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Dating scammer Elena Kudina


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Name: Elena Kudina


It does not matter....It is the exact same,word-for-word,stupid-english version of all the other letters...just city and street names changed!!!

Other Comments:
Get a life!!!!!!! If you are going to try to scam somebody for a grand or so,at least put some effort into it,you know like---write and read all e-mails!!!Give me a break.....I mean by now I can recite the damn things and they are two screens long!!!


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2007-11-30, 08:42:45
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Shame great tits and body,but beware,dont let the scammers rip you off

2007-11-30, 08:56:22
Someone has apparentlly peed on a Scammer's face ... again because the Scammer tried to protect his ass, knowing it is more beautiful than his face. The Scammer Pig is currently active.
1) DO NOT Click on any of his links - They may be viruses meant for your computer
2) Hit him hard in any language. If you prefer Russian here are some suggestions
3) Till he disppears, hit the SPAM Button on all his posts starting with the last post and continuing pages http://www.delphifa..#comments
4) After verifying his posts are gone please hit SPAM button on the present request itself, we no longer will need it

Thank you all in advance
2007-11-30, 08:59:44
anonymous from United Kingdom  
With scammers try what I did,ask for naked photo as prove,also newspaper for the city where she(he) is supposed to be,stillwaiting for reply,then next step,tellthem to keep money safe will send some Russian friends round with it,and add they work for your governments embassy,that should waste some of their time
2007-11-30, 09:17:51
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Current email address for these scammers 30/11/07 is
2007-12-03, 06:04:58
[hidden] from Australia  
this bitch nearly got me but i stumbled across this web site by accident and thank god i did I have4 copied every photo on this site plus a few more annd i hoping to be able to send them to you this bitch has got to be stopped ive have sent her another email so i want to see if he or she can wiggle there way out of this one feel free to reply to this if you want to

2007-12-03, 09:05:59
Eddie from Sweden  
Rod mate...about your 'bitch'

The vast majority of Russian dating scammers are not women at all, but actually men, mostly working in small gangs in or around Yoshkar Ola, in Mari El republic, sometimes in Chuvashia.

Russian scammers are VERY lazy and looking for quick cash. They use email extractor programs to get your mail addresses (if you don't have a profile on a dating site, that is)...
and copied form mails and spam programs on automatic reply, very often the BAT!, which can personalize small parts of each letter.

It's virtually guaranteed that the girls in these scam pics aren't involved because the scammers steal their pics from the internet or pay unsuspecting friends for them, or buy and exchange them on scammer websites. In this case, they're stolen. (Once a scammer even admitted to me that he stole all his pics from and ). A girl is only involved either occasionally to phone a guy up, especially if he's suspicious, or to pick up the loot at Western Union, with a false ID of course!

If, by any chance, you don't believe any of this, please read: http://www.cheboksa..-scammers
2007-12-03, 16:31:20
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
I told the scammers I would send my russian friends around with the money,and have not had a reply yet,want to keep them as busy as poss less opportunities to rip others off,this bitch must be involved ,how come they have so many photos of her
2007-12-03, 23:36:03   (updated: 2007-12-03, 23:37:50)
Eddie from Sweden  
[hidden] from United Kingdom

of course, she's not involved mate. Why do you have to disrespect? Do I have to repeat it?...they nick photos from the internet, especially from websites. This girl is well-known in Russia. I'm sure if you did a little research you could find her. Furthermore, i baited 'Elena Kudina' in July...look further back the thread, same photos, different address, different IP...jeez.

mail from a Russian scammer (translated from Russian):

Från: 'Anna' <>
Ämne: Re[4]: Прочитайте это письмо
Datum: 06 July 2006 08:29

> Something has intrigued me. Where you get photos of
> pretty girls? You pay them money? They are accomplices?
> Partners? Or are they innocent victims?

Certainly they are innocent victims. I for example take photos here:
http: //
Or here:
http: //
Particularly our case:
http: //
All photos placed in black list belong to innocent victims.
And this only thing for what I regret.
You are certainly right, as to my employment. I and without yours
Morals I understand everything, but other alternative is not present.

UK...the rest of your post is great. Keep on baiting!! but the girl isn't involved.

Read the 'Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?' link below.

and this: http://www.cheboksa..mmers.html
2007-12-04, 16:25:00 from Australia  
she has acctuley wroye back from st pertersberg Ha Ha and guess what the money she hasn't got quite enough to continue her journey i'm sitting back having a bit of a laugh at it also there is another one also lisyed on yor web site her name is Alina She is from Khabarovsk. near the Chinese ,Russian border please keep me imformed I will try a retreive the pictures of Alina and send thjem to you for your records

2007-12-04, 17:17:18
anonymous from Sweden  
Rod mate

You better run off down to Western Union with the cash them, eh?....not. hahaha Poor 'girl'...stuck in St Petersburg when she could be enjoying the boiling hot Aussie summer.

Thanks for the help!
2007-12-05, 11:39:33
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Paul Having thought about it Eddie,it is easy to nick photos,so she is probably a victim too ,I understand what you are saying,and she deserves an apology,thanks again for your advice.
2007-12-11, 19:21:55
paul from United Kingdom  
The women in the photos is Victoria Bonya,she is a pressenter and model.She has appeared on the Russian programme Dom 2
2007-12-11, 23:10:21
Eddie from Sweden  
good homework Paul!!...

Victoria Bonya it is. There's also another celebrity the scammers use from Dom 2, Alena something or other.

As indicated in the post above, in the words of an experienced scammer, 'All photos placed in black list belong to innocent victims.'

but I understand the need to verbally lash out at the scammers (who just visited and spammed the Dating scammer Anna Petrovna Sotova thread.)

2007-12-12, 15:24:05
Eddie from Sweden  
subject line: Prochitajte eto, mudozvon!!!

Privet khokhol!

Ha-ha-ha, zabavnyj paren'. Pozhalujsta, ne oskorbl'ajte moj intellekt. Ty zhivete v Ioshkar-Ola, prestupnyj gorod v Rossii. Ty posylayete mne ukradennyye fotografii Viktoria Bonya i nizkokachestvennyye skopirovannyye pis'ma. Skoro, ty budete prosit' den'gi poluchit' vizu (nevozmozhnyj poluchit' bez pis'mennogo priglasheniya ot men'a i biletov takzhe.)

Poetomu, ya sekonoml'u tas nekotoroye vrem'a. Pojdite ots'uda, chtoby iskat' chestnuyu rabotu, ty neschastnyj zhulik. Ya ne imeyu interes dl'a vashego skamerstvo. Pribud'te v (insert the name of your country) i ya amputiruyu tashi mud'a i budu kormit' ih k moim sobakam. Vkusnaya konfetka, yum yum. Veroyatno, ty ne budete zamechat' nikakogo razlichiya. Togda ty mozhete stat' moim pedik. Ya budu naslazhdat's'a ochen'.

Teper', oto'idi, a to jebnu. Idi na khuy!

subject line: Read this, moron!!!

Hello vile greedy one!

Hahaha, funny guy. Please don't insult my intelligence. You live in Yoshkar Ola, a criminal city in Russia. You're sending me stolen photos of Victoria Bonya and poor-quality copy letters. Soon, you'll ask for money to obtain a visa (impossible to obtain without a letter of invitation from me and tickets as well.)

Therefore I will save you some time. Go from here and seek an honest job, you miserable scammer. I'm not interested in your scam business. Come to (insert the name of your country) and I will amputate your balls and feed them to my dogs. You probably won't notice the difference. After that, I'll make you my bitch. I'll enjoy that.

Now get lost or I'll kick your ass. Fuck you!

2007-12-12, 16:28:14
Peter from Germany  
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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