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Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova


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Name: Ekaterina Rozhentsova



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2007-07-21, 03:38:03   (updated: 2007-07-21, 04:19:30)
zeigen!- wer hat die schöneren Briefchen

with impatiance I wait for your letter

Hello my love *:
How at you business?
At me everything is all right. Today in the morning day at me has begun with cleaning.
I to clean houses and just now to be released is short to write to you the letter.
I very strongly wish to tell to you. That I love in the house when
cleanliness and the order and consequently I to direct cleaning.
I know that is pleasant to men when the girl all is able and consequently I to try to carry out all on the house.
I every day am borrowed but I write to you my love because I LOVE YOU And YOU my GREATER LOVE.
I love also goes on the market and to buy products because without products to me to not make meal.
I like all this to do and I shall be happy when I shall be at you in the country and
I shall prepare you and to understand as strongly you me love.
I love you my love and I very much and is very happy when you to write to me the
letter and I cannot without you and without your first and unforgettable kiss. I love only you.
I to speak all time as strongly I love you and all to think when the destiny
will connect us together and you to understand
my love to you and we shall live in happiness because we love each other.
I love you my love and you my prince on always. You have entered into my life.
To us the meeting to live and be pleased is necessary only to a life.
This meeting is very necessary to us and you understand it.
You my love and you the best the man on all light.
I love you and so all is strong also to think and think.
I to think when we shall be together and when I to depart by the plane to you.
And when I to arrive by the plane to you. I to see you.
And when I shall descend from a gangway of the plane. You to approach to me and I to approach to you.
And we shall receive the FIRST KISS. Yes I want it most of all.
I want then that we to go in motel and to spend a supper at candles. Then, we shall kiss.
And then we shall be even closer. We shall make love in motels. And we shall remain in motels how many we shall want.
Then, we shall go to you and I shall be the finest and the happiest the girl on all light.
I want it my love and all time to think about ours with you a meeting.
I WANT IT my LOVE. YES I very much like to float!!!
HOW YOU THINK OF OUR MEETING??????????????????????????????????
With the BIG LOVE YOUR *.

2007-07-21, 03:38:09
zuballern from Norway  

2007-07-21, 03:41:07
zuballern from Norway  

die würde ich gern auf Eishai schleppen :-))))

2007-07-21, 03:47:39   (updated: 2007-07-21, 03:48:24)
anonymous from Germany  
mach doch den Mädchen um Himmels willen keine Angst!
This image was also posted here:
Elena from Slobodskoi
Elena from Slobodskoi (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde white dress blue floor high heels
2007-07-21, 03:52:21   (updated: 2007-07-21, 03:57:28)
zuballern from Norway  
...der frist nur Aas ( schreibt man, glaube ich so ), wird aber bis 2,5t und fehlt mir noch in meiner Sammlung :-(((

2007-07-21, 03:55:18
zuballern from Norway  
Du mußt den Kadaver auf dem Grund anbieten, Tiefen ab 350m, die Duftspur könnte man dann mit den Geldeintreibern legen....

2007-07-21, 03:58:25
anonymous from Germany  
ist das die diesjährige Sommerkollektion?

was ihr so aggressiv seid,
das sind doch Frauen!
This image was also posted here:
Elena from Slobodskoi
Dating scammer Elena Kalinina from Russia (modified photo)
Elena from Slobodskoi (modified photo)
Dating scammer Elena Kalinina from Russia (modified photo)
Elena from Slobodskoi (modified photo)
Dating scammer Elena Kalinina from Russia (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde bridge blue jeans red top joke
2007-07-21, 04:02:00   (updated: 2007-07-21, 04:02:55)
gut,gekotzt,ist,halb,gefrühstückt... from Norway  
das waren die aktuellen von gestern und heute, die 'alten' sind schon in 'Arbeit' :-)))) kommt bestimmt wieder son geistiger Dünnschiss als Kommentar von 'unserem' Stoffkuschelhasen

Schönes Wochenende! bin mir nicht ganz sicher, aber ich glaube, die Bundesliga fängt heute wieder an :-)))
2007-07-21, 04:04:57   (updated: 2007-07-21, 04:05:58)
zuballern from Germany  
waaas? so ne Frequenz?

dearest *,
hello my dear, i must tell you am really happy about the mails you sent to me including your pics, they are so great *.how are you doing today, i just want to hear you doing great. well dear, i want to tell you am ok with your english as i can understand everything you wrote, you sound so true Lady who is young in body, mind and spirit. Is compassionate, caring and fun loving. Wears a smile most of the time, has a sense of humor and a love of laughter. i belive so much in destiny, which has made us to meet in this way, and i know there is time for everything and season for every activity on earth. i will like to share the rest of my life with you if you dont mind, all i need is trust and pure mind, as thats is the only thing we need right now dear, well you have a nice job and that is cool, i pray allour heart desires and dreams comes true.ummmh, i see a new me and a new you and i belive all will work perfectly as i an see we have the same intrest, well its late and i just came back from work, i have to take a cold shower.
pls am not for games , as you can see from my profile headlines CRYING FOR TRUE LOVE.
thats is what i need. well i like you to tell me what are your likes and dislikes and what is the next step to take?? i have some questions for you whih i will like you to answer me in the next mail . hope you enjoyed you day. take care
hope to hear from you soon.

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2007-07-21, 04:10:11
zuballern from Norway  
hör auf jetzt, sonst jault er wieder, außerdem habe ich den ersten Sonnentag nach fast zwei Wochen und will endlich wieder FISCHEN gehen.

Zitat :

was ihr so aggressiv seid,
das sind doch Frauen!

Wir haben hier eine 'Gleichstellungsministerin' , daß zeigt welche Bedeutung die Randgruppe 'Frau' hier in Norge hat, da ist mir die deutsche Albrechttocher Ursula von der L. schon lieber....
2007-07-21, 04:22:06   (updated: 2007-07-21, 04:28:16)
anonymous from Germany  
ja, von der Ministerin habe ich gehört- und zwar in einer heftigen Diskussion auf einer anderen Seite hier im Forum- ich hör jetzt wirklich auf.
Vor allem kann man hier irrsinnig Zeit verbummeln, draußen kann man wirklichen Menschen begegnen. Ich geh' jetzt schwimmen.
Viel Spaß und Entspannung beim Angeln. Grüße rumpelstiltzkin
2007-07-21, 04:25:18   (updated: 2007-07-21, 04:31:07)
zuballern from Norway  
waaas? so ne Frequenz?

ja, leider. Angefangen hatte es letztes JAhr im Juni auf einem norwegischen Account.

Ich habe allerdings auch ein 'deutsches Ordnungssystem, will heißen für alles eine eigene Emailadresse, da kommen einige zusammen, die Norgies schnallen ja nicht, daß es noch etwas anderes als gibt........

Über Google, hatte die Adresse soner Trulla eingegeben, kam ich dann auf diese Seite delphi, habe dann am Rand son deutschen Kommentar gelesen.
Bislang hatte ich nur in USA ( als Adressatland ) gepostet, ist schon frustrierend gewesen, das Elend zu lesen.

Hier kann man wenigstens etwas Spaß haben, bei den 'Vorlagen' allerdings auch ein Kinderspiel

2007-07-21, 04:32:55
anonymous from Norway  
Viel Spaß und Entspannung beim Angeln. Grüße rumpelstiltzkin

mange takk!
2007-07-21, 04:40:01   (updated: 2007-07-21, 04:42:41)
anonymous from Germany  
hm, schon Vorlagen
see you

2007-07-21, 06:23:13   (updated: 2007-07-21, 06:24:00)  
Swedish authorities have issued a warning against intoxicated elks after a woman was attacked by a drunken elk.

Swedish authorities are apparently not taking any chances and have issued a warning against berry-intoxicated elks after a woman was attacked in costal town of Karlshamn, Sweden.

According to the web site Ananova, experts claim that animals are eating the last of this summer’s berries, and that they are likely to become even more aggressive as they eat the very last of the berries that have fermented into potent alcoholic fruit.

Paul Stamberg from Kristiansand, Norway, has experienced this before, and he said you never know when it comes to drunken animals.

“Some elks get very calm, but others very aggressive after they’ve had alcoholic fruit, just like humans,” Stamberg concluded.

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