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Dating scammer Nataliya or Natalia (uses both) Sadovina


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Name: Nataliya or Natalia (uses both) Sadovina


none given but claims to be from Zelenodolsk,Russia. If someone can identify the monument in the following picture, there may be a clue to her real location.

Other Comments:
This person follows the classic form letter format just as many I have seen on this site. She uses Nataliya and Natalia interchangeably. She is very persistent that the money be sent to her directly and not thru a legitimate travel agency, the name of which she refused to divulge. She will pull hard on your heart about deceptions against her and tell you 'Western Union' or 'Attract Gramme' are trustworthy ways to send money. She will not answer direct questions and you can not go see her because it would not be appropriate, as she live with the gramdmother. Oh yes...parents killed in auto accident by derailed train? Yeah...right! This girl is very well kept and most photos are taken in the same flat, this would include the photo that appears on the Maria Maledeveda site, the couches, pictures, bookcase, tapestries etc...all the same,most all pictures. Guys, I warn you...I was set to order her tickets myself to get her here....thankfully she talked me out of that because she was 'under the contract ' with the agent of travel in her town. agents don't have secured web transaction processing, just like they do the flight plans on a napkin and send them pony express. These are stunning ----- performing cunning stunts!

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2007-05-04, 15:11:40
anonymous from Canada  
2007-11-03, 15:12:23
anonymous from United States  
Hello my love!!!!!

Thanks for your photo. I think that at you amicable family, it is very pleasant to see it.

Seth, I was very happy that I am already fast I can at you.
Favourite, certainly I will miss on the parents and I think that they too will miss on me.
But I will call to them from you. Seth, I hope that you not against if I before the departure to you,
I will leave your phone number to the mum? That she could call to me when I will be at
you as we do not have house phone. I at you will be 3 months, parents will miss on me,
I the unique daughter at them. I hope that you understand.
Favourite I hope that which we will spend time together, it will be unforgettable time for both of us.
Road Seth, unfortunately I do not have in the computer of a photo me with my parents together.
I have only photo of my mum, it has been made 4 months ago in the summer which I send you,
I hope that you will like my mum. It is very pleasant to me to hear that you wish to see a photo of my parents,
they very good people and I very much love them.
Thanks for your compliments, it are very pleasant to hear for me such words.
The darling I learnt in agency as it is possible to send money. It can be made through the Western union.
For this purpose my information is necessary to you:
My name Nataliya.
My surname Sadovina.
Street: MARXA 13-56
sity: Zelenodolsk,
Russia, 425000
Besides, do not forget to inform me
Full name, the address and Confidential number.
Seth, I wish to ask you what you spoke to me Confidential number by phone.
The darling as soon as I receive from you money, I go to agency and I pay, then I inform you,
number and time of my arrival. That you already could expect when to meet me at the airport.
Favourite I completely trust you in all and it is pleasant to me to hear that you too trust me.
At me at all was not would think what to deceive you in what that,
all that I speak you also all my feelings to you sincerely and are real.
Favourite Seth, I not droplets do not doubt that that you not only the beautiful man,
but also very romantic I think that to me will be very good and pleasant to spend time with you,
I as would like to get acquainted with your family and friends.
I hope that at you many beautiful places which you could show me.
Road Seth, I very strongly love you and is very happy that soon I can to show you the love to you.
I gently whole you in your gentle lips. Love Nataliya!!!!

I received the this email today from her and after googling her name I came to this page. The pictures are different but the name and the amount of money she wants are the same. She interchangely uses Nataliya and Nataliya. I also caught her signing her name Elena at the end of an email. Elena maybe her real name. Who knows but be warned!

2007-11-03, 17:10:53
OJAS from United States  
If you're a newcomer who found this thread via Google or whatever, PLEASE READ THIS:
Cheboksary http://www.cheboksa..mers.html
New US Passport processing time as of this post: 6 Months
US Embassy http://moscow.usemb..datingscam http://www.delphifa..p=1#15637
Canadian Visa http://www.delphifa..p=0#56706
UK and Switzerland are NOT Schengen-friendly
Schengen http://www.netherla..ndex.aspx
Russian Visa Steps
Travel to Ukraine http://www.delphifa..=10#38245
Suggestions for delighting a scammer http://www.delphifa..p=0#59082
If you are a victim http://www.delphifa..?p=0#59075
2008-04-05, 03:40:09 from Marcon, Italy  
hi guys.

with me, this one calls himself or herself Ekaterina.

but she has a new approach about the tickets for the hypothetical trip:

'The price of passport is - 70$, medical insurance costs 30$ and the visa is the most expensive document among them and it costs 350$. But I supposed it and can gladden you that now I dispose such an amount of money and can pay it at once. But first of all I should think everything over and hope for your support. I should be really sure that you want it as I want.'

this is probably meant to lull me into a false sense of security, so probably the next letter will be a little different!!

still, I'm having fun. if it weren't for the poor suckers who fall for this crap, it would be funny.


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Keywords: girl dark short mini skirt blonde curtain indoors
2008-04-05, 07:24:27
OJAS from United States  
@newbies, see picture posted by butuchia, Italy. Citing Eddie, married Russian girls wear ring on their right fourth finger. If you have not seen, several posts in the Welcome thread http://www.delphifa..2412.shtml have general information.
2008-04-05, 16:13:40
anonymous from Keedysville, United States  
I very much wait our meeting! I each day to imagine this the moment. I
very much want that it has more soon taken place. How are you today,
my ? At me all is good. I today went in medical institution and
to pass survey. I very much it is glad, that I completely healthy! And
it here bad that you still have pains in a waist. I very much would
wish that you well felt yourselves. Here you too think of a difference
in возрfсте between us. I here too understand it but I very much would
wish you to see! Thanks you for a new photo. I too will send you a
recent photo me. Also I will necessarily try to call to you this week
ok? My loved, my mum very much wants, that I have transferred the
letter which she has written to you. I shall write tomorrow to you it.
OK? Mum very much wants to speak itself with you but she does not know
the English language. All mine the family sends the regards to you,
. I have told to girlfriends, that I am fast shall go to you and
they are very glad for me. They are glad, that I have found the
love!!! I am very strong to wait our meeting and to think, that it
will be fast. I to want to speak with you, a kiss of you long long to
go with you to cinema. Up to a meeting with you, my life was
monotonous. I to not have happiness with the loved person. I to search
the love, but these searches have not resulted me in it. I to receive
only disappointment. Each day I to think about life and to see, that I
of nothing to cost in this world and to me it was very bad. But I to
not want to recollect, that was earlier. I have you and more than
nothing it is necessary to me. Without you and your love, my heart it
will be empty on always. I to know, that you to see it and to want me.
We to like each other and we should be together. I to wait this
moment. My English not yet well, but I to study each day. I shall wait
for your letter and to trust in our meeting.
I shall wait from you the letter soon. With love, yours Veronica.

2008-04-05, 16:15:52
anonymous from United States  
MY ANGEL !!! How are you? I today was rather good!!! I read your
letter and I was very happy!!!! What you today did? I very much to get
tired today. I should tell, that your letter to me today very much to
please me! Our relations continue to grow! You agree with me? I think
above our acquaintance much, I think that we write each other. I more
and understand all more, that you very much like me. I miss you. I
very gentle woman and am necessary for me your love. I very much to
hope, that we shall have happy life and our love will bring to us only
happiness. I very much want to have acquaintance to your family and
friends. I shall hope, that they will be to accept me and to love. And
I understand that at you now a lot of work. I would wish you that you
have come to the normal schedule more likely!
I so am glad, that things go well between us. We shall soon together
and we shall have happy time together. I want to connect ours hearts!
, I so am excited about our meeting! I shall cry for pleasure,
When I shall see you the first time. You only please do not pay to
this attention. OK? I so want to feel your care of me. I so want to
understand, that you love me. I shall be true only to you. I want to
love you my Prince . I sat and thought of you. My heart now in
yours hands. Please only do not injure me never. I very much ask you.
OK? I can not go through it. I know, that you love me and I want, that
our dreams came true. Remember, that I think of you each day. I was
more today can not write than anything as I am overflown with
happiness and I do not have not enough words to express it! I am very
glad that between us exists trust, I am simply happy to realize that
my loved trusts me. Except for that I become more sure that we soon
shall meet you, because love may overcome any distances. Certainly
there are difficulties which prevent to us to reunite, but we together
should overcome them, because all in ours hands. We should meet you
because we may not live when we not together, you agree with me? I
wait for your answer, Veronica.

2008-04-05, 16:20:46
anonymous from United States  
I am glad to see your message and first of all I wish to thank you for
that that you to find time to write to me! I am glad that you have
written to me!
I would like to learn about you more and it would seem to me that it
is good. I want to find my love. You to search for the same? I hope,
what yes! First of all for me that is important in the man that it was
serious and crucial. To me I would like to find the man with which
would be happy also which would be happy with me. I do not search what
for that ideal the man. I always try to perceive people such what they
is. In fact each person it first of all individuality. If all people
were similar against each other that a life probably would be very
I shall speak you more about me. And I work as managing as a warehouse
in a supermarket. It is good work and it is pleasant to me. And you love
the work,? You could tell to me about it? Though when I still went
to school that I wanted to become very strong the lawyer but then at me
this desire that that was gone. Some time back I worked by my trade
also in Lithuania, but now I have decided to move closer to my parents
and have returned to my former work. City, in in which I now live the
city of Zadonsk refers to. It is not big, but very cosy and beautiful
city. I have lead already here many years of all life and I know many
inhabitants of our city. In general at us here not so it is a lot of
population and consequently all of us each other well know.
Well , I should finish my letter on it and I hope you will
concern with all gravity to my letter. Please, if you search for
serious attitudes I am ready to continue to write to you. I have
written to you so much and I hope, that I did not take away a lot of
time from you. I wish to send you I wash pictures and I hope, that it
is pleasant to you. In general that is a photo has been made the last
year, but it seems to me that I practically have not changed. I hope,
that you will love me and will send me yours pic! I shall wait your
answer ! Have a great day!!!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nataliya or Natalia (uses both) Sadovina

2008-04-05, 16:23:13
anonymous from United States  
Hello dear ! I am glad to your message very much! I for the
present am in Moscow. I still need to be engaged in visa reception. It
at me passes quite well while. Here from me in embassy would demand
that I have given them tickets to the USA and back. I was today at the
airport and specified concerning tickets. While which I have found the
cheapest tickets to stand 1246 dollars,. It includes also
gathering of the airport and what that the tax. I still will go today
to the airport and to try to find cheaper ticket. I will inform you if
to find cheaper ticket ok? And here would be good if I have got the
ticket in the near future because then I could go home after that. I
wish to finish all for embassy and then I will be free. But I also
plan to call to you one of these days. I here have not understood too
why at me it does not turn out at all will phone to you. I very much
would like to talk to you now. You too now have not enough time.
Moving where or it is exact always very difficult. I worry recently
from for all it much. Though I always think of you dear and
volume that we soon will together! This big for me. You my love!!! I
will wait for your message! Veronica.

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2008-04-05, 16:23:52
anonymous from United States  

2008-04-05, 16:25:33
anonymous from United States  
Dear !! At me it is so much news what to tell to you! I here at
all do not know from what and to begin and that yesterday had no time
and I hope that today to a smog all to write more in detail. I have
reached to Moscow without special complications. I have gone by train
because it most conveniently and costs as much. It is possible by the
bus but it very much tyres and can be not always safe. When I have
arrived in have gone to embassy and made there necessary papers. It
has occupied then from me too a lot of time. And has stopped in while
in hotel under the name 'Voyage Moscow'. I also was today in embassy.
And I here plan to call to you one of these days. I already have found
whence to you it is possible to call. And that at first was unusual
enough because not so well understand in a city that where is and not
all is convenient. But I already have got used a little and this good.
Because today I should come into embassy and here tomorrow I will try
to specify concerning tickets and to descend in the airport ok? I
think that if I call to you for example on Sunday it will be day
convenient for you? And that I not absolutely that am assured now when
it would be more convenient for you. But the main thing at me all to
pass well now and my documents are on consideration in embassy. I will
write to you as all will pass further. Here I very much do not have
you! In general it is difficult when there is no a number of the
family and I very much miss on all. But when I think of that that we
will soon have our meeting to me it becomes very joyful! You always in
my thoughts ! Your lady Veronica.

2008-04-05, 16:27:35
anonymous from United States  
Hello ! And I was not lost anywhere! I am very occupied now by
reception of documents. I to while have all well but I need to solve
with tickets. And I understand that you need to move to other city and
it also bears the big expenses. And what I will do if you cannot help
me with tickets? I here at all do not know now. I then will try that
or to think up. Tomorrow I already to a train home then. I while will
finish all that to a smog and I will try to find money. And that at me
money and for residing already come to an end. I and so try to save
that on all. But I hope that I will receive the visa and all of us
equally can will meet when you will have time ok? What do you think of
it? If I try find a part of money for tickets you can to help me at
least with some part of expenses my love? And what you think now of
our meeting? I thought that we can have a meeting before you will
move. And like it is impossible then so yes? I am a little confused in
it now. To you have given the notice that in two weeks you already
should move yes? I miss on you! I send you many kisses. Veronica.

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2008-04-05, 16:30:15
anonymous from United States  

2008-04-05, 16:31:03
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nataliya or Natalia (uses both) Sadovina

2008-04-05, 16:34:26
anonymous from United States  
Hello my dear
It was good to receive your letter today and you have made my day very
good! Thank you! How are you today? I am great! Your letters
lift my spirits. I think, that I always can trust you and I think,
that we very good friends now!
Dwight, I see you are very busy and work alot! And when can you
take vacation? How many days in one year your work to give you a
vacation? Here in Russia we to receive 28 working days for a vacation
and it vary cool! I took small holiday in the winter and enjoyed it. I
did not use completely the holiday and still I want to take holiday in
the summer. In general I very much like to work and my work gives me
great pleasure. It is important to have desire and aspirations and
big dreams and they will come true! I work to live, instead of I live
to work and this one of my main rules! I hope Dwight, that you
correctly understand me! For example in the winter my favourite hobby this
skiing and I give this employment a lot of time. Therefore I leave
some time from a vacation on this season. I very much like to ski and
I find in it many good things! And you like this kind of sports,
? At us here it is possible to start to ski from December when
already there is a lot of snow and it proceeds till March. It in
general very good sensations when you have fast driving from high
mountain though certainly was that I had some small traumas and
bruises from it. But this kind of sports very much is pleasant to me.
In the summer I love navigation. I shall send you a photo me on a
beach where I together with my girlfriends and their friends. To the
left of me my girlfriend Vera and its friend Pasha, and on the right
my girlfriend Irina and its brother Alexander. Here you live in the
good house, . And I even have understood a few card of your
state. And here to e it is pleasant that you are fair with me and I
too will be always fair with you. It is true that a life short. There
can be in the future we and could be closer than now. It now I the
nobility probably am exact I can not. The distance certainly is a
certain problem. But the life also is fine that that we do not know
that will be tomorrow. Though we can do all for this purpose what
tomorrow was better. And at us in the country too is such that some do
not love when who that is happy. Nevertheless people different. But I
hope that there are also good people, for example you!
Dear, also my girlfriends are asking me about you very much
all time:) I tell them that you are very good man. I have told him
that I have dialogue with you! I have good girlfriends with which I
always I share the problems and pleasures and they too share the
pleasures with me. For me, friends are very important in life and we
must appreciate them. My best girlfriend name Vera and we have known
each other for a long time. And you can tell about your friends,
? And I very much like to communicate with you! I feel that
our relations are more than friendship, really?
I feel it by my heart and soul, because I can't without your e-mails
now. I'm waiting for your e-mails as soon, as possible!!! I already
begin to dream of meeting you once! I think, that It should be
possible for us if both of us shall have desire meet. I think, that it
is very important to have a meeting in the person before to have any
other relations. I want to tell you, that you are an interesting man
and and I think you could be the man for me! You are a good man and I
think you are a man after my tastes! And yes, I wish you good game in
a golf. I never tried it but probably is amusing. Thinking about you,
, My warmth kisses, Veronica.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nataliya or Natalia (uses both) Sadovina

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