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Dating scammer ekaterina smirnova


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Name: ekaterina smirnova

Email: step2love


Other Comments:
This started last sunday nite.when Ekaterina Smirnova contacted me via my myspace page,she told me she liked my profile and i should contact her step2love .Idid smell a rat but i have played ball with the contact with her e;mails as she seemed so nice and honest,her name katye for short,


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2007-04-06, 23:12:16   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

Keywords: blonde fan
2007-04-08, 19:29:09
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I got this too last weekend, have been talking to her but wondering when she was going to ask for money, so glad i found this site, i may wait to get some better photos before being rude to her though. She contacted me through myspace and has vanished from there now not surprisingly.

2007-04-30, 10:22:39
anonymous from United States  
Yes, post the messages. The pictures are RARELY EVER the person that is writing you, so the messages are WAY more important to this site than anything else. You will find that these pictures are just some model or friend. NEVER get too into the actual photo itself. I spend my time finding these people and toying with them and sending them t the bank or Western Union several times to find nothing there. There are 100's of messages that are indentical or cut and pasted similar, but they changes the pictures often.
2007-04-30, 16:39:07   (updated: 2007-04-30, 16:46:15)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I think I may have been duped by this girl? i sent money for her flight. On Friday we have been talking now for over a month, and she seems really nice, On Friday i sent cash via money gram, 27th on May. On a Saturday I got a mail back, but as yet had nothing else. i am starting to get that crap feeling in my stomach.

She tells me that 'she wants to come over to me', that she is looking to start a new life.
i Really hope i am wrong about this but,well you live you learn.
2007-04-30, 19:18:55
@anonymous from United Kingdom TRY STOP THE PAYMENT ASAP
2007-05-01, 04:34:19
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Well I thought as much she is a scammer, and a very good one at that! Please beware!! I have sent her money, and as I am a student this has hurt me financially and emotionally.
I feel so stupid and naive. I always believe in the good of people. This sort of thing will not change my opinion in human nature.

Keywords: girl shelf
2007-05-02, 04:26:32
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This girl is probably called Natalya Kursanova, this is the name she gave me as to the person who would pick up the money from Samarra. Via Money Gram.
2007-05-02, 15:29:16
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Well I have just resieved a letter from her May the 2nd, i was not expecting this, She is going to write to me tomorrow. I will keep you updated on this.

I still think that this is not right but, well, we will see.
2007-05-03, 03:39:57
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Update on Katay. Well hahahah, she phoned me up today, and well, she was very mattar of fact, was not botherd at all about she was taliking to the 'one she loves' for the first time.
Any way it apears i have sent the wrong digits for the money gram, and she wants me to resend them??/ I bet she does!!!!. so now i know that the letters she wrote to me and the person i spoke with are not the same and both are involved in date scamming.So be awear>>>> not very nice poeple.
Image the one on the right is Katya, I asume that the one on the left is her accomplice.

Keywords: two 2 girls blonde brunette
2007-05-06, 04:03:55   (updated: 2007-05-06, 04:05:54)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
After she doesn't turn up at the Airport you will get something like this
Hi my love ******!
You probably already wait for me there.... Forgive me, but I could not arrive to
you. I ask you that you were not angry with me. But me have not passed at
customs house. The matter is that I should have at myself money to arrive to
you. This necessary condition that I might pass customs house. I planned to
remain with you one month and consequently I should have at myself the sum of
calculation of 30 pounds per day. That is 900 pounds for 30 days of stay in
England. Without it me will not start up to the Great Britain.
Therefore now it is necessary for me of 900 pounds, my dear. I simply will need
to show them in customs house. I would like to ask for you, you may send it to
me? As soon as I shall come to you, I shall return this money to you... It is
precisely my dear. You will not lose this money. Certainly I understand you,
that it not the small sum... And it is possible that you have no at yourself it
now. But you might ask on loan at familiar?
I had to transfer flight to May, 9. Before this date I need to receive money, my
dear. I very much hope for yours to help. Forgive me, but I did not know that it
is necessary. I was very much surprised and have not kicked up a row nearly at
the airport. I would like from it...
Thank for such remarkable letters, my dear... I liked your photos. I love you
and want to arrive to you faster! I am very much excited now. I wait your answer
with impatience... My sweet kisses, yours Katya...
2007-05-08, 11:01:00
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Man she keeps sending n=me mails telling me i am mistaken,
Check out this letter

Hi my dear ********!
I am glad very much, that you liked my photo. Yes, I was on picnic yesterday. Today at me all is good. I have well had a sleep and now with new forces am ready to start this day. Weather rainy and cold is a pity just.
You want, that I was frank with you, *****? Well... At present I write letters only to you. It is the truth and I do not tell lies to you. Yes, in the past I had correspondence with men but was always fair with them if certainly they liked me. Them was not much, do not worry about it. Yes, I wanted to visit one of them. he was from USA. All over again he has liked me, we have decided to meet. he has agreed to send me money... But up to that as he has made it he began to ask my naked photos, the beginnings to tell the sexual imaginations... It very much was not pleasant to me. he wanted only sex with the Russian girl. I have ceased to write to him... Then there were still more some men, but they have not liked me. You have then appeared, my dear *******. with you all was in another way. You have seemed to me especial the man, gentle, tender, fair and serious. You became for me the most close person. Each time when I received your letter I was pleased as which small girl gave a sweet.
Now I am really in love with you and it is the truth. In the life I did not make anything awful. That you have told thank me about the past, my dear. But I am glad that you have ceased to be engaged in drugs. I hope that you never will return to this. You know my last boyfriend too was engaged in trade of drugs. In the beginning of our relations I did not know about it. Then he has told to me it also I wanted to dissuade him from this . But he can not so simply leave from this circle, and you know it. But I then did not understand it and have left him. Then I have found out that he wanted to leave from the underworld and to return to me, but him have killed... I have found out about it very much late and then long time I accused myself for his death. This history is known only by my close friends which live here. And now I have told it to you... I want to forget this terrible past in myself. Now in my life you have appeared and I want to be with you! I want to leave to you to start new life, happy.. .. You too want it, I know...
I love you and am ready to be with you for ever... I ask you, my dear... Be with me. I do not want to lose you. You are very necessary for me. My name real and I did not deceive you never... My sweet kisses, Katya...

2007-09-25, 16:34:50   (updated: 2007-09-25, 16:44:12)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
HE HE I did a google search with content of my email and came to this site, I dont have any faith left in human nature to be honest, now I am not sure but may be the same person.

now if this girl is left on the shelf well.

yes it is deffinatly the same girl.

these girls must think people are very stupid to send money to them.

2009-02-22, 16:24:18
hey i need help she contacted me too and i dont know what to do
she told me where i lived and even my cell number and i hadnt even told her about any of them.
my friend went on researching and told me it was a scam.
how did she get my number and address
and how do i get rid of her
2009-12-16, 17:07:57
hanubis from United States  
Ekaterina Smirnova wrote for me in with e mail and said live in Nizhni Novgorod and her was bor on December, 10, 1980 and had a lot of reports as scammer. take care

2010-01-15, 01:07:47
anonymous from United States  
Ekaterina Smirnova's picture shocked me. I have been chating with this women from October to December. She said she lived in Nizhni Novogord with her mom and she worked in a grocery store. She told me her birthday was December 10 1980. She contacted me through Lava Life dating. We spoke numerous times mostly everyday. What I found amazing is she fell in love with me after a couple of emails. She never answered any of my questions always talking about love and herself. I asked her if I could visit her and she replyed she could not accept me because it is against her culture. I have saved every email from her and every photo. Beware she is very good. She will tell you what you want to here as far as loving you goes. She did discuss costs for a visit to my country. These costs were for visas tickets. I never sent her any money. If you speak with her run and Fast!
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