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Dating scammer Diana Johnson


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Name: Diana Johnson



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IP: ; and

Ask but she did not give address. She said it is in her profile. It is in Matchdoctor. Of course, it has been deleted.

I seemed to have seen these photos somewhere. Unfortunately, I cannot remember. Anybody recognizes this lovely Diana?


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2007-04-25, 22:40:09   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

Keywords: brunette blue bikini red flower
2007-04-25, 22:40:09   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2007-04-25, 22:40:09   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  
2007-04-25, 22:40:09   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2007-04-25, 22:40:09   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

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2007-04-25, 23:07:28
drod from United States  
Photos stolen from Focus Hawaii International site.
2007-04-26, 03:15:09


uses pictures of 'Joleen' from

e-mail addresses used with these photos:
2007-04-26, 05:23:20
anonymous from United States  
try model named joleen
2007-06-28, 04:38:27
[hidden] from Canada  
I've been beleive it or romanticly involved with Diana M Johnson... for 4 months now. She's in Abe. Nigeria I long been wondering about this chick and had doubts thought still do. She gave me 4 pics of her though 3 are blurry. She is described as 27 lond blonde med-size gal claimed as formal swim-siut model. Ther in Nigeria been for almost 6 mos b/c she claims have an entitlement of 4+ millions awaiting for her to collect. It appears I been the only 'man in her life' and seeked marriage to be the one to assist her in retreiving this. As i so admit I gave in and gave over 2k so far. But no more for awhile and plan not anymore. She is very convincing and times sound nieve and act like a dumb blode! a catholic and true beliver in God. Both from Chicogo, both around 27 or 30; won't give in to call me but will have two friends there that know her...will. Have got to know an learn alot from this chick though I wonder is it someone else. JUst as recently as now noted to see of this pic of so named Joleen or Jolene in golf outfit is always in Diana's outlay in two messenger services. I contacted two and two went same time once that made it belivable that there were two and they both had their differences. But being in conference call I didn't see the action and lasted 2 mins. Which Di didn't want to comply to jole and me requests. Both seen in Bride 2 dating, cheeky-monkey, and flings all dot com. I've been long investigating this on my own and wondered if I seek help in this b/c I do need it the truth! lots more to say here from what I learned. So I wonder is there two or one playing the same game?? Though 'jole' doesn't ask for money and has a friend in FBI named T Johnstone (note how close the last name) jolene or joleen Gregory or Greg . So I have addreses in msn and yahoo two separate stories of them selves Diana lost parents in auto crash Jole lost only mother in teen yrs. here i send one of pic of Diana that she mainly uses ps other addres is
also to note as Diana always displays pic of joles that she (Di) claims that her name is Jenn and died 2 yrs ago

Keywords: blonde blue jeans jacket green background
2007-06-28, 04:52:27
anonymous from Canada  
this is unbeleivable that I have to find out this way after 4 mos and was just 3 days ago that i got the contact of jole. when I showed Diana the addres for Jole katherine I sensed that she balked and immediately wanted to have nothing to do with this matter and not to correspond with her! So whom is she really?! are these two girls the same or that they both are in the same game? what if, eh?! they sure not only very convincing, and good, they or at least one of them is a great prolific (prothitic) liar and cheater!
Pls excuse the spelling.

are they friends or pretend 2 be two!? Yet Diana claims that pic of joleen in golf attire is her dead friend Jenn from 2 yrs ago
another pic of diana....

Keywords: blonde blue exercise shorts white bikini top
2007-07-30, 13:35:58   (updated: 2007-07-30, 13:38:21) from United Kingdom  
Ive just had her contact me (Diana), same story but asking me to send her $750 for shippment costs,told I could,she then said that she was owed money and would send we a us cheque to cash for her $10000,asked me to send her $6000 back and keep $4000 for myself to sort out picking her so called money up.
Didnt give her anything apart from phone number.
Did give her a run for her money though to speak
2007-09-11, 08:57:39
anonymous from United States  
Here is another name for Diana Johnson, her name she sent me was Barbara McKillip. Her email address that she tried to scam me from the email address I'm a sucka for fine woman but was raised to know I'm no sucka. Her email message and pics are below:

I got your mail and it realy well understand by me.....i love all what you said but i will like to tell you that i really want to see you so that we can have coffe together on one table....i have to be honest with you i have been thinking of you all night imagine what really bring you into my mind always cos...i have never felt like this before but make me feel on top of the world with all what you have been saying......

I am 28yrs old i work in the health care centre and right now am not working again cos.....i want to leave NY it too hard for me to cope with all what is going on here guys here are all suckers they just wanna mess with you and got you off and i can't do that cos....i need an honest man a man that will love me for whom i am not because of my has been very hard for me ever since when i lost my parent and i have decide to leave NY and start a new life cos....i want a life relationship and i have to say this frm my heart that you are the man i've looking for all this while and i want to know what you really have for you....But my pic a friend of my took all this pic for me and she is professional photography...and am not a Model....and i have never been into Model before.



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2007-09-13, 18:56:03   (updated: 2007-09-13, 18:58:10)
anonymous from Canada  
this can't be Diana Johnson and this person 'Barbara Mc' whoever.... is someone else and not even sure if its Joleen too. This Barbara recently gort aquainted in 2 days - that she already wants to meet me this weekend mid sept - and is rushy and impatient about needing the cash to a flight to get to me. However as i suggested through Kayak she went for high price flight of over $1100 that she wanted but then i showed that with A.A. is half the price. She went well ok... so she asked with with of hers named Terri and offered 300 burt i still didn't offer anything. She goes crazy about me not trusting her and seems pushy and arrogant that when i wondered about her i even gave her my cell number to challenge who she is... she said b/4 hand that she can't call me but will go to her freinds place. To my surprise she did call but has a heavy accent and couldn't get all she try to say. Further more meantime she gave me pic of her in blue robe like that is displayed on here and knows of the one on stairway saying was on her b-day in March was taken - turning 27 not 28. i asked for her number : 808-048-4788 I tried it doesn't work i said of this and says its her number and says she needs new calling card. now hear this she says is residing in Bronx NY and gave me an actuall address. Note the area code 8080 is Hawaii not for Bronx!!!
and she gave me more pics that are from the ones you see here ie stolen from Focus Hawaii !!!
So what you think should I still try to ask her out for a hot date? that she wanted for me as promise to have a 3-day $$700 hot weekend!!!!!
I don't believe this ids is not of Diana it may be Joleen or whoever...this is someone using there names ps id of her is babyteaser27 - yahoo
2007-09-13, 20:38:21
anonymous from United States  
The one in the black dress above IS Joleen.K?
2007-09-14, 01:36:28 from Canada  
This bitch is whacht!!! She's all mixed up and messed up!! She get snappy at you and threaten to leave you and just goes off like a fire cracker! Also she aways assume she's after your money - only; just out the blue she say 'I am not after your F@#$%-g $$$!' goes away for a minute then goes back on with you like nothing took place. And I wonder where did that come from?? She appears to get paranoid and try to insult you. Yet still gets friendly with you.... strange one! I think she's a skid'so!! As this is my second write up...I learned that she is an Italian descendant as why her accent is heavy- so any one fluent and check her out? Also had a run around about the phone number. After expaining about the area codes for 15 mins: had realized she doesn't know any of the 3 codes for the Bronx which after changing the number a bit in few times - she changed the 808 area to 281 then i said there isn't that for there....long story short: I came up with 2 types as she pick '917' for area in Bronx after it being '281' hope am not confusing anyone?!
so 2 numbers and she could be in three certain cities....Bronx, NY; Houston, Texas; or Hawaii 281-808-4788 Texas 917-281-4788 Bronx left texts for both still no reply to research this. About my first write-up i say of clothing she had as pic - wasn't blue robe its the red and white outfit. She was surprised when I had started to show some pics of her relation to the pics that are lingering around as i said about the 'FocusHawaii' there was a long pause....and she gave me a pic with a very happy face with a white bikini with a light blue covering around waist.

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