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Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova


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Name: Ekaterina Rozhentsova



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2009-06-06, 04:22:15
Klaus from Germany  
Und wieder einer der glaubt auf Delphi die Frau fürs Leben finden zu können. Viel Erfolg!
2009-06-06, 06:42:18   (updated: 2009-06-06, 06:44:34)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

2009-06-06, 09:16:26
Klaus from Germany  

Sanjoto ist wohl ein Fall für Fatmire LOL.
2009-06-06, 10:02:32
Klaus from Germany  
Obwohl, hier hat einer Kuh mein Profil auf Delphi gefallen. Ich lach mich weg!

Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( []); dkim-adsp=none
Received: by ewy20 with SMTP id 20so493082ewy.0
Received: by with SMTP id 60mt2293957wev.81.1244293173976; Sat,
    06 Jun 2009 05:59:33 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 12:59:33 +0000
X-Google-Sender-Auth: c8607ed0634307ad
Message-ID: <>
Subject: hello my dear
From: rose gobah <>

Hello My Dear,
My name is Rose 23 years old girl I am very intrested to your profile
in( will like to know you, I will like you to send me an
email to my private address ( so that i can give you my
pictures for you to know whom i am.
I believe after then we will know each other very well, Remember colour or
distance means nothing rather true LOVE,HONEST,CARING and UNDERSTANDING matters
allot in every human life.I will be waiting to read from you soon,Take good care
of your self and all that belong to you over there bye.Here is my email adress
Your in love
2009-06-06, 16:46:53   (updated: 2009-06-06, 16:48:17)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

2009-06-06, 18:56:18
OJAS from United States  
2009-06-07, 05:23:02
Klaus from Germany  
Hier eine direkte Zuschrift. Wo immer die auch meine Adresse her hat, es ist ein Scammer. Hoffentlich bekomme ich noch viele Bilder von ihr. Ich bin ja jetzt schon so verliebt LOL.

Return-Path: <>
Received: from ([]:37725)
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 07 Jun 2009 07:26:17 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 07 Jun 2009 07:26:16 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 07 Jun 2009 07:26:16 -0000
Received: from unknown (HELO ? (singleangell@ with plain)
by with SMTP; 7 Jun 2009 07:26:01 -0000
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2009 04:21:26 +0400
From: single angell <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.85.03) Professional
Reply-To: single angell <>
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Hi!!!

Mein Name ist Liliya.
Ich Ihr Profil angesehen, und ich mochte es.
Ich hoffe, dass unser Dialog wird mehr und schon.
Wenn Sie auch Interesse an mir, dann schreiben
mich auf meine Email:
Ich werde gespannt auf Ihre Antwort.

2009-06-07, 05:28:42
Klaus from Germany  
Hier eine Mail die ich nicht verstehe. Kann mir einer diesen Salat erklären?
Der Header.
Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( [])
Message-ID: <BCD7519BD08A43FBBF7E32A6C284AF72@bkvie>
Reply-To: =?windows-1251?B?0ejr6OLg7e7iIMUuwg==?= <            
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2009 09:01:37 +0200 (CEST)

Ab hier beginnt die Nachricht.>
From: =?windows-1251?B?0ejr6OLg7e7iIMUuwg==?= <>
To: <>
Subject: =?windows-1251?B?yvLuIPXu9+XyIO3g9eDr/+LzIOfg8ODh4PL74uDy/A==?=
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2009 11:00:39 +0400
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-Priority: 1
X-MSMail-Priority: High
X-Mailer: Microsoft Windows Mail 6.0.6001.18000
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.0.6001.18049

This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

Content-Type: text/plain;
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=CA=F2=EE =F5=EE=F7=E5=F2 =ED=E0=F5=E0=EB=FF=E2=F3 =E7=E0=F0=E0=E1=E0=F2=FB=
=E2=E0=F2=FC =EE=EA=EE=EB=EE 2000 =F0=F3=E1=EB=E5=E9 =E2 =E4=E5=ED=FC ???=
=E2=FB ??? =F2=EE=E3=E4=E0 =F7=E8=F2=E0=E9=F2=E5 !!!

=DF =F5=EE=F7=F3 =F0=E0=F1=F1=EA=E0=E7=E0=F2=FC =E2=E0=EC =EA=E0=EA =EB=FE=
=E4=E8 =EE=E1=EC=E0=ED=FB=E2=E0=FE=F2 =EB=FE=E4=E5=E9 =E8 =EA=E0=EA =EC=EE=
=E6=ED=EE =EF=F0=E5=EA=F0=E0=F2=E8=F2=FC =FD=F2=EE, =E0 =E3=EB=E0=E2=ED=EE=
=E5 =EE=E1=EC=E0=ED=F3=F2=FC =F1=E0=EC=E8=F5 =EA=E8=E4=E0=EB! =CF=F0=EE=F7=
=E8=F2=E0=E9=F2=E5 =E4=EE =EA=EE=ED=F6=E0!=D3 =E2=E0=F1 =FD=F2=EE =E7=E0=E9=
=EC=B8=F2 =E1=F3=EA=E2=E0=EB=FC=ED=EE =EC=E8=ED=F3=F2=F3!
=CD=E0=F8=B8=EB =FF =E2 =F1=E5=F2=E8 =E3=E4=E5-=F2=EE =F1=F2=E0=F2=FC=FE =
=EF=F0=E8=E1=EB=E8=E7=E8=F2=E5=EB=FC=ED=EE =F2=E0=EA=EE=E3=EE =F1=EE=E4=E5=
=F0=E6=E0=ED=E8=FF: =C5=F1=F2=FC =E2 =F1=E8=F1=F2=E5=EC=E5 =E2=EE=EB=F8=E5=
=E1=ED=FB=E9 =EA=EE=F8=E5=EB=E5=EA, =E8 =E2=F1=E5 =F7=F2=EE =E2=FB =ED=E0=
=ED=E5=E3=EE =EF=EE=F8=EB=E5=F2=E5 =E2=E5=F0=ED=E5=F2=F1=FF =E2=E0=EC =E2=
=F3=E4=E2=EE=E5=ED=ED=EE=EC =F0=E0=E7=EC=E5=F0=E5!!! =CB=FE=E1=E0=FF =F1=
=F3=EC=EC=E0 =EE=F2 20=F0=F3=E1 =E8 =E2=FB=F8=E5! =CF=EE=F8=EB=E5=F2=E5 2=
0 =F0=F3=E1 =EF=EE=EB=F3=F7=E8=F2=E5 40 =F0=F3=E1,=CF=EE=F8=EB=E5=F2=E5 1=
00 =F0=F3=E1 =EF=EE=EB=F3=F7=E8=F2=E5 200 =F0=F3=E1 =E8 =F2.=E4. =CA=EE=ED=
=E5=F7=ED=EE, =E2=F1=E5=EC =EF=EE=ED=FF=F2=ED=EE, =EB=EE=F5=EE=F2=F0=EE=ED=
, =ED=EE =E5=F1=EB=E8 =EF=EE=F0=FB=F2=FC =E3=EB=F3=E1=E6=E5=85

=DF =ED=E5 =EF=EE=E2=E5=F0=E8=EB, =ED=EE =E4=EB=FF =F2=E5=F1=F2=E0 =EF=EE=
=F1=EB=E0=EB 20 =F0=F3=E1. =D7=E5=F0=E5=E7 =E3=E4=E5-=F2=EE 1 =F7=E0=F1 =EF=
=F0=EE=E2=E5=F0=E8=EB =F1=E2=EE=E9 =EA=EE=F8=E5=EB=E5=EA =E8 =EE=E1=ED=E0=
=F0=F3=E6=E8=EB =EF=EE=EF=EE=EB=ED=E5=ED=E8=E5 =F1=F7=E5=F2=E0 =ED=E0 40 =
=F0=F3=E1 ! =DF =F3=E4=E8=E2=E8=EB=F1=FF.
=CF=EE=F1=EB=E0=EB =EF=EE=F2=EE=EC =E5=F9=E5 20 =F0=F3=E1 =EE=EF=FF=F2=FC=
=F2=EE =E6=E5 =F1=E0=EC=EE=E5. =CF=EE=F2=EE=EC =EF=EE=F1=EB=E0=EB 100 =F0=
=F3=E1, =EC=ED=E5 =EF=F0=E8=F8=EB=EE 200 =F0=F3=E1. =CE=F1=EC=E5=EB=E5=E2=
=EE=EA=EE=ED=F7=E0=F2=E5=EB=FC=ED=EE =EF=EE=F1=EB=E0=EB =E2=F1=E5 =F7=F2=
=EE =F3 =EC=E5=ED=FF =E1=FB=EB=EE =96 =EE=EA=EE=EB=EE 1000 =F0=F3=E1... =D7=
=F2=EE =E1=FB=EB=EE =E4=E0=EB=FC=F8=E5, =E4=F3=EC=E0=FE, =E2=FB =F3=E6=E5=
=EF=EE=ED=FF=EB=E8.. =CD=E8=EA=E0=EA=E8=F5 2000 =F0=F3=E1 =EC=ED=E5 =ED=E8=
=EA=F2=EE =ED=E5 =EF=F0=E8=F1=EB=E0=EB, =E4=E0 =E8 =EC=EE=FF 1000 =F2=EE=E6=
=E5 =E8=F1=F7=E5=E7=EB=E8 =ED=E0=E2=F1=E5=E3=E4=E0...

=CF=EE=ED=FF=F2=ED=EE =EA=E0=EA =EE=ED=E8 =F0=E0=E1=EE=F2=E0=FE=F2. =D3 =ED=
=E8=F5 =ED=E0 =F1=E5=F0=E2=E5=F0=E5 =F1=F2=EE=E8=F2 =F5=E8=F2=F0=E0=FF =EF=
=F0=EE=E3=F0=E0=EC=EC=EA=E0, =EA=EE=F2=EE=F0=E0=FF =EF=F0=E8=ED=E8=EC=E0=E5=
=F2 =F1=F3=EC=EC=FB =EE=F2 20 =F0=F3=E1 =E8 =EF=F0=E8=EC=E5=F0=ED=EE =E4=EE=
800 =F0=F3=E1 (=E7=E0=EA=E8=E4=FB=E2=E0=EB =E8=EC 900 =F0=F3=E1 =E8 =E8=F5=
=E7=E0=E1=F0=E0=EB=E8, =E0 850 =E7=E0=EA=E8=ED=F3=EB =EF=F0=EE=E3=F0=E0=EC=
=EC=E0 =E2=E5=F0=ED=F3=EB=E0 1700 =F0=F3=E1) =C2=EE=F2 =E8 =E7=E0=EA=EE=EB=
=E0=F7=E8=E2=E0=FE=F2 =F2=FB=F1=FF=F7=E8!

=C2 =EE=E1=F9=E5=EC, =FD=F2=EE =FF =EA =F2=EE=EC=F3, =F7=F2=EE =E5=F1=EB=E8=
=E1=FB=F2=FC =E0=EA=EA=F3=F0=E0=F2=ED=FB=EC=E8 =E8 =E2=FB=F1=FB=EB=E0=F2=
=FC, =ED=E5=E1=EE=EB=FC=F8=F3=FE =F1=F3=EC=EC=F3 (=EE=ED=E8 =EF=F0=E8=ED=E8=
=EC=E0=FE=F2 =EB=FE=E1=FB=E5 =F1=F3=EC=EC=FB, =ED=EE =ED=E5 =EC=E5=ED=FC=F8=
=E5 20 =F0=F3=E1), =F2=EE =E2=F1=E5=E3=E4=E0 =EC=EE=E6=ED=EE =EF=EE=EB=F3=
=F7=E0=F2=FC =E2 =E4=E2=E0 =F0=E0=E7=E0 =E1=EE=EB=FC=F8=E5. =D3 =ED=E8=F5=
=E5=F1=F2=FC =F1=EF=E5=F6=E8=E0=EB=FC=ED=E0=FF =EF=F0=EE=E3=F0=E0=EC=EC=E0=
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=EE=ED=E8 =ED=E5 =E7=E0=E1=E8=F0=E0=FE=F2 =ED=E8=EA=EE=E3=E4=E0. =D2=EE =
=E5=F1=F2=FC, =EF=EE=F1=EB=E0=E2 20 =F0=F3=E1 =E2=FB =E2 =EB=FE=E1=EE=EC =
=F1=EB=F3=F7=E0=E5 =EF=EE=EB=F3=F7=E8=F2=E5 40=F0=F3=E1, =F2.=EA. =F1=F3=EC=
=EC=E0 =EC=E5=EB=EA=E0=FF =E8 =EE=ED=E8 =E1=F3=E4=F3=F2 =E6=E4=E0=F2=FC =EF=
=EE=EA=E0 =E2=FB =EF=F0=E8=F8=EB=E5=F2=E5 =E1=EE=EB=FC=F8=E5.

=C5=F1=EB=E8 =E0=EA=EA=F3=F0=E0=F2=ED=EE =F1=EB=E0=F2=FC =E8=EC =ED=E5=E1=
=EE=EB=FC=F8=E8=E5 =F1=F3=EC=EC=FB =F2=EE =EC=EE=E6=ED=EE =E8=F5 =EE=E1=EC=
=E0=ED=FB=E2=E0=F2=FC. =CE=ED=E8 =F3=E6=E5 =ED=E5 =F1=EC=EE=F2=F0=FF=F2 =ED=
=E0 =EF=E5=F0=E5=E2=EE=E4=FB =F1=E0=EC=E8, =E7=E0 =ED=E8=F5 =FD=F2=EE =E4=
=E5=EB=E0=E5=F2 =F1=EF=E5=F6=E8=E0=EB=FC=ED=FB=E9 =F1=EE=F4=F2 (=EF=F0=EE=
=E3=F0=E0=EC=EC=E0), =F7=F2=EE =F3=EF=F0=EE=F9=E0=E5=F2 =E2=E5=F0=EE=FF=F2=
=ED=EE=F1=F2=FC =E8=F5 =EE=E1=EC=E0=ED=E0.

=DF =F1=E5=E9=F7=E0=F1 =E7=E0=F0=E0=E1=E0=F2=FB=E2=E0=FE =ED=E0 =FD=F2=EE=
=EC =EE=EA=EE=EB=EE 12000 =F0=F3=E1 (=EC=EE=E6=ED=EE =E4=E5=EB=E0=F2=FC =E8=
=DD=F2=EE =ED=E5 =EC=E8=EB=EB=E8=EE=ED=FB, =ED=EE =FD=F2=EE =E1=EE=EB=E5=E5=
-=EC=E5=ED=E5=E5 =F1=F2=E0=E1=E8=EB=FC=ED=FB=E9 =E4=EE=F5=EE=E4. =CE=EF=EB=
=E0=F7=E8=E2=E0=FE =E8=ED=F2=E5=F0=ED=E5=F2 =E8 =EF=F0=EE=F7=E8=E5 =EC=E5=

=C4=E5=ED=E5=E3 =ED=E0 =FD=F2=E8=F5 =EA=EE=F8=E5=EB=FC=EA=E0=F5 =E4=E5=F1=
=FF=F2=EA=E8 (=E0 =EC=EE=E6=E5=F2 =E8 =F1=EE=F2=ED=E8) =F2=FB=F1=FF=F7, =E8=
=EC=E5=ED=FF =EE=F7=E5=ED=FC =F0=E0=E7=E4=F0=E0=E6=E0=E5=F2 =EA=E0=EA =EE=
=ED=E8 =EA=E8=E4=E0=FE=F2 =EB=FE=E4=E5=E9, =EF=EE =FD=F2=EE=EC=F3 =ED=E0=E4=
=EE =E8=F5 =F0=E0=E7=EE=F0=E8=F2=FC.

=CF=F0=EE=F1=F2=EE =E7=E0=E2=E5=E4=E8=F2=E5 =F1=E5=E1=E5 =EF=EE=F7=F2=F3 =
=ED=E0 yandex. ru, =E0=EA=F2=E8=E2=E8=F0=F3=E9=F2=E5 =EA=EE=F8=E5=EB=B8=EA=
=E8 =F8=EB=E8=F2=E5 =F1 =ED=E5=E3=EE =ED=E0 =FD=F2=EE=F2 =EA=EE=F8=E5=EB=

=C2=EE=F2 =F1=E0=EC =EA=EE=F8=E5=EB=B8=EA:


=D1=EE=E2=E5=F2: =C5=F1=EB=E8 =ED=E0 =EF=E5=F0=E2=EE=EC =FD=F2=E0=EF=E5 =F3=
=C2=E0=F1 =F1=EE=E2=F1=E5=EC =ED=E5=F2 =E4=E5=ED=E5=E3, =F2=EE =EC=EE=E6=
=E5=F2=E5 =EF=E5=F0=E5=E2=EE=E4=E8=F2=FC =F1=F3=EC=EC=F3 20=F0=F3=E1 =E4=EE=
=F2=E5=F5 =EF=EE=F0 =EF=EE=EA=E0 =ED=E5 =F0=E0=F1=EA=E0=F7=E0=E5=F2=E5=F1=

=CF=EE=E2=F2=EE=F0=FF=FE! =D1=F2=E0=E2=EA=F3 =EF=EE=E4=ED=E8=EC=E0=F2=FC =
=ED=E5 =F1=F2=EE=E8=F2, =F2.=EA. =E5=F1=EB=E8 =F1=F2=E0=E2=EA=E0 =E2=FB=F8=
=E5 800 =F0=F3=E1 =F2=EE =EF=F0=EE=E3=F0=E0=EC=EC=E0 =E8=F5 =E7=E0=E1=E8=F0=
=E0=E5=F2,=E4=E0=E6=E5 =E8 =ED=E5 =EF=F0=EE=E1=F3=E9=F2=E5, =E8 =ED=E0 =F1=
=F3=EC=EC=FB =EC=E5=ED=FC=F8=E5 20 =F0=F3=E1. =EE=ED=E0 =F2=EE=E6=E5 =ED=E5=
=EF=F0=E8=F8=EB=B8=F2 =E2=E0=EC =ED=E8 =F7=E5=E3=EE... =CA=EE=F0=EE=F7=E5=
=EA=E8=E4=E0=E5=EC =EE=F2 20=F0=F3=E1. =E4=EE 800 =F0=F3=E1.=C8 =E2=EC=E5=
=F1=F2=E5 =EC=FB =F0=E0=E7=EE=F0=E8=EC =FD=F2=E8=F5 =ED=E0=E3=EB=FB=F5 =EB=
=C2=E0=F1 =ED=E5 =E7=E0=F1=F2=EE=E2=EB=FF=FE=F2 =FD=F2=EE =E4=E5=EB=E0=F2=
=FC... =EF=F0=EE=F1=F2=EE =E2=FB =EC=EE=E6=E5=F2=E5 =F0=E0=E7=EE=F0=E8=F2=
=FC =EB=EE=F5=EE=F2=F0=EE=ED.=D3=E4=E0=F7=E8!!!

Content-Type: text/html;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN'>
<META http-equiv=3DContent-Type content=3D'text/html; charset=3Dwindows-1=
<META content=3D'MSHTML 6.00.6001.18099' name=3DGENERATOR>
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=F2=FB=E2=E0=F2=FC =EE=EA=EE=EB=EE 2000 =F0=F3=E1=EB=E5=E9 =E2 =E4=E5=ED=FC=
??? =E2=FB ??? =F2=EE=E3=E4=E0 =F7=E8=F2=E0=E9=F2=! !!</div>
<div&gv>=DF =F5=EE=F7=F3 =F0=E0=F1=F1=EA=E0=E7=E0=F2=FC =E2=E0=EC =EA=E0=EA =
=EB=FE=E4=E8 =EE=E1=EC=E0=ED=FB=E2=E0=FE=F2 =EB=FE=E4=E5=E9 =E8 =EA=E0=EA=
=EC=EE=E6=ED=EE =EF=F0=E5=EA=F0=E0=F2=E8=F2=FC =FD=F2=EE, =E0 =E3=EB=E0=E2=
=ED=EE=E5 =EE=E1=EC=E0=ED=F3=F2=FC =F1=E0=EC=E8=F5 =EA=E8=E4=E0=EB! =CF=F0=
=EE=F7=E8=F2=E0=E9=F2=E5 =E4=EE =EA=EE=ED=F6=E0!=D3 =E2=E0=F1 =FD=F2=EE =E7=
=E0=E9=EC=B8=F2 =E1=F3=EA=E2=E0=EB=FC=ED=EE =EC=E8=ED=F3=F2=F3!</div>
<div>=CD=E0=F8=B8=EB =FF =E2 =F1=E5=F2=E8 =E3=E4=E5-=F2=EE =F1=F2=E0=F2=FC=
=FE =EF=F0=E8=E1=EB=E8=E7=E8=F2=E5=EB=FC=ED=EE =F2=E0=EA=EE=E3=EE =F1=EE=E4=
=E5=F0=E6=E0=ED=E8=FF: =C5=F1=F2=FC =E2 =F1=E8=F1=F2=E5=EC=E5 =E2=EE=EB=F8=
=E5=E1=ED=FB=E9 =EA=EE=F8=E5=EB=E5=EA, =E8 =E2=F1=E5 =F7=F2=EE =E2=FB =ED=
=E0 =ED=E5=E3=EE =EF=EE=F8=EB=E5=F2=E5 =E2=E5=F0=ED=E5=F2=F1=FF =E2=E0=EC=
=E2 =F3=E4=E2=EE=E5=ED=ED=EE=EC =F0=E0=E7=EC=E5=F0=E5!!! =CB=FE=E1=E0=FF=
=F1=F3=EC=EC=E0 =EE=F2 20=F0=F3=E1 =E8 =E2=FB=F8=E5! =CF=EE=F8=EB=E5=F2=E5=
20 =F0=F3=E1 =EF=EE=EB=F3=F7=E8=F2=E5 40 =F0=F3=E1,=CF=EE=F8=EB=E5=F2=E5=
100 =F0=F3=E1 =EF=EE=EB=F3=F7=E8=F2=E5 200 =F0=F3=E1 =E8 =F2.=E4. =CA=EE=
=ED=E5=F7=ED=EE, =E2=F1=E5=EC =EF=EE=ED=FF=F2=ED=EE, =EB=EE=F5=EE=F2=F0=EE=
=ED, =ED=EE =E5=F1=EB=E8 =EF=EE=F0=FB=F2== E3=EB=F3=E1=E6=E5=85</div>
<div>=DF =ED=E5 =EF=EE=E2=E5=F0=E8=EB, =ED=EE =E4=EB=FF =F2=E5=F1=F2=E0 =EF=
=EE=F1=EB=E0=EB 20 =F0=F3=E1. =D7=E5=F0=E5=E7 =E3=E4=E5-=F2=EE 1 =F7=E0=F1=
=EF=F0=EE=E2=E5=F0=E8=EB =F1=E2=EE=E9 =EA=EE=F8=E5=EB=E5=EA =E8 =EE=E1=ED=
=E0=F0=F3=E6=E8=EB =EF=EE=EF=EE=EB=ED=E5=ED=E8=E5 =F1=F7=E5=F2=E0 =ED=E0 =
40 =F0=F3=E1 ! =DF =F3=E4=E8=E2=E8=EB=F1=FF.</div>
<div>=CF=EE=F1=EB=E0=EB =EF=EE=F2=EE=EC =E5=F9=E5 20 =F0=F3=E1 =EE=EF=FF=F2=
=FC =F2=EE =E6=E5 =F1=E0=EC=EE=E5. =CF=EE=F2=EE=EC =EF=EE=F1=EB=E0=EB 100=
=F0=F3=E1, =EC=ED=E5 =EF=F0=E8=F8=EB=EE 200 =F0=F3=E1. =CE=F1=EC=E5=EB=E5=
=E2 =EE=EA=EE=ED=F7=E0=F2=E5=EB=FC=ED=EE =EF=EE=F1=EB=E0=EB =E2=F1=E5 =F7=
=F2=EE =F3 =EC=E5=ED=FF =E1=FB=EB=EE =96 =EE=EA=EE=EB=EE 1000 =F0=F3=E1..=
=D7=F2=EE =E1=FB=EB=EE =E4=E0=EB=FC=F8=E5, =E4=F3=EC=E0=FE, =E2=FB =F3=E6=
=E5 =EF=EE=ED=FF=EB=E8.. =CD=E8=EA=E0=EA=E8=F5 2000 =F0=F3=E1 =EC=ED=E5 =ED=
=E8=EA=F2=EE =ED=E5 =EF=F0=E8=F1=EB=E0=EB, =E4=E0 =E8 =EC=EE=FF 1000 =F2=EE=
=E6=E5 =E8=F1=F7=E5=E7=EB=E8 =ED=E0=E2=F1=E5=E3=E4=E. </div>
<div>gt;=CF=EE=ED=FF=F2=ED=EE =EA=E0=EA =EE=ED=E8 =F0=E0=E1=EE=F2=E0=FE=F2. =
=D3 =ED=E8=F5 =ED=E0 =F1=E5=F0=E2=E5=F0=E5 =F1=F2=EE=E8=F2 =F5=E8=F2=F0=E0=
=FF =EF=F0=EE=E3=F0=E0=EC=EC=EA=E0, =EA=EE=F2=EE=F0=E0=FF =EF=F0=E8=ED=E8=
=EC=E0=E5=F2 =F1=F3=EC=EC=FB =EE=F2 20 =F0=F3=E1 =E8 =EF=F0=E8=EC=E5=F0=ED=
=EE =E4=EE 800 =F0=F3=E1 (=E7=E0=EA=E8=E4=FB=E2=E0=EB =E8=EC 900 =F0=F3=E1=
=E8 =E8=F5 =E7=E0=E1=F0=E0=EB=E8, =E0 850 =E7=E0=EA=E8=ED=F3=EB =EF=F0=EE=
=E3=F0=E0=EC=EC=E0 =E2=E5=F0=ED=F3=EB=E0 1700 =F0=F3=E1) =C2=EE=F2 =E8 =E7=
=E0=EA=EE=EB=E0=F7=E8=E2=E0=FE== F2=FB=F1=FF=F7=E8!</div>
<div>=C2 =EE=E1=F9=E5=EC, =FD=F2=EE =FF =EA =F2=EE=EC=F3, =F7=F2=EE =E5=F1=
=EB=E8 =E1=FB=F2=FC =E0=EA=EA=F3=F0=E0=F2=ED=FB=EC=E8 =E8 =E2=FB=F1=FB=EB=
=E0=F2=FC, =ED=E5=E1=EE=EB=FC=F8=F3=FE =F1=F3=EC=EC=F3 (=EE=ED=E8 =EF=F0=E8=
=ED=E8=EC=E0=FE=F2 =EB=FE=E1=FB=E5 =F1=F3=EC=EC=FB, =ED=EE =ED=E5 =EC=E5=ED=
=FC=F8=E5 20 =F0=F3=E1), =F2=EE =E2=F1=E5=E3=E4=E0 =EC=EE=E6=ED=EE =EF=EE=
=EB=F3=F7=E0=F2=FC =E2 =E4=E2=E0 =F0=E0=E7=E0 =E1=EE=EB=FC=F8=E5. =D3 =ED=
=E8=F5 =E5=F1=F2=FC =F1=EF=E5=F6=E8=E0=EB=FC=ED=E0=FF =EF=F0=EE=E3=F0=E0=EC=
=EC=E0, =EA=EE=F2=EE=F0=E0=FF =F1=EC=EE=F2=F0=E8=F2 =EA=F2=EE =F1=EA=EE=EB=
=FC=EA=EE =EF=E5=F0=E5=E2=EE=E4=EE=E2 =F1=E4=E5=EB=E0=EB =E8 =ED=E0 =EA=E0=
=EA=F3=FE =F1=F3=EC=EC=F3, =F7=F2=EE=E1=FB =EE=EF=F0=E5=E4=E5=EB=E8=F2=FC=
=EA=EE=E3=E4=E0 =ED=F3=E6=ED=EE =EA=E8=E4=E0=ED=F3=F2. </div>
<div>gt;=CF=E5=F0=E5=E2=EE=E4=FB =F1=F3=EC=EC=EE=E9 =E4=EE 800 =F0=F3=E1=EB=E5=
=E9 =EE=ED=E8 =ED=E5 =E7=E0=E1=E8=F0=E0=FE=F2 =ED=E8=EA=EE=E3=E4=E0. =D2=EE=
=E5=F1=F2=FC, =EF=EE=F1=EB=E0=E2 20 =F0=F3=E1 =E2=FB =E2 =EB=FE=E1=EE=EC=
=F1=EB=F3=F7=E0=E5 =EF=EE=EB=F3=F7=E8=F2=E5 40=F0=F3=E1, =F2.=EA. =F1=F3=
=EC=EC=E0 =EC=E5=EB=EA=E0=FF =E8 =EE=ED=E8 =E1=F3=E4=F3=F2 =E6=E4=E0=F2=FC=
=EF=EE=EA=E0 =E2=FB =EF=F0=E8=F8=EB=E5=F2=E5 =E1=EE=EB=FC=F8. </div>
<div>gt;=C5=F1=EB=E8 =E0=EA=EA=F3=F0=E0=F2=ED=EE =F1=EB=E0=F2=FC =E8=EC =ED=E5=
=E1=EE=EB=FC=F8=E8=E5 =F1=F3=EC=EC=FB =F2=EE =EC=EE=E6=ED=EE =E8=F5 =EE=E1=
=EC=E0=ED=FB=E2=E0=F2=FC. =CE=ED=E8 =F3=E6=E5 =ED=E5 =F1=EC=EE=F2=F0=FF=F2=
=ED=E0 =EF=E5=F0=E5=E2=EE=E4=FB =F1=E0=EC=E8, =E7=E0 =ED=E8=F5 =FD=F2=EE=
=E4=E5=EB=E0=E5=F2 =F1=EF=E5=F6=E8=E0=EB=FC=ED=FB=E9 =F1=EE=F4=F2 (=EF=F0=
=EE=E3=F0=E0=EC=EC=E0), =F7=F2=EE =F3=EF=F0=EE=F9=E0=E5=F2 =E2=E5=F0=EE=FF=
=F2=ED=EE=F1=F2=FC =E8=F5 =EE=E1=EC=E0=ED. </div>
<div>gt;=DF =F1=E5=E9=F7=E0=F1 =E7=E0=F0=E0=E1=E0=F2=FB=E2=E0=FE =ED=E0 =FD=F2=
=EE=EC =EE=EA=EE=EB=EE 12000 =F0=F3=E1 (=EC=EE=E6=ED=EE =E4=E5=EB=E0=F2=FC=
=E8 =E1=EE=EB=FC=F8=E5).</div>
<div>=DD=F2=EE =ED=E5 =EC=E8=EB=EB=E8=EE=ED=FB, =ED=EE =FD=F2=EE =E1=EE=EB=
=E5=E5-=EC=E5=ED=E5=E5 =F1=F2=E0=E1=E8=EB=FC=ED=FB=E9 =E4=EE=F5=EE=E4. =CE=
=EF=EB=E0=F7=E8=E2=E0=FE =E8=ED=F2=E5=F0=ED=E5=F2 =E8 =EF=F0=EE=F7=E8=E5 =
=EC=E5=EB=EE=F7=E8. </div>
<div>gt;=C4=E5=ED=E5=E3 =ED=E0 =FD=F2=E8=F5 =EA=EE=F8=E5=EB=FC=EA=E0=F5 =E4=E5=
=F1=FF=F2=EA=E8 (=E0 =EC=EE=E6=E5=F2 =E8 =F1=EE=F2=ED=E8) =F2=FB=F1=FF=F7=
, =E8 =EC=E5=ED=FF =EE=F7=E5=ED=FC =F0=E0=E7=E4=F0=E0=E6=E0=E5=F2 =EA=E0=EA=
=EE=ED=E8 =EA=E8=E4=E0=FE=F2 =EB=FE=E4=E5=E9, =EF=EE =FD=F2=EE=EC=F3 =ED=
=E0=E4=EE =E8=F5 =F0=E0=E7=EE=F0=E8=F2. </div>
<div>gt;=CF=F0=EE=F1=F2=EE =E7=E0=E2=E5=E4=E8=F2=E5 =F1=E5=E1=E5 =EF=EE=F7=F2=
=F3 =ED=E0 yandex. ru, =E0=EA=F2=E8=E2=E8=F0=F3=E9=F2=E5 =EA=EE=F8=E5=EB=B8=
=EA =E8 =F8=EB=E8=F2=E5 =F1 =ED=E5=E3=EE =ED=E0 =FD=F2=EE=F2 =EA=EE=F8=E5=
=EB=E5. </div>
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=EE=E6=E5=F2=E5 =EF=E5=F0=E5=E2=EE=E4=E8=F2=FC =F1=F3=EC=EC=F3 20=F0=F3=E1=
=E4=EE =F2=E5=F5 =EF=EE=F0 =EF=EE=EA=E0 =ED=E5 =F0=E0=F1=EA=E0=F7=E0=E5=F2=
=E5=F1. </div>
<div>gt;=CF=EE=E2=F2=EE=F0=FF=FE! =D1=F2=E0=E2=EA=F3 =EF=EE=E4=ED=E8=EC=E0=F2=
=FC =ED=E5 =F1=F2=EE=E8=F2, =F2.=EA. =E5=F1=EB=E8 =F1=F2=E0=E2=EA=E0 =E2=FB=
=F8=E5 800 =F0=F3=E1 =F2=EE =EF=F0=EE=E3=F0=E0=EC=EC=E0 =E8=F5 =E7=E0=E1=E8=
=F0=E0=E5=F2,=E4=E0=E6=E5 =E8 =ED=E5 =EF=F0=EE=E1=F3=E9=F2=E5, =E8 =ED=E0=
=F1=F3=EC=EC=FB =EC=E5=ED=FC=F8=E5 20 =F0=F3=E1. =EE=ED=E0 =F2=EE=E6=E5 =
=ED=E5 =EF=F0=E8=F8=EB=B8=F2 =E2=E0=EC =ED=E8 =F7=E5=E3=EE... =CA=EE=F0=EE=
=F7=E5 =EA=E8=E4=E0=E5=EC =EE=F2 20=F0=F3=E1. =E4=EE 800 =F0=F3=E1.=C8 =E2=
=EC=E5=F1=F2=E5 =EC=FB =F0=E0=E7=EE=F0=E8=EC =FD=F2=E8=F5 =ED=E0=E3=EB=FB=
=F5 =EB=EE=F5=EE=F2=F0=EE=ED=F9=E8=EA=EE=E2.</div>
<div>=C2=E0=F1 =ED=E5 =E7=E0=F1=F2=EE=E2=EB=FF=FE=F2 =FD=F2=EE =E4=E5=EB=E0=
=F2=FC... =EF=F0=EE=F1=F2=EE =E2=FB =EC=EE=E6=E5=F2=E5 =F0=E0=E7=EE=F0=E8=
=F2=FC =EB=EE=F5=EE=F2=F0=EE. =D3=E4=E0=F7=E8!!!</div>
<div>         </div>
<div>                </div>
<div>             &nbs& nbsp;</div>

2009-06-08, 03:51:12   (updated: 2009-06-08, 04:27:33)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Der Salat sind Bilder, die in den Text integriert sind.

IP ist Phoenix, USA http://www.ipaddres../70.190-5
2009-06-08, 06:22:13
Klaus from Germany  

Danke. Kanst du die Bilder sichtbar machen und mir zusenden?

2009-06-08, 08:29:19
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Leider nicht. -> http://www.worum.or..start=675

2009-06-08, 13:18:45
Klaus from Germany  

Danke für diesen Hinweis. Da gibt es also eine Verbindung zwischen Liliya und diesem Gewusel (was vielleicht sogar einen Virus beinhaltet). Beide Mails kamen bei mir Zeitgleich an.
Hier nun Liliyas nächstes Verbrechen an der deutschen Sprache.

Return-Path: <>
Received: from ([]:44178)
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 08 Jun 2009
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 08 Jun 2009
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 08 Jun 2009
Received: from unknown (HELO ? (singleangell@ with plain)
by with SMTP; 8 Jun 2009 08:43:24 -0000

Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 12:24:15 +0400
From: single angell <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.85.03) Professional
Reply-To: single angell <>
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Liliya

Hallo Klaus!!! Ich hoffe, dass fur Ihre Antwort, und meine Erwartungen, ich kann nicht umhin.
Ich freue mich sehr, dass Sie nicht verpassen meine Botschaft. Ich habe, als es noch nicht, wer oder was.
Erzahle mir grosser uber sich, ich wurde dich gern kennenlernen. Auch sende die Fotografien.
Der Unterschied interessiert im Alter von mir ganz und gar nicht, ich suche die ernsten Beziehungen mit dem Mann!
Bevor ich etwas uber die Unternehmen uber das Internet, aber nicht einmal versucht, eine Verbindung mit ihrem Schicksal auf diese Weise.
Ich glaube, dass in unserer Zeit, mussen wir nicht um die jungen Menschen die Liebe Unterhaltung, sondern um die Zukunft,
nicht in die Zukunft, einzelne Personen ohne Familien. Ich hoffe, Sie werden mir zustimmen, in diesem?
Die meisten Manner, die ich haben sind unzuverlassig und schlapp egoistischen,
ihr ist nur in Alkohol und Frauen-Korper, und keiner von denen mehr
Ich konnte nicht die Familie mit diesem Mann, der kann sich nicht auf und Vertrauen.
Ich mag die Menschen in der Ehrlichkeit und Aufrichtigkeit. Ich weiss nicht, wie Lugen und Betrug!
Ich mag nicht, wenn ich wurde betrogen und entweihen meine Gefuhle! Und ich bin auf der Suche nach einer echten Beziehung.
In der Regel, das Leben kann man sagen, eine Menge, aber ich wollte mehr uber sich selbst erzahlen.
Ich wei? nicht, ob Sie Interesse an diesem? Mein Gewicht 51kg, und das Wachstum von 172sm. Meine Lieblings-Farbe rot.
Ich liebe zu kochen, und ich denke, das ist mein Hobby!
Ich bin das einzige Kind in der Familie. Ich war geboren 24 April 1979 year in einer gro?en Stadt Nizhnii Nowgorod.
Dies ist eine sehr schone und alte Stadt, behalt er seine Schonheit und zu diesem Tag.
Meine Kindheit verbrachte in dieser wunderschonen Stadt, aber in meinen 18 Jahren habe ich, um in der Stadt Kasan fur Bildung.
Ich glaube, Sie waren daran interessiert zu wissen, alles uber mich und ich werde versuchen zu erklaren, in meinem Schreiben an mir.
Aber ich bin warten auf Sie, auch die maximale Aufrichtigkeit, schreiben Sie bitte uber alles, ich werde mich sehr interessant, sich mit Ihnen naher.
Also, ich ware daran interessiert zu wissen, uber Ihre Familie, informieren Sie mich uber Ihre Eltern, Bruder oder Schwester.
Erzahlen Sie mir mehr uber sein Leben. Und naturlich schicken Sie Ihre Fotos! Ich wurde mich sehr freuen, von Ihnen erhalten Sie Ihre Bilder.
Ich freue mich auf Ihre schnelle Antwort.

2009-06-08, 20:30:42
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
IP address:

Reverse DNS:
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Verified]
ASN: 7132
IP range connectivity: 19
Registrar (per ASN): ARIN
Country (per IP registrar): US [United States]
Country Currency: USD [United States Dollars]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: Normal
City (per outside source): Indianapolis, Indiana
Country (per outside source): US [United States]
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No


2009-06-09, 06:16:50
A. from Germany  
Wir haben im Internet diverse Lizenzen für eine Software gekauft. Abgerechtnet wurde über eine Firma mit einem Konto bei der Postbank Leipzig (wegen der laufenden Ermittlungen nenne ich keine weiteren Details). Heute nun hat diese Firma versucht von unseren Konten jeweils 97 Euro abzubuchen. Beide Lastschriftversuche hatten die gleichen Kundennummern und den gleichen Verwendungszweck. Wir haben sofort Strafanzeige erstattet.
2009-06-09, 12:28:51
anonymous from Germany  
wko know this woman? ekaterina from yoshkar ola??know anthere?
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