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Various dating scammers


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2007-11-15, 04:31:59
drod from United States  
Benson Anthony (Togo, ID)

2007-11-15, 15:02:06
anonymous from United States  
hey it's me again to tell a little of my supposedly love of my life 'Charlse Clemson' who's job is 'UNICEF' in London who happens to be the same as 'Michael Willson, Kary Walters, Donald Johnson' the FrenchArchitect, 'Ryan Sewat' or 'Stweart' the Italian Fashion Designer from LA and France. He found me on '' as Charlse '' on Aug.1, 2006 we were attracted to each other and we started chatting on messenger and everything was good. We got personal and if its to good to be true, it must be right, we began having feelings for each other and one thing led to another we shared many, many thoughts and we have a 'LOT' of memories together something I WILL NEVER FORGET FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE and I believe he won't either. We have laughed, sang, called each other names, we cried together, we did things together, we talked everyday on the phone I mean we did everything a couple in love do. The time we spent together was the BEST AND HAPPIEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE and an experience I never forget whether it was online or on the phone and to believe he's a scammer, surprises me. Had told him I needed a place to live was looking for an apt. to move and he told me that he was coming soon to be with me and help me find a suitable place for me and my daughter to live then get married, fly to 'Houston,Texas' where he was born' in a town called 'Rubbertown' yea right, then from there go to London where he lives with 'supposedly cousin name Jeff', has a girl dog name 'Cory'. He told me he had 'WON' a contract with the company he worked for mind you is 'UNICEF' 'How can you win a contract with UNICEF?' hello and the Director and him was going to be in charge of it. Then he told me he was coming in the first week of Oct. 2006, then told me things got complicated at his 'New Job' and couldn't fly to US until Nov 5, 2006. I called him and asked what was going on and he came up with another lame excuse he couldn't make it. We stopped talking on messenger on Oct.4,2006 as he said 'he was having trouble signing in to msn. something I didn't believe so we kept talking on and off. Even though he broke my heart my feelings for him still the same and I am preety sure he feels the same way because he knows that the more he looks out there the less the chances he has in finding Ms right. I know the readers might be saying I'm favoring or defending him but I am not, just saying how I feel about him, sorry ladies if I am offending anyone but it's the truth. He and I have a long history together and is hard for me to believe that he can be a scammer. I don't lose hope and I have a lot of faith in God. He's a guy who's looking for love just like anyone else and instead he put himself in trouble thinking that he would not be caught that's why he seems to be so complicated in life and making everybody else misserable. If he happens to come back in my life I'll be gladly to give him a second chance at love with the condition that he learn his lesson well and be completely honest with me otherwise he can keep traveling the world without the luck of finding Ms Right and he'll be all alone and misserable like he has make everyone else...........Have anyone thought about that 'MAYBE, MAYBE' this 'Michael Willson' and the rest of other names and Id's is the real man behind all this, trying to figure out which one will be his best photo at finding his lost love?.....THINK All his photos are the same person with different Id's, maybe to protect himself if he's a govt. figure, now if you tell me he uses a different picture in other websites 'with the same Id' I'll beliebe he's a scammer either way is a lose lose or win win situation, SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.....He'll get tired some day.... God knows how many more victims he used to satisfy his hunger. I am praying to God to change his mind pronto so he can do the right thing. I didn't know about his scamming and didn't want to believe until this past days I was browsing the net and found this site and saw his photo I still can't believe it. I still have faith that he'll change for the better.
2007-11-15, 16:24:44
Eddie from Sweden  
2007-11-15, 17:29:57
hidden,(Sal) from Germany  
Can somebody tell me, what is the advantage, when I put a her passport on this thread ?
Please look at my own thread :

Kann mir mal jemand erzählen, warum es so ein Vorteil ist, wenn ich ihren Personalausweis hier hereinstelle ? Mein eigener Thread ist :

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalia Nikolaeva, Liliya Faizrahmanova, Oksana Baranova

2007-11-15, 18:16:15
anonymous from Canada  
Wow Pierre ?
2007-11-15, 15:02:06
Eddie what do you think ?
2007-11-15, 18:55:28   (updated: 2007-11-15, 19:02:43)
drod from United States  

By posting to your thread, is naturally appropriate, as it is of the same person.

By posting also here, one is able to 'compare' so to speak because they are all in one place. Same photo, different name and vice versa.

Also, is the same passport used again and again.

Here is an example of the same passport and number with many different names and faces.


PP #: 4176397

Alyona Skvortsova
Anna Sushko
Darya Sapicheva
Ekaterina Glushenko
Ekaterina Karpova
Ekaterina Lebedewa (2 different photos)
Ekaterina Piskur
Ekaterina Silaewa
Elena Chernova
Elena Djachkova (2 different photos)
Elena Dyachkova (2 different photos)
Elena Kolchanova
Elena Koltchanova
Elena Malkova
Elena Malkowa
Evgenija Hleboutina
Evgenija Hlebutina (2 different photos)
Inna Matyuha
Irina Burdina
Irina Egorova
Irina Egorowa
Irina Lokotkova
Irina Lokotowa
Irina Rousanova
Irina Rusanova
Irina Siroha
Iulija Gontcharowa
Iulija Shipilova
Iulija Tsypljakova
Jana Tihonova
Liudmila Fattahowa
Ludmila Fattahova
Lyudmila Klasson
Maja Isaeva
Margarita Doubrovskaya
Margarita Dubrowskaya
Maria Chebotkowa
Marina Chourashova
Marina Chouvashowa
Natalja Ryzhikowa (2 different photos)
Oksana Mishina
Olga Bordo
Olga Zhirihina
Polina Zhitskaja
Svetlana Howralewa (2 photos)
Tatjana Pisarewa (2 photos)
Tatyana Davydowa
Tatyana Pisareva
Valentina Spinka
Valeriya Kolesniowa
Viktoriya Komissarova
Viktoriya Komissarowa
Yana Tihonova
Yulija Dushko
Yulija Ljamina
Yulija Shipilova
Yuliya Gontcharova
Yuliya Gontcharowa
Yuliya Krylowa
Yuliya Lyamina
Zhanna Zabolotnaya

2007-11-15, 19:07:07
drod from United States  
anonymous from Canada,

Cannot speak for Eddie, but he posted more than I was going to.


To Anon US, 2007-11-15, 15:02:06,

If they are white, or light complected Black, and the say they are from ANYWHERE, now in Africa anywhere, it is a SCAM.

That is as pure and simple as it gets.

good hunting..........drod
2007-11-15, 19:30:00
drod from United States  
Alina Kondratenko (Russia)

2007-11-15, 20:15:45
anonymous from United States  
there are scammers all over myspace,it make me so sick to know so many people are just that sorry and low.i get mail all the time from them i just laugh and delete.
2007-11-15, 20:15:45
anonymous from United States  
there are scammers all over myspace,it make me so sick to know so many people are just that sorry and low.i get mail all the time from them i just laugh and delete.
2007-11-16, 04:31:42   (updated: 2007-11-16, 04:34:32)
drod from United States  
Achmed Sauhu (Burkina Faso, ID)

2007-11-16, 04:35:05
drod from United States  
Adeniji Olu (Nigeria, ID)

2007-11-16, 04:35:35
drod from United States  
Aicha Hamed (Cote d'Ivoire, ID)

2007-11-16, 04:36:00
drod from United States  
Aisha Kone (Cote d'Ivoire, ID)

2007-11-16, 04:36:34
drod from United States  
Ajara Sadi (Burkina Faso, ID)

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