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Dating scammer Irina Mikheeva from Kazan, Russia


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Other Comments:
She was a new confirmed profile on, but only logged in for 1 week, then moved to private email.

Fell in love after 3 emails and wanted airfare and visa consultant fees for New Zealand. Then suggested airfare to Malta.

Sent lots of photos: fotoa6X3Ko.jpg fotoCJIW9J.jpg fotonatb71.jpg fotoMQNHEh.jpgfotoWIQPmz.jpg fotoIAkrUO.jpg fotoIAkrUO.jpg foto4RQaFE.jpg

Beach photos taken as a model at Sochi

Likes to paint: sunset.jpg silence.jpg

Pink bear for her last birthday from her friends

Favourite foods: 'Pork in Heaven' and 'Princess Wish'
Salary: 7500 Rubles a month
Fluent written english by watching movies
Favorite bands: Enigma, Era, Gregorian

No family - orphan
No phone or cellphone
Birthday: 7 July 1977, that's 7/7/77, easy to remember

Age 29
Star sign Cancer
Height 178 cm / 5' 10''
Weight 54 kg / 119 lbs
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length Long
Race White/European
Marital status Never married
Children no kids
City Kazan, Russian Federation
Education University
Language English: Good; Russian: Fluent;
Profession designer
Occupation fitness trainer
Religion Christian
Smoking No
Drinking Socially
Looking for a partner
Age to 50
Race White/European; Hispanic; Asian; Multiracial

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2007-04-15, 21:06:47
Yep, was provided the same phone number. She/he/it said it was borrowed from a male friend.

This one's certainly a much more sophisticated scam than the majority are. The passport image, though, is an obvious fraud.
2007-04-18, 15:36:01
anonymous from Mexico  
I was in contact with this scammer and she requested my help to open an account in to create a way to sell her artwork and collect the money from customers. I told her that I would check and let her know if this was possible. Fortunately today I entered her name into Google and I end up in this web page. Definitely a scammer.
2007-04-19, 01:52:41
anonymous from New Zealand  
They mentioned epassporte to me, but I did pick up that they wanted me to create an account: 'I still have a problem. I can't find a way to register in 'epassporte' system as one buyer can only pay via this system.'

Here's some photos of the artwork that were sent.

Keywords: landscape painting
2007-04-19, 01:53:14
anonymous from New Zealand  
And the second one 'Silence'

Keywords: landscape painting
2007-04-19, 05:29:03
anonymous from New Zealand  
Latest message from 'Irina' - I think 'she' is getting a bit irritable. Must be that time of the month. Great how they try to turn the blame around. The last two paragraphs are the funniest, 'I wish you all the best' and 'PS: F U with your bouquets. ' :)

When you other guys have finished, then why not send her a bouquet as your final message ... attached is the one that worked for me. Take your time though, have fun, play along for a while. Just don't go sending any details that would be of use.

Thu, 19 Apr 2007 01:39:31 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from ([]:51984

> Irina honey, what are you saying?
I'm not your honey and you know why...

> I come home to check my email, and I find you have abandoned me.
You did enough for deserve that. So, it's better you stop writing to
me. I'm not a toy so you can play with.

> This is all a big misunderstanding my darling.
Oh, really? So, why you didn't send me a proof of your identity as I did? I requested and there is no answer. Are you hiding something?

> Send me this letter that you say is strange and
> not devoted to you, I do not understand what you talk
> about.
What else do you want me to do? Enough...

> I will make it up to you big time, I promise honey, just
> show me what you are talking about.
Oh, please stop lying, ok? Really enough...

> We have come so far, and have so many plans - how can you just
> suddenly stop writing.
Because you've betrayed me...

> I cannot live without you - if necessary, I
> will jump on a plane when I get my visa, and come to find you
> immediately.
No need, thank you.

> I love you honey, please write.
I wish you all the best in your search, dear Mike.

PS: F U with your bouquets. Want to know more about it? Give me a
proof of your identity first. Give me a copy of you passport if you
want me to continue talking to you.

Keywords: flowers
2007-04-19, 07:26:08
anonymous from New Zealand  

2007-04-20, 03:52:39
Ok, Mike, you wanna play?
Let's dance then... I hope you wouldn't smile that much as you do right now when you'll read it untill the end.
I guess you know who is writing. Irina.
I've got a letter from a man who gave me a hint about this topic and I know he would read it so I'm very grateful to him. I value and care about that and I still think you are a very decent man.
Let's go from the very beinging. I'll try to answer all the questions you rised during your silly and empty posts here.
As far as I can see the date you published the topic was 03 of April. According to your letters it was just after we talked on the phone. Well, it is pity for me to know you treated me this way. When you were saying one thing but you did completely different behind my back. I think I should admit I trusted you and definitelly I didn't expect you'll put here some personal details of my private life. But it is further...

Now. One and the main question I want to ask you and all the men who would read this topic.

You speak about scammers and women cheating on you. Who do you think can be called a scammer? And why? Can you please explain the criteria of giving a person such an unpleasant status?
Not sure everyone (including you, Mike) can answer this question completely. I think only vain efforts of describing inner feeling of each one. But anyway let me try to give you my opinion of a person I could call a scammer or cheater.
Once he entered the trust of a person and possibly some feelings he can rule and take an advantage on that person and make pain to that person, to give suffering.

Still don't understand whom I'm talking about? Ok, I'll try to explain.

When we started to correspond with you Mike, I was thinking it was something special. Sad, I'm not too farsighted to see you are a parody on a real man and I was fool to trust you. You were asking for my photos and I thought I could trust you, I thought all I would write to you and all we would discuss is our only...Our personal. You were asking for my postal address and I gave it to you... The address where I live... (it's about my safety now).

What did you do?
You collect all my photos... put them here and said: 'she is a scammer'. Any proofs? I think you whould put here all my letters then as proofs. :) But not your naked words. :) And everyone who doesn't have an a..s instead of head as a topicstarter does would see there is nothing you can give me such status for.

Did I ask anything from you, Mike? Did I ask for money or something valuable and disappeared after that? How could you do this to me? I trusted you...

And I think it is normal when two people discuss different questions. And financial too. If they are going to meet. Who would say it is not normal?
Is that your proof? That's ridiculous, Mike. We were planing our meeting and it was normal we were discussing such things.

Then you wrote me a letter devoted to someone else. I think she is still thinking you are a very famous and rich trade broker. :) Pitty...for her.
You've sent me a letter that wasn't devoted to me and when I asked you about the reason you could do nothing than blame me in return. :) You are so empty!

You even asked for my passport to proove my identity. I trusted you, I was hoping it is just a misunderstanding as any couples have in life even after some years of mutual life. I gave it to you because I have nothing to hide from my man (you were him).

I gave you my sensitive information - a copy of my passpport and what did you do? You made it public. Do you know it is a criminal case? A personal data like my place of living, phones, passport information... It is crime to make such sensitive information being public. And it is definitely you did, not me...

Are you still smiling, Michael Pearson? Ok, let me wipe that smile away from your face.
Not sure if you know or not but I have some friends too. Some (including my ex-friend) are rich and powerful and have something in this world. Do you think it is easy to hurt a woman? Yes, it is. Especially being so far...
But I'm going to local to contact international attorneys and to my powerful friends to talk about the crime you did - I'll talk about you making my private and sensitive information public, of staining my good name and touching my humane dignity (that is a criminal case too).
I made a copy of this site and I have all the letters of our correspondence so it will go as a proof and evidence you were the only person who had opprotunity to know this information. Frankly speaking you admit it here. :)
I wrote you in last letter you betrayed me and it is true. You put our very special relationship here...public and soon it will be time for you to payback for that.
Who is a scammer? That who writes millions of similar letters to everyone or who is answering each line in a letter trying not to hurt her man with her words? can you answer? Not sure you can...
Ok, put here all the letters you have from me and let every one check if they got any similar letter. Sure there will be no man who would find similar letter from me as you did. As I always answer letters directly and using my head but not as you expected... That's why I noticed the last letter from you wasn't devoted to me actually.
Is that bad I was corresponding to many men? No, not at all. I'm in my search of happiness and I am sure every man would agree with me he was corresponding to many women at the same time at the very begining of relationship.
It is just nature gave me my appearance that there are always men around me. It is not about me being not serious about relationship but about men being interested in knowing me.
Why after 1 week of being approved on Elena's agency I went to personal mailing? Because there were too much letters and EOF's came to me each day and I simply couldn't answer them all. I quit my membership and you can ask Elena's stuff about it. We had a correspondence and I explained exactly the same when I was asked about it.
When they asked proofs of your words I'm a scammer what did you exept giving them a link here? :)) Nothing. You have nothing except your man's ego and empty woman's words.
Ok, now...
I gave the same story to everyone? Me being an ex-model? My paintings? My work as a fitness trainer? You are silly jack a..s, Mike. It's my life!
Isn't that normal? You men, mixed everything. If a woman describes her life as it is she is a 'scammer'. If she gives you an opinion of her life she is a 'scammer'. You prefer to believe in tales other than to open your eyes and see the reality. Such men like you Mike would never be happy until you wouldn't change your attitude to women. All women would ran away from you not because they are real women but necause you are not real man... Think about it...twice...

Do you think it would be much better for a woman to give different life story of hers to each man? Wouldn't that be very strange? Maybe you do so, Mike. I think for me you are one person for and someone else you are a famous stock traider. :) It is you who give different stories to different women. It is you who is a scammer - you took my trust and you took my personal information and made a crime, you made it public, you touched my name and you'll have to pay for this real soon. Why you didn't give me your copy of passport when I asked? Maybe because you have something to hide? :) Let everyone know who Mike Pearson is? Sure you wouldn't and everyone would see who is right in this quarrel.
Are you blaming me being a person I am? Having some artistic skills? You are just awkward, Mike. :)
I guess I answered all the questions you rised with your empty words and blames. If needed I can prove any my word I said right now, just ask me. But the key you can't prove your words. All you could do is to put here an extract that is not even 1 % of all my letters. And my seisitive information that is being protected by laws of any country. So, it doesn't matter where the court will be but you'll pay for it. :) You know not less than I do there is nothing in my letters you can call me this way. And for sure you'll have to ask for my forgiveness now or after the court. I just advice you not to go so far.

Well, if no one from New Zealand would answer here I would think you were a cheater and I was completely right. But I still have some your personal information and I would do my best to find you and make you pay for this.

If you will, then you are real Mike Pearson and real soon you'll be brought to a court because of criminal thing you did against me. Wish you all the best, Mike.

PS: the break of your daughter's hand is not a accident, believe me... Each time
you'll have your life worse and worse or your kids would suffer from pain more and more I want you to think of me...

I hope you are still smilling and you don't believe in all this I'm trying to say...
But when you are tired of having problems in your life and of seeing your kids being unhappy with different occasions, illnesses like that you would like to ask for my forgiveness. Unfortunatelly I would forget about you already as I would be far away and it will stay with you so I would be unable to help you to make that bad black curse line from your life.
So, I give you 3 (three) days since this is published here to ask for my forgiveness. Right here! Publicity. I know as soon as I'll post it you'll get a note about it. So, hurry up if you don't wnat the hand of your daughter got problems.
You also have to remove away all the sensitive information you've posted about me like my personal data, postal address and so on and admit publisity you were wrong.

A crime you do is to blame an innocent person. It is definitelly what you'll have to prove in court real soon.
So, since now you have 3 days to do all this if you care about your children and don't want to have further problems in your country with courst and criminal records.

And once again: F U with your bouquets, it is not enough now from you... Public apology as it is public offence.

To the site administrator: I advice you to remove this sensitive information in case Mike Pearson doesn't have such opportuntiy as it is criminal thing you do to allow to post it. I don't want you to lose your job but also to have a criminal record and to be a accessory.
2007-04-20, 20:13:10
anonymous from United States  
I think Irina made some valid points in her defence. With there being some many scammers on the net it is possible that a certain amount of insecurities occur. Without Mike's letters showing Irina asked for money, it is quite believable that he he may have mislead her. I would liked to see a letter from her stating he could not meet her in her home city, we all know that is the way it is done by those with serious atitudes toward a relationship. Apparently she was on a respected site for meeting marriage minded men, it is not unreasonable to think that she would have been in contact with more then one individual.
I have never defended a scammer and have dealt with many of them. I also have made postings to this site, after verifing with 100% certainity that the individual was indeed a scammer. In that Irina has so eloquenty defended herself, Mike should either post verification of a scam or retract this posting. Fair is fair!
2007-04-21, 15:47:11
drod from United States  
I agree.

However, I have also seen other reposts by the 'scammer', claiming the opposite.

With so many scammers out there, there are also real people.

Verification or retraction would be in order.

However, in Mike's defense, the photos look to be professionally done. Hence, possible stolen photos from the web.

Gut says 'scam.' This is one of the tactics ued by scammers. To turn the tables. To put the blame on the 'victim.'
2007-04-21, 18:30:38   (updated: 2007-04-21, 18:47:44)
Why are there two addresses listed above?
The 2nd address is listed at this link to a porn site but with a different postal code!!

'With regard to the remaining depictions of actual sexual conduct appearing or otherwise contained in or at this VSM site, the records required pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2257 and C.F.R. 75 are kept in the following locations by the corresponding Custodians of Records: '

Kremlevskaya Str., 8
Kazan, Tatarstan 120000 (This address looks fake, postal code is not right)

Custodian of Records: A. Gizzatullin
2007-04-21, 18:44:38   (updated: 2007-04-21, 18:48:36)
Maybe the Minister of Information in Kazan might know her!!!

Ministry of Informatization and Communications of the Republic of Tatarstan
Head: Farit Mansourovich Fazylzyanov, Minister
Address: Russia, 420111, Kazan, Kremlevskaya St., 8
Phone: +7 (843) 2927200
Fax: +7 (843) 2645142
2007-04-21, 23:21:14
To everyone:
The second address that is listed is an address of main post office in Kazan. Many people use it to get the correspondence there as a lot of it being stolen or lost in Russia from regular mail-boxes. It is usual for many people to get correspondece from the main post office as it is more secured there. So, do I.

To all who thinks he is an expert about Russia and it's customs and how everything is going here: possibly 80 % of you have never been here and don't even know anything about it but still are trying to prove something to each other with foam on mouth trying to proove he is an expert. I'm from Russia and I know how everything works here so your blames about using the same address or anything like that are wrong. I think now it is more clear and plane for 'experts'. For future: please be careful and don't blame someone until you are sure.

Sad fact is that almost all who read this topic are on the Mike's side although he is still missing and there is no answer from him since I tried to defend myself. I think I brought more argumental things but...
Only one man made a doubt in Mike's words. Although it was only words from his side without proofs...

Another thing I've mentioned is that almost all the men who are writing here were scammed or cheated and this is only a way for them to revenge somehow.
Believe me it is very easy to see how angry you are that take any words and start your agression against me.
Be more polite, most of the time innocent people suffer because of mad and headless rulers. You are definitely the same and many women suffer because of you.
Want to change something? Start from yourself. Look at yourself. And ask yourself: why I'm being cheated again and again.... Believe me there are men who dont' even know what is that to be cheated by a woman... it depends on a man...

Thank you, Irina.
2007-04-22, 07:54:29
anonymous from New Zealand  
Well, it looks like it was a lucky thing that I checked back on this page.

I see the scammers have found the page, and are trying to confuse the topic. Presumably one of the other men corresponding with 'Irina Mikheeva' from Kazan, has sent 'her' the link and asked 'what is going on?'. Not the brightest of things to do, since it just lets the scammers do damage control, but there we go.

Just remember that it is not only New Zealand reporting this scammer, You also have a report from Mexico (2007-04-19, 01:52:41), the United States (2007-04-14, 16:35:42), and one other (2007-04-18, 15:36:01). Take note of the country flag next to some of the postings on this page. The website is tracking back the IP address and can show where it comes from. Be suspicious of any posting that does not have a flag next to it. Perhaps the site administrator will track back the IP address of some of the anonymous postings for us.

I am aware that a number of men who have corresponded with 'Irina Mikheeva' from Kazan, will find this page, over the coming weeks/months and I don't want them to have the slightest doubt that we're talking about a scammer. If you are one of those men - go and find an anti-scam guide for men seeking a russian wife, and read it NOW. By the time I received the third email, I'd already flagged the profile with Elenas Models. Then it was a matter of continuing the correspondence and seeing where it went.

This is a SOPHISTICATED and ORGANISED scam, for reasons which I'll explain below. I don't want to give away too much, as the scammers will read this too, and could potentially fix their flaws. Hopefully the information will explain why our scammer is participating in the forum - they have a lot of time and money invested in this scam.

Firstly, yes, it is likely there is an 'Irina Mikheeva'. A girl fronted up at the Elenas Models agent, and provided sufficient proof that they gave her profile 'CONFIRMED' status. That's pretty ballsy, to send someone into a reputable agency, to get that 'CONFIRMED' status.

Elenas Models says: 'We can guarantee that the lady has a valid contact information and that she agreed to our terms and conditions meaning that all her submitted information is true. We talk to the ladies on the phone, some of them come to our office in person having their documents(the profiles with the sign CONFIRMED) with them, or they send the documents to us. We talked to this lady on the phone as well.'

Interesting, that Elenas Models had more luck phoning than any of the men in 'Irina's' life. 'Irina' doesn't have a local phone in the apartment because she is so poor she cannot afford it. She cannot use her family's phone, because she is an orphan, from the State Orphanage. She managed to borrow her friend's cellphone +79613335997 for 30 minutes, to receive 1 phonecall from me, on April 4th 3 pm Moscow local time.

I still think Elenas Models is a reputable agency, but I think they have specifically been targeted, to get that 'CONFIRMED' label. Elenas Models says: 'We can only guarantee that the ladies are real, we can't guarantee their behaviour. We can check if the person is real but their morals, ethics, manners and goals can only be found out over the period of time and during personal communication.'

Secondly, these letters are unbelievably well written, they even know the western colliquialisms. The poster of 2007-04-21, 15:47:11 uses the word 'eloquent', which I think describes the quality. So how does one become 'eloquent', as 'Irina' says 'You know in Russia all English-spoken movies are made with a translation of professional interpreteurs. But the key is that the translation comes in 1-2 seconds after the English phrase of an actor. and while the delay I was listerning the phrase and then I've got it's interpretaion in Russian. That's all. Frankly speaking I'ma very big fan of cinema and I've seen a lot of movies to understand spoken English.'

I'd estimate in the beginning, they spent over 4 hours per letter, using excellent English, and making sure they answered every question; and this went on for several weeks. These are not your normal form letter scams. Someone is investing a lot of money into this one. That's why there was little point in putting the letters up online ... there are very few key phrases that can be searched for. People might search for the email addresses though, so here they are: .

I did find this paragraph, that still makes me smile, a girl that Immigrations offices would consider 'high-risk' because of no family, no savings, no steady job, no phone, has found an agent who can get her a tourist visa, for only 10,000 rubles.

'Irina' says:- 'Please think about the way the agent suggested and advised as most appropriate in our case. He gave me to read a contract that I will have to sign to use their service. I didn't do that, I just read it. It was told that the agency will help in getting all the necessary documents and forms for application of a visa and will provide all the necessary help in this process. They will give me all the information and will support at any step. They will also help me to get an international passport. In common words they will do everything and all we need is to make plans of exact dates of a meeting. I was told that we should discuss the details and they will solve all the problems as heir experience is high enough to be sure say such loud words. Plus manager assured me about success if we'll do everything using their agency and the way he advised and suggested. And they will take a fee of 10000 rubles. That is really very high but I think it is better to use professional service with guaranties they will do everything in proper way otherwise they wouldn't get their fees.'

The agent obviously has experience because 'he said that usually a man is helping financially to his woman and I should talk to you about that.'

I would emphasise again, that Elenas Models is a reputable agency. They say: 'We warn them about the possibility of being deleted from our website and put on the black list if they ask for money.'

Thirdly most Russian women don't route their email via US internet service providers, or use a secure X-Mailer, that encrypts local messages. Like I said, very sophisticated.

Fri, 16 Mar 2007 15:53:36 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from [] ([]:34567
X-Mailer: SecureBat! Lite (v2.12.4) Personal

Tue, 20 Mar 2007 09:09:06 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from ([]:23559

Tue, 20 Mar 2007 09:51:52 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from [] ([])

Fri, 23 Mar 2007 15:16:22 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from [] ([]:17156

Sat, 31 Mar 2007 08:12:13 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from [] ([]:34321

Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 17:42:20 +0400
Received: from ([]:55561

Thu, 05 Apr 2007 07:59:22 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from ([]:15884

Mon, 09 Apr 2007 23:05:31 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from ([]

Sat, 14 Apr 2007 12:31:48 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from ([]:516

Finally, you will note that Mexico (2007-04-19, 01:52:41) reports 'she requested my help to open an account in to create a way to sell her artwork and collect the money from customers'. The scammer needs help because 'For security purposes, ePassporte Account Holders from Latvia, Malaysia, Moldova, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and Vietnam are subject to limited Account Features.'

If you are thinking of doing it, DONT, unless you want to be an accessory to money laundering for crime syndicates.

So why did it end? Funnily enough, they chose to end it, because whoever wrote the last letter, included a reply to someone else. Simple cut/paste mistake, we've all made them, got interrupted, forgot where we were, and then pressed 'send'. I've thought about it, and decided to include the text of the reply, because perhaps this is YOU. You may not believe what I'm saying about your 'Irina'; scammers are masters of human psychology, and very convincing. I apologise for showing your letter, but here we go then:-

> It's Thursday evening and almost 10pm. The kids are with me
> tonight and will be until Sunday afternoon. I started getting sick
> two nights ago and I'm ready to go to bed but I wanted to just write
> and say hello.
Please try to keep yourself fit. I don't want to get ill. I will worry
a lot.
> The weather has been unusually cool for 2 weeks and
> often rainy.
We have the same thing here. It's been raining for about a week
already. No sun, only rain all day long.
> I guess I just got run down and the cold air weakened
> my immune system enough that I have that achy sensation with sinus
> congestion.
You should be careful with your health. It is one of most valuable
things we have in life.
> I have to get up at 5:45am when my kids sleep here on a
> school night because my daughter catches the bus by 6:50am. My son
> can sleep later because his school is close to the house and it
> starts later too. I always eat breakfast with my daughter and we
> talk about her school or just a father/daughter discussion. I have
> a very good relationship with both of them and believe me I've seen
> some big changes in my daughter over the past 2 years. I don't want
> to see my kids grow up too fast but I can't keep them little
> forever.
I can understand that. I think parents would always like their kids
little. I think the key is in balance. Not to disturb kids from living
their own life but at the same time give them a good advice and to be
their close friend.
> Tonight I picked up chinese food from a different chinese
> restaurant but actually we go to this one most often because it's
> closest to our house.
Sounds you are having a good time there.
> Tomorrow is Friday and I'm ready for the
> weekend to come.
Any special plans for weekends?
> Next Wednesday evening is my monthly stock meeting
> so beginning this weekend I'll start thinking about what I want to
> discuss. The stock market has been doing ok, but not great.
> Overall, my stock selections have been doing better than the overall
> market and I feel pretty good about that. I still need to get more
> large accounts but gradually I'm picking up more and more business
> as I continue making money for my clients.
I hope it will go well for you and your clients will be pleased with
all you do for them.
> I know this hasn't been about us or about my feelings but I
> hope you can see with each letter a little more about me that helps
> round out a picture as to the type of person I am or how I think
> about different topics.
Yes, I see you are a person who is interested in many things. And I
like it.
> I hope you have the chance soon to respond
> but I do understand your situation so I'm patient with you....
I write you back as soon as possible.
And I hope this letter will bring you some joy also.
Let me now finish it as it is very late and I'm afraid it wouldn't be
very safe for me to come back home so early.
Let me wish you a good day and I hope you'll recover soon.
My kisses to you, Irina.

I won't be continuing this discussion any more; I won't be driven by a scammer's agenda and I'm sure more proof will come over time.

In summary, for the newbies:

- Elenas Models is a reputable agency

- If you haven't already, read an anti-scam guide for men seeking a russian wife

- Never send money or transfer money for anyone

- If you wish to 'scambait' check out,
Play safe, never provide real personal information

'Mike' :)
2007-04-24, 20:35:10   (updated: 2007-04-24, 20:45:12)
Peter (Admin) from United States  
1) It is very interesting for me to find out that Irina Mikheeva is posting from an IP number that is in various cities in the USA.

The long post by 'Irina' was made from Richardson in Texas, United States.
2007-04-20, 03:52:39
IP number was

The post dated 2007-04-21, 23:21:14 comes from Los Angeles, CA
IP number was

2) I suggest everyone be careful with putting out threats.

>>---- QUOTE ----------------------------------------------------
To the site administrator: I advice you to remove this sensitive information in case Mike Pearson doesn't have such opportuntiy as it is criminal thing you do to allow to post it. I don't want you to lose your job but also to have a criminal record and to be a accessory.
---- END QUOTE ----------------------------------------------------

I am not taking advice from people who try to stay anonymous by using proxy servers or lie about their identity. Either you are in Russia and come in from a Russian IP number, then I will believe you, or you are in the US and lie, or you are anywhere in the world using an American proxy server to disguise your identity. In the last case, why don't you use your home ISP?

Other than you, 'Irina', I am not hiding anything.

I also think Irina's English is a little too good in order to be coming from watching English movies only. I have been in Russia several times and I have heard Russian accents. Irina does not sound like one.

I think I found a good compromise. Maybe the personal information (address) should not be on this page. I transformed the first part of the page into a GIF image. That way human readers can still see it, but search engines cannot. If you search for her email address or postal address on the web then it won't be found by a search engine. Well, this page won't be found.

Peter (Admin)
2007-04-26, 01:21:51
anonymous from United States  
Although 'Irina' does, indeed make good points in her letter above to this site, and would be worth reconsidering if the words were true, but they are not.

They are invalidated by the simple fact that she claimed to a number of men she was corresponding with that she was having an exclusive relationship with each one of them, and that she had ceased communicating with anyone else. Yet, in her letter to this site above, she displayed the opposite.

Lastly, without divulging how I know, there is someone named 'Irina Mikheeva' in Kazan, but whether it is the same person as depicted in the photos is uncertain.
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