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Dating scammer Galina, Galya


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Name: Galina, Galya



Other Comments:
Here is the first letter that was received that is similar to other scammers -

Hello Mike!
It's Galina. This letter shows you, that I live in the USA. It is a
mistake. I live in Russia. I wrote, that I live in Russia, but it was
spoken anyhow, that by me from the USA, therefore be not surprised. I live
in Russia. The matter is that acquaintance on the Internet now is
popular all over the world. I have noticed
Your profile. Mike, you live in the USA and this good place to live!
America is the country of freedom. I never was in the USA however, but
I know about your country much. Each person has the right to a good
life and you have enough freedom to have a worthy life. Everyone have
equal opportunities. In the USA I think more opportunities for a good life.
There where I now live it not the best place to live and create family.
But even in such country I can do good residing. I like to work, I have
values of family and I want to have the best life with good the man
which I shall love also which will love me. I think, that women here good
enough to be as the wife for the American.
I the woman who appreciates love, fidelity, honesty. I am not spoiled
by an easy and carefree life.
I observed your profile on the Internet and you have drawn my
attention. We could find out each other better. I also want to draw your
attention my letter and consequently I today shall not write much to you. I
only shall tell now, that to me of 27 years. My tall of 174 centimeters
(5 9 '). My weight of 56 kg (122 pounds).
I hope, that you understand, that I want to create family, I want to
live in the USA and to have the best life. I achieved in a life much, I
have got used to go up to the end in achievement of the purpose. I have
in this life everything, except for family and the true love. I search
for love now. I not the poor woman. I to concern to middle class in
Russia. I have good work and I have here good money for residing. Besides
I am rich spiritually.
I hope, you can see my pictures. With hope, Galina.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

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2007-06-06, 07:45:24
anonymous from United States  
Does FSB also mean F***ing Scamming Bitch?
2007-06-07, 00:18:17
FSB from Moscow, Russian Federation  
Я с удовольствием навещу твою струна засранец, если ты так этого хочешь. Я не так глуп, как ты думаешь и можешь засунуть свою самоуверенность куда подальше. наверняка ты знаешь куда ты можешь это засунуть, Швецариц ебаный. Ха-Ха-Ха. ты не настолько умен как тебе кажется. Ты немного не угадал на счет мои координат. Я по всей России и тебе трудно будет поймать меня. Скорее всего я найду тебя быстрее, чем ты.

P.S. Твой русский не так хороши и я посоветовал бы тебе идти в школу чтобы изучить его заного. Улыбнись своей заднице придурок. ;-)
2007-06-07, 00:46:48
in english you moron
2007-06-07, 12:38:43
anonymous from Sweden  
anon, it says something like this: 'I will visit your asshole with pleasure if you so want it. I'm not as stupid as you think and can thrust your self-confidence far away. For certainly you know where you can thrust it, Швецариц ебаный. Hahaha. You are not as clever as you think. You have little chance of guessing the coordinates of my account. I'm across all Russia and you will have difficulty catching me. Most likely I'll find you more quickly, than the other way around.

P.S. Your Russian is not that good either. I would advise you to go to school to study it заного. Smile to the заднице придурок.;-)

Храбрые слова от небольшого сука без трубку. Вероятно, таш бугор толкает в ташем задницу каждый день, несчастном жулике.

Во-первых, я не имею никакого интереса найти тас, только предупреждать таших невинных интернет-жертв, прежде, чем ты можете обмануть их. Так или иначе, я знаю таше местоположение, ты живете в Yoshktar Ola, или поблизости. Это должно быть общим международным знанием. Yoshktar Ola должен быть сумкой говно, есть только страдание и cкамерство. Откровенно, я чувствую жалость к там. Кроме того, я не хочу встретить тас, потому что я не хочу заключить венерическое заболевание или СПИД, от которого ты страдаете конечно.

Во-вторых, я не говорю на русском языке умело, правильный. Но ты понимаете меня, да? Поэтому, мой русский язык очень выше чем таш английский язык, мудозмон, потому что таш английский язык походит на ерунду. Кроме того, я посетил ташу страну много раз, я играл с ташими женщинами (очень хорошие женщины). Я знаю российский менталитет. Я знаю менталитет жулика. Вы полагаете, что ты очень умны, но ты опесдол. ты будете жить, и ты умрете, но ты не достигнете ничего.
иди на хуй!

sorry guys, the scammer doesn't speak any English.
2007-06-07, 15:02:08
anonymous from United States  
Ok,so what did you tell him?
2007-06-07, 15:50:26
anonymous from Germany  
Sorry, Sweden, but I fear that Miss Galina from Federal Security Service speaks better english than you russian. Best translation software is worth for nothing and FSB's first posting was allright. But please can you both stop to offend each other and turn back into serious debate? Sure I do not have much hope, that this is will happen.
2007-06-07, 20:56:02
anonymous from Canada  
Hey sweden how did you piss that russion person off so much lol
2007-06-08, 06:11:27
killer from United States  
Не трогайте Галину! Если хоть один волос упадет с её головы, вы поплатитесь за это! Это только предупреждение.
2007-06-08, 06:13:40
killer from United States  
Do not touch Galina! If though one hair will fall with her heads, you pay for it! It only warning.
2007-06-08, 09:40:09
OOOOOOOOOO A THREAT?! We're quaking in our boot's! LOL! Don't go away mad,JUST go AWAY!
2007-06-08, 09:40:22
OOOOOOOOOO A THREAT?! We're quaking in our boot's! LOL! Don't go away mad,JUST go AWAY!
2007-06-08, 10:04:54
anonymous from Germany  
Who should not get touched? The dark-haired 'canadian' version?
2007-06-08, 10:17:23
anonymous from Sweden  
Germany, you are completely erroneous in this statement. I happen to know a very good free translator, much better than the one the scammer was using. And they understand my Russian exactly! The reason for this is that I've been to Russia many times and I'm a professional linguist who speaks 5 languages fluently, plus some Russian. (sadly, not German, though it wouldn't be too difficult to learn since Swedish is a Gemanic language). And when I translate my English, I keep it simple and avoid colloquialisms (but paste in Russian slang). I happen to know 99% of the Russian population can't speak any English at all and if they could, they wouldn't be scammers, because if you can speak good English in Russia, you can get a good job.

Furthermore, I'm not sure why I shouldn't insult a scammer. They're not part of our 'debate'. They're just pathetic good-for-nothing scumbag criminals. They're not interested in you or what you have to say, only in ripping off your money.

Canada, you should read the previous posts. but for the sake of reference, here is a rough translation of my last post:

'Brave words from a small bitch with no dick. Probably, your 'бугор' (the boss in the joint) thrusts in your asshole every day, u miserable swindler.

First, I have no interest to find you, only to warn your innocent Internet-victims before you can deceive them. Anyhow, I know your location, you live in Yoshktar Ola, or nearby. It must be general international knowledge. Yoshktar Ola is a shithole, there is only a suffering and scam business. Frankly, I pity you. Besides I do not wish to meet you because I do not wish to contract a venereal disease or AIDS from which you suffer certainly.

Secondly, I do not speak in Russian skilfully, correct. But you understand me, yes? Therefore my Russian is very much superior to your English language, bullshitter, because your English language resembles nonsense. Besides I have visited your country many times, I have played with your women (very good women). I know the Russian mentality. I know the mentality of the swindler. You believe, that you are very clever, but you are a worthless loser. You will live, and you will die, but you will not achieve anything.
Go to hell!'

'Killer' USA...Ха-Ха-Ха. Очень забавный! Tы защищаете вашу сука, но таша сука парень также?? на хуя? Как ты планируете приобрести визу, хохол? Мои собаки съедят тас живой.
2007-06-08, 11:34:00   (updated: 2007-06-08, 11:43:25)
anonymous from Germany  
Gonna try your translator links, have been disappointed with the results from google russian-english (beta) and of course with some very bad (or bat!) german scam-letters, which were just not to understand. I am using Leo D-E now, an online-oldfashioned-dictionary and I get along with it much better than with the google-languagetools.
Enjoy your conversation ;)
2007-06-08, 21:20:02   (updated: 2007-06-08, 21:24:13)
anonymous from Canada  
i agree with sweden he has every right to stand up to this person after all this is a web site to expose and warn others about dating scammers what else can we do they are after all crooks and bottom feeders of the earth common thieves and well JUST FULL OF SHIT and to germany what debate she is a scammer no debate and she (the russian)is probably just blowing smoke and no fire
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