is 'arbalet'.
I don't know how to use, I just took this pic for fun about 3 months
I have to go now, I still have to settle down. OK I will go my way
like a little donkey with two bags. And half of one bag is... guess
what??? FOOD!!!! My mom gave me so much food because she said
everything is expensive in Moscow and I should not spend money for
food ))))

P.S. Has my arrow pierced your heart? I tried so hard!!!!! he he ))

July 18:
OH!!!!! I forgot to say two things!
First thing is I'm very sorry about the pics I've sent you from Sochi,
that two pics on the beach... I was in a hurry and I didn't notice
that on one of those pics you can see some parts of my body that I
didn't want you to see! I didn't want you to see that pic... maybe now
you think I'm not a decent girl because I'm sending pics with some
naked parts of my body to a man I've never met. Please don't think I'm
a bad girl!!! I don't have any not decent pics and that pic was made
without any bad intention... I guess that blouse with flowers was just
a little big for me... Please I'm sorry.
I feel myself so ashamed....
And another thing if you still want to meet me please confirm the name
of the closest international airport and double check it. I'm going to
arrange my tickets tomorrow...
Also tomorrow I will buy an international calling card and find out
how can I use it, I've never done it before.

With love and respect...
Please forgive me for that pic.
I found this sweet pic in internet and I'm sending it to you, I hope
you will forgive me and write me once again your details.

July 19:
Eddie!!!! I can write you a longer email now, I have more free time.
I found where to buy international calling cards and the situation of
public phone so if you want I can call!
I've been to the travel agency today and I've learnt more information
about my trip to you!
But at first I want to write you more sweet things.
When I come to you I want to have a candlelight dinner with you and it
will be so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!
We can go to cheap cafe or to stay at your place.
I think I haven't told you I like to cook. I don't cook every day
because I don't have any need to do that, my mom likes to cook too and
she taught me how to do it well. Best of all I like to cook desserts
and pizza! mmmmmm very tasty!
I'm getting hungry.
When I come over there I can stay with you if you want me to do that,
I think now you can't make any suggestions because we've never seen
each other but I would be happy to stay with you.
Or I will have an another place to stay. There are many girls from
Russia who is coming by a work program over there and they usually
live together in one apartment, about 6 girls in one apartment and
it's really cheap.
I applied for a work visa. But honestly my mail purpose is not to work
and earn tons of money... I want to look how's the life in your
country, how look people over there and I want to meet you.
That's not easy to receive a tourist visa because to get this type of
visa my income should be not less then 800 $ a month and unfortunately
I don't have such income.
I settled down here in Moscow in the cheapest hotel because I was not
able to find a room for rent so fast, it could be cheaper. Prices are
very high in Moscow, the cheapest hotel in Moscow seems very expensive
to me!!!!!
Here is a copy of my flight itinerary, you can see all details of my
flight, I will arrive July 25 (Wednesday) and you can see the time of
arrival and all flight numbers here.
Sorry it's not totally in English and I'm not sure you can read
Russian but all main details are in English!

Ãîðîä: Moscow
Àäðåñ: 123308, Moscow, Zemlyanoy Val 7.
Òåë: (495) 9745386


Elena Kudina

Ðåéñ - 25 July 2007 ã.
Ðåéñ Áåñïîñàäî÷íûé ïîëåò
Êëàññ îáñëóæèâàíèÿ: Y
Confirmation code: RLK8FI

Èíôîðìàöèÿ îá îáñëóæèâàíèè â ïîëåòå +
Îáñëóæèâàíèå â ïîëåòå: non-smoke


Ñîñòîÿíèå Ïîäòâåðæäåíî (HK)

Èíôîðìàöèÿ î òóðå +

Depart: 25Jul Return: 25Jan

Áèëåòû: USD 1454.00 (roundtrip)
Íàëîãè: USD 85.00
Ïðèìåðíàÿ ñóììà, âêëþ÷àÿ ïîøëèíû: USD 43.00
Total Cost Of Tour.............. USD 1582.00
Âñåãî: 1582.00 $

Ñîñòîÿíèå Ïîäòâåðæäåíî (Ïàññèâíî) (ÂÊ)


So you see I booked a flight!!!!
I will be able to stay over there for 6 months and then I can come
back to Russia or prolong my visa or even change my status.
Unfortunately I was not able to arrange one way ticket because by the
rules of your embassy I have to arrange roundtrip tickets.
I calculated all my expenses today for tickets, custom fees and paying
my living expenses and I would be happy if you help me to complete my
trip because I was not prepared for it well and everything happened so

Please try to send me 975 $ today by Western Union and I will complete
my trip!!!
My details to send the money!
Country: Russia
City: Moscow
Full name: Elena Kudina
Day of Birthday: May 5 1981
Address of Western Union in Moscow:
MOSCOW , 103064

I promise you I will return you the money when I earn it. I can't
promise I will return it in two weeks but I think I will be able to do
that in 3-4 weeks, I have an arranged job, I will work as a waitress.
Almost all girls who come to work over there work as a waitress for
the first time! It's very simple job!
I can't wait to meet you and I will wait for your answer!!!!
And I forgot to ask you if you are able to meet me! Please try to meet
me!!!!!! I don't have any friends over there, only you!
And I hope we can be more then friends!
I can't wait to hug you!!!!

July 20:
Sorry I didn't write you, I was trying to find some money but nobody can help
Sorry I became a problem for you.. you may think Oh My God, why
I met this Russian woman in Internet..But you my last hope
My parents don't have so much money to send me, they live in so small
city have captivated my poor heart and I just don't know how you've
done it. I'm still desperately want to see you!
I'm so sad now, so sad that I don't want to live. I want to fall
asleep and don't get up one more month!
it isn't in my rules asked the money but is crawl Russian live I can't earn it
Please help my? save my future

July 22:
Honey please write me your phone number i will call you and we will
talk about the money please i wait. I need to by a ticket till
Kiss your Elena

July 22:
Here is the poem for you, I like it so much!!!
When i dream that you love me, you'll surely fogive
Extend not your anger to sleep;
For in visions alone your affection can live,-
I rise,and it leaves me to weep.
Then,Morpheus! envelope my faculties fast,
Shed o'er me your languor denign;
Should the dream of to-night dut resemble the last,
What rapture celestian is mine!
I tray one's all what i can. But please belive my. Your distrust kills me.

2007-07-23, 15:13:13
anonymous from Sweden  
My final letter to 'Elena', after I'd promised to send her some money: (translated from Russian)

Hello khokhol!

Please do not offend my intelligence. You must be the most incompetent swindler in Russia, you mudozvon.

1. You send me low-quality copied letters. You do not read my replies and you ignore my questions. Probably, you are uneducated and you can only speak Russian. Therefore I write to you in Russian so that you will understand, you opesdol.

2. You write to me using a SOCKS-server and GPRS internet (also The BAT! Spam program)....typical tricks for the Internet swindler. If you are sincere, why do you hide your location? I know that you live in Yoshktar Ola, criminal city in Russia, a city with much skamerstvo. You know “skamerstvo”, Elena?

3. Your photos are very beautiful, but you are not an actual girl. Probably, you are a guy by the name of Boris. Furthermore, your sister (aged 30) seems younger than you (aged 26) in your photos. Very amusing.

4. You say you have reserved tickets to my country, but you do not know in which country I live. Also very amusing. Anyway, it would be impossible for you to obtain a visa to my country without a letter of invitation from me, + a copy of my passport, + an application from sponsor, etc etc. Also you cannot obtain a visa without tickets. I know this fact because two Russian girls have visited me in Sweden, in 2006. I invited them and I have paid for them. And I have visited your country MANY times.

5. You are a professional criminal who deceives money from lonely men who only search for a nice partner. Why do you do it? You are too foolish to work? Or too lazy? Do not tell me childish justifications, for example, “I have no work opportunities”, “you are a sex tourist, you deserve to lose your money” or “impossible to find a wife in Russia, it is only a dream”. Quite simply, you are a low-class thief.

Finally, the scammer should be cleverer than its victim. But you are too stupid to be successful. If I could find you, I would kick your zadnicu. Tob your mother.

Best regards,

2007-07-23, 15:14:23
anonymous from Sweden  

2007-07-23, 15:16:12
anonymous from Sweden  

2007-07-23, 15:17:38
anonymous from Sweden the blonde.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Elena Kudina

2007-07-23, 15:18:27
anonymous from Sweden  

2007-07-23, 15:19:34
anonymous from Sweden  

2007-07-23, 15:22:13   (updated: 2007-07-23, 15:23:00)
anonymous from Sweden  
I like this one, it's supposed to be her family. Elena (on the right) is 26 years old and here sister is the middle is 4 years older than her. LMAO. or is the other way round?

2007-07-23, 15:24:11
anonymous from Sweden  
this is before I promised to send her money

2007-07-23, 15:25:10
anonymous from Sweden  
and this is after

2007-07-23, 15:26:12
anonymous from Sweden  
updates to follow.
2007-07-24, 17:15:58
To each his own,I'll take Elena,she has nice lip's {wink,wink,nudge,nudge}
2007-07-27, 11:10:47
anonymous from United States  
I'm glad I found this site, she was attempting to scame me too. I've got a bunch of new picks. She was trying pretty hard too, but I knew in the back of my mind even before I found this site that It was to good to be true.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Elena Kudina

2007-07-27, 13:19:47   (updated: 2007-07-27, 13:28:38)
anonymous from Everett, United States  
hi people! got this babe i think is a scammer. the picture she sent is fuzzy. think it on propuse. but one women looks like her. what you think mr. sweden. could this be elena

2007-07-27, 19:45:31   (updated: 2007-07-27, 20:15:13)
anonymous from United States  

These two picture are suppose to be the same person. (Maybe) before i got the second picture i thought it was this Elena person. Now i have douths. What the heck their all probably scamming. I heard things are not so bad in Russia now days. These beautiful babes are not going to flee the country unless it something really good.

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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