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Dating scammer Diana (Dina) Kuzovleva


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Name: Diana (Dina) Kuzovleva


Ofitserskaya str., 15, Kharkov, 61000, Ukraine.

Other Comments:
Name: Diana (Dina)
Last Name: Kuzovleva
Birthday: February 21, 1980
Address: Ofitserskaya str., 15, Kharkov, 61000, Ukraine.

NOTA: These letters are posted with no particular order. She did not ask me for money but the content of one of the letters is almost identical to another letter another girl (scammer, probably more appropriate) sent me.

Another girl by the same name (but with different photo and email is posted on another site.


Hello XXXXXX! It seems to me the whole eternity has passed from the moment when I have received your last letter. May be the main reason is that I was quite worried if you would like to continue our correspondence. I don't know, but now it's not important, because now I'm reading your letter. You know, I have never thought it is so difficult to write about myself. Frankly speaking, I don't know from what to start this letter to you. My name is Diana, shortest Dina. All my life I live in Kharkov and this is my native city. Do you know something about Kharkov? I was born the on 21th of February in 1980 and I'm the only child in my family. I have finished commercial college and at the same time I have been doing modeling. Now I have stopped my carrier of model and I'm working as a seller in the shop of feminine clothes. When I was 22 years old I got married, but now I'm divorced and I live with my parents. I have no kids. You know, I'm very curious person. I like to discover things that I didn't know before. I read a lot and very often I visit library to find something new and interesting for me. Also, I go in for sports. I play tennis, two times a week I visit swimming pool. Every morning before work I run for an hour. You know, it gives me so much force for my whole working day. I have a lot of friends and sometimes we meet. I like to go to the cinema and particularly the theatre. I'm romantic person and not great practical woman. I believe in the sublimity of feeling! Of course it is wonderful to be anxious for success in the career or climb to power, but I'm sure when we will obtain these aims we will not get such inner satisfaction which we could get from love, care and tender of beloved person. That's why I'm so serious in my intention to meet my soul mate and create happy family! I don't know what else to tell you about myself. It would be great, if you would ask all what you would like to know about me. I want you to know I'm very interested in you and I'm waiting for your next letter. With hope, Diana.


Hello, my dear XXXXXX!

First of all I want to thank you for your greetings, it is so nice that you didn't forget about my Birthday! Thank you for continuing writing and sending your wonderful pictures to me. I appreciate you much for telling me more about yourself. I think it is wonderful to speak with each other about everything, to share our thought and expectations, to talk about our likes and dislikes, to tell each other about good and bad experiences in our life. It also will help us not
only to know each other better, but give us a possibility to understand each other's inner world and what we need be happy with someone and may be with each other...
Each day of our correspondence means a lot for me. Your letter has filled me with joy and now I feel myself like a child, who has received his lifelong gift! And this is truth, your letters have became for me a great gift. I like to communicate with you. Sometimes it seems to me that we know each other a lot of years and there are no barriers and no distance between us.
In my last letter I have told you a little about myself and I agree with you it's not enough to know me better. As I have told you before, I was a model. When I say 'was' I feel like my heart shrinks away. I really liked this work, but I was obligated to stop. When I was little, the only thing which I have done from the morning till the evening, was looking the fashion magazines and fashion shows on TV. I have even learned names of famous models and every my day has started from my 'defile' around the house. My parents have thought a lot about my passion and then decided to send me to the school of models. You can't even imagine how I liked to visit it, though it was very difficult to go at the same time in the ordinary school too. But I was firm in my attempt to! I have participated in many competitions and shows. But it was funny and easy till I have become older. Now to participate in good-paid shows is almost impossible. Everyone tries to put you into his bed, before giving you a good work. I hate that! I want to earn money by my hard work and not through the bed! That's why I have stopped this career and now I work as a seller and I like this work, because here I'm a personality and not a doll in somebody's play!

I see you are very curious and I like that much, because it means that you are very interested in me like I'm in you! I agree with you, we have so much to talk with each other about. I want to be an opened book for you. I like nature and all its manifestations. I like flowers, particularly roses, my favorite colors are white, red and blue. As for the music it is difficult to say exactly what kind of music I prefer more, it depends from my mood. My favorite movie is 'Pretty woman'. There is only one thing, which could make me the unhappiest woman in this world - lie and treason! Frankly speaking, I don't like to speak about the past. I like to cook, this is my favorite affair. I like to prepare something new, but most of all I like to prepare and eat too, borsch. Have you ever tasted it? As for my childhood, it was fine, but it was always one thing that I was longing all the time - that I didn't have sister or brother.

You've asked me to tell you about my day, so I wake up at 6 AM, getting ready to the new day, cook the food and go to at work at 7.30 AM. That to get at work I should take bus and underground, it will come about an hour and at 8.30 AM my working day starts. I'm at the shop till 7 PM and then I'll go shopping some foods and go home. Usually I go to sleep at 11-12 PM.

I feel myself very lonely and I need a man with whom I can share the whole life. After my bad experience with my husband, I have understood I shouldn't loose heart and hope. You know, I have used an advice of one of my good friends to look for my soul mate in the Internet. That's why I have came to the agency and have asked them for their help. The problem is that I almost don't know English and I haven't got my own computer. And now every time I come to the agency with a hope to find your letter in my mail box!

I appreciate you much for your interested in me and I hope today you have known me better. I'm looking for our next meeting in our letters.
Sincerely yours,


Hello, my dear XXXXXX!

It's really nice to begin each day from waiting to receive one more letter from you. May be you will be surprised, but I have missed you much. I like to communicate with you and now I understand how my life has been boring without you and your letters. Thank you that you don't stop writing to me. For me it's very important and I want you to know that.

From your letters I have understood you are a wonderful person with kind heart and pure soul. Frankly speaking, I haven't met such people for a long time. May be it seems strange to you, but it's a real fact. Kharkov is a quite big city and there are a lot of people. But every day, when I go outdoors and see their nothing expressing faces, it seems to me that I'm alone on this Planet and there is nobody with whom I could share my inner feelings and thoughts. I'm very open person and I don't like secrets and lies. I'm attentive, caring and faithful woman and I need a man to whom I could present all that, a man who will need my love and tenderness.

Once I have been deceived with a man, who has become my husband in thefuture. When I met him, I was so happy. I was sure I met my soul mateand I wanted to give him all the best what I had inside, my heart andmy soul. Yes, I was happy, but it lasted not so long. My husband has a lot of friends and I think it's normal. Every day after work he has gone to one then to another of them. Sometimes, it has happened very seldom, they have visited us. So my husband has stopped to be my husband. All the time he has spent with his friends and has forgotten about me at all. A lot of times I have tried to speak with him, but every time I have heard only one answer:' You don't understand, theyare my friends!' But once he has passed all bounds, he has said:' There can be a lot of wives, but friends are life time long!' After such words I couldn't live with this person any more, that's why we have divorced.

As for me, I believe in real love and I think it is great feelings. You know, I can say that I am unhappy, but I feel emptiness inside and I miss soooo much the warmth of another person and feel I can offer a lot to here. I am very gentle, romantic, sensitive, understanding, considerate and polite, very sincere and optimistic. I want to share it with a special man. Maybe you would like to be this man? I am dreaming of a loving partner, a happy family and a couple of lovely kids, that is what will make my happiness complete. Unfortunately it is impossible to describe everything what I feel just in one letter. But I guess if we see that we match and are interested in each otherwe will have a chance to discuss lots of things in our further

I don't want you to think that I'm looking for my fantastic prince. I understand that relationship is not only moments of joy and happiness. Unfortunately sometimes life drives us into difficult situations. But I want to meet a man, who will be the only for me and for whom I'll be the only too. I want to follow the life's road with him together, hand by hand. I'm longing for the time when I could fill his life of love and care, to build with my beloved man a happy and healthy family.

Darling, in every your letter I feel all beauty of your heart and soul. You know, my heart is opened for you and I long you will become the only for whom I was looking all my life! Are you ready to accept my love?

I'm waiting for your reply with sinking of my heart!



Hello my wonderful XXXXXX! Today I have the most wonderful mood that I have ever had and the main reason of my such spirit is our meeting! I hope with all my heart, you feel the same about that. I think it's great when two persons enjoy communication with each other and in that way fill their life of positive emotions! You know, today when I was going to the agency to read your letter, a stranger has stuck to me. He has tried to make me many rough compliments. But I have told him that my heart is already occupied by a wonderful man and finally he has left me alone. Honey, I have told him the truth. You have entirely occupied not only my heart, but also my mind. I awake in the morning and I'm thinking about you, I go to the bed in the evening, and I'm thinking about you. You know, now I understand that I have never felt the real happiness before. You have winged me. I feel myself so easily and quietly and it seems there are no problems and worries. You have brought a balance in my life and it seems it was no disappointments, no troubles before. Thank you for tearing me the way, what you do! I have completely opened to you and this is for the first time when I'm not afraid to be hurt. I believe and trust you. Now you know, I have presented you the most dear what I have, my heart. I'm sure you will care about it, because such men like you are made to love and to be loved. Thank you for your coming into my life! You can't even imagine how long I was waiting for you, my beloved. It seems to me that we have a lot in common. I think that we can build the stable relationship only on three founds: love, respect and mutual understanding. I'm sure that you will be loving husband and careful father. You are my second half, man of my dreams! every your letter makes me the happiest woman in the world and I'm always waiting for them with impatience. You fill my heart and my mind. I don't understand how I have lived before without you, my sweetheart! Thank you for your presence in my life! My darling, I'm sure that our relationship will be the happiest in this world. It seems to me also that we have known each other all the life! And I want to be with my beloved man, with you, my sweet. And I want to know all your dreams about us and our life together! All my heart and my soul reach out for you. I know that I was talking to you about that before, but every time I fall asleep and wake up only with one thought about you. I know well I need you, I want to be with you all my life. I don't afraid to start a new life , our common life! You are the better what I had ever have in my life and I don't want to lose you. With all my heart, your Diana.


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2007-04-06, 23:11:05   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

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2007-04-06, 23:11:05   (updated: )
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2007-04-19, 12:20:29
anonymous from Sweden  
this photos are from a model and she have same letter to all she answer!
I know I have seen shes real photo and it´s a long way from this model photos
she start and ask for money for translation and after that for money to learn
English and I stop writing with her!
2007-05-06, 12:58:52
anonymous from Belgium  
This girls is on BADOO.COM. We are writting each other and her first letter is the same that the first on this page.....'It seems to me the whole eternity has passed from the moment when I have received your last letter'. What deception
2007-05-15, 14:02:10   (updated: 2007-05-15, 14:12:37)
anonymous from New Zealand  
hi same photos same letters i was all set to visit when with a few dats to go her work moved her to other citiy and had one last contact i might get one day off to see you .great she has had money for a camera and passport .
2007-05-17, 20:39:10
anonymous from Canada  
yes same too :(
2007-07-10, 15:12:37
anonymous from Denmark  
Same here...
2007-07-16, 03:34:16
anonymous from Greece  
Same here too:-)

I send a picture of her.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Diana (Dina) Kuzovleva

2007-07-16, 11:58:21 from Largo, United States  

2007-07-26, 05:42:24
anonymous from Spain  
she stay in your name is Dina,Diana,the same story and letters
best regards
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