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Various dating scammers


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2012-06-26, 20:15:23

This image was also posted here:
Various dating scammers

2012-06-26, 20:15:26

This image was also posted here:
Various dating scammers

2012-07-05, 04:52:23
anonymous from United States  

2012-07-06, 13:58:32
anonymous from United States  
Beware of a relationship scammer using the name Mary Alexa Jones. She claims to be from South Africa now, Nigeria at one time.
She is very patient and spend a great deal of time building a relationship before she begins to ask for money. She claims she is a nurse and provides pictures of herself when you request them.
She has claimed that she is due money from her mothers estate but needs money to travel, pay for documents or other things.
She uses the ID mary_alexa75 on yahoo.

2012-07-19, 00:52:08
Does any one have any information on a Steve Murphy 'Vet' in Lagos Nigeria...would appreciated any information as I have reported him to all legal authorities as a scammer with quite a few alias's
2012-07-19, 00:58:14
Picture of Steve Murphy 'Vet' in Nigeria...(pg 301) ...does anyone have more information on him....I have quite a bit. This scammer is pretty stupid & I have caught him out a number of times...can any one add more information on him...please post what you may know would be very interested.Father Turkish,..mother Scottish..sound familiar
2012-08-18, 09:12:46
anonymous from Brazil  
Alguem conhece essa garota?

2012-08-18, 09:35:18
DOC from United States  
Olá anônima do Brasil,


2012-08-24, 20:20:47
anonymous from United States  

2012-08-27, 19:43:05   (updated: 2012-08-27, 19:46:32)
Mr. Mrs. Please report to me if you has some scammer named Wilford G. Solomon
2012-09-17, 17:13:28 from United Kingdom  
Guys keep your dick in your pants and money in your bank account, never give money to these scammers, forget the sob stories, I have heard them all,
They are not original
No white cunts in Ghana, I have been there for two weeks , and never saw a white face, let-a-lone a white cunt.
Why do some people( miss marple) protect these scammers, this person has got to get their facts straight.
2012-09-17, 19:44:29   (updated: 2012-09-17, 19:49:49)
Miss Marple from United States from United Kingdom

You know what if you have been to Ghana and there are no white people there ,so why you say i am defending scammers???
I have been an contributor on this site for the past 3 years here ,i came to this site as i have met an scammer from Nigeria my self that tried to scam me . This site saved me from to be scammed out of money which i am very grateful for as there are thousands of people in this world that are not so lucky and have got ruined by these scumbags from West-Africa and some people have commit suicide from the devastation they have discovered they are scammed.

I have also created an thread to all women how to recognize male scammers to educate women what romance scams are and how these scammers operates i did that mainly because there are so many women that do not know how these scammers work out and to save them from these scammers!! I have saved many women and men from not sending money to scammers ,i also support victims that have been scammed so badly that they do not see any future or any light in life anymore ,i do this voluntarily and on my free time also,because i want to,i also bait scammers and report them to this site and also to an another antiscam site Romance Scams so i ask you now :DO that make me to someone that defends scammers??????

How on earth can you sit and say such an thing when you obviously do not have any clue what you are talking about even???
I got very upset by your words as fighting scammers is something i am dedicated to with my soul and heart and help out victims that has been so badly abused by scammers that they have no one to talk to or even can tell anyone that they have been scammed....

Think twice before you make postings like this .....first i thought i will delete your postings here..but i will let them be here so people can see how stupid you are !!

read my thread how you recognize male scammers :

Regards //Miss Marple//

2012-09-17, 19:45:31   (updated: 2012-09-17, 20:08:07)
DOC from United States from United Kingdom,

WTF! I strongly disagree with your statement about Miss Marple protecting scammers! You think that because you believe that seejulie is a scammer? People like Miss Marple that know about scammers know that scammers are using stolen pics / video from the net for the scams. Miss Marple tried to tell you about this but your head is so thick! Oh, and another thing, knowledgeable people like Miss Marple know most all scammers are MEN regardless of the pics they send! I suppose you think that Raven Riley, Ann Angel, Josie model, Next door Nikki, KelseyXXX, Jessica Simpson, Melissa Roy, and all porn models, models, and celebrity's that are posted on this site and other anti-scam site are scammers also????????? Get the facts straight MIKE!!!!!!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Zinnah Emannuel, Shaku Mathew, Waramatu Abubakari, Lawura Muniru

2012-09-20, 09:57:13   (updated: 2012-09-20, 10:11:59)
anonymous from United States  
If these porn girls manage to stay active in the industry for more than 3 or 4 years that's an eternity ! Although there are always exceptions to the rule, most of the porn girls have spent what they earned during their short careers and are forced to continue in some sordid role as an escort, stripper, prostitution, or whatever they can find to support their needs since most leave with drug addictions, diseases and suicidal tendencies. Since criminal elements are involved in this 'sick' industry who knows what these former performers are forced to do to support their habits.
2012-09-20, 14:52:01
anonymous from India
Rosey Kelly
Kelly Rose Desmond

Pls search for me for above, I just wanted to know its scam or not
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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