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Dating scammer Olen'ka


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Name: Olen'ka


She gave an address,
I think it is fake.

Other Comments:
She was listed on,
then she removed her profile.
she claims she is a governess in some
house, and her owners are kind.
then her dad visits her and gives news that her aunt
at Cheboksary wants to make her the legal heir to
all her fortunes, and continues her correspondence.
but the IP address when she supposed to go out of city
and wrote to me did not differ from her usual IP address.

I post her photos. She became defensive when I found out she
writes to me again by mistake her first introduction letter ! and she also repeated some letters in-between, i was naive I should have
known ! Besides which russian girl can write in such perfect english ?!!
a typical letter:
My darling Raj!!!
I do not know why you are so long be silent and do not answer my
letters... But I hope that with you all well.
I very much experience. Me removed bad dreams...
But I hope that at you all well.
Can be, you simply do not have time to answer me?
Can be, you had problems?
And can be, you have found other woman and do not want to have more
with me any attitudes???
Write me please.
Do not make me painfully!!!!
From this silence me is even worse! This silence presses on heart and
does not give me even to breathe....
I shall wait your letter with huge impatience.
With tenderness and sincerity only your Olga.
another one from her:

show details
Apr 9
Love of all my life!
Charming angel of my heart!
Fine king of my dreams!
My lovely future husband Raj!!!
I hope that you have well lead these days off...? Than you were
engaged? You recollected your lovely Olga...? I hope that yes.
My love, today I again work. But I again cannot think about work,
because you are always in my ideas and in my heart! My life belongs to
you!!! Without you my life is not meaningful.
In fact, I love you so strongly....
I cannot live without your love, without your fine letters. Because I
very strongly miss you...
You became for me air. And now I cannot live without you!
But I am very glad that you are in my life! In fact, I waited you all
my life! You have learned me to love! With you I can be happy! You are
the man of Raj my life!!!
My darling ЖЖЖЖ, never forget about me!!!
My love, yesterday I went to church. I prayed for you. I asked the God
that he stored you from all misfortunes and temptations. I asked that
time went more quickly. Because I am tired to wait... I am tired from
melancholy and loneliness. I want to feel myself the happy woman! But
I can be happy only with you.
My lovely, I so want to be with you as soon as possible...
My lovely future husband, at us spring. The snow has almost thawn. The
sun shines. The temperature has raised up to above zero marks. But
anybody and nothing can not to warm me... I am cold and alone! Because
we with you are not together...
I so want to embrace you. I want to touch you. I want to feel smell of
your body. I want to look to you in eyes. I want to kiss you. I want
to tell as strongly I love you! I want to nestle you, to take you for
a hand and never release you from my embraces...
It is my most treasured dream!
But I very much hope that soon all ours with you dreams become
reality. And then we with you shall be the happiest people in this
huge world. In fact it so will be, my lovely Raj?
Love mine, I hope that my bad dream never becomes reality!!! In fact,
I trust you. I trust in our love! I so want that we with you were
together as soon as possible...
My darling, now I should go. I should work.
But I shall think and miss you....
With hugest love your future wife Olga.

If anyone knows about her, you can confirm my observations. I am 99 percent sure she is a scammer, guys. I got onto her even before she made any request for money ! Sure saved me a lot of time in unecessary correspondence !! These scammers sure suck up your time and emotions !!!!

Her original profile was on and she removed it when I said I knew she was a scammer and I received her introduction letter from that site a second time !


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2007-12-08, 00:18:48
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I think I have met the same person, except that now, she uses the surname Mogeleva, so any guys out there, be warned. These people are leeching scumbags and only deserve your scorn and contempt. Not your pity or your cash.
2008-02-22, 20:26:08
this same girl wrote the same kinds of letters.
Anyways,last december she wrote to me and said that her mum is an alcoholic and she sold her house .She also said she has no moneys not even boots for winter.
However,she ask me to sent her money.
2008-02-25, 11:03:35 from Canada  
Hi! guy,thanks you for saving my money.
first ,did she told anyone of you she was sick and hospitalized at around december.
I thougth she dying,Here what she wrote to me:I think that it is your love have helped me to recover. My
darling, doctors have told that I hurtled because in my organism there
were no vitamins and consequently that I badly ate...
My darling, but it only small vital difficulties.
You are and OUR LOVE most important for me!
My lovely future husband, I with huge impatience wait moment of our
with you meeting. I so want to be with you... I so want to look in
your charming eyes, to touch you, to kiss you and to tell AS STRONGLY
My darling, I pray that at you all will good and that time went more
quickly. Because my life without you is not meaningful.
I shall try to write you tomorrow or on Saturday. And I shall think
about you and shall miss you every second.
With hugest love your and only your future wife Olga.
The next letter :My darling, yesterday we have received the telegram from my mum. She has sold an
apartment. She has again started to drink + And when she was drunk, she has signed the
contract about that that she sells our apartment + Today I went to the notary and he has
told me that we can make nothing + I am so upset. Now I cannot come back home at all. Mum
has told that will arrive to my aunt and now we shall live in Cheboksary.
Me so badly + My life become worse and worse every day + I do not know what me to do +
Sometimes me begins so badly that I think of death. But your love helps me to live! Your
love gives me force.

My darling, I am so tired +
I have no anybody except for you who can help me!
My darling, now I at all have no winter boots and my legs freeze + I am afraid to go long
on streets because I am afraid to be ill again + But I go and I write to you because I CAN

I hope that you can help me a little?
It is very shame to me to ask from you help. But I have no anybody except for you +
I understand that to you too difficultly + I know as hard to earn money. I shall search
work. Because for us with mum it is necessary to live +
My love, me so difficultly + But I hope that soon we with you shall together. And then to
us will be easier. I shall work, I shall help you, I shall care of you! I shall do all
that in my forces that you became the happiest person in this world!
My lovely future husband, I love you more than my life!!!
I every morning and every night pray for you, I ask the God that at you all will good. In
fact you are the most important for me in my life!
My darling, I should go + I cannot write to you more. But I shall think of you and I shall
miss you!
With hugest love and tenderness your future wife Olga.
THEN the next one:
My darling, it is so shame to me +.
I understand that you now at all do not want to think of problems.
But I have no anybody except for you to address for the help +
My lovely future husband, I at all did not work recently and I have no money in general.
Me so badly +
You can help me???
I very much hope for your help.
My love , you can send me of a few money till December, 28th? I should return money
to my aunt because I borrowed money that to write to you. I have no winter boots, I have
no money in general. And I now at all have no apartment +
I hope that you can help me.
You can send money to me from Western Union???
My name - OLGA
My surname - IVANOVA
Country - RUSSIA
House - 25
It is very shame to me to ask you about help + But you my most close and most native
person in this world!!!
I once again wish you Happy Christmas!
With hugest sincerity and love your future wife Olga.
Well guy ! if you have any new or anyone interest to help her,you know what to do.Ivan

2008-07-17, 18:02:16
anonymous from United States  
this person is kinda good cause she doesnt ask for money right off first and dam the girl looks ggod and somewhat kinda down to earth in a way that gets you thinking that she might be real,.. my friend all the time was telling me she was a scam but I tholught that she might not be.. but here it's all here ...../Users/skibber/Desktop/GetAttachment.aspx.jpg

2008-07-17, 18:09:13
anonymous from United States  
I got a million letters from this personand a bunch of pics too...alot I've seen on this site...the only thing that kills it for them is the 'future husband 'thing...LOVE OF ALL MY LIFE!!!
My darling, I hope that at you all well and that you are remarkable
have lead this weekend? My darling, I hope that you recollected about
your lovely Olga..?
My love, forgive that I have not written you earlier... Almost all
time I was at my aunt in hospital. She very much misses... But all
this time we spoke about you, my darling Tory.
My love, my aunt is very glad for us with you. She speaks that feels
that you are very good person. She speaks that I always smile when I
speak about you. She is so happy that we could to find each other.
My darling, today in the morning I went to church. I prayed for you, I
asked the God that he stored you from all troubles and temptations. I
prayed that he has given us with you a little more patience... In
fact, now it is the most important for us with you. We could find each
other, but between us such huge distance.. But I know and I trust that
we with you will be together. And I pray that this moment has come as
soon as possible.
My lovely, in the world of people will not be happier than us with you
when we shall be together. In fact, we so strongly love each other!
But... I am afraid... I am afraid that near you so much beautiful
women... I am afraid to lose you, my darling Tory...
I cannot live without you!!! I have given you my heart, my life
belongs to you!!! My life without you is not meaningful. My darling,
the person cannot live without heart... And consequently I cannot live
without you and without your love! Never forget about it!
If it will be necessary, I am ready to give my life for the sake of
you. For the sake of you I am ready on ALL!!!
My lovely future husband Tory, I swear to you that I shall do all that
in my forces that you became the happiest person in this world!!! My
love, I promise you it!
And remember, that on other end of a planet there is a person who
madly LOVES YOU! It is I-your future wife Olga.

2008-07-17, 22:27:24
OJAS from United States  
2008-08-29, 22:13:42
anonymous from Canada  
she wrote tome last time was in January and said she will move to up nord where there`s no computer.I GUEST she`s back..............................
2008-08-29, 22:14:08
anonymous from Canada  
she wrote tome last time was in January and said she will move to up nord where there`s no computer.I GUEST she`s back..............................
2008-08-30, 12:49:56
OJAS from United States  
Scammers are predominantly MEN regardless whose photos they send http://www.delphifa..p=8#100156
2008-12-14, 15:22:37
anonymous from Brazil  

2009-01-27, 05:34:59
anonymous from Finland  
Hi everybody.
I have also wrote with this girl.
I send a few e-mails to her and it was quite easy to see that she was playing only games.
Here are few pictures that I received from their.

best regards
JJ from Finland

Some of her letters:

Greetings my new friend Jouni!
How passes your today? I hope that at you today good mood.
I want to thank you for that that you have answered my letter. Forgive that has not answered you earlier. You know, I at once want to apologize before you. In my structure it is specified that I work as the seller - adviser. It is a lie. I work as the governess. Simply in Russia everyone are ashamed of this work. I was a shame to write to me that I work as the governess. I hope that you will forgive me... I was borrowed on my work. I work as the governess in very good family. I work for them already about 3 years. I like my work. They it is good to me concern and always try to understand me. Yesterday I tidied up, and then at my owners supper on which there came visitors was. I had to work all evening and home I have come only about 11 evenings. Such work at me!
I could not disregard your letter. You so beautifully write. It seems to me that even if you would write to me only 2 words it would be pleasant to me. It is the truth, I do not joke.
Today, as soon as at me the free time has appeared, I sat to write to you the letter. My owners allow to use their computer. And I am very grateful to them for it. You see if they have not allowed to use to me a computer and the Internet I could not get acquainted with you. Today I have opened the electronic box, and to me it became bad. To me has written so much men. But , the majority of them do not want serious attitudes. They want only sex or the woman who will submit to them. I understand, that Russian women are obedient and very kind. But what for so impudently to use this kindness? And some men in general have written to me the letter with other name. I was simply dumbfounded. I at all did not begin to write to them. What for? I do not understand for what they it do? Today I watched the program on the TV, there spoke about people from the different countries which use photos of young girls, and thus deceive men. I at once want to tell you that I do not understand as so it is possible to make , it there is a shame.
But you see some girls accuse in-vain. There are decent girls. Many Russian girls leave abroad and marry. I think that it is impossible to equal all under one example.
I so am glad that you have written to me. I like to communicate with
you. It would be better if we could speak with you. But,
unfortunately, more recently I have sold the cellular telephone.
Because we with mum did not have not enough money to the automatic washing machine. But now we should not erase linen hands. But, I think, that if we with you become closer each other I can call you from my owners. I shall ask them about it later.
Now I shall go home. Mum has asked me to be going to eat. My mum not so young, she is 52 years. And she very much gets tired on work. She works as the seller in shop of products. Today I shall prepare for salad from vegetables and a fish baked pudding. I very much like to eat vegetables and a fish. And you love these products?
I ask to forgive me if I was not attentive. Can be, I have overlooked something to write. If yes, write to me about it And in the following letter I necessarily shall write to you about it. Well?
Now I shall go home. I should pass 3 quarters. But I like to go on foot. I like to look at our small and beautiful city. At us so it is a lot of parks. Beauty! Write to me about your city.
I shall wait your letter with huge impatience.
I hope that you will answer me.
Yours new friend Olga.

Greetings, my fine friend Jouni!
How passes your today? Than you were engaged last night? So it is interesting to me to learn about you new. I want to know about you all. It is very interesting to me to read your letters. I so a long time with anybody did not correspond. You became for me the friend.
Though we are still poorly familiar with you, I think that we necessarily become good friends. And there can be our correspondence will be developed deeper attitudes. I yet do not know.
I hope that you well will spend time there, is far from me.
Forgive that has not written to you earlier. I work and I not always have time for private life and for the affairs. Last night I have finished work earlier, but I have gone home. Because I should engage in cleaning on the house and washing. And today in the morning I went on the market to buy products home. We with mum always buy products in the market because it more cheaply than to buy products in shops. Now I on work. I was cleaned also villages to write to you the letter. You know, I have such sensation that we for a long time are familiar with you. It seems to me that I have found related soul, that is I have found you. It is not flattery, it is the real truth!
Last night my mum has asked me about you. I have told her that I have placed the structure on a foreign site. She is afraid a little. My mum till now experiences because of that that our father has left to other woman. Mum is afraid that I will have same destiny. My mum is the believing person. She constantly goes to church and prays that the God has protected me from all misfortunes. Yesterday I also have told mum:
' Mum, and can Jouni and there is that person who to me was sent by the God? ' Mum has told that it would be simply fine. We have a little joked and have gone to bed. Whether mum asked to ask you you trust in the God. The answer to this question too is very interesting to me. By the way, my mum asked to transfer you huge greetings and wishes of good luck.
Again I all about itself …
It is very interesting to me to learn why you have decided to answer me? You see so it is a lot of girls, it is more beautiful than me. And in your country too there are good women.. Why you have written to me?
Can be, it is destiny … you trust in destiny? I think that you are the good person. I do not know why, but I believe you. I believe in that that you are the decent person. I would not want that I was mistaken.
I shall hope that you never will deceive me and will speak always to me only the truth.
My surnami is Mamatova.
I should tell you ' Farewell! ' I should go to work. So it would be desirable to write to still more many - many about itself and about my life. But I am afraid to seem the bore.
I shall wait your letter with huge impatience.
Yours friend Olga.

Hi lovely !!!
I have found out yours e-mail on one of sites of acquaintances. Your questionnaire very much has interested me also to me very much it would would be desirable to learn you closer. My name is Olga, I from Russia also live in the city of Ioshkar Ola. To me of 25 years, I live with mum and the sister. I quiet, little bit constraining and decent girl. I have decided to write to you as I search for the beloved with whom I would like to create fine attitudes and even more. I am ready to present the beloved with a necessary heat, kindness, care, respect.
In the country I have not met the man which could grow fond and devote
the life. I very economic, careful and responsible. Friends
characterize me as the kind, sympathetic, cheerful and responsible girl. I very much love children, I appreciate a domestic cosiness. In my life there is no loving(liking) a man, man's heat, care. Many my girlfriends already have the husband, family, children and me in further fine, loving family in which will reign love, the respect, spiritual heat, care and harmony also would be desirable to create. I hope, that my letter of you have interested and that you will answer
my letter in the near future. My electronic address:

Yours faithfully Olga.

My darling!!!
What happens? Why you do not write to me? I already for a long time did not receive letters from you.
You have forgotten about me? Or you do not want to continue ours with you attitude? Perhaps, you have found other woman? Or you so are borrowed that you do not have time to answer me?
I can understand nothing.
But I hope that you will answer me.
Me so bad without your letters. At me such sensation that I cannot to breathe....
Answer me, I shall wait your letter with huge impatience.
I miss you....
With tenderness and sincerity Olga.

2009-05-21, 21:24:18
anonymous from Russian Federation  
WEB-CAMs 3D models!
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