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Dating scammer Lolly Frings


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Name: Lolly Frings



Other Comments:
This one I contacted at because of the provocative profile she has on there. Her initial response didn't give me much to go on, but she included a couple of pics, so, sucker that I am, I wrote back again. Her second email was much more effusive and inviting.

She immediately tried to get me to meet her on Yahoo chat, so there's not much by way of email records here, but she starts off as very submissive - love you forever, will do anything you desire sexually, etc. then lays the Nigerian scam on you (she went to West Africa as a volunteer with the Catholic Charities organization a year and a half ago, she hasn't been paid, she can't get out of the country, she needs your help, claims her 'friend' will put money in your acount & you only need to forward the funds to her via Western Union, her 'friend' can't send the money to her directly because he doesn't have a visa account to transfer the money with, but he has an account with Bank of America he can transfer to you with, etc.)

Once she thinks she's got you hooked with her absolute submissiveness and sexual devotion to your every desire, she then becomes very manipulative and demanding. She 'ordered' me to open a checking and savings account because 'its what I want', etc. Of course, she quickly apologizes when confronted about this sudden change to manipulative behaviour but then immediately goes and tries some other manipulation. She's got quite a bag of tricks, this one...

For example, she claimed she was running out of fuel to run her electric generator, which costs $30 an hour to run, and which she claims is her only source of electricity to talk to you on the internet, but she won't get offline to save any fuel, and instead will spend another hour initiating and having cybersex, then abruptly reminds you that she's running out of fuel and asks you to send her $150 via western union because she's down to her last $20. Of course, she'll alternate between the 'take away' saying she has to go cause she's running out of fuel, and arguing with you, saying she wants to be with you forever, do you think she could ever hurt you, what do you take her for, etc. and will stay online just as long as she thinks she's got a shot at getting any money out of you, long past when her 'fuel' was supposed to have run out if you play it right. Of course, it's amazing how she shows up online night after night with no fuel, after this as well. This one is amazing in how she goes from so sweet and innocent and so incredibly submissive, to becoming a screaming manipulator overnight. Her explanation being that there's civil unrest in the area, people are being killed for political reasons, and her life is in danger. As I said, quite a bag of tricks.

If you stay on invisible mode, she'll come on night after night looking for you, and sending short innocent inquiries 'you there...?' 'I'm on now', etc. but she will not respond to emails, most likely to avoid providing you with any evidence of how she operates so you can expose her to others.

First letter:

hello dear,
how are you doing, this is Lolly from iwantu and here are some pics of me hope you enjoy them..

Take care


First two pics:

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2007-07-28, 15:22:08
anonymous from United States  
OOOPS! Forgewt my last comment,this IS the right thread! Sorry,coffee didn't take effect yet!
2007-07-31, 12:28:10
anonymous from United States  
found me by initiating contact through IWANTU as well. keep posting, it certainly helps. i actually quit all contacts over seas and i think it is easy to tell why. i would sugest the same... she did initially state she was from Staton Ilse NY.. HA well good luck all. this is about the fifteenth one now for me. i did send a few dollars though to the first few. call it a learning curve. i guess if i can say one thing it would be ' KEEP IT AT HOME'

2007-07-31, 16:58:01
anonymous from United States  
'She's' STILL on that site!!!??? 'met' 'her' there almost a year ago! Did you chat with ti anon? He has a REAL short fuse! AND is kinda dumb too! Well...maybe a little MORE than dumb! lol
2007-08-01, 11:02:48
anonymous from United States  

I really appreciate your concern toward me and i will like to know more about you,... I am a simple lady with a heart of gold, easy to go along with, here is a lil about me, my late dad is Dutch but was nationalize in USA, while my mom is from South Africa but was married in Alabama, i was born in Alabama raised and brought in Staten Island NY,
I work with Catholic charity Organsation as a Volunteer worker, i love to Volunteer, it really fun and adventure, it's helps me to travel round Africa for free, I was posted to Safari West Africa last 6months and it's been fun throughout,....I want to experience new things and i dont mind to visit you and trying something new b/cos i love sex and will also want to explore my sexual fantaise with someone who is real and ready for love. am new to the site and i hope i've found you as the special man in my life... i'll be waiting for you dear...Until then stay sweet and keep smiling......



sorry i had a nice pict of her in bathing suit but i deleted it already. and i thought the russians were desperate. this one has black written all over it. wise up guys.
I SUGGEST FINDING SOMEONE NEAR YOU that way you can quickly tell who you are dealing with...
2007-08-01, 15:49:33
anonymous from United States  
It's a NIGERIAN scammer! NOT Russian.
2007-08-07, 22:49:08
[hidden] from United States  
same thing though she is now choice000 on
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