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Dating scammer Elena Mihailova from Kirov, Russia


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Name: Elena Mihailova


Name: Elena
Surname: Mihailova
City: Kirov
The country: Russia
Index: 610000
Street: pervomayskaya 25-52

Other Comments:
phone number: +7 4957851102

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2009-11-25, 04:43:27
Agent 86 from United States  
2009-11-24, 09:49:43
anonymous Page # 20

2009-11-24, 10:01:41
anonymous Page # 20

Please Bupkus both of these postings as Wanwan has asked.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2009-12-10, 17:45:07   (updated: 2009-12-10, 17:47:47)
I waited for yours the letter!!! And I am very glad to it!
I very like your photos and I thank you. Please continue to send your photos!
Today I have woken up very much early, usually I wake up at 6.30. Then I have included my computer and worked a little. I was prepared for my meeting with experts. I have already told to you, that it is necessary for me to do the message on my work. Yesterday I prepared for it till 23.00!
Still I have copied some photos, and today I shall send you some of them. Well?
You really love my photos? We just drank tea on work, and now I write to you! How there was your day? How your work?
You know, today I have received the letter from another the man, It from Denmark. Its name Alex, but I should tell to you that it does not wish to have serious attitudes. And I have written to it that I do not wish to spend time on
It, and I have told that I search only for serious attitudes.
I shall not write to it more. I promise it to you. I wish to ask to you a question. Than I so have drawn your attention that you have written the answer to my letter? Interest? Curiosity?
I still hope that you can understand my English language. I do not think that I speak on English very well very well, but I think that it will sound not so awfully! I think that will be possible to understand me nevertheless :-)
I like to have an active way of life, and sometimes I should work not only in our city. And then me send to a business trip. Though it happens not so often.
I was some times on a business trip in Moscow, and to St.-Petersburg. You heard about these cities in Russia? You often travel?
I like to travel in the summer. I travelled to many cities to Russia, and still I was in Prague. In the world there are many fine places, and we in Russia too have many fine places.
Xxxxxx, I wish to tell to you about my life now. I think, that it is very important for knowing for us about each other as much as possible.
I have big enough family. I have one brother and one sister. My brother is much more senior than I, and my sister is younger than me and to it only 20 years.
My senior brother is already married. A name of my brother it Aleksandr. And my sister just studies at university, and it lives in an apartment of my parents. I live in a separate apartment. And my brother now lives with its family in other city.
We receive chance to meet only one or two once a year. And then we gather all family in the house of my parents. My parents live near to my house, they live together with my grandmother.
Name of mine of the daddy - Vladimer, and a name of my mum - Olga. A name of my grandmother - Katerina.
Mine mum and the daddy still work. My daddy the engineer. It works at our factory which makes furniture. My mum works in hospital, it works as the doctor which treats small children. And I very much respect with its trade because I think that it is very necessary trade.
I often invite my parents to visit me, and I too very often visit my parents. Mine mum and the daddy are already married in current of 35 years!
Lenn, you are from the big family? Tell to me please more about your family! Well?
I should work much today. I should give my report well. It is very important for me.
I shall wait for your letter. I hope that this good letter for you. Sincerely yours, Elena

2009-12-10, 17:48:45

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2009-12-10, 17:49:26

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2009-12-10, 17:52:10

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2009-12-11, 08:31:40
Oh my gooood I believe all the text (he) she wrote.
I will respond as long they answer. just to see how much they want.

Hello my dear Xxxxx!
You again today have made my day very good! I went for work with especial feeling and I waited your letter! How your business? How at you weather?
How your native and friends? My family by way of! Last night my daddy came to me home. We drank tea and I spoke mine to the daddy about you.
I told, that have got acquainted with good the man and we speak within two weeks on the Internet! The daddy asked what is your name?
I spoke the daddy, that you call Xxxxx! It at once asked from what country that the man? And I to it have told, that from Denmark!
The daddy spoke, that it is very far and has been a little surprised! It has told why I before spoke nothing about it.
I have told, that to all the time, I have told also that we good friends now and we want sometime will meet you.
The daddy has asked, and whether mum knows about it? I have told there is no also I promised the daddy, that today I shall come home to
parents and to tell about you. I am confident, that they will be very curious to know about you. So, tonight I shall go home to parents and
I shall tell about you! Well?
xxxx, I also thought of you much. I do not know as you it to speak, but I have to you some feelings. I do not know how to you it to describe.
I love you? I do not know.... I cannot be confident for 100 percent it. This inclination is possible? I do not know. But I constantly think of you.
Whether to me you very interestingly think of me? Allow me to ask you a question. You think of me? Only tell to me fairly. For me it is very important.
Your life has really changed after our acquaintance? You have to me any feelings? I shall seems to not sleep today much. I shall think of you!
I now write to you the letter and I write it with warm feelings to you. It is very bad, that in this letter it is impossible to place my feelings.
I do not wish to rush. But I should you tell, that you are very interesting to me also I think of you. Yes! I think of you. It has occured very quickly.
I only not so long ago have written to you and here I already have to you feelings. I do not wish to frighten you mine Xxxxx.
You write to other women except for me? Only please tell to me it fairly. I do not write to anybody except for you. You understand about it? Xxxxx,
I would like to be now in Denmark and to meet you! You think, what the meeting is necessary for us? I very much would wish to meet you.
So both of us could solve many things for us! You can which be created the person specially for me? I wish to make sure of it.
You would invite me to yourself to Denmark? We could is better learn each other. If you want, that I arrived to you inform me.
I think, that I can find enough of money to arrive to you. How many it will demand money? It should not be very dear. I visited Prague and
I received the visa. I think, that I also can receive the visa to Denmark and arrive to you. We are separated only with one flight at self-summer!
I probably shall find out more how it is possible to visit Denmark. There can be you know as it better to make?
Today I shall speak with my mum. I shall tell to mum, that I wish to go to Denmark and to meet you. I am ready to change my life to the best.
I wish to start to build my happiness. Be possible we can together are very happy. I think, that my family wishes me only happiness and they
will not be against we met.
I also should think about my works. The matter is that I do not wish to lose my work. To me very well pay on my work and if suddenly our attitudes
will not grow I should live in Russia and me work will be necessary. I do not wish to lose my work. If you really seriously to concern to me and wish
to meet me I shall take a vacation on work on account of my salary. I think, that my boss will allow to go to me to Denmark and it will give me 1 month for this purpose. We could spend happy time together.
I seriously consider ours with you attitudes and I wish to have with you a real meeting. Write to me your ideas on our meeting in the following letter. Know, that I shall not regret money for our meeting and I think, that I am capable to arrive independently to you.
I shall come back now to work and to wait your letter.

2009-12-11, 08:32:15

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