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Dating scammer Marina Kuznecova, Marina Kuznezova, Anastasiya Ryabinina


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Name: Marina Kuznecova, Marina Kuznezova, Anastasiya Ryabinina


Country: Russia
City: Kazan
street: Lenina
house: 4
apartment: 6
Index: 428022

Other Comments:
She seems to be pretty new, made some mistakes but got me at the balls. Found her picture only at one blacklist. From there I took the name Anastasiya Ryabinina. Ordinary visa-ticket-scam with bank-connection to Yoshkar-Ola.
Peter, Germany

First letter:
Hallo!!!! Mich rufen Marina und ich sah dein Profil und ich kann sagen, dass ich dich kennenlernen wollte. Ich suche nur die ernsten Beziehungen, die uns in Zukunft nhern werden. Ich will dich kennenlernen, dich erfahren. Ich hoffe mich ebenso hat dir gefallen und du suchst nach den ernsten Beziehungen, weil ich schon erwachsen und viel nach Mnnern suchen nicht will, ist mir ein klug, gut und gut ntig.
Ich werde auf deinen Brief warten.
Meinen e-mail:
Hochachtungsvoll Marina

Received: from ( [])by
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.04.7) UNREG / CD5BF9353B3B7091


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2007-07-13, 15:53:09
anonymous from Portugal  
Boa tarde,
Good afternoon Eddie,
Ok is possible that I understood badly!! ok.
But the form that you told your conversation me didn't please a lot of excuse!!
Yes I am not very good to speak the English language, for that I fall back upon the automatic translator.
All over the world there are good people and bad people we already know about that, as there are honest people and con man, our world is made like this, and it will be difficult to change!
You are right I am not 'Stupid', but I am considered fool for believing in a person that I deposited all my trust.
And 'my trust I don't give to anybody' but unhappily this person entered in my life without me to ask anything.
And was my friend it what happened, little by little I did become fond to a person that I never saw her nor FAT nor THIN!! (Portuguese expression), by some Pics... in the reality the human being is incredible... OUR BRAIN??? don't I say anything else!!!
I rendered my help in Delphi because I saw Peter's page, this page helped to finish with with this fight of lies with this girl.
And of certainty this page will help many other people that are harmed by these PICTURES.
YES I talked with her on the phone, and she left me some messages in my mobilphone, as I said was not any man.
I tried to tell her a lot of times that she was to make a mistake.
One day she said for me to treat of everything, passport and it seeks etc....
I spoke to a travel agency in Russia,
I paid everything in the travel agency, but me for her I would never send the money.
And she agreed me can show his/her email for you if you want.
Did she hurt me a lot five months that I spoke to her and abituei-me the that person, was understand?
If she went another person when I said that she was a Scammer she could order me the shit, and never again to write to write for me. it was not?
But it was not like this!!!
I didn't come to Delphi here to lament the money!!!
I hope you understand my English.
Are you from Canadá Quebec? if you go me can speak French, me the French language I speak very well.
2007-07-13, 16:07:32
anonymous from Germany  

Keywords: yellow bikini swimming pool waterfall
2007-07-13, 16:28:59
anonymous from Portugal  
My answer for the anonym is the following.
SCAMMER that word nor it should exist!!!
But unhappily she appeared because there is a lot of OPPORTUNIST they want is it to do some poor Poor fellows of the men!!!
Most is from Russia!!!
A Scammer there is been now, and he multiplies in thousands.... BRAVE uhuhuhuhu!!
But those Russian girls have the fault... do they sell their pictures for Mr. SCAMMER????, not?
In the internet 90% of Mr. SCANMMER are Russian girls!!!
Reason that the HONEST girl doesn't process Mr SCAMMED judicially??? he uses their pictures, and they are to the thousands of pictures!!!!
Won't there be girls' complicity and Scammers? for the same girl's times there are dozens of pictures!!
The poor Mr Scammer gets to steal so many pictures the girls
2007-07-13, 16:35:38   (updated: 2007-07-13, 16:59:34)
anonymous from Germany  
Hallo Pedro. In this case the scammer might be the photographer. Always the same motives over years. Leaves, flowers, trees. Only another suspicion.

Neste caso o scammer pôde ser o fotógrafo. Sempre os mesmos anos excedentes dos motriz. Folhas, flores, árvores. Somente uma outra suspeita. Peter
Olhar aqui:
O mesmo rio, revestimento de couro preto, flores,...
Same river, black leather jacket, flowers,.. My letters I have found at these pictures too. Minhas letras que eu encontrei nestes retratos demasiado.
2007-07-13, 17:05:39
anonymous from Germany  

Keywords: brunette black jacket white pullover boots blue bench tree
2007-07-13, 17:28:33   (updated: 2007-07-13, 17:30:08)
anonymous from Sweden  
anonymous from Germany ...who was suggesting the thread was screwed up?

anonymous 2007-07-13...hahaha. I was only trying to encourage Portugal if he'd been scammed. I mentioned that there are lots of real and nice russian girls who are looking for decent partners. I've been to Russia twice myself in the last 12 months, and I've sponsored two Russian girls to visit me here in Sweden (not in the way you think :) One of them is now my fiancée.

In fact, there are dating scammers all over the world nowadays, the Philipines, the US, whereever. They even busted a male dating scammer in the north of sweden. But still most of them come from Russia or Nigeria, at least the visa and tickets scammers do. It's a sad fact. And having talked to a Russian scammer myself (not in his scam persona), they arent at all ashamed of what they do, they justify it by saying that they are just stealing back money from Americans who stole it from Russia in the first place, or they're scamming sex tourists who deserve it..

Pedro, yes I'm from Montreal. But i will write to you in Portuguese next time :D
2007-07-13, 17:44:41
anonymous from Germany  
To Eddie: anon US comment at page 5, 2007-07-10, 09:36:26. / Peter
2007-07-14, 04:12:28
anonymous from Portugal  
Hi Eddie,
For me to finish speaking of Scams I forgot to tell you...
That word knew when I went to seek that girl's address that said to live in Kazan.
It was in this site that I opened the eyes with the word SCAMS.
And the following was this,
It is thereabout in before etc... etc...
But I unhappily see this more in the Russian population.
And thank you... for you to try to encourage me!!
2007-07-14, 04:34:17
anonymous from Portugal  
Peter, you are right to the that tells respect the pictures!!
I also saw that the sceneries are seemed always, forests, dry leaves, and etc...
Me until I thought for me... ' It owes of being the same photograph ' the ideas of the you land are always the same ones!
But in many girls' pictures are always almost the same thing.
You look at this ANASTASIYA RYABININA, in the forest and there they are the leaves droughts as decoration.
You see this link.... http://www.antifrau...php?t=957
It is a sadness for us them if they don't present like Eva, I would like to be Adam... hehehhe!!!
Bye, a good morning for all!!
2007-07-14, 05:58:33   (updated: 2007-07-14, 06:01:19)
Peter from Germany  
Hey Pedro, you can find as much russian Evas as you like. So look for 'scammers' at Back to the topic: These leaves are not just leaves. It is always maple! I have just tried to find russian photographers from Mari-El or typical pictures of that little river in Yoshkar-Ola - without success so far. Good job your research for next Anastasiya Ryabinina!

I am nearly out of pix now - I know you still have got some. Please show us something!

The next Anastasiya Ryabinina, Anastasiya Riabinina, Анастасия Рябинина:

Keywords: black jacket, maple leaves, nature
2007-07-14, 06:10:28
anonymous from Germany  

Keywords: black leather jacket, maple leaves
2007-07-14, 06:14:42
anonymous from Germany  
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova
Dating scammer Svetlana Howralewa
Dating scammer Faniya from Russia
Dating scammer Marina Earina

Keywords: black leather jacket, maple leaves, nature
2007-07-14, 06:26:32
Peter from Germany  
The photographer has got some sense for colours. Near to be a bit trashy but I like it. The last shot is not that good, but there are better ones with this 'model' too.
2007-07-14, 07:33:28
anonymous from Portugal  
Hi Peter,
This Ryabinina now asked for job here, her no longer it is in the bottom of the unemployment.

2007-07-14, 07:41:59
anonymous from Germany  
The picture is to small. Where are you there?
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