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Dating scammer Oksana Chursina


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Name: Oksana Chursina


Name: Oksana Chursina
Address: Pervomaysk,Lenina Str. 9/15, UKraine.93200
Date of Birth: March 03, 1982

Other Comments:
The usual scam - money for rent and translation services.


Hello, my dear XXXXX!

Thank you so much for the interest in me, my dear! i have to tell you that i consider you a rather handsome man but I am sure you have heard it a lot from other women:) Well, dear, I am one born on the 3.03.1982,24, Pisces, and I am working in Pervomaysk. I work as a seller in the grocery store here. I have a degree in Taxation but I was not able to find the job in my specialization, that is why I have to work as a seller and my salary is not enough at all, but this is what most of people have here, in Ukraine: I really get no words how to describe myself, but I will try.

Well, I basically work usually, because life in Pervomaysk, is something like this. As I go to the shop in the morning and return back at night at about 09:00 pm. So you see, basically all the day in the shop and when return I am really dead tired to do any thing except I try to take dinner and then to bed. In the bed lying down, I usually watch TV, or some movie till my eyes start falling and I go to sleep. Well, this is the normal routine on my normal week. On the week end, I usually go out with my friends, and some times to the market to buy the products and all the necessary things for the household for the next week.

In person, I must say, I am a normal person, I like to live life and enjoy the life at least within my own means. I am honest and sincere, and like to respect others, as I want others respect me. Well, basically, respect is a two way street, if you respect others, the others will respect you. Also, there is a saying, that, you should treat others, as you want to be treated yourself or you can say 'Tit for Tat'.

I really do not know, what more to write, please do write me and ask me whatever you would like to know, and I will be happy to tell you. If you ask me about my hobbies, my answer is the following: I've been thinking a lot about that and decided that I'm not interested in one
particular thing. I like to do many things. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to read a good book, to watch an interesting movie or to communicate with my friends. And what about you? Do you have many friends? How do you spend your free time with them? Like every other girl I like to read romantic novels very much. And my favourite book is 'Thorn Birds' by Colleen McCullough. As for the movies, if I was to put them in order starting with my most favorite one, then my least favorite last: Mystery, Romantic, Scary, Adventure and Murder. I also like films with Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock starring. One of my favourite films is 'Practical Magic'.

Well, as for music, I like listening to the radio stations, that's why I like to listen to the pop music. Some of my favourite bands and singers are Madonna, 'Maroon Five', 'Black Eyed Peas' and others.

As for my likes and dislikes in food, I like pancakes with different stuffing, I like cheese, mushrooms and most of all I like fish.

Have a nice weekend,


Hello, my dear XXXXX!

Thank you so much for the letter, my dear! I liked reading it a lot! I am so lucky to find you in the Internet - you are a very interesting person! I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn about my hobbies, tastes and preferences, how I spend a free time. And now I would like to tell to you about it. I have very few free time, therefore I try to lead the leisure as it is possible better, more interestingly and more variously. To me I like to carry out the days off with friends. We like to go to the theatre, on exhibitions, presentations or simple to the cinema. Also we like to sit in a pub drinking some cocktails and talk about all. But most of all on the days off, when I have relax time, I like going around town with my native or friends.

I love to rest in the nature, walks in a wood, to listen to singing birds and to inhale aroma of colors. It helps me to relax, forget about all problems and to have a rest from city vanity. Still to me very much like to look at a sunset. It is so beautiful and romantic! Also I very much love and practice sports, especially on fresh air. It charges me with the energy, removes a pressure and weariness! In the summer I like to run, go for a drive on a bicycle, swim into the river. But when in the street there's bad weather I prefer to do something houses: to tidy up an apartment, to prepare a supper for me, to esteem books or magazines, to listen to music. As for music I like to listen both Russian and foreign executors. From foreign executors I like Celin Dion, Madonna and many many others...Sting, E. John, A-Ha. In general I love good and modern music. But sometimes, it depends on my mood, I listen to classical music. I like very much Vivaldi and his 4 seasons . This music cheers me up. Also I very much like to read books... As for cinema I very much like to watch comedies, fantastic and historical films. Very big impression on me was made by the films 'Troy', 'Alexander', 'The Lord of Rings'. I think, you watched these films. I like, very much like to cook. In opinion of my native and friends, I'm very good at gas-cooking and it's tasty to prepare. Well, I do not often become angry, i am not like that, i am patient and the thing I will never forgive to my future husband is

Have a nice beginning of the week,


Hello, my dear XXXXX!
Did I tell you, my dear, how much I like receiving your letters and photos;) Well, you know I have live all my life in small towns and in a village, so I think I would like to try to live in a big city.

I think that there are 2 basic things in the family relations. At first a couple has to be the best friends with each other and the second is that they have to be the most suitable sex partners for each other. I'm looking for a man who value the same things in life as I do. I'm a very sensitive, yet strong young woman, who knows what she wants and at this milestone of her life, intends to get it.:) open communication, respect, loyalty, honesty, faithfulness are qualities
which form a motto for my every day and romantic, love life. A man must be respectful, honest, genuine, kind, sensitive to a woman's needs. I believe you are caring, romantic, loving and looking for a relationship that would potentially lead to 'marriage'. He should know what he wants in life and be ready to be the man I'm looking for. must be adventurous, open minded ,spontaneous,' ready, willing and able I'm looking for someone who can understands me fully for who/what i am, where I've been good sense of humor ..I wanna spend my life with you not only till the end of time but till life after death... I am a down to earth woman who is looking for my best friend and love of my life... I believe in things in opening the door for a woman and treating her with complete respect. I have very close relationship with my family. He will love children. I will be intelligent, sweet ,loving, adventurous, spontaneous and into just about anything fun- at home and abroad. I'm very serious about my faith... I am worth pursuing because i am honest, warm, genuine I make a great wife because i am loyal and will give 100 percent of myself to my partner.

I adore children. They are the flowers of our lives. It is difficult to say how long a couple should wait before having children, it depends on their wish. of course it is worth living without children for one year minimum in order to enjoy each other as when the child appears it demands almost all the time of the mom and it happens very often that husband starts to feel jealous as the woman can't pay much attention to him and gives all her strength and care to a small baby.

This is the often reason of quarrels in the families so I think that the decision to have a baby should come out from both of the parents. And both of them should be ready to grow up their own flower which is not a very easy aim. As for me, I would like to have a girl and a boy. I've even created a name for her - Veronica and do not know how we are going to call the boy yet:). In other case, we can adopt a child.

As for my personal information, but I can't give it to you yet, as I don't know you so well, I was warned by the International Office of the Women Rights that it might be very dangerous for a young girl to give her personal information in the Internet, so I have to know you better at first!

Talk to you later,


Hello, my dear XXXXX!

OH, Honey, I am very sorry, but I have got some problems now - the rent of the flat where I live now has increased in price - I need to save money now for it and our correspondence costs me a lot of money. In order to receive one you letter, I have to pay 5.5$ and in order to translate mine and send it to you - it costs just the same. With my salary of $95, I can't afford to write you any more. But at the same time I do not want to lose you, my love! Please, honey, I don't know what to do now... I just need to know whether you want to continue it with me or not, because without your help I won't be able to write you...And I wanted to meet you so much! And now we do not have a chance to discuss the meeting...:( I hope that you will think it over carefully and tell me your decision.

With great hope, Oksana.
PS. Happy Valentine's Day!


Hello, my dear XXXXX!

I live, I breathe, I move my arms and legs, but all this I do on the opposite part of the Earth. I am not a girl with some butter instead of brains in my head (this is purely Russian saying) and I am not playing any games. Here it is almost impossible to find a decent man as everybody doesn't know what they want...they either suggest to become a lover or don't want any serious relations. That was the reason of the thought why not try to set my own life? When I saw my friend-collegue writing letters to Amsterdam I thought why not to try... Ok I won't continue all this as you are a clever man who understands everything:) Both of us are adults, and I think that no letters will substitute life alive communication. I think I am good in psychology and dear, believe me I see among the lines that you are the man whom I was searching...I hope just to be a woman whom you were searching for:) I know for sure my intuition won't let me down.

I send you the copy of my passport in order for you to belive that I do exist! I did not give you the phone because i do not have one. But I did tell You in my first letter where I live! I am not going to cheat you and I am not going to break your heart, I just do not want to lose you and for that I need your help. Darling I will give you my address that is not a secret but I assure you that we have great postal problems here. I am not sure at all that I will get your letter by post. It will either be lost on its way or somebody will take off it from my post box (this is a common knowledge here) or simply it would be opened on the border and if you want to send something valuable the thing will be taken off. Please believe me. With hope, Oksana.


Hello, my dear XXXXX! Honey, I have found out that the best and safest way to send the money - through the Western Union System. You will need to know my full name: Oksana Chursina ,Pervomaysk,Lenina Str. 9/15,UKraine.93200 in order to send me the money. Then you will have to send me the control number, your full name and the country where you send me the money from. In a couple of hours I will take my passport and go to the bank to take the money. With hope, Oksana.


2007-04-09, 17:54:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2007-04-09, 17:54:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

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2007-05-23, 00:22:01
anonymous from Netherlands  
I got the same first letter from here :-) I replied with an editted copy from here own second letter. I changed the style so it fits a man from europe.
She didn't even find it funny and replied me with a serious letter.

Hello again!!!

Thank you so much for your letter, it was really pleasant for me to
receive it. Thank you for telling me something about yourself, you are
really interesting person and I want to get to know you better, and
also I want you to know more about me, so you can know what kind of
girl I am. And also I want you to know what kind of man I'm looking
for. As all girls I want to love and to be loved, I want to find
someone who would respect me, who would protect me and who would
support me in everything I do. I want to feel myself safety when he is
hugging me, and melt when he is kissing me. I want to find a man who
would be gentle and smart, with a good sense of humor. I want him to
become a part of me, a part of my soul and of my heart. I want to be
happy and to make him happy. Do you think you can be that man? Do you
have a dream? I mean some romantic dream? I do, and I want to share
this dream with you. Once, when I was a child, my parents and I went
to the sea. We had a great time there, and when it was time for us to
go home, I decided to say goodbye to the sea, and when I come to the
beach I saw a girl and a guy. They were just walking on the beach,
holding hand and just talking to each other. I don't know why but I
still remember everything I saw that evening. I think that it is the
most romantic thing – to walk on the beach and talk about everything.
I really want to have someone next to me who would love me and who
would bring me happiness by touching my hand or just watching at me. I
want to be as happy as that couple on the beach, and also I want to
give love to my beloved person. So here is my dream. I know that it can
sounds funny to you, but I'm really romantic girl and I want to have
romantic relationships. I just want you to know that I'm trying to be
honest with you, and I want to tell you about everything what is
happening in my heart. I also want you to honest with me, so please
tell me what woman are you looking for? I really hope to hear from
you. Bye. Oksana.

2007-11-28, 05:41:46
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I to have had emails like this from this girl, this scam is rather easy to spot they are over enthusiastic and send photos out of keeping with there apparent level of income, I think I have one of her lounging by a very opulent pool.
Strangly she never replied when I suggested my friend Andreve a police man from Dnipropetrovsky would translate for us, but he would sooner he did so for his sister.
Can't think why?? Kostya, Vadime, Vitalic and Demitri are other good names for your friend who can translate.
Personally I see no harm in playing them on and seeing just how revealing a photo they will send. A girl? from Kazan? (russia) just wouldn't take no for an answer, and sent a shot of her? in something see trough. Very nice.
To get a visa to england requires that a ukrainian can prove they can support themselves whilst here, they have to visit the embasy in Kieve in person if your contact is asking for money for this trip and visa cost then her airfare she is fleecing you if they need help for any of this they stand no chance of getting a visa.
Note not all Ukrainian women are scammers, quite a lot are this pretty, Andreve is atually the husband of a girl who contacted me by yahoo who really wanted to improve her English and has only ever asked me to send her english news papers I've been chatting with her for 4 years
2007-11-28, 09:28:47
anonymous from United States  
DAM she's HOT !!
2008-02-10, 09:34:29
anonymous from United States  
hahahaha a beauty outside and a serpent inside
2008-04-11, 03:35:03
Vi scrivo dall'italia ho scoperto un'altra dating scammer: il suo nome è Walentina Gogoleva (questo è il suo indirizzo: ed in allegato ho inserito la sua foto.

bye bye
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Elena

2009-02-03, 07:25:48
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hello my.
I am very glad to see again the letter from you.
I want to thank you for a photo which you have sent me.
I really do not know when I shall arrive to your country.
I need to talk to my uncle. I do not know,
there can be he to me will tell come urgently for new year and Christmas.
I a month did not speak with him.
I like to write to you the letter because in letters I can speak with
you that to me would be desirable to tell about all.
Also I like to receive from you new messages each time when I
come in the Internet cafe.
You seem to me the kind attentive guy which is able to listen me.
It would be desirable to write to you letters every day but I have no such
Probably it seems to you sometimes strange that I do not write to you during
every day but I am sometimes very much occupied with work and I at all
I have not a free time to arrive to the Internet of cafe and to write to you
the letter.
My parents know about our acquaintance and they frequently ask questions
concerning you.
I cannot answer some questions him because we with you nevertheless
are not very well familiar yet.
We are familiar with you only hardly more week and this time not
it is enough to study the person completely.
I want to tell to you that each name in Russia matters.
My name on is old the Greek language means - hospitable, stranger.
If to you you can interestingly find value of Russian names on the Internet.
Russia it really the country with the big culture and traditions.
My parents good people.
Daddy name Denis(The name has taken place from Greek god Dionis) and
mum Luba(In translation with Greek - 'world').
They have got acquainted more 30 years ago and now they are unseparable.
Mum works as the seller in the market.
The daddy works at a factory.
In general I think that I the happy person because I have work
which is pleasant to me, favourite parents and now at me has still appeared
the new friend.
In general I am very glad to our acquaintance.
You the interesting person about which I want to know as much as possible.
In Russia seldom there are people is similar to you.
At us it is impossible to get acquainted with the person and to be confident the
safety because any minute the new friend can deceive you, to rob or rape.
You seem to me quite harmless guy, which as well as I
he wants find good to the friend with which can to talk when to him
difficultly, will share the problems and to ask advice.
I understand that you write to me if I have the some difficulties
that I use with reading your letter computer the translator.
I would like to write to you more but my letter and so it has turned out
big, I hope that I have not tired you with reading of my letter.
Today I send you more photos.




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