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Dating scammer Olesya Mlinskaya


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Name: Olesya Mlinskaya



Other Comments:
Whatch out for this one.She's smart.She waits quite awhile before she asks for money.She will start off telling you that she will never ask you for money.About 3 or 4 months later I received an email that she met with her uncle and he agreed to lend her the money to fly to the U.S. We'll naturaly, there was a follow up letter that someone broke into her uncle's car and stole the money he so stupidly put there in plain sight so any passerby could break into the car and steal it. Could I please wire her the money and she will pay me back after she arrives here and gets a job. Same old shit! I replied that would love to wire you the money for airfare but some asshole broke into my car and stole the money I so stupidly put there for your airfare.For some reason,the scamming bitch doesn't Email me anymore.L.O.L.

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2007-07-31, 01:06:48
lomminus from Iceland  
yes iceland is a part of the union and both leters ar from her i haw mor wat do you sogest i tel her and do ??
2007-07-31, 03:44:59   (updated: 2007-07-31, 03:55:14)
Eddie from Sweden  
Lomminus from Iceland...PLEASE READ THIS!!! didn't answer my questions from my last post. Shall i write in Swedish?

I agree with USA that the two photos look different. Also they look like famous scam photos. And now that I see her typical Russian form mails and that she has 'asked' you for money (but only a small amount), I suspect that she is a scammer. Keep writing to her normally for now.

Lomminus, I have been to Russia two times in the last 12 months, once with a normal holiday visa and once with a 'homestay' visa (my Russian girlfriend invited me). 'Olesya' is correct, if you are applying for a homestay visa, she will need a small amount of money (about 25 euros) to pay for the official invitation from OVIR, the Russian immigration service. She will also need all your personal details, passport number, etcetc. This Russian visa procedure is very slow and will take 6 weeks.

If you want to visit her in Russia, IT IS MUCH BETTER IF YOU MAKE THE ARRANGEMENTS YOURSELF. It is also the 'normal' way. Go to a travel agent, book tickets and a hotel in her city, and the travel agent will fix the visa with the Russian embassy in Rejkavik for you (this is how it works in Sweden anyway). This visa procedure is more expensive because you must pay for the hotel room in her city and plane tickets before the Russian embassy will give you the visa.

PLEASE READ THIS TOO!!...if you are not sure that Olesya is a real girl, and you want to be certain, YOU MUST OPEN THE EMAIL HEADER and find her IP address (her computer address). The email header is the information that identifies the email and where it comes from. But you have posted her emails, not her email header.

An IP number looks like this ....[]
The IP number can be traced and will tell you where her computer is really. If her computer is in a different place from where she says she lives, then she is a scammer.

You can look on the last page to see what an email header looks like. I have posted one example.

If you do not know how to open an email header, I can explain how to do it but you must tell me what email system you use. It's not so difficult.

Island, förstår du mig? eller borde jag förklara på svenska?
2007-07-31, 09:33:42
anonymous from United States  
If I understood correct, Iceland has a scammer falling in love in second letter

The poster does not seem to understand earlier responses, to be cautious

Try convincing him to apply the brakes

Try posting in


Unfortunately I do not see Icelandic posts in their own languages

If we can save this man from victimized, every language post in the world justifies it.

Thanks All

2007-07-31, 14:47:56
lomminus from Iceland

im not familert with this i hope this mite be of iny help im using yahoo and i did ask her to send paspport i also hawe frends at the russian embessy and his card but hes one vacation in moscow but i cald my oter one working ther he ast for the paspport # and i ast her for her paspport too and it machis the one you hawe im going to continu to to wryt to her as if i dont know i also hope that she can be put awy in prison for falsi fing documant i in close her pas pport thanks i dont intend to send her iny thing im wer convinest that shes face but i cep her in the dark as long as i can im going to give the russions her paspport #
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olesya Mlinskaya

2007-07-31, 15:07:56
anonymous from Iceland  
My dear my name , today Tuesday and such wonderful weather costs in the
street. So it is pleasant to feel again heat of a flying weather. And so
it is good to write in such sunny day as now. I yesterday watched TV
and on weather forecast spoke, that all the August long there will be a
warm weather. It so has pleased me. I shall have now good mood, I love
solar weather. I so am glad, that I write you the new letter and I so is
glad to see here your warm letter. I have such charge of positive
energy today. I today slept as the baby and have never woken up for a
night, I have risen in the morning and had such wonderful mood. I was ready
to skip and jump as the little girl. I went with good mood for work and
represented as then I shall go to Internet - cafe and I shall write
the letter my to loved. my name I went on streets and saw their cheerful
persons in this fine sunny day. And I so am glad, that this minute I am
in Cafe and I write you the letter. Today I shall go home and I shall
prepare for a chicken with mayonnaise and garlic. It so is tasty. You
love a fried chicken? I shall do also salad of tomatoes and cucumbers. So
it is a pity to me, that you during this moment will be not with me, I
so wanted, that you tried all this. I would like to prepare for the
favourite person and would like that spoke, that I prepare is very tasty
and praised my new dishes. I would be so is happy. And after we would
supper we have gone with you my name to a hall and would look together a
romantic comedy, we would lay with you on a sofa and caressed each other.
But while it only my dreams. I wait for that day when my dreams I
shall be becomes a reality. I wait with impatience of our meeting, I wait
for the moment, when I for the first time you to a kiss.
I finish the letter and I shall wait for yours soon the answer.
I love you!!!
Also I give you One million hot kisses!!!
Your love Olesya

this is her most resent leter after i ast her for passport
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Olesya Mlinskaya

2007-07-31, 15:28:35
anonymous from Iceland  

My name it again I your fine princess. How you? I'm fine. But weather and
does not vary and it is raining, but I do not want that weather spoilt
my today. I today slept very perfectly, I saw wonderful dream where we
with you together walked on an orchard and we feed each other with the
most wonderful fruits. We went and spoke with you and we were the
happiest people on the Earth. I have woken up and began to touch bed, but
you there did not appear and only then I have understood, that it only
dream. But it is dream has encouraged me and I went all the day on work
with the lifted mood. I was asked by fellow workers, why I such
cheerful. I told him dream and spoke. That to me dreamed my dear and loved
my name.
I spoke them that for a long time could not find that unique and it
that unique and unique my name. That which has brought happiness and the
love on my heart!!!
My love my name as I has understood from your letter that you want the
invitation to 2 weeks from August, 5 up to 19. But I have no money to
this, it is the sum 490 euros. When you can send me this money. I want to
send you the invitation soon, but I have no an opportunity to this.
What do you think? You will send money till August, 2, I then should go to
Moscow and to do the invitation, I have found money for trip to
Moscow, but for the invitation I wait for your help.
my name I today went on wet streets of city and so has got wet under a
torrential rain. All because I have not taken in the morning before work
a umbrella as there was no cloud and like the rain would not be
planned. And now pours and I pour also sit all wet up to a thread. Therefore I
shall not write to you much, I shall write to you tomorrow.
I think of you.
I give you one million sweet and warm kisses!!!
Yours Olesya

Like i sed i hawe frends at the russian embessy ant thay insructid me that the visa only cost 35 € and olso iceland owns a bank in moscow wer i can open my own accont i rily hope that se gits arested
2007-07-31, 15:32:42
drod from United States  

Searched my link for post:


Some how I missed posting this passport. Have about 1600 at that thread.

I received that one on April 30, 2007, I did post it there now.

good hunting.....drod
2007-07-31, 16:34:10
Skeet from United States  
The girl on the passport is on at least 2 other thread's here {somewhere!?}Don't know if it's under the same name though. I haven't seen her pic's used in quite a few month's now,guess they're 'recycling' them! LOL

She's not there...
2007-07-31, 17:10:21
drod from United States  

Searched again the thread:


Posted by Italy, 2007-05-02, 18:00:20, at above link, that's why I didn't post mine.

good hunting......drod
2007-07-31, 17:15:55
anonymous from United States  
olesya is a scammer,almost had me,but I checked her out!!!
BUSTED !!!!!!
live in the ATL. Ga. she wrote too me for over a year,she is good!!
2007-07-31, 17:27:04
anonymous from United States  
olesya is a scammer,almost had me,but I checked her out!!!
BUSTED !!!!!!
live in the ATL. Ga. she wrote too me for over a year,she is good!!
2007-07-31, 20:35:52
anonymous from United States  
Island, can you post the Headers?

We have procedures on this site for listing Header for users of Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook Web Access
2007-08-01, 08:27:39
Eddie from Sweden  
anonymous from Iceland

sorry, but Olyesa is DEFINITELY a scammer....but you know this already. The invitation certainly does not cost '490 euros', it costs, as you say, about 35 euros. And it takes 6 WEEKS for OVIR to process the document so she does not have time ...if you want to visit August, 5 up to 19.

You have Yahoo email?
Here are the instructions to open the full headers for yahoo:

Open one of 'Olyesa's' mails
For the full header of an individual email, just click 'Full Headers' in the lower-right corner of the page, below the message.

then copy what you see and paste it here on Delphi FAQs.

We can find the IP address for you.
2007-08-01, 15:34:10
lomminus from Iceland  
[] this is the ip or soud be a heder whrs shes from i hope
2007-08-01, 15:47:30
lomminus from Iceland  
IM wery pleasd to hawe yoyre help in this mater this was a coinsedens for me to end up and find this web site one day i disided to give it a try i olso notest how she was writing her leters
and not agsactly aswering my q i wood swnd her poems or songs and e cards she wood not even makece iny comints i olso tok criminal justes as a polece offeser wod but only onr year
i hawe not told her jet but im going mes with her and tel hher family secrets that i will come up whith and i will talk with my frends at the russian embesy thanks to your web page GOD BLESS YOU
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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