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Dating scammer Irina Mikheeva from Kazan, Russia


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Other Comments:
She was a new confirmed profile on, but only logged in for 1 week, then moved to private email.

Fell in love after 3 emails and wanted airfare and visa consultant fees for New Zealand. Then suggested airfare to Malta.

Sent lots of photos: fotoa6X3Ko.jpg fotoCJIW9J.jpg fotonatb71.jpg fotoMQNHEh.jpgfotoWIQPmz.jpg fotoIAkrUO.jpg fotoIAkrUO.jpg foto4RQaFE.jpg

Beach photos taken as a model at Sochi

Likes to paint: sunset.jpg silence.jpg

Pink bear for her last birthday from her friends

Favourite foods: 'Pork in Heaven' and 'Princess Wish'
Salary: 7500 Rubles a month
Fluent written english by watching movies
Favorite bands: Enigma, Era, Gregorian

No family - orphan
No phone or cellphone
Birthday: 7 July 1977, that's 7/7/77, easy to remember

Age 29
Star sign Cancer
Height 178 cm / 5' 10''
Weight 54 kg / 119 lbs
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length Long
Race White/European
Marital status Never married
Children no kids
City Kazan, Russian Federation
Education University
Language English: Good; Russian: Fluent;
Profession designer
Occupation fitness trainer
Religion Christian
Smoking No
Drinking Socially
Looking for a partner
Age to 50
Race White/European; Hispanic; Asian; Multiracial

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2007-04-27, 21:57:41
anonymous from United States  
Is anyone still talking to this girl by chance? I think I may be one of her 'targets'...
2007-04-28, 04:42:23
anonymous from New Zealand  
Well 'she' has stopped talking to me for some reason :) Play along for as long as you can, and get what you can, to post up on the page. That's what I did. Good luck!
2007-05-03, 09:56:27   (updated: 2007-05-03, 10:01:34)
It seems to me it's my time (the last one) to answer all the questions and make clear some points to Mike and everyone who would read it in future.

First of all. To Administrator of the site.
I don't agree you to do what you did is a good measure. My sensitive information is still public and it doesn't matter of what format it is being showed of. It is private information and it is a case about my security and private life of a person. You did nothing to protect it when I point you except you've tried to assure me in your words.
So, soon it is time for you to answer.
And believe me it is not about what country I'm or you are in. It is about human's personal data. I put my request for competent agencies about what you hold here on your site and you as a criminal or accessory. I think real soon you'll be contacted with.

Another thing you've mentioned. About being anonimous or something like that. What are you talking about? It is about me whose personal information we are discussing! And everyone can see it. Not yours but mine so I suggest you not to make irresponsible statements here.
About the IPS, IP, security of email client and other stuff you and Mike were talking about. I don't even understand the hell half of what you are trying to blame me about. It is obvious only a professional can understand you but not me. And it is also obvious that Mike could easily do all these things you are talking about.
I'm using the internet-cafe and I don't care about how it works untill it works for me. I'm not a site administrator so I can't answer your questions that's why I find these proofs empty.
But you are still talking about things only you can understand. I could answer all your questions about this in case I knew anything.
Ok, Peter-Admin (is that your real name?) if you are not hiding anything can you please put a copy of your passport here and your home address then? Close to mine, please. Or don't make idle promises.
Please dont' hesitate to answer this line as your answer will really show who is hiding and what.
Another question. My English skills. :) It was very funny to read your comments. Is it hard to believe a person (but not you) knows English so well?
Yes, I did learn it at school but increased my skills over movies. If you find THIS strange then I'm sorry for you and your intelligence.
Yes, Russians have accent but how can you find it out by my written English? Don't be stupid, please...


You are still a man. :)

And dont' be afraid to fight with a woman - you are still a man.

So, please post copies of your passport and home address close to mine so everyone could be in equal conditions.
But if you wouldn't - just let me know, sure I can understand that. :)
Another way for you to be a man but not a person with mouth full of wind is to send copies of your photo ID and the home address to my private email. You know it, thanks to mr Mike Pearson it is listed above.
Anyway some answer is still needed from you.

Ok, to other things.

Mike, I guess you are still reading this. Although you told you wouldn't continue writting here 'I won't be continuing this discussion any more; I won't be driven by a scammer's agenda and I'm sure more proof will come over time.' but you still do (More proof please...).
Men in our days are so faint and infantile and can't even to be as good as their words. :)

Opposite I asked for some questions you still didn't answer (or couldn't - never mind).
1. Can you please prove I felt in love with you on a 3d letter as you stated above? Did I ever say 'I love you'? Can't remember, can you please remind it? Not a fake letter please. :)
2. Dear mr Mike Pearson (sounds so funny! :) it was your (but not mine) idea for me to come to New Zealand so it was normally to expect you were responsible for expences.
3. You never put any photo ID here to prove your identity.
4. To prove you're right you didn't asnwer my statements but just repeated your words again in a different manner. What a clever way! :)
5. Can you please put a letter where I asked money from you first? (not a fake please) and if you are trying to prove I'm a scammer then proove it! Go ahead! Did I take money and disappeared? :) Any proofs? Sorry... no...
6. being so good in computers, mr Mike Pearson (sounds so funny again! :) that is obviously showed earlier (and I agree). Isn't it possible for you to make all those complaints by your own from different names to discredit me and to defend yourself? :)
7, A good way to give a link on a site about scammers. For sure you know about it much more as you need to stay updated and a good way to clean yourself at the same time. :) So, who told a good way to change the guilty size? :)

Well, I guess that's all I wanted to say for now.
It is not all that I can say but I see no sense in continuation of this.
I hope intelligent person understood who is correct and whos facts are more close to the truth.
All the best to everyone (if anyone except Mike) would read it some day.
Another thing to mention to everyone, work on your relationship but nor play mind games (as Mike admit it in his last reply) and once you'll find your second half steal it away and never forget how hard it was for you to find this happiness.

PS: Mike, don't be jealous I'm not your woman anymore,
It happens sometimes to people. I'm not angry or mad about you that you did all this. You are just ridiculous with your words and in your jealousy.
And you definitely took the wrong and not the best way to hurt me and my future.
Is that your revenge that you would never have me at your side and I decided not to continue with you anymore? (I don't need any answer, thank you!)

PSS: it's time for you to put more durty on my head as I would never answer here again.
Thank you. Irina.
2007-07-26, 12:52:28
anonymous from United States  
It is very sad that women like this exist.

I too have been a 'victim' of this woman. While I can't say she's a scammer - she's a user, and that's worse in my mind.

Fellas, don't waste your time with this woman! It's not worth it!
2007-07-26, 18:37:37
Another thing that's really sad...So many people don't read to see that the women in all these photo's is NOT the one doing the scamming!
2007-07-27, 17:34:06
Eddie from Sweden  
agree totally with you, anonymous from United States!

And it's incredible easy to see that she's a Russian from her writing, whatver she says. She must think all foreigners are morons (many Russian do). I've had so many Russian students I can tell their linguistic anomalies straight away.

Pity her post is old and I missed it, otherwise I would have reacted very strongly. One thing I disagree with you is that this woman is 100% skamerstvo!
2007-07-27, 18:07:58   (updated: 2007-07-27, 18:10:41)
Eddie from Sweden  
PS...any Russian 'girl' who suggests you send money to acquire a visa via a 'travel agency' must be a scammer.

I have been to Russia twice in the last 12 months, once as a tourist and once on a homestay visa. I have also sponsored two Russian girls to come and visit me here in Sweden. The second one is now my fiancée.

to get a schengen visa (Sweden and the rest of Europe), it works like this:
1....a Russian girl can come on a tourist visa but they are almost impossible to obtain (I know because a real Russian travel agent told me that). The girl must have paid for a return flight or tour to Sweden IN ADVANCE, she must have booked and paid for HOTEL ROOMS, she must have an income and enough money to pay for herself during her visit, and she must have a letter from her employer!!! (ie she must have a job in Russia). Then she has to take these papers/tickets + her passport + visa application to the Swedish embassy in Moscow in person (or she can pay to send a representative, eg an authorised travel agent). The visa usually takes 7-10 working days to process, during which time she has to stay in Moscow and wait for her visa.

2...or she can come on a sponsored visa, much easier, and almost the same rules apply except she needs a letter of invitation from her sponsor, a copy of his passport, his tax registration paper, and a signed completed sponsor's form as well! (instead of the proof of income, job etc). The rest of the process is the she must have tickets paid IN ADVANCE, must go to Moscow, etcetc....or she can send a representative, ie an authorised travel agent.

BTW, the same rules apply when Europeans visit Russia. It is a very laborious process to get a visa in either direction, especially if the girl lives outside Moscow, but Kazan is not too far away from Moscow in the Volga valley (I've been there) and she could take a night train for a few hundred roubles each way. Therefore asking 10,000 roubles for visa administration is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS.

Furthermore any experienced Russian girl knows how difficult it is.

When my girlfriend came to Sweden last October, the travel agency charged 3000 roubles in Ulyanovsk, actually slightly further from Moscow than Kazan, to collect the visa from Moscow.

Ирина! Пожалуйста не оскорбляйте наши сведения. Tы не живете в Казани, вероятно ты живете в Yoshktar Ola, преступный город в России.

Пойдите отсюда, чтобы искать честную работу, ты несчастный жулик. Мы не интересуемся ташим cкамерство. Xохол!
2007-07-27, 20:41:02   (updated: 2007-07-27, 21:01:48)
anonymous from United States  
Anon Sweden, permit me to copy and paste your definition (post 2007-07-27, 18:07:58 (updated: 2007-07-27, 18:10:41)

PS...any Russian 'girl' who suggests you send money to acquire a visa via a 'travel agency' must be a scammer.

Another proposed definition scammer = money-letter sender(s)

It's not the intention of this post to challenge your definition, but to offer a different perspective, for one and the same object i.e. scammer.

With her level of English, my impulse would have me, 'Her skill is far more than needed to earn an honest and comfortable living anywhere, including my country', 'She doesn't need to scam'

Your sharp eyes caught the 5 digits for a visa? Do only Aristocrats live in Kazan? Also in her profile, her partner can be older by 21 years.

Have a nice day!

2007-07-28, 05:27:20   (updated: 2007-07-28, 05:31:35)
Eddie from Sweden  
sorry, anon from United States..
I see your point but I have to disagree. Obviously, if you're writing to a REAL girl and invite her to visit you, or if a REAL girl asks you for money to come and visit you, and you're sure that's she's genuine, then she can't be a scammer. ie...getting a request for money doesn't necessarily equal a scam.

The first Russian girl that I met on the internet came to visit me in Sweden in Dec 2005, and I actually never went to Russia to visit her first (which I would normally recommend). The reason for this is that I had too much work at the time, but we were eager to meet and i took the (negligible) risk. She obviously needed money to come and visit me, although I checked all the flight times, ticket prices and visa procedures myself anyway since i was going to sponsor her. Hence her 'money letter' was not a scam...actually i think it was a money phone call.

What I was trying to point out is that any girl/scammer asking for money for a visa ALONE must be a scammer, since most national visa regulations require that she must have paid for tickets FIRST before she can obtain a visa, as well as requiring a lot of documents from you if you're going to sponsor her. I thought I was quite clear about that.

It's very common for scammers to scam for visa money and say that a travel agency can fix the visa willy nilly, which of course they can't. The first scammer I came across tried this approach with me, but I was wise to it since I knew the procedure. After all, if a girl doesn't have the money for a visa, which costs what, 1200 rubles? (about 50 bucks...not the 400 they usually ask for) or 2400 rubles for the fast track (only 3 days), how then can she have money to buy plane tickets in advance?... which as I mentioned already, she needs to have bought before she can get the visa in the first place.

but if a girl asked me for:
money for train tickets from Kazan to Moscow +
money for plane tickets from Moscow to Stockholm +
money for hotel accommodation in Moscow for 7-10 days or money to pay the travel agent to pick up the visa in Moscow +
money to pay for a hotel in Stockholm during her stay in Sweden +
spending money to show the authorities that she could support herself during her stay

....then I could quite believe that she was genuine! All in all, that would be about 3-4000 bucks or more. That's how much it would cost her to come and visit me for say, 10 days. If I sponsored her it would only cost about 1000 bucks, but then she would need masses of documents from me (as I mentioned in the above post).

To sum up, if a girl sends you a money letter, the total she should scam you for should be at least 4000 bucks (more to the USA), not the 400 they usually ask for to 'get a visa'. If she asks for less than the total cost, she must be a scammer.

Do you get the drift? Ergo, from reading anon NZ's previous posts, this woman Irina must be a scammer.

PS...I'm not anonymous ;D

2007-07-28, 08:48:42
anonymous from United States  
Thanks Eddie, for your clarification.

It's not the money-letter per se. It's the amount sought.

I was able to isolate one and only one :-( as real from an army of scammers, at a time I didn't even know the verb scam

The real one happily was working with me on money details.

I was taken as I was to discover later, to the finale part, (the one, two punch)

One is the visa punch (VISA Alone)
A victim falling for this is delivered the two, the Airfare punch

Most victims at this stage are already finished

An occasional victim not yet felled is delivered the three,

The coup-de-grace, going for the jugular - stopped at Sheremetyevo for proof of $100 per diem overseas stay.

My scammer delivered the one part. I responded I couldn't afford, but will start saving. Now the Scammer double-backs, wanting $100 for a phone call to explain to me how badly ''she'' misses me!

This is the zero punch (made me wonder Adtrakhan must only have residents who can afford $100 per phone call).

My good friends kindly analyzed our correspondence. Picture sequence alone was quite revealing.

1) ''Her'' first pic - She was bathed in expensive jewelry, over designer clothes, worthy of a model, that would take me several life times working all shifts to support

2) But my fears were diminishing along with her clothes progressively

3) At one point she only had a bikini, I was alarmed ''Is this all she can afford'', she too must be racing towards poverty.

4) I feared in her next pic, she might have nothing to hide - (After all I too am an honest man)

5) Determined to help someone in love with me, and in need of clothes, I raced to my friends for loan. (Lucky, no speeding tickets)

6) They tried hard not to laugh at me.

7) One said loan under one condtion, that I learn 2 verbs.

8) First verb: to google, and for the second, I must type define:scam hit enter in a google query box

Tables are turned, with the prey in hot persuit of its predator. The counting in reverse has begun -1, -2,...,still counting
2007-07-28, 11:52:45
Eddie from Sweden  
anonymous from United States ...that's pretty much it. Except unlike your friends I wouldn't have laughed at you. Years of perfecting the scams means they know which buttons to push, if there are any to push.

Lucky in a way you couldn't afford the 'visa', imagine if you had. To be honest, I can afford $400, or whatever it was that my first scammer asked for, and I would have sent it to her anyway if I had thought she was a poor single mother who needed the cash. I happen to know that lots of people still have it pretty tough in Putin's Russia. Money means nothing, i mean what's 400 bucks really? I'd make a donation. But since I already knew it was a scam, I did some research and discovered that most of the scammers are greedy male recidivist scumbags, so even if I sent the money, I wouldn't even be doing my 'poor girl scammer' a good deed anyway.

Ironically, a woman actually phoned me from Russia one evening, presumably when the scammers suspected I wasn't going to send any money. She spoke quite good English as well. Sadly, I could never trace the call.

Mostly the scam hinges on the vic being uninformed, which is why it pays to know the visa requirements and why I post them here. If someone's being asked for $400 for a 'visa' it's a scam. They should be asking for $4000...or to be sponsored.
2007-07-28, 12:38:11
anonymous from United States  
Thanks Eddie,

I feel for the victims, want to inform would-be victims, on defenses.

There's only one near-victim I ever laugh at ... my former self!

I owe it to my scammers 2 words now in my vocabulary - the words scam itself, and google.

I didn't pay them anything for these 2 words.

Did I scam them for these 2 words?

Have a nice day!
2008-09-16, 11:34:32
Steve_dux from Australia  
I must say, what an informative posting in the last few pages. I've been researching dating scams for some time now (read 6 months) and this one has been engrossing!

I don't believe everyone that refuse to show their whereabouts in these postings. They have nothing to lose and much to gain if they show themselves.

If we leave them enough rope they will trip themselves up.

Yes, Russians have accent but how can you find it out by my written English? Don't be stupid, please...
She/he has very good English, better than mine! But not all English is the same, US English is slightly different from Oz English and so forth. She/he has slipped up now and then, like
And dont' be afraid to fight with a woman - you are still a man.
My sensitive information is still public and it doesn't matter of what format it is being showed of.
. These could be just typing errors, but overall there seems to be Russian.
2009-11-08, 19:01:32
Irina of Kazan manager of restaurante, e mail address is, somebody knows her?

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