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Various dating scammers


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2013-06-13, 13:18:59
Family from United States  
all you woman that thank Eric Morgan is the man for you lol you better thank twice the man is married to my sister. they are married and their not ever leaving one another his wife is Darlene C Morgan. So don't be a Fool ' and buy in to his BS.
One thing about man when some women throw them self's at a man sure he's gone to tell you all the pretty things and good thing's your wanting to hear but don't be a Fool ' and believe in him
2013-08-13, 07:11:38
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2013-08-13, 07:12:11
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2013-08-13, 07:13:43
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2013-08-13, 07:14:30
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2013-09-02, 17:50:41
[hidden] from Karachi, Pakistan  
i am coming from u s a & rassian plz i want to be a comening....?
2013-10-26, 12:40:36
DOC from United States  
2013-10-26, 05:20:34 anonymous,

Your right! She's on multiple dating sites! It's a scam sign!

Keep your money in a safe place!

She's on.... http://www.delphifa..2.shtml?p

2013-10-26, 15:45:36
Many thanks!! UA was a surprise for me. I knew all pages where system is all same, only colours and the name of the site varies.

I just wonder, is there honest women at all in Ukraine, propably not in these men ripping off dating sites. I have been here taking part with conversation where the main role have Valeria Novitskaya and Katie Lopatneva. Worthless piece of s.

It is real industry in Ukraine. Maybe I should open my own and look there. I hate open and pay opening fees of their letters. Losses has not been yet huge comparing other men who has been in with Ukraine Miss Novitskaya, for example. But still, why waste hard earned money for nothing. Specially when women refuse to use their emails/facebook ( they have it)

I post here if I find out more about this object.
2013-10-26, 16:50:02
OJAS from United States  
There are posts here by people happily married to sincere Ukrainian girls.

The important thing is to avoid scammers operating freelance or for scam industries.

More info on Ukrainian scam:

2013-10-27, 03:13:23   (updated: 2013-10-27, 03:22:36)
Thanks... here couple hints, if they help all!

I try always identify lady, when you get her first name, age and city from dating sites via:

2. ( many do not know about this, but it is very much used and works in a same way as facebook and )
3. facebook and both have search program where you can use above mentioned information to find a woman IF the information is right in dating site IF the girlĀ“s name is correct.
in case you do not find anything, think why. Quite often you find many girls with the same name, just check them all, it may take some time but it is worth of it.

They all have some between 1-3. Many have skype as well. Some may pretend they have not ever heard about these if so, dumb her asap, that is pure lie, as well as they all have their phones in a pocket. is easier to use, just put google: and you are in it.
in odno you must sign in first but it is easy.
facebook works as well though there is not a real search program with spesific details.

Good luck for all, be careful and do not frustrate too fast and: read alarm lists, they are all true and when you feel there is something wrong with the girl so then there is something wrong. Do not explain yourself any excuses about ' cultural differences ' like I did first. I paid for it, time and money = scammer is scammer tough it can be hard to accept for yourself.
2013-11-03, 03:16:34
ID 1000527706

Lowest trust level < 40%

Make your own conlusion.
2014-05-05, 19:22:32
anonymous from United States  
Hi everyone, thanks to the person who posted Michael schwabb's scripted, canned emails in this website. It was shocking to see that my new 'BFF' Charles Simon had sent me identical emails. 'Do you know I have different kinds of smiles? I have a food smile, a guilty smile, a loving passionate smile....BLAH BLAH BLAH.... '. I've yet to be asked for money, but,I know it's just a matter of time. Claims to be a pipeline engineer, worked in Alaska to win contract, then right on to India. Claims to have been born in Nebraska but raised in Czech Republic with his mom. Dad passed away when he was 6. Came back to Oklahoma and Nebraska about 15 years ago. Just ended a long term relationship where he was cheated on. He and his 'Czech accent ' sounded as if he was plucked from the middle of Nigeria, which, he probably was. He falls in love inside of about 3 emails. None of his emails respond to anything in your letters--- they are just sappy, syrupy drivel form letters. Clearly there are a few different writers behind this one, because some of the emails read like poetry while others sound like a caveman pounded them out with a rock. Wanted me to ' pick him up at the airport' when he comes in from India. Yeah, right, I'll be right there, lover boy!!!!! Again, thanks for posting his previous emails to other victims of this scumbag. It was then crystal clear to me that he was a liar and a thief. Thank you!
2014-05-25, 12:51:27
anonymous from Ireland  
is tatyana kidlova 1612305 on real or a scammer?
2014-05-28, 04:45:38
anonymous from Malaysia  
melaka, my
2014-05-30, 06:32:18
Tayana Kidlova..

Check if she has a facebook, for instance. If you do not find anything and she does not answer to your questions directly... she is a scammer.

+ copy her pic to google picture search + read all alarmlists in internet about scammers.

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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